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Peter Fever - Update

Tuesday September 19, 2023

My Porn Crush 2

The Pool Party: Next day for horny Kai and his porn star dreams, and it's the big Asian pool party. The host introduces his handsome Latin friend, twink pornboi Matteo Gomez, and Kai wastes no time swapping tongues with the hot little stud. The host is a little miffed. "What am I? A chopped liver?" he groans, but Matteo and Kai are already going at some heavy petting and making out. Matteo dives a hand into Kai's swim jams and before you know it they're naked on the patio couch. After Matteo takes his turn stiffening up Kai's big dick with his talented mouth, Kai gets a taste of the twink's perfect tan booty. Kai's in a vers mood, and rams his bare cock into Matteo's hungry hole. It's hot and so are the two screwing guys. By the time Kai's pulling out, Matteo's already whipped up a tasty batch of crema from his spurting tool.

Cocky Boys - Update

Tuesday September 19, 2023

Cody & Angel

Cody Seiya has a Montreal Pride experience to remember thanks Angel Elias who accompanies him during the festivities and then takes him home for a post-pride fucking! Inside they're all over each other, passionately making out in bed, and getting naked, and brazenly going at it right next to the open windows. Cody is especially wild about Angel's big dick, sucking him as deep as he can and craving to have it inside him. Angel grants Cody's wish and gives his hole a vivid introduction to his cock and, as he fucks him every which way, Angel sees Cody can take it. In fact, Cody wants to ride Angel and virtually leaps into action, bouncing on his cock. While Angel enjoys letting Cody be in control, he takes it back and flips over Cody, pounding him and playing with his hole as he does and really working up a sweat.

BareBack That Hole - Update

September 11, 2023

Jeremy & Maxime

It was a feast for the eyes when Maxime Seto walked in and saw Jeremy waiting for him. The pup was ready to pounce, and Jeremy Feist was ready to give Maxime his bone. They began getting more acquainted while kissing on the bed. The pup had an ass worth grabbing, and Jeremy did. Why not show it off to the camera as Maxime nuzzled close to his alpha. Then it was time for Maxime to give his tail a good wag for Jeremy, who was ready to eat it up, but every puppy needs a bone to play with, and Jeremy ripped his out his jock and gave it to Maxime to enjoy. It was soon time to bury that bone, and they both knew the perfect spot. With the patience of a true alpha, Jeremy filled Maxime up with his big dick and fucked the pup silly before shooting his load on his boy's face. Pup Maxime Seto needs a bone to play with, and Jeremy Feist ripped his out his jock and gave it to him.

Peter Fever - Update

September 10, 2023

My Porn Crush 1

Will Suck Cock to Get A Porn Star: SeXXXy blond Asian twink Kai Cho is finally alone in his room with laptop, some lube, his big swelling cock and some very hot Peter Fever porn. Sounds like a perfect afternoon of solo fun? But just when things are getting steamy, his handsome buddy Hans Raw pops in from the patio to berate him for wasting a beautiful day alone with his porn. To calm the situation, Hans says if Kai is a good boy he'll bring along Matteo Gomez to the weekend pool party. Kai responds excitedly, "I'll suck any porn star dick!" But he's not gonna have to wait that long, as Hans peels out of his clothes and dangles his big tasty love tool in Kai's face. He climbs onto the bed and kneels next to his buddy to experience the hottest, juiciest cocksucking around. He bends Kai over and burrows his tongue into the bottom twink's hungry hole.

Axel Abysse - Update

September 09, 2023


Three holes, so many options. The horny Dee is joined by Axel and XpressionAe in a cozy hotel room. Doubles, elbow deep, they arrange each other's guts, making sure not one spot is left dry on that poor bed.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 04, 2023

Long Time No See

With Dane & Tyler: I missed you, Dane Jaxson. Your soft lips, the way you look at me, the way you smell. This is our one-year reunion... can't wait to see you again. Long Time No See.

Bentley Race - Update

August 18, 2023

Cute Mate Tran

I've just finished up a new shoot with my beautiful mate Andrew Tran. I wanted to get one more shoot with my cute mate before we went into the Australian winter break. Andrew always looks good in the shoots and I love his perfect little bum. We met up over at the hotel for this shoot because I wanted to get a few shots with Andrew playing in the bubble bath. I'm really happy with the photos. I had set out to get Andrew jerking off in a solo video, but I was getting so turned on watching him play with his bottom that I ended up in the video with him. Andrew sucks my cock really well in this video. I love tongue fucking him too. Make sure you also check out Andrew's other videos with me and our mates.

Wu Boyz - Update

August 13, 2023

Jungle Boys Fuck

Jungle sex is great, but the mosquitoes do attack... what a pleasure it was to play with some handsome Colombian boys while enjoying the view of untouched nature. Swallowing Nathan's cum in this divine place is really a treat.

Peter Fever - Update

August 12, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 7

Missionary by the Sea: The morning after a rip-roaring tour of the sexiest seaside gay spots in Puerto Vallarta, Zed meets one of that night's gorgeous go go boys, Eduardo Medina. Complimenting him on the great show, he gets a seductive come-on from Eduardo. "Would you like to see more?" Zed doesn't just want to see, he wants to smell, taste and especially FEEL all the erotic talents Eduardo has to offer. His mouth greedily travels down the dancer's smooth body, then yanks down his shorts to see a huge uncut dick popping straight up. He nurses gently on Eduardo's tool, groaning with delight when Eddie slaps that cock around his face. It only takes a minute before he's seated Median on the couch and climbed up to take his cock in raw and deep.

Private Playground XXX - Update

August 09, 2023

Danny's Tag Team

Tonight it's all about Danny Ice! Seeing as he is one of our favorite event frequenters, it only made sense to give him the stage to show us what he's got. It's an Anonymous Twitter Top Takeover!

Cocky Boys - Update

August 06, 2023

Cody & Greyson

CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles & Cody Seiya have a summer workout for you: a little weight training and lots of sexual cardio and a good dose of protein! The guys lift weights by the pool, but they're so hot for each other that it's not long before Greyson goes from spotting Cody to making out and sucking him with the same sensual affection. Cody gets to give Greyson some hot sucking too but he mostly can't get enough of eating out what he joyfully describes as Greyson's "grade-A-hole". Of course, Greyson wants Cody's "grade-A-dick" to fill him and Cody happily obliges, pounding him on the workout bench which is thankfully offers sturdy support for their high energy sex. The workout bench is also built for multi-position fucking so Cody can drill Greyson on his back and with minor adjustment Greyson can ride Cody.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 31, 2023

Asian Boy Swallows Cum

He swallowed my cum, would you? This was a fun livestream, edging with a toy & fucking myself with a clone of my dick. Sam eventually got out of bed and joined in a lazy boy. If you like to play with cum (I do hehe), you'll love this lube too, definitely a new favorite! The lube and toy was a lot of fun, thanks to BestVibe for helping us out today.

Peter Fever - Update

July 30, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 5

Two in the Corner Pocket: We told you that a three-way this hot might need more than one scene! There are still two big muscular Latin guys that haven't splattered their sperm, and we're about to watch that. Zed shot his wad but still has a thirsty ass that needs filling, and he climbs on Abraham to ride his long straight pinga. Zed turns in every direction to feel that deeeep probing from Alfonso and Abraham, but he's up for even more. While he grinds on Abraham, Alfonso licks his tightly packed butthole, spits on Abraham's tool to make the ride even slicker, then crouches behind to make it a double penetration. Zed howls in satisfaction and surprise as both Latinos pound in harder. Dicks pressed together inside of Zed, it will be a tough trick to hold back from squirting all over each other's cocks and deep into Zed.

Cocky Boys - Update

July 25, 2023

Daniel & Cody

Summer continues with the much-requested pairing of CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans and fan favorite Cody Seiya whose genuine chemistry sizzles as horny joggers who drop everything for an outdoor flip-fuck. They meet along a country road and since they're both hard, they dispense with subtle flirting and Daniel invites Cody home. At Daniel's place the sex talking duo just start making out on the patio and soon they're also trading blowjobs. On his second round of cocksucking Cody also eats out and fingers Daniel's hairy hole and then fucks him on the lounge chair. Daniel loves getting pounded by Cody, who soon re-directs his sexual energy to riding Daniel and taking his piston fucking. Daniel not only loves the feel of Cody's hole on his cock, he wants to taste it too then pounds him from behind.

Peter Fever - Update

July 24, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 4

Cue the Cocks: What's a hot porn series without a scorching group scene? Or maybe TWO!? When Alfonso brings tourist Zed into his friend's Men's Club to teach him the finer points of "pool" Zed notices the table has not holes. But Abraham Shehell, the friend, yanks down Zed's jeans and finds a much better hole, all ready for playing "the best game". Zed crouches down on the table across Alfonso, and Abraham dives in for a taste of his fine, hungry hole. Stripping down, Abraham sports a big uncut tool bobbing straight out, ready for action. He sucks on Zed's ass while Zed takes a big musky gulp of Alfonso's thick dick. Pinning Zed's thighs back, Abraham slides his raw cock in to the hilt. He jacks Zed's right leg up to spread the hole even wider as he plows in.

Venus Lux - Update

July 24, 2023

Birthday Surprise

Robert's friends sent him a birthday gram in the form of a naughty cop and Venus looks amazing. She shakes her ass and strips out of her uniform while grinding on his crotch before she gets down on her knees and sucks his cock. Then Robert takes a turn, deep throating her cock then slides his throbbing member deep in her tight asshole. He bangs her hard and deep before shooting his cum into her waiting mouth and she swallows his creamy load.

Southern Strokes - Update

July 22, 2023

Smells Like You

I went to my stepbrother's house and waited in his room until he got home. His bed was covered in jocks. I didn't know if they were clean or dirty, but I had to smell them, and they smelled amazing. I was so distracted that I didn't hear Dominik get home. He caught me smelling his jocks and asked if I were horny. I couldn't say no and smelled his jock as he pushed my face down into his crotch. It was so much better getting it first hand, so I pulled his undies down and sucked his cock down to the balls. Dominik fucked me so good that I was almost in tears. I hadn't felt anything like him before. Having him rain down cum on me was the shower I needed most.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 17, 2023

The One By the Waterfall

Colombia '23, the one by the waterfall, a series with handsome Colombian boy, Nathan Luna. A hot & humid jungle, the sound of cool freshwater, flowing through the Mendihuaca. She invites us to her natural pool, a lonely place, no soul in sight. Lustful desire takes charge, Nathan's thick, uncut cock thrusts into an eager hole. Tyler rushes to swallow his fresh Colombian cum

Venus Lux - Update

July 17, 2023

Massage Magic With Keshawn

I was getting a relaxing, much-needed massage in my hotel suite in Indianapolis. The handsome masseur Keshawn was purely professional at first, but I guess kneading the tension out of my firm round ass gave him some naughty ideas. I was feeling blissed out getting squeezed and pummeled when suddenly I felt his mouth pressed into my ass. I liked what I felt, and next thing I knew he was naked on the bed with me, turned on and sucking my stiff trans cock. It gave me some ideas of my own and we had a great time 69ing. I gave his nips a firm tweak, let him taste my honey sweet crack, swallowed his thick hard piece. I knew he wanted every bit of me. He wrapped his legs around my luscious ass as I eased my cock into his tight hole. This tough tatted stud was aching to be loved hard by a sexy trans top.

Peter Fever - Update

July 09, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 2

Garden Temptation: Travel guide Alfonso is taking Nolan Knox to see the sites of Mexico City, and when Nolan wants to meet some hot boys, he leads him to a secluded garden where his friend, swarthy Mexican Axel Loon Bernal just happens to be sprawled out at a cocktail table. Guess Nolan found his hot guy without even looking in this Latin playground, because he's soon riding his booty across Axel's lap and locked in deep juicy kisses. Sliding off the chair to his knees, Nolan swallows Axel's big tool in one thirsty gulp. Make that a JUICY gulp, when Axel face fucks him and Nolan's chin is dripping big wads of saliva. Axel reaches around to get both hands full of Nolan's meaty buns. He bends him over the chair to nosedive into Nolan's sexy butt, licking and lapping at that musky hole.

Falcon Studios - Update

July 04, 2023

Falcon Live: Get 2 It 4

Falcon Studios fans worldwide have tuned in to watch Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Cole Connor and Colton Reece fuck each other for the very first time. Before Colton rams his big dick into Cole, though, the two men engage with fans over the live chat, discuss Cole's gay porn debut, and talk about Colton's oral preferences. With viewers aching to see them fuck, Colton begins watching himself on the monitor as he shoves his thick cock into Cole's mouth for some hardcore deepthroating. The sound of virtual tips coming in fuel the cam show as Colton grips the back of the Cole's head, rims his ass, and begins barebacking his hairy hole.

Wu Boyz - Update

July 03, 2023

Livestream Flip Fuck

With Sam and Tyler: Flip fucking and swallowing cum on livestream. If you missed this one with my pretty boy, here is the recording. Glad we can share our silly moments with you guys, as well as the hot ones! We also took a moment to double penetrate my hole clone, looks like my hole could fit two dicks if we really try. to get your hole toy, go to linktree for a signed set of toys, nude photos and calendar, message Tyler directly. Find my pretty boi on Twitter @samvuniverse.

Peter Fever - Update

July 02, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico

Is Anybody Home?: When world traveler, Asian stud Zed Sheng, takes a trip to Mexico with his buddy, he seeks out a non-traditional travel agent to help him with the right package. After showing him some sights, his agent drops him at an address and tells him to go inside. When the door opens, Zed finds shirtless Mexican hunk, Angel Nash, ready for action. Zed doesn't waste a second getting Angel's shorts off and soon he's got the stud's erect cock down his throat. It's a big one too, and before you know it, Zed is bent over with Angel balls deep and bareback inside his ass. The horny stud stretches Zen's hole in ways he never knew were possible until he fucks the cum out of Zed and drops a creampie of his own deep inside the begging jock.

Wu Boyz - Update

June 28, 2023

Love Dream

Sam Vu and Tyler Wu - Your soft lips, your gentle touch, a scent that tells me I'm home. Is this real life, is this a fantasy? What is the difference? Make love to me, feed me your cum, the moment is ours. PS can we be your Asian power couple dads?

Fisting Inferno - Update

June 22, 2023

When Push Comes To Shove

Wanting to explore a deeper sexual connection with Eli Shaw, loving boyfriend Mat Wolff has enlisted the help of muscular porn star Devin Franco to show them the ins-and-outs of fisting. Stunned that his favorite porn star is lying nearly naked in his own bed, Eli eagerly accepts his lover's threesome surprise and joins Devin in giving Mat a joint blowjob. Eli, wearing only a jockstrap and a cock cage, then offers up his ass for Mat to stretch and fill. Devin grabs ahold of Eli's head and reassuringly talks him through the process as Mat works his entire fist into Eli's smooth hole. Once Eli is sufficiently opened up, Devin starts pumping his big dick into Eli's mouth while Mat's lubed fist works its way deeper and deeper into Eli's gaping slit.

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