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Wu Boyz - Update

December 28, 2022

Golden Hour

When Asian boys flip fuck. With his cute looks, soft lips, those puppy dog eyes... who does he remind you of? Join us on this sensual journey, a golden hour of pure pleasure, climaxing with the spilling of our seed.

Peter Fever - Update

December 07, 2022

Brooklyn Feels Episode 3

Sky High Passion: Damian Dragon checks the hookup message on his phone, climbs the stairs to a wide-open Brooklyn rooftop. Shortly behind, Tanner Winn arrives. Rubbing his hand across the bulge in Damian's jeans, he approves the package inside and they start their clandestine fuck. When he peels down the jeans and Damian's briefs, his big hairy uncut cock pops out and up to attention. Tanner starts stroking, drops to his knees to suck. Damian yanks Tanner's boxers and jock to jack their dicks together. Once he's had his taste of Tanner's thick tool, he leads him downstairs and inside. Tanner puts on knee up on a folding chair and spreads his ass open for Damian to get a lick. Taking Damian's finger with a satisfied groan, he braces against the wall and Damian plows in raw.

Wu Boyz - Update

December 06, 2022


Thirty minutes of pure LUST under the California sun. We spent the morning on a cute beach date before coming home to release some tension. I can't wait to see him again next week... what should we do for our next scene?

Peter Fever - Update

November 21, 2022

Brooklyn Feels Episode 1

The Pleasure Parlor: New York is America's megalopolis, a city of big dreams and big emotions. In Brooklyn, the Big Apple's trendiest borough, big horny guys with hard passions and powerful libidos meet and mate in passionate connections that give us all the feels. Edgy Sammy Sinsss relaxes in the ornate Victorian Pleasure Parlor with bearded Asian stud Tanner Winn, sharing fears and feelings before their bodies tangle. Tanner used to be not so big on giving oral for fear of gagging on a massive cock (never been one of our worries) but now with experience he's conquered that hurdle. For his part, Sammy has tackled his hesitations about group sex and now enjoys threesomes and more. Now they know each other a bit better, kiss and strip down to the bare essentials.

Peter Fever - Update

November 15, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 6

Edith's Revenge 2.0: The five-man orgy in the abandoned warehouse continues, though now that Danny has run off to get help for his buddies Nolan Knox and Levy Foxx, it's down to four horny participants. Levy's suspended in mid-air in a spit-roast between Zacc Andrews and Damian Dragon (as Jason Whoreknees). Nolan's bringing up the rear, literally, as he plows into Zacc's hungry ass. Levy's booty gets passed along to Jason, then the studs split off to fuck, changing partners minute by minute. When Levy's fucked-out ass needs a break, he drops down to suck off his three tops, slurping two and all three at a time and getting a strenuous tongue workout in the deal. It's time to blast, and Zacc, Nolan and Jason milk their rock-hard cocks into Levy's face. While Zacc and Jason are distracted, Nolan and Levy beat a hasty escape.

Hot House - Update

November 12, 2022

Skintight 2

Famous fashion photographer Cade Maddox has been staring at naked models all day long, and while he's never one to stop working in the middle of a shoot, he can't help but give into temptation when Jkab Ethan Dale flashes his infectious smile. Ready for a go, Cade sets his camera aside, drops his pants, and pulls Jkab to the side to rim his muscular ass. The horny photographer then slowly inserts his stunning big dick into Jkab until the bottom's ass is stretched to comfortably fit every inch of him. Ready for more, Cade fucks his superstar model bareback in multiple positions on the sun-drenched patio furniture until both are draining their balls all over Jkab's smooth torso in front of the crowd of Cade's other insatiable nude models.

Peter Fever - Update

November 10, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 5

Edith's Revenge: Levy Foxx joins his buddies Danny Wilcoxx and Nolan Knox in the shabby lair of psycho Jason Whoreknees. Trebling in fear, the three twinks comfort each other as the mastermind step forward, reveals himself as... camp counselor Zacc Andrews. "Thanks, Jason, you've done well!" he commends his half-crazed minion. "Please let us go," the twinks plead in vain. Their torment isn't over yet as Zacc and Jason strip down, determined to get their jollies with the not young studs. Determined to bide their time till they can get free, Danny and Nolan chow down on Zacc's long thick fuck tool. Levy slurps Jason's stiff piece. The two crazed criminals wrap their hands around the heads of their helpless campers and pull their faces down onto their cocks.

Cutler's Den - Update

November 07, 2022


Fucking Teddy Bryce is the DREAM. The notes never stop coming in .. if you're an ass lover you want to fuck that. That ass and that mouth, so hungry and SO ready to service. A handsome beefy and tattooed cock whore is what Teddy is. Hanry Onlyjapa is a hung young stud whose FAT 9 INCH UNCUT DICK swelled and jumped at the chance to slide into that thick tattooed playground of a man. He digs deep into a gasping throat before he manhandles his way into the the ravenous muscle hole. Just as nature intended.

Cocky Boys - Update

November 03, 2022

Cody & Dane

Cody Seiya & Dane Jaxson get to launch this year's Camp Cocky Boys in "Cody and Dane's Cocky Adventure"! Our fun-loving duo, with a little ingenuity, hang the official "Camp Cocky boys" sign but they're now horny and go on a hunt for a bed somewhere on the grounds. After a long search, they don't find a bed, but discover something more exciting; an outdoor sling! The guys are so ready to go that Dane goes down on Cody before they even get undressed. When they finally do get naked Cody lies Dane back in the sling so he can suck him back. From there Cody gets easy access to eat out Dane's hole and fuck him. Cody is also enamored of Dane's sweet face, prompting Dane to turn around so he can suck Cody again and get throat-fucked.

Wu Boyz - Update

October 18, 2022

On the Couch

Cody and Tyler: An afternoon with this boy always cheers me up. Not only is he great in bed (or on the couch), but he also has the sweetest personality. And he brought me dim sum after, what a gentleman.

Wu Boyz - Update

October 11, 2022

Gay for Pay

The first time I met Timothy, his girlfriend greeted me in the lobby of their building. We shook hands before I gave her boyfriend a blowjob & got fucked by him. Straight boy fantasy unlocked.

Peter Fever - Update

October 03, 2022

Ken Ott, Superstar!

One of the all-time fan favorites around PeterFever is beautiful Filipino Ken Ott. Model perfect with piercing dark eyes, a gorgeous smile, chiseled features and a body to die for, Ken is as close to an ideal male as we can imagine, don't you agree? And he's versatile, as these bits culled from his performances in The Jockstrap, Black Panda, Mr Hardball, as well as his artistic solo shoots demonstrate. Watch this hot cumpilation and let us know, do you prefer Ken as a hot top, hungry bottom or beautiful, godlike solo performer? If we had to choose we'd take... all of Ken!?

Wu Boyz - Update

October 02, 2022

Boys Love 3

Chenny and Tyler: I'm on a night out in LA, I step out of the car and hear someone shout my name. 'Tyler!' This boy is stood in front of me. His smile is infectiously adorable, his curly locks unmistakable, and the way he looks at me... we haven't stopped talking to each other since that night. Thanks for trusting me Chenny. PS he likes to swallow!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

September 26, 2022

Peaches & Cream

Yoshi's ravenous ass is starving for cock, and this time one is not nearly enough. Four of his favorite tops show up to fuck him into ecstasy. Joel, Lawrence, Keita and Hiroya each give it their very best shot, raw ramming his hole for hours on end. As day stretches into night, Yoshi takes stiff cocks into his butthole like the fuck hungry pro he is, even two at a time in a HOT double penetration. Each top dumps a load of hot sperm into Yoshi, till his fucked-out ass can't hold it all. His wide-open hole leaks out a stream of cum that flows and flows. Pushing out his rosebud, Yoshi squirts out those well-earned loads like a fountain of sticky jizz.

Peter Fever - Update

September 25, 2022

Hot Splashes From Rio

Best Brazil Cumshots: The hung, built and horned-up bareback studs of Brazil have the JUICE! And they're busy spurting, spraying, splashing and swallowing in this scorching hot cum-pilation of money shots with Asian stars Hanry Onlyjapa and Travis Yukarin and the gorgeous buddies they meet on their visit to Brazil. The red-hot Latino lovejuice drenches muscular abs, throbbing holes, and fills cumhungry mouths, just the way you like it. Contains just the final hottest moments yanked from our favorite scenes of the mega-popular PeterFever Series "Postcards from Brazil"!

Bentley Race - Update

September 24, 2022

Nate & Andrew

I love shooting with my cute mate Andrew Tran. Since we met last year I have done a bunch of solo shoots with him. Usually with me getting him off in his videos. Andrew wanted to start doing some couple shoots with our mates. I remembered Nate Anderson talking about how cute Andrew is. So I invited him over to meet Andrew, take some photos and make a hot video with him. Well the photo shoot was a lot of fun. I got some great shots of the boys playing with each other in their jockstraps. But wait until you see the video we made. There's a lot of action on the bed and in the shower. I can tell that Andrew loves sucking on Nate's fat cock. He actually can't hold back and blows a load of cum on Andrew's face in the shower. Make sure you hang around to see Andrew's big load of cum dripping down his balls too.

BadPuppy - Update

September 22, 2022

Den & Adam

Den Fitness meets up with Adam Keller, they hit it off and Den invites Adam back to his place. Adam can't resist as Den seems to be really into him. No sooner does he get Adam in the front door Den drops to his knees, pulls down Adam's shorts and begins stroking Adam's uncut cock. In no time at all Adam goes from flaccid to rock-hard. Den gobbles down every inch of Adam's thick dick, teasing his cock-head with his tongue. Den lays back on the sofa, his cock straining to be free of his underwear. Adam lays down next to him with his head in Den's crotch. Adam grabs ahold of Den's underwear and pushes them to the floor. Den's cock springs straight up and Adam can't get enough, licking and sucking on it like an all-day sucker. Adam turns around and bends over the sofa sticking his hot ass in the air.

Peter Fever - Update

September 22, 2022

Camp Naughty Pines 4

Trailer Trash Welcome: After his whirlwind sex tour of the sylvan wonderland of Camp Naughty Pines, you'd think Nolan Knox would be all fucked out. But when hot daddy Damian X. Dragon peers out the door of his trailer to announce "It's time for your initiation!" the college boy's libido shifts back into high gear once more. Wasting no time, Damian strolls over and grabs Nolan by the swollen crotch, drops down to get a mouthful. Just to be neighborly, Nolan's quick to return the favor and take the tatted daddy's pole deep into his throat. Damian lubes up a finger or two and explores Nolan's tight pucker. He stands broad-legged behind the twink and pops his raw cock in. Nolan groans and backs into the thick tool. Sitting on a wooden bench, Damian leans back for Nolan to climb on and ride his dick.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 19, 2022

Sex Cult

Sex Cult - being initiated into the fraternity isn't so bad... you just have to be a good boy and serve your Asian daddies in a hot threesome. I gave them my mouth and ass, worshipping them as they deserve to be worshipped. Who's next? The three sexy Asian guys just keep going and going with cock sucking and spit roasting.

Cocky Boys - Update

September 16, 2022

Wake Up Fantasy

Welcome back Tyler Wu for "Morning Blows", another special collaboration, this time co-starring Cocky Boys Exclusive Daniel Evans! Tyler greets the day giving Daniel a blowjob under the sheets, a wake-up Daniel definitely loves getting. And, after they make out, Daniel promises some fucking ahead prompting Tyler to suck him more and slick up his cock. Daniel thoroughly enjoys the oral attention and soon reaches over to finger Tyler's hole, getting turned on even more watching himself in the mirror. As much as Daniel loves this, he really wants to fuck and easily gets Tyler to ride his cock and take his deep thrusts---all while they gaze deeply into each other's eyes face-to-face.

Cocky Boys - Update

September 15, 2022

Wake Up

In "Wake Up" Cody Seiya & Kane Fox take advantage of waking up alone for some dreamy morning sex while the rest of their comrades are up and about enjoying a sensual group shower outside. Kane is roused by Cody playing with his feet and then sliding under the billowy sheets to suck him. Soon though Cody sits on Kane's chest to make out with him while Kane's cock is teasing his crack and in turn Kane sucks Cody's morning wood. It's not long before the guy's transition to a 69 in which Cody feasts on Kane's cock while Kane eats his ass and sucks his tasty cock and balls. Cody wants some of that action too and as Kane lies flat on his tummy, Cody goes to eat his hole. Kane loves it so much he wants Cody to fuck him and so after humping his crack, Cody drills his hungry ass which Kane periodically thrusts up to meet Cody's cock.

Venus Lux - Update

September 10, 2022

Venus Lux's Afterhours 3-Way

Jordan and I party at a club and find a sexy bald guy that wants to play with us. We end up in the back room which turns into a cum filled sweaty threeway adventure! They just can't get enough of each other and every asshole gets filled deep. Watch as this lucky guy gets two sexy transsexual babes and he loves every minute of it and you will too.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 03, 2022

Afternoon Treat

Global Brosceo--this boy may look cute and innocent... but pull his pants down and you'll find a little monster ready to stretch your hole open, and that's exactly what he did. We spent the afternoon fucking and then went for a cute dinner date (even though he already ate my ass). Thanks for a great last day in New York!

Peter Fever - Update

September 03, 2022

Camp Naughty Pines 2

Outdoor Romping: At Camp Naughty Pines, it's tough to tell who's hornier, the staff or the cock-crazed guests. Nolan is relaxing on his cabin porch when Asian "tour guide" Levy Foxx offers to show him around to see some things "you've never seen before!" When he grabs Nolan and locks lips at the first clearing, we get an idea of the things he's gonna show the hot twink. Next stop, a fully decked-out wooden glory hole area for the guests (and tour guides, we presume). Nolan strips off his shirt and sticks his hefty cock through the hole, and Levy's there on his knees to take it straight down his thirsty throat. Tricky tour guide soon replaces that mouth with an equally hungry hole pressed against Nolan's dick. Backing into the raw tool, Levy gasps with satisfaction.

Fisting Inferno - Update

August 27, 2022

Workout That Hole

Jim Fit and Andrew Connor are almost ready for the big match, but coach Wolfie Braden Shaw is still looking for a way to redirect some of their pent-up energy. With the two athletes bent over on the mat and their bare asses in the air, the bearded trainer begins solving his problem by sliding his hands into both of their sweaty holes. Each of the athletes emits a constant stream of moaning as their coach simultaneously fists them both in the middle of their home gym. Now squatting onto each of his burly hands, the two stretched-out jocks spits out their loads until they're completely drained and ready to get back to their training.

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