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Peter Fever - Update

July 05, 2021

Wild Classroom 3

Detention - After his extracurricular horsing around with Fu, Don failed the test he should have studied for. Summoned into Yowei's office, he begs the tough teacher not to inform his parents. Yowei's upbraiding gives Don an unexpected woody that eagle-eyed Yowei notices with glee. He demands Don come over to accept his punishment, unzips his fly to let his big dick flop out. Don gets on his knees, slurps down a mouthful of the kind of punishment he's been dreaming of. Yowei gropes Don's crotch and starts stripping him down. His cock unleashed, Don beats off while Yowei gets naked and bends over the desk. It's no big surprise when Yowei backs up and lands on Don's stiff raw dick. He stands and bends forward while the horny young stud plows in deep.

Sean Cody - Update

July 03, 2021

Dale & Cody

We kept it a secret as long as we could, but Dale's partner for his first scene back at Sean Cody is... Cody! And the funny and flexible hunk is super excited about it. Dale says, "I was driving up behind him and he jumped out of the car and I was like, 'SHUT UP. Yes! Yes!'" Cody is just as thrilled to be paired with Dale: "Dale is SO hot. So handsome, so built, I'm really excited to just hang out with you today." The chemistry between these two is palpable as they cuddle, and they decide who gets to top first with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Although Cody wins the right to top Dale first, as they get naked and passionately kiss, Cody changes his mind because he wants to sit on Dale's face and then his cock!

Peter Fever - Update

June 27, 2021

Wild Classroom 2

Alone in the study hall, Don and Fu are "boning up" for another tough exam by Mr. Yowei. Fu can't grasp the lesson, and when dreamy Don starts trying to explain, all horny little Fu can focus on is his hot classmate. Frustrated, Don dozes off for a nap, with instructions to wake him in half an hour. As soon as he's asleep, Fu wanders a curious hand onto the thick, heavy bulge in Don's lap. In a flash Don is stiff, awake and horny, with Fu there to oblige. Fu's tight little bubble butt presses and grinds back into Don's big thick tool as they stand up at their desk. Don burrows in to get a taste of his classmate's hungry hole, then eases his bare cock in all the way. Fu grinds back into the bigger boy's strokes, dick bobbing up with each thrust.

Peter Fever - Update

June 20, 2021

Wild Classroom 1

The New Teacher - Yowei strides into class with a studly swagger, announcing that Mr. Duncan has taken off for this semester, and that HE won't be as easygoing. But he promises that if the students stay on his good side they will earn a reward. The only student around today to hear this is handsome nerd Hen. Yowei compliments him on doing well on today's test, and offers up the promised reward. He unbuttons Hen's shirt and kisses him as he strips off his own. Next thing you know Hen's naked on the desk with Mr. Yowei between his legs. Yowei perches on the desk with his legs up and wide open. "Mr. Yowei, your ass feels so GOOD!" the nerdy student blurts out between thrusts. Yowei steps over to the blackboard and braces against it as Hen follows to slam in his bare cock.

Czech Hunter - Update

May 29, 2021

Czech Hunter 564

I had to change my plans because of bad weather. Instead of a trip outside Prague, I decided to stay and hunt in a park near my apartment. A bit lazy but it was worth a try. The place was empty and grim. When I was about to go home, a young man asked me for directions. He was an actor looking for a theatre. He wanted to work there as an extra. The man spoke Czech but wasn't of Czech descent. I love fit cuties, so I took him to my place hoping for some naughty fun. The guy used to work as a masseur, so he didn’t take good care only of my cock but also of my body. He really tried to please me and earn the money I offered him. In exchange for all his effort I took care of his butt. I think he loved it and suffered at the same time.

Peter Fever - Update

May 23, 2021

Axels Silly Sex-a-thon

Here's something you don't see every day. Asian muscle-god Axel Kane is finally paired up with someone who's his match, in a Mini-Me sort of way. Xavier Ryan looks like teen Axel before the bodybuilding, a skinny guy who'd get sand kicked in his face at the beach. He and Axel have a simpatico chemistry that has their first kiss turning into a mutual giggle fit. Once they focus on the fucking business at hand, they go at it with animal intensity. Taking him in his mouth, Xavier works Axel's cock, swinging his booty around for Axel to play with as he slides his lips over Axel's rod. Tight ass clenched around Axel's stiff tool, Xavier rides him hard before getting pounded doggy style. Top dog Axel pushes lil' Xavier's face into the bed as he drives his cock deeper.

GDude-JP - Update

March 21, 2021

Fans Wish

Wouldn't you love to be the lucky fan who hit the jackpot at our fan meetup and won a private date with me, Gunryu? I was introducing myself and signing autographs when I noticed a surprisingly cute stud who obviously wanted my attention. Was I thinking out loud, cause he pulled up his courage and expressed his admiration with some sexy seductive action. This hot little fan deserved an unforgettable memory with his idol, and I'm just the guy to give him a souvenir he'll never forget.

Peter Fever - Update

December 22, 2020

Black Panda's Hottest Moments

Boy, are these times crying out for a hot superhero? Revisit the sexiest hookups of the Panda Brotherhood in this ball-draining cum-piliation. First, gorgeous ebony prince Osiris Blade brings the sweet chocolate loving to Asian beauties Ken Ott and Levy Foxx. Their three-way cross-cultural hookup heats up with Ken and Osiris gang banging Levy's hungry little hole and ends with Osiris' long thick rod spewing a sticky reward and Ken and Levy both spraying his face with hot creamy Panda juice. The Black Panda himself, Alex Chu, takes on the dastardly agents of chaos portrayed by tatted muscleman Sean Duran and bronzed beauty Bryce Evans and makes them spew their right-wing sperm.

Peter Fever - Update

December 03, 2020

Iron Cock Masters 5

Old and new battles are heating up the dojo as the Iron Cock Master tournament approaches. Fu stands before the mirror, practicing moves and sharpening his technique when Morgen's henchman Bird snatches him. In their lair, Fu turns the tables when he breaks free, and Gunryu appears to join the epic clash. Morgen and Bird are subdued and tied up, and Gunryu and Fu decide to have their way with them sexually to teach them true submission. The power struggle turns to a clash for sexual dominance. Gunryu rims and prepares Bird for a hard fuck while Fu gets Morgen's cock hard and ready. Gunryu kneels behind Bird and plunges his powerful tool into the vanquished warrior. And Fu straddles Morgen's perfect muscled body to get all the dick he desires from the expert cocksman.

Peter Fever - Update

November 17, 2020

Iron Cock Masters 3

Morgen, a handsome Asian warrior with hair the color of polished gunmetal, makes a surprising entrance to the dojo and wants to join the competition to choose the new Master. He's strong, beautiful and talented in combat, but what are his motives? Yowei shows him around the school and notices Duncan watching warily. Yowei offers to spar with the stranger, and Duncan secretly encourages him to seduce Morgen and find out more. They battle fiercely to the floor, then Morgen pins Yowei down and grinds his crotch into his face. They kiss and take their erotic play further. Morgen pulls off his fight uniform and runs a hand along Yowei's stiffening crotch. His mouth moves from nibbling the young fighter's nipples to his hard dick.

Peter Fever - Update

November 08, 2020

Iron Cock Masters 2

Gunryu has been entrusted by the old master to set up the tournament to choose the dojo's new master of the Iron Cock. Wei and Bobby are lovers who ponder the situation and try to outmaneuver each other to get the inside lane in the tournament. As they circle the mat and eye each other warily, neither's willing to admit he wants to compete. They strip down to their bare essentials and battle naked. After a dickraising erotic clash leaves Bobby knocked out, Wei comforts and kisses him back to reality. Their sweaty nude bodies tangle and grind together. Bobby's legs spread open as Wei rubs his dick into the smooth tight ass crack. Bobby slurps down his buddy's stiff cock and grinds his ass into it.

Peter Fever - Update

October 31, 2020

Iron Cock Masters 1

Two star fighters of the Iron Cock dojo, GunRyu and Fu, stretch and train before they spar in preparation for an upcoming match. GunRyu reveals that their elderly master is planning to retire and there will be a tournament to choose the new master. Fu is hesitant to take on GunRyu but they hit the mat to sharpen their skills. Back in the locker room GunRyu is fired up and turned on, grabbing Fu by the firm round butt and licking his sweaty crack. Studly Asian muscleman GunRyu lubes Fu's ass with spit and plows his cock in. Bent over the locker bench, Fu groans in arousal as GunRyu holds him by the hips and starts pumping. He stands and grinds his ass into GunRyu's big stiff cock.

Peter Fever - Update

October 04, 2020


It's a day of hard training when Ryuji strips naked for a biceps set with lean handsome buddy Hiroya spotting from behind. Ryuji stands up with his rock hard woody pointing out, and Hiroya can't make it through his reps without leaning forward for a taste. His mind's no longer on his workout with that big Asian cock bobbing just inches from his face. He sets his barbell down and gets to work sucking Ryuji. These hard-muscled studs are determined to pump their muscles before they pump their cocks into each other, so Hiroya attempts some triceps pullovers. Ryuji doesn't make it easy, pulling off Hiroya's pants and giving him a juicy blowjob. He sucks his buddy's perky nips, twiddles them while his mouth gets another taste of hot Tokyo tool.

Peter Fever - Update

June 25, 2020

Three's CUMpany

PeterFever East brings together a new star, Japanboyz' hottest and most popular model, and a legendary erotic performer around the Tokyo nightlife scene. Handsome Fuji, butch Ryuji and gorgeous bisexual bottom Musashi bring the power of three to the Asian gay sex internet. Our story begins when Ryuji calls the happy ending massage service for TWO hot Asian studs and starts stroking. When Fuji and Musashi come in to gang up on all his big muscles, including the one between his legs, Ryuji knows he hit the jackpot. Their smooth lubed-up hands go right for his dick and he starts with the happy groans. Fuji and Musashi trade off licking Ryuji's cock, then he pays back their attention by slurping down both their stiff tools at once.

Peter Fever - Update

June 03, 2020

Suit & Tied: Deception

Tyler Slater arrives at hypermasculine Asian top Duncan Ku's for his job interview, which takes place in bondage collar and cuffed hands. Duncan reclines on his bed in white shirt and tie, manipulating his applicant like a sexy puppet. Tyler hungrily slurps down Duncan's cock as soon as his fly is open, with Duncan's hand guiding him down further onto the straining hard tool. He opens up his shirt and lets the young submissive service his nipples, then turns Tyler onto all fours. Yanking down Tyler's black briefs he smacks' his ass, runs a spit-drenched finger into the muscle boys hairy crack. Duncan's leather cat o'nine tails stings Tyler's round muscular buttocks, and once they're pink and tender Duncan pumps his stiff piece in raw.

Peter Fever - Update

May 20, 2020

Suit & Tied: Obedience

The Master (Duncan Ku) summons Caged Jock to meet him for an interview in the men's Spa. The first and only important question is "Are you willing to bow down to me?" Once that is established the deal is sealed with a hot submissive fuck in the bathhouse area of the spa. Caged Jock kneels, opens his mouth and gladly sucks down the Master's relentless cock. Then he spreads his butt open as the Master licks his cock, nutsack and smooth crack. But instead of inducing Caged Jock to offer his ass as token of his total obedience, the Master strips off his business shirt and requires the new inductee to slam his cock into Duncan himself. On all fours with butt perched high, the Master sighs with anticipation as Caged Jock eats his quivering hole.

Peter Fever - Update

May 14, 2020

Suit & Tied: Submission

Sometimes it's the guys in proper suit and tie who turn out to be the kinkiest MFs around. Sexy Asian tycoon/villain Duncan Ku brings in unsuspecting Tyler Slater and Caged Jock for an "interview" and before they know it they are in leather harnesses being manipulated into his kinky plans. He spits and slaps Tyler, pushes CJ's face into his buddy's naked ass. Planting a rough deep kiss on Tyler he pounds his cock into CJ's mouth. Turned on, he unbuttons his starched white shirt and loosens his tie to get down to dirty business. Tyler and CJ wrap their lips around Duncan's thick tool as he grabs them by the backs of their heads. He stretches his black leather belt around both of their necks to keep them bound together, unable to escape his red hot sexual domination.

Peter Fever - Update

May 05, 2020

Top Cops 6

Top Cop Fu comes to Don for a massage after a long day of policing. He strips naked and climbs onto the table, where Don takes a GREAT deal of time and expert care on his ass. He spends the first part of their session getting his dextrous Asian fingers inside Fu's hole. When he walks around, Fu is ready and fired up to take the sexy Asian stud in his hungry mouth. Muscular Don obliges with a kiss, then reaches down to beat both their hard uncut cocks together. Fu's small in stature but well-built and well-endowed. "Now it's time to finish the therapy," Don announces and slides his dick into Fu's wide open butt as he strokes the cop's cock with his other hand. Fu wraps his legs around and moans as the massage table creaks ominously.

Peter Fever - Update

April 26, 2020

Top Cops 5

Hot, horny Asian cop Duncan Ku is having some sadistic fun interrogating caged prisoner Bird. "Tell me the information!" he bellows as Bird nuzzles his packed crotch and begs for mercy. But in this part of the world, the cops don't take no for an answer, and Duncan won't leave without SOMETHING he wants from the beautiful naked captive. He pops his dick between the cage bars and slaps it around Bird's open mouth, grabs the young offender's head and rams in to his throat. Bird holds the bars to keep from getting knocked back by the force of Duncan's thrusts. Duncan opens his shirt to reveal his ripped tight body, beats his cock till it's aching for more than a wet mouth to fuck.

Peter Fever - Update

April 17, 2020

Top Cops 4

Bobby is hanging at a bar the local cops frequent, when uniformed policeman Hen comes in at the end of a long day. Offering relief and some naughty XXX fun and games right then and there, Bobby gets on his knees to suck off the masculine "top cop" in the bar and Hen is happy to give him some hard cock to pay respect to. Dick suitably stiffened, Hen bends the cop-chaser over a nearby counter and dives in to lick his smooth hole. Hen stands behind Bobby and asks "Ready to get fucked?" He rolls on a condom and plows on in to that hungry ass. These Asian gay studs are insatiable fuckers. Bobby starts working his dick in time with Hen's hard deep thrusts. He rolls onto his back and spreads his legs to get the deepest penetration right where it feels good.

Peter Fever - Update

April 06, 2020

Top Cops 3

When new cop Blaze reports to Don for his physical, the first and only thing the horny doc needs to check is the cop's tight rosy ass. He massages and runs a finger along the crack and dives in for a taste. Oh but then there IS that tonsil test performed by sticking a tongue down in. There's a gag reflex check as Don fucks into Blaze's wide open throat, and he passes that with flying colors. These muscular Asian studs are horny and uncensored in big tight closeups. Tan and built Dr. Don pins back Blaze's legs and plows a thick cock into his hungry hole. Blaze puts a hand on Don's thighs to push him back, then groans and pulls him in deeper. Lying on their sides, Don grabs a leg and fucks in hard.

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