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Gaycest - Update

Friday September 22, 2023

Neighborhood Secret Tape #14

Number One Fan: Earlier that afternoon, Myott arrived at Mr. Bonds’ house shortly after school had let out, just like any other day. When Mr. Bonds opened the door to let his nephew inside, he could tell by the boy’s half crooked grin that something was up. Once in the study, Myott set his backpack down and pulled out his laptop. He popped it open and turned the monitor on. The resulting visual stole the air out of Mr. Bonds' lungs. Easily one of the most amazing sights of his life appeared before him in dazzling 4k resolution. Apparently, without Mr. Bonds being aware of it, Myott had turned on a webcam during their last sex session. As for Myott, he was so in love with his Uncle Brian that he could hardly stand it sometimes.

Peter Fever - Update

August 21, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 8

Baggin' the Tour Guide: Here's to a hot Latin tour guide that does more than show you the sights, handsome and hung Alfonso Osnaya! Granted, he's got some tasty sights of his own to show, and they're driving Nolan Knox fucking crazy! When the helpful guide asks pointedly "Is there anything ELSE I can do for you?" Nolan's quick to respond with a thirsty "I can think of something" The sexxxy porn music swells and we're off to the bedroom where Alfonzo is snuggled up in Nolan's arms as they suck face for a start. Alfonso is a full-service travel agent, there's no doubt of that. After reaching into the crotch of Nolan's shorts and pulling out his big stiff tool, Alfonso does his best to please every inch of Nolan, from kissing the soles of his feet to slurping down that oversized woody, it's tough to see who's enjoying this hookup more, Nolan or Alfonso.

Peter Fever - Update

May 31, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 4

Fit To Be Tied: Meandering through the dark hallways of KUMA, horned up Asian twink Nolan Knox spies fit bottom Jay Tee looking available and hungry for dick, clad in an orange jock and an impromptu harness of red elastic cords. His arms are bound back against the leather bench where he sits spread-eagled. Nolan runs his fingers over Jay's pink fleshy nips and cups the growing bulge in the pouch of his jockstrap. Nolan drops his own strappy see through undies and feeds Jay Tee the cock he's so desperate for. Gurgling with each mouthful, Jay takes Nolan's big dick all the way down. Hungry for more XXX action, Nolan loosens Jay's cuffs and gives him another sloppy kiss. Jay crouches face forward and takes Nolan's wet hot facefucking with gusto. Nolan strides around to Jay's firm round cheeks and buries his face into the musky crack.

Peter Fever - Update

May 18, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 2

Fucking A Sub Top: By definition, a vers top isn't exclusively into ramming his big dick into the nearest hole. When Asian muscleguy Zed Sheng finds sexy Jay Tee lashed to a pipe stand with elastic red ropes and starts kissing and groping him, tying a red bandana around his face as a blindfold, who knows whether he's up to no good or up to something fantastic. When Zed drops to his knees and peels down Jay's undies to get his mouth around the twink's thick tool and heavy nuts, it's clear he's hunting for cock. Zed carefully snips holes in Jay's white tank top to get at his firm pink nips and tears way most of the lower half, then snips away his black briefs. Sliding a deft hand along Jay's hefty shaft, he works the dick up to full rock hard glory. He stands with his ass toward that big cock and backs onto it bareback.

Boy Fun - Update

May 16, 2023

Meating Max

Fit teen boy Amon Volkov is a sexy sight to behold, rinsing down in the shower with his big plump cock swelling up. It's entirely understandable why Max Gen would be spying from the doorway and groping his own meat, having caught sight of the boy while passing. Thankfully, when Max is caught observing, Amon is more interested in some BoyFun than chastising the creeper. He doesn't hesitate to invite his lucky friend in and Max doesn't hesitate to take his pal's plump penis between his lips for some slurps and sucks. With his shower surprise led to the couch the oral party continues and soon Max is getting his own big uncut prick worshiped by his equally horny pal.

Peter Fever - Update

May 12, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 1

Who's the Treat Now, Bitch?: Las Vegas' popular sex club KUMA is the setting for this kinky series, taking place at the club's Tied Up Tuesday nights, a safe space for dabbling in consensual shibari (rope bondage). This fetish can range from mild (rope harnesses) to wild (being tied down or suspended in the shibari ropes). In this first episode, lean, handsome Asian-American Nolan Knox wears the hand-tied harness in his sling play with hairy hunk Ty Roderick. Roderick's always on the booty hunt for the beautiful treats looking for dick at the event, and happens upon Nolan. Kissing him deeply, he reaches a greedy hand around the hot twink's firm butt. As Nolan lies back in the sling with head dangling over, Ty face fucks him, holding a strand of the rope harness. Perching a leg up on the sling, he rubs his ass into the twink's probing tongue.

Peter Fever - Update

April 26, 2023

Asian Office Studs 2

The second spicy little treat from our Japan crew at Peter Fever East is possibly twice as much fun as the hot shirt and tie scene with Rio and Hiroya, since this week features FOUR of the hottest models in Tokyo clad as bored office workers taking an unscheduled fuck break in the middle of their workplace. Gal, Rio and Rikiya are sharing some gossip about new co-worker Reach getting gangbanged at a popular local bar, wondering if he'd be up for a similar scene with his office buddies. When he walks into the office and sits at his desk, they put their dirty plan into the hottest action you've seen. Rio pulls Reach closer and sucks face with the hot muscle stud. Supervisor Riki strolls over and joins the fun, and soon it's an uninhibited no-holes-barred four-way, with Rikiya, Gal and Rio taking turns plugging Reach's mouth and cock hungry ass.

Boy Fun - Update

April 14, 2023

Riding Justin's Ass

Sexy young Justin Host might not have been intending to hook up while hanging around outside on his phone, but the young man isn't going to turn down the chance for some no-strings BoyFun when eager Ander Marin stops nearby and the two make contact. Nothing needs to be said, they both know what they're looking for and the moment they're in Justin's bedroom their lips are meeting and their cocks are swelling. Stripped down to their underwear it's clear Ander knows how to enjoy a good length of cock, and Justin has plenty for him to suckle and lick. Ander works the gorgeous curved twink meat in his mouth with his own dick filling his showers, it's clear he's packing even more meaty muscle.

Peter Fever - Update

April 13, 2023

Jacks in Ace's Hole 3

David & Rave: Long-haired, edgy Rave Hardick is well-known around PeterFever after his turn as the game leader in our recent SexPigGames series. He's a tall, lean drink of water, with a giant cock barely in proportion with his skinny physique. No wonder cockhound David Ace has chosen Rave as the next Jack in the deck to take his rightful place buried balls deep in Ace's hole. Rave gets a juicy wet blowjob from Ace that has his cock twitching and ready to fuck. These two Asians are bristling with untapped sexual energy. Rave rams in raw, just the way David likes it, wielding his trophy cock to fill David's hole to the brim with cum-dripping bareback dick. David bounces his booty back into every rough thrust, and soon Rave is teetering at the edge of a cum blast.

Peter Fever - Update

April 05, 2023

Jacks in Ace's Hole 2

David & Christop - Ace's insatiable hole meets another lucky Jack from the deck, shaggy-haired hung hippie horndog Christop. David nuzzles tatted Christop's swelling crotch, then reaches into his tight briefs to pull out a stiff cock ready for bareback fucking. Once he's had a musky mouthful, Ace lies back and lets Christop rim and open up his throbbing fuckhole. Plowing in bareback to the fuzzy pubes, Christop fills the twitching hunger in Ace's ass. Squirting a hot creamy wad into David's lean-muscled ass crack, he slides his throbbing, spurting tool back in to finish the job.

French Twinks - Update

April 04, 2023

Versatile Massage

Raphaël Levy's soft hands sensually roam the oiled body of handsome Valentin Meunier and as he goes down lower and lower on his back, he can't help but linger on his partner's plump little ass. Raphaël massages and caresses Valentin's buttocks before giving in to temptation and licking his little hole with passion. After this very intimate massage, Valentin is perfectly relaxed and Raphaël's cock is hard, it seems like it's the perfect time to get down to business. If we thought Raphaël rather a bottom, he surprises us in the role of the top one and it’s not to displease Valentin is delighted with his thrusts. After this first hot fucking session, Valentin decides to reverse the roles and gets sucked off by Raphaël before fucking him in turn.

Peter Fever - Update

March 24, 2023

Tokyo Love Stories Ep 4

Zen and Rio - Zen and Rio are not the most obviously compatible couple, with Zen a dirty blond, shaggy trendsetter, and Rio a hairy, musclebound cub. But a year after they met at a popular Tokyo gay club, they're still devoted and "lovey-dovey". Lying on the bed together, they're happy to show off the hot sexual hijinks that keep them horny. Zen knows just how to lick and tweak Rio's hotwired nipples, provoking his stud to twitches and moans of pleasure. He sucks Rio's stiff woody through the mesh of his lime-green jock, then pulls it out to get it wet and sensitive. He plays with the precum-slick head of Rio's cock, then kneels between his knees and rams his raw cock in to the hilt. Also just the way Rio likes it. The horned-up muscle-boy beats his cock and climbs on to ride Zen's long love-pole.

Boy Fun - Update

March 19, 2023

Don't Just Watch

Lonely little Liam Rose is missing out on some hot fun with his partner, but he doesn't have to look very far to find another friend more than a little ready to enjoy some tasty BoyFun with him. Gorgeous Ollie Barn was watching from the bedroom door while Liam plays with his cock and fantasizes about his lover being there, but with the call ending he's soon making his play for that thick young dick. Liam is quick to cheat, but then again we can understand why. Ollie is the kind of hot young thing we would all get our dicks out for and Liam isn't going to hesitate. With plenty of kissing and groping the two are soon stripping down and taking the other's hard cock between their lips. The feast of oral these boys share might be enough to have most ready to spurt their seed in spectacular fashion but these buddies know how to take it all the way.

Next Door Taboo - Update

March 19, 2023

Take A Load Off

What would you do if you found out that your bratty stepson was moonlighting as a masseur to older gentlemen to pay for college? Perhaps take the opportunity for some much-needed cross-generational connection? That's exactly what Stepdad Christian Wilde does. Of course, his generous offer to give Step-son Jack Waters a relaxing shoulder rub slowly but surely turns into activities of a much deeper connection.

Boy Fun - Update

December 19, 2022

Horny Tenants

We've all done it, but we've rarely had it result in some awesome BoyFun with a hot neighbor. Hung young John Crawford has lost his keys, and as the rain comes down he's stuck on the doorstep wondering what to do. Thankfully his gorgeous neighbor Karl Stevens spies him at the right time to let him in. We're can certainly understand why the sexy young guy decided to head to Karl's apartment rather than waste time trying to get into his. The young man is so hot, and after becoming his knight in shining armor John is obviously happy to reward his new pal with something special. It's mere moments before the two are getting well acquainted on the couch, with John's incredible uncut cock standing proud from his jeans while shirtless Karl licks and sucks and slurps his delicious hooded dong.

Boy Fun - Update

December 17, 2022

Busy Boys

Nico Vegas and Danny Junior are a couple of hot young roommates who would never turn down the chance to enjoy some afternoon BoyFun. When Danny comes searching for his phone in his friend's bedroom he discovers the young man bulging in his briefs and clearly ready for some hard-dicked action. No twink would be able to decline such an obvious offer. Danny is immediately intrigued, not least by the discovery of a couple of condoms among the sheets. These bareback boys don't need them, though. With a good long smooch Danny is soon wrapping his lips around the damp erection sprouting from his pal's briefs, giving him a good sucking. It's an impressive cock, smooth and long and perfectly pink. His helmet is damp and soon glistening with spit and precum while Danny works his meat with his pierced tongue.

Chaos Men - Update

December 02, 2022

Dalton: Serviced Remastered

Welcome to the next scene in our 'REMASTER' BONUS series, where we'll be taking early fan-favorite videos and remastering them in 4k! This video is a little special. You see, Dalton had a bit of an 'early misfire' in this video, obviously because Bryan is an expert cocksucker! Back in the day, Bryan decided to try and salvage the scene by having Dalton take a couple hour break, then come back for a second try, which Bryan spliced together. That video turned out fine, albeit with a slightly underwhelming second cum shot, but Bryan went ahead and included the 'misfire' as a behind-the-scenes outtake at the end of the video. Well, as your devoted editor, I decided we could do a little better with this BONUS release! In addition to remastering this scene in 4K, I went back and re-edited the scene.

Peter Fever - Update

November 28, 2022

Brooklyn Feels Episode 2

Sweet Affections: Curly-haired twink Chenny had a date with Sammy Sinsss before but all they ended up doing was kissing and cuddling together. A visitor to NYC, Chenny admits that it's his favorite city. Sammy loves his hair and cute smile, so their chemistry is obviously mutual. They kiss and let their curious hands roam to get the action started. When Chenny climbs up to straddle Sammy, the hot stud pulls down Chenny's shorts and taps a finger against his pucker, rubbing into the hole as they kiss. Chenny slides down Sammy's pants and takes his big cock into his mouth. Sammy pins his legs back, spits on the twink's ass and licks to lube and open it up for more fun. A slathering of lube and a probing finger and Chenny's ready to plow. Sammy slaps his dick around the slippery crack and drills in deep.

Peter Fever - Update

November 21, 2022

Brooklyn Feels Episode 1

The Pleasure Parlor: New York is America's megalopolis, a city of big dreams and big emotions. In Brooklyn, the Big Apple's trendiest borough, big horny guys with hard passions and powerful libidos meet and mate in passionate connections that give us all the feels. Edgy Sammy Sinsss relaxes in the ornate Victorian Pleasure Parlor with bearded Asian stud Tanner Winn, sharing fears and feelings before their bodies tangle. Tanner used to be not so big on giving oral for fear of gagging on a massive cock (never been one of our worries) but now with experience he's conquered that hurdle. For his part, Sammy has tackled his hesitations about group sex and now enjoys threesomes and more. Now they know each other a bit better, kiss and strip down to the bare essentials.

Peter Fever - Update

November 15, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 6

Edith's Revenge 2.0: The five-man orgy in the abandoned warehouse continues, though now that Danny has run off to get help for his buddies Nolan Knox and Levy Foxx, it's down to four horny participants. Levy's suspended in mid-air in a spit-roast between Zacc Andrews and Damian Dragon (as Jason Whoreknees). Nolan's bringing up the rear, literally, as he plows into Zacc's hungry ass. Levy's booty gets passed along to Jason, then the studs split off to fuck, changing partners minute by minute. When Levy's fucked-out ass needs a break, he drops down to suck off his three tops, slurping two and all three at a time and getting a strenuous tongue workout in the deal. It's time to blast, and Zacc, Nolan and Jason milk their rock-hard cocks into Levy's face. While Zacc and Jason are distracted, Nolan and Levy beat a hasty escape.

Boy Fun - Update

October 24, 2022

Traveling Twinks

It's reminiscent of an old and romantic black and white movie when gorgeous boys Jamie Kelvin and Hanry Onlyjapa meet on the train. Nothing needs to be said between the two but when Hanry departs and signals for Jamie to follow him the offer of BoyFun is clear. Of course the blond traveler follows. We don't know where he was planning to travel to but his plans are clearly on hold as he follows his new friend back to his apartment, their lips meeting and their hands exploring, their cocks swelling in their shorts. In moments Hanry's proud uncut penis is freed and Jamie waste's no time blowing on the conductor's whistle. With both boys stripping down and their hard meaty lengths being slurped and sucked in a mutual display of oral pleasure it's mere minutes before Hanry is focusing his attention his new pal's tunnel.

Peter Fever - Update

October 17, 2022

Camp Crystal Cock Ep. 2

Return of the Living Whore: Scary Jason Whore-knees is lying in wait for poor Danny Wilcoxx as he strips down and begins showering. As he scrubs down his all-important cock and balls and steps out to dry off, Jason's standing there with his dick pointing due North. Danny only sees the big cock and doesn't notice the striped mask Jason wears over his face. "You can stab me with that any time!" Danny jokes. Jason backs him into the shower stall and takes control, grabbing him by the hair as Danny chows down on hot hard Asian cock. Jason pulls off his mask and yanks Danny to his feet to keep him pleasuring the psycho stud's thick tool. Getting it ALMOST all the way down, Danny gags on Jason's dick. Pressing the horny twink against the shower wall, Jason drills into his ass bareback and balls deep.

Rod’s Room - Update

August 29, 2022

Michael + Ty

When I saw Michael Boston and Ty Santana in these robes I was in heaven. When they finally got out of them? Well... you'll have to see how great it was yourself. If you like interracial gay sex, then you've come to the right place. These two sexy specimens of hot gay studs never hold off for a minute. From deep cock sucking to pounding anal sex, you'll love every thrust and ball slap. This is a new site with exciting men doing everything you ever wanted to.

Next Door Studios - Update

July 19, 2022

Roundball & Pound

Ah basketball, truly a man's sport. Watch as the sexy Elliot Finn and the studly Carter Woods let loose with a quick game of basketball followed by some mind blowing sex. They have to get some of the game frustrations out of their system and what better way then hot nasty kinky gay sex! These tow don't hold back and let is all go with multiple positions alone with the hardcore raw gay sex energy.

Boy Fun - Update

June 24, 2022

Hard Earned Victory

New Jawked arrival Yacob Marx isn't really the athletic type, not like his wrestling pals Oliver Morgenson and Jack Killian. He didn't have enough interest to watch the wrestling match between the two, but he's more than interested when they arrive back at home with cocks swelling in their singlets. Hot young Oliver won the match and it's obvious he's ready to celebrate. After all that grappling in their skin tight spandex his long cock is rock hard and ready, he's happy to have Yacob's hand rubbing it. Of course their pal Jack is wanting in on the fun and within moments all three have their impressive youthful penises exposed and slipping between greedy lips. It's a back and forth that has us all desperately eager for release while the trio lovingly lick and slurp each other's tasty appendages, but the real sporting match is yet to come.

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