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Trans Angels - Update

September 17, 2023

Twisted Nurse Loves Cock

Hot trans nurse Crystal Thayer has been assigned the job of treating badass criminal Hatler Gurius, who is serving time in the state pen for his naughty deeds! Handcuffed to the examination table, the tattooed stud is hungry for Crystal's curvy ass, and when the gorgeous brunette sees Hatler's meaty dick standing erect, the feeling is mutual, and she decides to give into her cravings and swallow it whole! After stripping out of her sexy nurse's uniform down to her garter belt and stockings, Crystal climbs on top and eases Hatler's rock-hard cock deep inside her tight hole, riding it hard in cowgirl as the dark-haired prisoner plays with her big, juicy tits! Following an intense anal pounding in ballerina position, Crystal gets fucked in standing doggystyle and missionary until it's time for Hatler to cum all over the satisfied t-girl's pretty face!

Men - Update

September 11, 2023

What's Up, Cock?

Dr. Austin Wolf's next patient is here, and so is the patient's hot son, Alex Myers. Austin kisses the twink's hand before starting the checkup, only to look over and see Alex with his hole out! Alex slides a thermometer into his ass and entices the horny doctor to sneakily fuck him. Dr. Austin prepares a hot injection for the twink's mouth, and when Alex spits out the cum, his dad worries he needs medical attention! Luckily, Dr. Austin takes good care of the sexy patient, picking him up for a stand and carry, then Alex rides the doc's dick. Dr. Wolf pounds the bottom in doggystyle and cums on his hole.

Men At Play - Update

September 09, 2023

Doctor's Orders, Editor's Cut

Dr. Mike de Marko, M.D. believes that his position at the hospital as senior surgeon entitles him to humiliate and slight eager young student doctors. But he's met his match when Kayden Grey attends his study session. With no patient available to assess or treat , Dr. de Marko insists that Kayden sit in as the patient. He proceeds to cut the pant leg of Kayden's suit open up to his crotch. But, Kayden's naïve demeanor is betrayed by a raging hardon that Mike attempts to deal with, at first professionally but then succumbs to his unprofessional desires. After deep-throating Kayden's huge dick, Kayden decides it's time to retaliate and cut the senior doctor's pants, making a hole just in the right place. Cocky Doctor de Marko not only gets his precious suit trashed but also gets fucked hard by young Kayden's thick cock.

Men At Play - Update

June 09, 2023

Doctor's Orders 2

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Johnny Donovan, MD is showing his old college buddy Zack Mackay around his new practice. Zack, a future partner at an accounting firm, is in town on business with his colleague Rocky Vallarta. The three men have dinner reservations to discuss the doc's financial portfolio right after the tour. When Rocky gets a phone call and steps away, Dr. Donovan admits to Zack that Rocky is hot. Not to worry, Rocky will be open to playing tonight Zack tells him. While they wait, Zack admits to Johnny that he recently hurt himself and the doctor orders him to jump on the medical bed. The doctor massages Zack's inner groin and soon with scissors, discretely cuts and rips his suit pants revealing the big beautiful ass he's played with before.

TheBroNetwork - Update

May 19, 2023

I Know You 2

Cole Link and Jordan Starr have had an anonymous hookup in the past and like most encounters never really expected to see one another again. That is, until Cole was about to get surgery and lo and behold his doctor ended up being Jordan. With Cole's mother in the room, the awkward tension begins to build and transforms into a sexual one that simply cannot be avoided, even until after surgery.

Fun Size Boys - Update

May 01, 2023

Max, Chapter 3

Anal Ultrasound: Endocrinologist Dr. Legrand Wolf was thrilled to see Max's name back on his appointment schedule. The small, thin young man was almost delicate in his beauty, so pale and slight compared to the structure of other men that he seemed near to breaking just standing there. Max gulped when Dr. Wolf pulled out a sensor-like device with a rounded end. Not that Max was adverse to insertion Dr. Wolf obviously knew this after their last encounter but the bulbous end was intimidating. As Dr. Wolf helped Max undress, he immediately went to work feeling the boy up, enjoying the brilliant sensations and electricity that began to stir in both men's loins. Dr. Wolf's hand was already on his crotch, his fingers slipping inside Max's pants. He pulled down Max's zipper and slid his hands into his underwear.

Therapy Dick - Update

April 28, 2023

Making My Own Rules

When he feels the world's weight on his shoulders, Aaron visits Tony, a therapist who can help him with his pent-up emotions. Tony wants to dive deeper into Aaron’s sexual frustration, which he believes may be the root of his issues. Aaron lets Tony go all in on his body and feels a massive release as his hole gets pounded hard. By the end of their session, Aaron feels like a whole new man and can’t wait to start seeing Tony weekly!

Men At Play - Update

February 23, 2023

Best Of MENatPLAY 2022

Compilation: In our Best of MENatPLAY 2022 Compilation, we look back at some of our top favorite suit sex movies. Thank you for making MENatPLAY the world's premier place for suited man-on-man action. May this good cheer last throughout the year.

Fun Size Boys - Update

February 02, 2023

Max Ch. 2

Dr. Wolf's Office: Dr. Wolf was tall by anyone's definition. But in comparison to small Max, he was a skyscraper! The doctor was also handsome, and swayed with a sense of ease around the office. As he took Max's measurements, checked his heart beat, and removed the young man's shirt, every action, no matter how clinical in nature, took on a magical quality. It was as if each mundane thing the Doctor did cast a spell, all woven directly in front of Max's face. Something about that size disparity set Max ablaze, and removed the last of his inhabitations. He pulled down the doctor's trousers and revealed his desired goal, which was practically bursting out of the white underwear, was impossibly large compared to the young man's. Long and girthy, the doctor's cock rivaled the size of Max's forearm!

Yoshi Kawasaki XXX - Update

February 01, 2023


Try as hard, deep and often as they can, bottom guys in heat never seem to get pregnant. Is that even fair!? Yoshi is determined to change that immutable fact. Dilated and in the first flush of cramps, Yoshi is rushed to the labor room in a wheelchair, tended by nurse Hinako. She helps him onto a delivery table, spreading his legs wide open to prepare for the birthing. His swollen nipples are pumped, filled with the mother's milk he's already producing. The attending physician, Dr. Axel, steps in to prepare the patient's birth canal, opening it wide with manual stretching. His fists stimulate Yoshi's vagina till he's pissing himself. Hinako is on the ball, catching the stream in a chamber pot. With the baby still deep inside and out of sight, the physician wields his trusty speculum.

Men At Play - Update

January 26, 2023

Hard To Say Goodbye

Doctors Adam Franco and Little Brako have worked together for years in the same medical center. And while they both have been discreetly attracted to each other, they've kept their relationship strictly professional. Adam is being transferred to another clinic, and today will be the last day they work together. Just before leaving, Dr. Brako stops by Adam's office to say goodbye and thanks for the way he treated him over the years. After a brief conversation, Dr. Brako gets the courage to finally ask Dr. Franco out on a date, and he gladly accepts. But just before leaving together, Adam takes Brako's hand and kisses him. Neither can stop the rush - pounding hearts, heavy breathing, and sweaty palms. It's time to play.

Fisting Inferno - Update

December 09, 2022

Genital Hospital 4

When Dr. Dominic Pacific needs to teach medical student Nathan Daniels a thing or two about the anal cavity, he calls in fisting expert Wrex Wylde for a hands-on demonstration. Nathan is slightly unsure of how this will go, but still doesn't hesitate when it comes to bending over the examination table, pulling down his jock, and letting Wrex's gloved hand enter his hole. Quickly earning their approval, the fisting fucker takes his time simultaneously working the stretched-out assholes of both the teacher and student in multiple positions. Now on separate tables with their legs spread, the two medical men jerk themselves off and continue to get punched in the prostate until they're both laying there completely drained from their masterful fisting.

Fun Size Boys - Update

December 09, 2022

Serg, Ch 2

Dr. Wolf's Office: Serg had heard about Dr. Wolf from a friend of his. In fact, his friend couldn't stop raving about this "hot doctor" that was allegedly very thorough when it came to check-ups on his patients. Serg got in touch with Dr. Wolf's office and made an appointment for a physical. Serg was jittery with excitement, as he waited in the exam room, he heard a light knock, and in walked a towering lumberjack of a man. Dr. Wolf was everything Serg's friend had described him as, and even sexier than he was imagining from the description. Dr. Wolf asked the boy to take off his shirt and get back on the table. Serg complied, trying to play everything as cool as possible, an effusive smile on his face the whole time.

Fisting Inferno - Update

November 16, 2022

Genital Hospital 3

Nursing student Nathan Daniels is about to learn all there is to know about object extraction with the help of Dr. Dominic Pacifico and volunteer Wrex Wylde. With his hand lubed up, Nathan slowly inserts himself into Wrex's wrecked asshole and begins to carefully pull out rubber balls, a baseball, and even a 12-inch plastic doll from his never-ending insides. Ready to show off some more advanced techniques, Dr. Pacifico removes his shirt and inserts both of his arms into the volunteer's mangled hole until Wrex's rosebud is spilling out of his body. Eventually, the two medical men push the limits of Wrex's body until his ass is swallowing two arms and an additional fist and he's laying back on the examination table completely satisfied.

Men At Play - Update

October 30, 2022

The Podophilic Podiatrist 2

Drew Dixon is visiting his podiatrist, Sir Peter, to check on the progress of the sprained ankle. After checking the new x-rays, Sir Peter observes the lateral aspect of Drew's foot and ankle over the gold-toe sock and lets out a big smile. The podophilic doctor is enjoying the circumstance and the sexual attraction gets his cock rock hard. The 5-star reviews and comments on the doctor are all making sense now! Drew feels the big bulge when his foot slides over the erection inside Sir Peter's pants and then feels the doc's wet lips as they play with his feet. The podiatrist pulls out his monster cock and begins to feet fuck his patient. The podophilic podiatrist may have a sexual desire for feet, but he also enjoys getting sucked, rimming, and fingering a puckering hole before bending over a power bottom and giving them a raw riding.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 26, 2022

Genital Hospital 2

Students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are aching to nail their next big exam on extraction and lucky for them, Dr. Micah Martinez is willing to volunteer as a gaping guinea pig that they can practice on. After barebacking both students to ensure they're relaxed and ready, Micah bends over and talks Andrew through inserting his entire hand in his asshole. Ace then gets a turn exploring Dr. Martinez's insides before the instructor is on his back with Andrew resuming control of the mentor's hole. With a fast-learning Andrew hitting his prostate in just the right spot, Micah quickly busts into the mouth of Ace and congratulates his overachieving students on a job well done.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 04, 2022

Genital Hospital

Medical students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are quickly learning that with Dr. Micah Martinez's 'Genital Hospital' class, extreme hands-on learning is the only way to go. This week, the doctor is teaching his boys about extraction and utilizing both students' holes for a gaping demonstration. Micah first fills up Ace's ass while giving the class detailed and thorough instructions on how to properly fist your patients. The instructor soon has his hands in both of his completely naked pupils as he talks them through every step of the hypothetical extraction process. With both of them now on their backs at the front of the classroom, Dr. Martinez continues his educational demonstration until both men are drained, covered in cum, and ready to try their own hands at this hole-stretching practice.

Fun Size Boys - Update

September 20, 2022

Austin Ch 26

Hands-on Training: Dr. Wolf likes nothing more than to watch the boy Austin with other older men. He's presently working with a nurse called Dolf. Dolf is as impressively tall as Dr. Wolf and gets a similar kick out of banging younger, pint-sized boys. Dr. Wolf introduces Dolf to Austin in a private room at his office. He told the nurse all about his outrageous experiments with ultra-sound and suggested that he and Austin might make a useful pair of subjects for his research. Dolf agrees willingly. The doctor orders Austin to take off his clothes before calming the boy's nerves by scooping him into his arms and kissing him passionately. By the time Austin's underpants are down, he's ready for anything. Austin is instructed to sit down on a hospital bed while the doctor places his feet in stirrups.

Men - Update

August 28, 2022

Hospital Flasher

Gabriel Clark wakes up horny in the hospital and decides to make it everyone's problem! He flashes a nurse, takes off running when security guard Theo Brady chases him, then waggles his dick right over another patient in his bed! Theo calls for backup, but as Gabriel shows him his hard cock and ass, Theo realizes he wants to back up on the flasher's dick instead. He sucks Gabriel, who tears open the guard's pants, rimming Theo and swallowing his nightstick. Theo rides the top reverse, and Gabriel bends him over the occupied bed to pound his hole. Theo cums as he takes it deep in missionary, then Gabriel pulls out and covers the bottom with jizz.

Men - Update

August 19, 2022

Hospital Flasher

Gabriel Clark wakes up horny in the hospital and decides to make it everyone's problem! He flashes a nurse, takes off running when security guard Theo Brady chases him, then waggles his dick right over another patient in his bed! Theo calls for backup, but as Gabriel shows him his hard cock and ass, Theo realizes he wants to back up on the flasher's dick instead. He sucks Gabriel, who tears open the guard's pants, rimming Theo and swallowing his nightstick. Theo rides the top reverse, and Gabriel bends him over the occupied bed to pound his hole. Theo cums as he takes it deep in missionary, then Gabriel pulls out and covers the bottom with jizz.

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 17, 2022

Danny Ch 3

Check-up: A trip to the doctor can be an intimidating experience, particularly when your doctor is more than a foot-and-a-half taller than you! Dr. Wolf has had young Danny in his office before - every which way! Both enjoyed themselves enormously and when the doctor saw that Danny had been booked in for a check-up, he canceled his following appointment. It's important to be thorough, after all… After weighing him and checking his height, the boy was stripped naked and given a series of examinations which some might describe as intrusive, but Danny found rather stimulating! The doctor was then able to focus on the more exciting parts of the check-up. He pulled the boy to his feet and instantly started to examine his mouth. And what better way to do that than with your big, fat, daddy tongue?

Hot House - Update

July 12, 2022

Dirty Intern

Injured hunk Arad Winwin is at the doctor's office to see new intern Michael Boston, about getting his cast off. During the visit, Arad whips out his hard cock from under his robe, prompting Michael to eagerly wrap his lips around it. After a lengthy cock-worshipping session, the 'Dirty Intern' hops up on the table to let Arad tongue-fuck his ass. The deep rimming is just a small preview of what Michael is about to receive. Arad joins Michael up on the table and works his thick cock into Michael's round ass bareback. Arad feels so good inside him, and Michael pushes back on Arad's cock begging him to go deeper. Arad gives the intern what he wants and relentlessly stretches his asshole. The strokes keep coming from Arad's meat from behind until Intern Michael rolls onto his back and gets his cock jacked while Arad slides past his prostate.

Men At Play - Update

July 11, 2022

Medical Intern

Dr. Diego Reyes, M.D. is the Director of the Residency Program at a hospital in Spain. His mandate is to ensure that medical interns (or residents) receive the best possible training and education. Lucky for Dr. Reyes (and us), today he will be assisted by the handsome Resident Sean Weis. Diego chooses to train his intern through role-playing, and he will act as the patient. Sean knows the director’s true intentions but plays along. When Diego’s hard cock shows through his trousers, Sean examines the "patient" further by wrapping his lips around the doc’s cock and then bending over to take it like a man with a medical degree!

Masqulin - Update

June 02, 2022

Bedside Bending

Pierce Paris has one more surgery left, following his ATV riding accident and his girlfriend is pissed that he had to back out of their romantic getaway. It’s already been almost a week since he last came and his nuts are ready to burst. But she’s already gone and heading for the beaches. Luckily her best friend Seth Corrigan is around and willing to come and spend time with him. That hospital gown leaves very little to the imagination and Seth gets a nice view of Pierce’s heavy cock and balls. He’s more than willing to lend him a helping hand.. or mouth. Pierce’s waiting pole finally sees some action, when Nurse nearly catches him in the act! But Seth doubles down and climbs on top of Pierce, bouncing down on his stiff rod.

Men At Play - Update

May 11, 2022

Check-up With Dr. Dan

Bastian Karim is concerned with some pain and aching in his testicles, and schedules a check-up with Dr. Dan. When he meets the doctor, Bastian timidly reveals where he has discomfort; his face turning bright red. Dr. Dan asks his patient to stand up and lower his pants. While asking him questions, he grabs Bastian’s cock and starts slowly jerking it. He suggests to the young patient that he has ??epididymal hypertension (blue balls) and needs to cum more often to relieve the pain. A doctor’s code of professionalism demands placing the interests of patients above all else, and Dr. Dan intends to do just that. With his young patient's cock aroused, he starts to suck on the uncut Colombian meat with plans to help him ejaculate during sex. Dr. Dan is resolved to fill his own prescription!

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