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Wu Boyz - Update

May 15, 2022

Deep Inside

The famous Rhyheim Shabazz requires no introduction, his huge dick and signature moves in bed are unmistakable. Did I take it like a champ? You'll just have to click here and watch the scene and I promise, it is as hot as it is to watch. There's something both sexy and naughty about a sexy Black stud and a hot willing Asian guy wanting to get down and dirty with each other. You'll love every prick draining second of it and yes it goes DEEP INSUDE!

Peter Fever - Update

April 26, 2022

No Sleep at Hotel 3

Three's Cumpany - With Hans beating his spurting tool and Shen's eyebrows dripping fresh hot cum, Zario comes back in to catch that pretty sight. "Whoa!" he blurts, "Fuck that vacuum cleaner..." Naked on the bed, this late night hookup turns into a full-fledged group sex party. Shen and Hans take Zario's nuts and big swollen cock into their mouths. Zario piles the horny Asian boys up and rims both asses. Their holes primed and ready from the double headed dildo fuck, they are hankering for a real cock, and Zario's just the one to fuck two horny Asians. Shen gets it first as he lies face down on the bed, with Hans grinding his own hungry ass back into Zario's tight muscled abs. Then Hans gets his own hole crammed and rammed by Zario's big brown cock.

Wu Boyz - Update

April 25, 2022

Turkish Bred

I had just as much fun behind the camera while I was in Turkey. We present you with another hot fuck featuring this handsome muscle stud, fucking the cum out of Tobias before breeding him. Imagine his muscular body against yours, holding you down, while sliding his cut cock into you... pure lust, pure pleasure.

Fisting Inferno - Update

April 19, 2022

Blown Out O-Ring

Jim Fit knows that his car is fucked up and in desperate need of some attention from mechanic Josh Mikael, but he just can't afford to pay the man for his services. Lucky for him, the auto technician has some other ideas on how he can settle his debt. Jim's shorts are soon pulled down with Josh's face and cock disappearing between his muscular cheeks. When barebacking his smooth ass isn't enough, the mechanic breaks out the lube and fists him right in the middle of his auto shop. A moaning Jim leans against his SUV as Josh effortlessly slides in and out of his destroyed hole. When Josh's pulsating fist proves to be too much for Jim's wrecked insides, the muscular bottom busts a load that smothers his six pack in thick ropes of cum.

Peter Fever - Update

April 18, 2022

No Sleep at Hotel

In and Out 2: Sexy Delivery Boy - Poor tired and fucked-out Shen is trying to get back to sleep when another knock starts at the door. It's delivery boy Hans Raw with groceries for another room at the hotel. But when Shen and Hans see each other, all thoughts of sleep and work go out the window, and they start making out. Hans sheds his jacket and drops his jeans, while Shen goes to work jerking their dicks together. Hans lies back on the rumpled sheets for Shen to give him a warm, wet blowjob. Shen buries his face in Hans crack, then lubes up his cock and pumps in bareback. But both these hot Asian guys are looking for the same thing, a good deep dicking. Shen pulls out his trusty double headed dong, works it into Hans hungry hole.

Breed Me Raw - Update

April 18, 2022

DJ & Roman

At a pool sex party, where a purple cup means you're a bottom and a blue cup means you're a top, it's difficult to be the one bottom in search of a top, while others -- the tempted -- walk by with an orange cup. Roman Maverick starts to wonder, will he ever find his top? A bit dejected, Roman then spots DJ. Big, bad-ass DJ, with the height, shoulders, looks, and confidence to turn you into his bitch, if he so wanted. And right now, DJ wants. He locks eyes with Roman and the two waste little time in getting down to business. They get to know each other as they make out, with DJ moving to suck Roman's cock. The tattooed stud then eats out the curly-haired guy, rimming his ass before offering up his own large cock for service. Roman doesn't just suck DJ, though.

Wu Boyz - Update

April 09, 2022

Harley & Tyler

In an art studio loft, lean blond Harley creates a masterpiece of male bonding when he pumps Tyler's hungry ass. It's more than what's produced but the emotion, hungry and desire put into the work makes it more. It's almost like a living breathing entity that both captures and captivated our two studs and they get taken away in it. Enjoying and adoring every second they get completely immersed.

Wu Boyz - Update

April 02, 2022

Mile High Jerk Club

Most people think it takes two to join the famous Mile High Club. But sometimes, the only two that it takes is a boy and his horned-up dick. Watch us fly the seXXXy skies! Watch him pull it out get as hard as a rock and jerk it off until jizz flies all over the bathroom.

Sean Cody - Update

March 26, 2022

Palm Springs Getaway 5

There's only one way for a Sean Cody vacation to end: an orgy! It's a good thing the Palm Springs house has a couch that fits seven, because all the guys are naked and ready for action. Manny and Casey kiss each other and Dale and Josh make out while Devy joins in with Nick and Phillip cuddling and kissing one another. The hunks start letting their hands roam each other's bodies and dicks, then canoodling turns to cock-sucking. Phillip begins riding Nicky and sucking Devy as Manny rides Josh reverse and Dale rims Casey. The guys switch things up, and Dale gets fucked by Nicky while he penetrates Phillip, then Casey and Devy 69 while Casey is penetrated doggystyle by Josh, who's the first to release his load on Casey's ass.

Wu Boyz - Update

March 20, 2022

A Night in Turkey

My travels have started for the new year, and my first stop is Istanbul. It's my first time alone in a country where I don't speak the language, but I sure did get a friendly welcome, from the wolf boy himself. Watch me squeeze his cum out of my ass after he breeds me. Pure sex. Where to next?

Wu Boyz - Update

March 06, 2022

Take My Dick

Clark & Tyler - Asian muscle, Asian cock, Asian top. You want? He was the first onlyfans boy to worship me when I first started filming, and he keeps coming back for more. Watching these two guys is so sexy. Asian guys are hot but mix and American Caucasian with his and sparks will fly. If this scene doesn't make you bust a nut all over yourself...I'm sure we can find another one that will.

Peter Fever - Update

March 04, 2022

Devil Made Me Do It 4

The Wedding - After all the hot seXXX and tomfoolery, it's time to get to the main event, the wedding of Nolan to his beloved Dan After Dark. The minister cuts to the chase, pronouncing them husband and husband. Their first kiss after the vows is so passionate and erotic the minister has to break in to suggest "That's enough! Get a room you sluts." But thinking again, he changes his wise advice to "Screw the room, just let 'em fuck, whaddya think?" Because Dan and Nolan are so heated up that any advice to the contrary would fall on deaf ears. With Alfonso and Jessie the Devilboy cheering from the aisles, the happy couple has their traditional wedding night hookup right at the altar. Nolan drops his drawers and Dan kneels to give him a juicy blowjob.

Wu Boyz - Update

February 24, 2022

Three Boys, One Couch

Livestream in Bogota, Columbia. Alex, Nathan and Tyler in an awesome threeway flip fuck extravaganza. Saturday night livestream with my favourite couple. It was a spit roasting, flip fucking fun time full of laughter & sex... what more can a boy ask for? Here's the recording for if you missed the show! Three boys one couch... lots of dick & lots of cum! Threesomes with this couple are always hot and they both have big dicks. It's true what they say about Latino guys!

Wu Boyz - Update

February 22, 2022

Sounding with Jafar & Tyler

When I first started making videos, I did some kinky solos. This was a custom request to bring back the kink, with a helping hand. Not for the squeamish, but for those who are curious and are into a little bdsm, this is for you! He's right if something going into your dick head makes you squeamish then be careful. If curiosity takes over watch it and you just might like it. There's a ton of guys who are into it but like above, it isn't for everyone.

Peter Fever - Update

January 23, 2022

Best of 2021: Shots CUMpilation

Here's a relentless series of squirts, splashes and splatters that will leave you as wet and sticky as all our greatest PeterFever models. After a difficult 2020, we were overjoyed to get the gang together to pull off a hot and juicy 2021 we'll never forget. Cum with us and enjoy the hottest action moments that lead to an unbelievable cascade of sticky, creamy, musky manjuice. Join top-notch Asian models like Levy Foxx, Jessie Lee, Jeremy Vuitton, Danny Ice, Jon Darra and hung and horny buddies like Zak Bishop, Cesar Xes, Jesse Stone, Nic Sahara, Jordan Jameson and Des Irez. Cocks spurt and spray like a Vegas water works, in scenes culled from some of our hottest series last year. It's all a great show that gives you an idea of the explosive chemistry and uninhibited bareback action we're so proud to share.

Venus Lux - Update

January 20, 2022

Only Girls Allowed

Sexy Thai lady Hanna Lee sets up an evening at home with her hot friend Aem, a luscious Asian T-girl with big lush boobies and a bigger appetite for fooling around. This time no guys are allowed, just the horny girls together and getting intimate. Right from the start Hanna breaks out the toys, sliding a big red vibrator into Aem. They share the double-headed toy and work up their sexual frenzy. These babes are ravenous and uninhibited, and this is only round one. Once they get up to speed, the babes taste each others' horny privates, and Aem's trans cock gets stiff and ready for some girl-on-girl fucking. She rubs her stiff rod against Hann's juicy crotch and both moan for more. Aem mounts her girl buddy and thrusts in with a vengeance.

Peter Fever - Update

January 18, 2022

Introducing Nolan Knox

26-year old Nolan is tall, slim and versatile, with a lean muscular build and a disarming smile. A sexy mix, he's Thai-Vietnamese-American, born and raised in LA. Now living in Virginia, Nolan confesses that he's a "bit of an exhibitionist", a great attribute for a budding porn boy. He never considered doing studio porn before one of his exes posted their sex tape on a popular gay tube site. Getting paid for what he enjoyed doing made sense so a young porn star was born. Nolan did some fan site uploads and came to PeterFever for his first studio shoot. Impressed with how organized the shoot was scheduled and produced as well as how nice the production crew and other models were, he's happy to be a new part of our galaxy of Asian stars.

Next Door Studios - Update

December 15, 2021

Sacred Garden

Tyler Wu always wanted to return to Colombia after a one month stint two years ago with his job as a professional ice skater. The guys there are the hottest he has ever seen and it was his goal to make it back. Two years later in producing porn and the dream became reality. He followed Nathan B on twitter, they talked, then he took a one way flight from NYC to Bogotá. The nomadic porn journey continues, where the hot guys are found, he will go! English isn't widely spoken in Colombia but thanks to previous travels and many Spanish Netflix series later, Tyler is able to meet and share with the world the hottest guys of Colombia!

Peter Fever - Update

November 22, 2021

The Massage Exchange 4

Massage Exchange 4: Orgy, Part 1 - As we hoped, this massage exchange heated up to the boiling point and now it's spilling over into a big juicy bareback orgy. All six of the masseurs mix and mingle, getting hotter and more sex-driven by the minute. Levy Foxx is on his knees already, taking Alfonso Osnaya's big knob deep into his throat. Travis Yukarin follows suit in sucking Zario Travezz, and Nic Sahara is plowing his massive tool into Danny Ice's thirsty mouth. Cock sucking leads to ass licking and probing, and soon the six are all paired off and thrusting into each others' eager holes. On the floor and massage tables, who could dream for a sexier group of studs? Things tangle up together VERRRY nicely into a muscular bareback fuckpile, with a juicy double penetration up into Levy's cock hungry butt.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 18, 2021

CAUSA turns 18 with Oliver

Oliver, 49 years old, height 6'01" weight, 210 cock, 6.0" Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Bisexual and Sexploring. Oliver's original "Rub N Tug" was filmed September 19, 2003 when he was 31 years old, and in the last 18 years, Oliver retired from the military and fully embraced his bisexuality. When Oliver contacted me in early Spring, I knew that I wanted to capture him on video again for CAUSA, and asked him if he'd mind waiting until October, so he could be a returning model for Club Amateur USA's 18th birthday. Oliver thought it was an awesome idea and agreed. So, on Friday, October 29, at 49 years of age, Oliver returned for his second go on the table, and this time around, Oliver sexperienced much more than a rub and a tug.

Peter Fever - Update

November 15, 2021

The Massage Exchange 3

The Massage Exchange 3: Muscle Rubdown - "Danny Ice jokes "I thought we were just here for massages!" We know better when we see the look in Alfonso Osnaya's eyes once he gets a load of sexy Asian stud Travis Yukarin's hot body and luscious round butt. His hands knead and pummel, but get closer and closer in to Travis' sweet hole. The horny masseur probes his tongue into Travis' crack, licks and lubes the butt and gets Travis twitchin' for a hard drilling. Alfonso drops his shorts and climbs on the table. His big bare dick slips into that hole like they were made for each other. Tatted Travis bumps his booty up into every thrust. When the camera pulls back we get a glimpse of all three couples ramming cocks into each other. Things are getting hot in here!

Peter Fever - Update

October 21, 2021

Tyler & Des Meet

On a bright California afternoon, Des Irez and new Asian sensation Tyler Wu spot each other romping in the surf and head to Tyler's beachside pad. They smooch on the terrace, towel off and tackle each other on the bed. Powerfully turned on, Tyler runs his hands over Des' smooth defined muscles. He lifts his legs and wraps them around Des' lean torso. Des kneels for a juicy blowjob. His big cock is a challenge for Tyler, but he manages to take it all down his thirsty throat. Des is laser-focused on figure skater Tyler's muscled bubble butt, flicking his tongue across Tyler's tight pucker. When Tyler rises to hands and knees, Des plows in bareback and thrusts in to the fuzzy root. The athletic Asian pumps his ass back into every stroke. He grips the pillow dreamily as Des speeds up.

Peter Fever - Update

September 05, 2021

Sauna Nights 2 Good Clean Sex

Next up to explain and then play out their hottest bathhouse experience is sexy Asian bottom Jeremy Vuitton. He looks back horny at the time when an Asian muscle-stud stepped up next to him in the sauna showers, bent him over and fucked the life out of him. And voila! Jeremy grabs a white bathhouse towel and strolls into the hot steamy shower, only to be joined by muscle-boy Jessie Lee, whacking his pecker at the sight of Jeremy's smooth tight ass. Jessie's dick is hard and pressed up against the glass as Jeremy backs into it. Rubbing your hole against the sight of a hard dick is not QUITE the real deal, so the horny pair step around the glass and rub their lean tight muscles together.

Japan Boyz - Update

July 16, 2021

Tomoki & the Tourist

Strolling on a quiet street handsome Tokyo twink Tomoki happens upon a cute young American tourist. Jeff ran out of money and has no hotel to stay in so kind-hearted and horny Tomoki sees his opportunity. He offers Jeff the tourist a place to stay. When they get to Tomoki's room and sit on the bed Jeff offers to "return the favor". Tomoki's suggestion is to "get me hot and horny," as though he is not already there, sitting on a bed snuggled next to a cute young American. Jeff moves in for the kiss and Tomoki is quick to respond. They tumble around the bed locked in a sweet embrace and strip to their undies. Once they're naked and horny, Jeff takes Tomoki's cock in his mouth. He smiles his approval to his handsome host and begins stroking his dick.

Hot House - Update

July 13, 2021

Capitol Affairs

Body builder Aaron Chu is working on his poses with his coach, Johnny Ford. Watching his client pose gets Johnny hard and he whips out his cock so Aaron can work out the muscle between Johnny's legs. Aaron keeps his lips wrapped around his coach's uncut dick before bending over to let Johnny rim his ass. Johnny wants more and Aaron is 100% in, so Johnny drops some spit on Aaron's ass and slides smoothly into Aaron's crack bareback. Aaron loves the feeling of his coach deep inside but wants to switch on his back to give Johnny total access. The relentless pounding from Johnny's pole doesn't stop until Johnny pulls out and coats Aaron's hole with cum. Now that his coach has busted, Aaron lays back and busts his own fat nut on his abs.

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