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Men Over 30 - Update

July 13, 2020

Bonus Package

After a full day of loading boxes, Jack Winters is about to discover one more bonus package for him to deal with, and if he thought his day was long and hard already, he ain't seen nothing yet. Rikk York is rock hard and ready to show Jack a good time, and it's the perfect reward for Jack after working all day. He leans up against a ladder as Rikk tongues his hole, then takes every inch of Rikk as he plunges his cock deep inside. Jack moans at first from the size of it, but once he's used to it, he smiles and tells Rikk to fuck him harder. Rikk gladly obliges him, pounding him from behind as Jack strokes himself from below. Rikk flips him over and fucks him even harder as Jack squirts his load all over himself.

Men Over 30 - Update

June 07, 2020

Taboo Shower Fuckers

After a good, hard workout, Tristan Brazer and Rikk York decide to rinse down in the shower, but when they find it empty, Tristan looks for a little post-workout play. Rikk is always down to fuck, but he's worried about getting caught. Tristan laughs and tells him the danger of getting caught is half the fun, and Rikk can't argue with that, especially when Tristan is already down on his knees with his lips wrapped around Rikk's cock. He presses him up against the side of the shower and eats his hole before plunging his cock deep inside. Rikk tries to keep his voice down, but the feeling of Tristan's pounding cock has him pulsating and singing at the top of his lungs. He no longer cares if anyone sees them, as long as Tristan keeps fucking him.

Chaos Men - Update

May 11, 2020

Julian & Lorenzo Raw

Julian originally came out to do a blow-job video, but once he got here, he was ready to fuck. He prefers to bottom, but I suspect he just isn't confident at staying hard to top. But in this flip-fuck video, he does a great job topping Lorenzo. He is a little wobbly on his first insert, but after that, you can really see his muscled ass thrusting his hard cock deep into Lorenzo. They start by making-out, and Lorenzo was loving Julian's furry chest and armpits and they smelled great too. Lorenzo also took his time sniffing Julian's crotch. Obviously, Lorenzo is a much better cocksucker than Julian, who you can tell is still working on his gag reflex. He licks around Lorenzo's cock head a fair bit, before really getting his suck on.

Chaos Men - Update

May 07, 2020

Bentley & Mason Raw

Since Mason had recently been doing full-sex scenes, I figured we better bypass a blow job video and see how he gets his fuck on. Having said that, he actually sucks dick pretty good, and I think with Bentley's uncut cock matching his own, he sucked knowing just what he might like. I actually think Mason turned out to be very versatile. He easily took Bentley's cock, and also fucked him really well. We did end with Mason getting the cum fucked out of him by Bentley, mainly because Mason knew he could cum from getting fucked. Keep an eye out for Mason! He has some great fuck skills!

Bearback - Update

May 04, 2020

The Furry Ass

Rikk York shares some short stories about why he likes the Bear Community. Riley Mitchel asks the questions and once he's satisfied with the answers he begins making moves on Rikk. Soon enough they are blowing each other which leads Riley into rimming his sweet hairy ass. Riley bends Rikk over and fucks him. Riley fucks him in a few more positions until he fucks the cum out of him. Riley blows his load all over his chest.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 03, 2020

Get A Room 4

When the midday sun rises, it's nice to cool off in one of CCBC's comfortable air-conditioned rooms, furnished with leather couches and big beds and ample playing areas for two horny tattooed fuckers like Rikk York and Jaxx Maxim. These studs know how to make out and work up slowly to the main event, with lots of passionate kissing and stroking, sucking and caressing to prolong their pleasure and desire. Swapping blowjobs then rimming Rikk's beautiful hairy muscle-butt gets Jaxx's massive cock as stiff as steel and he skillfully uses it to really open Rikk up and make him squirm and squirt some more, with an intense prostate pounding that leads to a semen soaked finish!

Men Over 30 - Update

May 03, 2020

Jock Strap Fuckers

After a hard workout, you'd think Dallas Steele and Rikk York would be ready to hit the showers, but they've one more rep to get in before they call it a day, and luckily, they're here early enough that no one else is around. Trainer Dallas has been working Rikk hard all morning, but he's really about to give him some deep training now that they're alone in the locker room. That's music to Rikk's ears. He's been eye-balling Dallas' body since he got here, just waiting for that extra special attention Dallas is known to give his preferred clients. One thing is for sure, the workout isn't over until both guys get their reps in, so there's plenty of action to see between these two hot bodied men.

Noir Male - Update

April 26, 2020

Solid Connections

Ever wonder what happened to the lovers that met at Bliss resort, in the number one Noir Male download, “The Resort?” We catch up with the studs DeAngelo Jackson and poppy suave and find out they’re still as hot for each other as they ever were. Still taking care of each other‘s juicy asses, huge dripping cocks and willing holes! These two hunks bring interracial gay sex to a whole new level and they'll have you lining up to join right in.

Helix Studios - Update

April 12, 2020

Introducing Richie West

New model Richie West is back in Vegas after celebrating his twenty first birthday in sin city just a few months back. However, this time, Richie is being picked up at the airport by porn prince, Ashton Summers! Ashton is immediately attracted to the raging hot, red head, and the guys get to swapping stories about coming out, Richie’s first boy crush, and of course preferred position. West shares that he just started topping last year, and is eager to keep at it. Always one to lend a helping hole, Ashton invited the newbie back to his place, where clothes melt away in a sea of sultry kisses. Excited to break the boy in, Summers slips the gorgeous ginger’s jeans down, and wraps his pretty Puerto Rican lips around the dude’s dick.

Young Perps - Update

March 31, 2020

Case No. 2001079-53

January 15th, 2020. 9:32 AM. Surreptitious Videotaping. Suspect is an 19-year-old black male, 5'11''. Customers complain about a male customer in the women's restroom. Upon inspection, the Loss Prevention Officer discovers a lost cellphone. He determines that the phone belongs to the suspect. He confronts the perp with the phone in the Loss Prevention Office. The suspect denies that he was filming, but after a brief interrogation, he confesses. He claims that he was just fooling around, hoping to avoid prosecution. To make sure the suspect does not invade customer privacy further, the Loss Prevention Officer launches into penal protocol. The rest of this case is classified. Evidence logged on January 15, 2020.

Helix Studios - Update

March 26, 2020

Heat Things Up

Parker Grant, and Ashton Summers smolder in front of a raging hot fire, sparking flames of desire between the two. The gorgeous guys lose themselves in the erotic ambience, cozying up with flirty conversation, which touches on pretty boy Parker's dance training. Excited to see just how flexible the fine fucker is, Ashton initiates the first kiss, pulling Parker into his exotic orbit. Summers unzips his pants. Grant takes the hint, and licks that thick, latin dick like a hungry demon. After his meaty meal, Grant receives his cock sucking comeuppance from Summers' thirsty throat. Excited to taste that trained dancer's derriere, Ashton lays the long legged lad down, then buried his beautiful face in his fuck hole.

Helix Studios - Update

February 21, 2020

Pass the Twink

Flanked by beautiful bookends, Ashton Summers and Alex Riley, Tyler Sweet is a succulent stud snack; and, he revels in the erotic attention. The bronze skinned brunettes sample Sweet’s delectable flesh, as the horny thrupple share in a three way, strip down-make out sesh. Feeling the boy’s briefs bulge gets Bates heated; so, the young hottie heads down to satisfy his carnal craving with a double portion of pole. From then on, Bates and Summers service Sweet with lusty licks, and deep dick drilling, making sure his horny holes never go hungry. The swarthy young studs circle the beautiful bottom like hungry sharks, working as a pair to slam Sweet into sensory overload, tag teaming his holes in schlong smashing spit roasts, and a raw rod ride.

Helix Studios - Update

February 12, 2020

Ashton’s Ass

Porn super studs Ashton Summers and Corbin Colby combine their leading man, muscle smash status, and deliver the hard pounding, power fuck of your dreams! After tasting one another’s flawless flesh, the hot hunks handle their big business with a mutual stroke/smog session combo; before, Ashton eases back on the bed for a sloppy good, suck job. Corbin crams the entire length of the latin lover’s cock down his throat, gulping down big swallows of schlong in a gold star gagger. But Summers is anxious to wrap his sweet lips around cock king Colby’s tall, ten pounder. The porn prince pounds down as much of the massive piece as possible while Corbin inspects the swarthy stud’s sexy backseat.

Raging Stallion - Update

February 11, 2020

Give It To me Raw 3

Hung and uncut muscle studs Papi Suave and Devin Trez are dangling their flesh swords in the foyer. These studs can't wait for a bedroom to be free and get down to it in the entry hall. Papi drops to the floor first to inhale Devin's mighty cock with his deep throat expertise and gets it hard in record time, as the drool drips down his chin. 'Get up! Give me some of that,' says Devin, and Papi stands to present his own XL meat for Devin to deliver his expert BJ skills and then a thirsty and thorough salad toss ass eating. Devin digs his tongue deep into Papi's winking butthole and spits on it before pile driving him in the rear just inside the front door. Papi moans and pushes back as Devin reams him hard and raw against the doorjamb.

Young Perps - Update

February 08, 2020

Case No. 1912076-32

December 8TH, 2019. 5:28 PM. Trespassing. Suspect is a 19 year old black male, 6' 0".The suspect walks into the Loss Prevention Office, claiming that he is looking for a restroom. After a brief interrogation, the Officer concludes that the suspect is sneaking around Employee-Only areas to steal store property. The suspect denies that he has any intention to conduct illegal activity, but the Officer proceeds to conduct a strip search. More thorough interrigation tactics are deployed until the suspect finally agrees to make a compromise with the officer. He is then allowed to leave the store premises without further prosecution. The rest of the case is classified.

Helix Studios - Update

February 06, 2020


Fresh faced Hayden Lee is feelin’ frisky; but, he isn’t old enough to get into the club with buddies, Ashton Summers, Aiden Garcia, and Andy Taylor. So, the naughty newbie entices his thick dicked buddies back to his hotel with a bubble filled bath, that fits four! The fuck hungry foursome get wet, and wild, slurping down a super sized smorgasbord of dick and ass in anticipation of the main event. Super stud, Ashton Summers seizes the moment. He puts his Puerto Rican pound power to work, bending the three twinks over, and punishing their perfect young puckers till they plead for more. After receiving a grade A pounding, Garcia helps the hot hunk out, hammering the young hottie’s horny holes along side his beautiful buddy.

Helix Studios - Update

January 18, 2020

Hung Hunks

Wrapped snugly in Josh Brady’s brawny arms, Ashton Summers is woken by the young man’s massive morning wood, poking him in his perky posterior. Summers turns around and gives the early riser a good morning kiss, AND cock sucking, before Brady reaches in the lusty Latin’s tighty whities to choke down his big, bronze, breakfast sausage. He sucks the succulent schlong on all fours, while Summers reaches behind the dude to check out his further destination. Ashton smacks the stud’s sexy seat, gives the sweet center a little lick, then stuffs Brady’s beautiful butt with cock. The Puerto Rican prince pounds him out doggy style, with hip grinding gumption before Brady offers his sunrise sex partner a ride on his rig.

Helix Studios - Update

December 13, 2019

Gym Guys

Tight bodied, muscle twunk, Tyler Sweet lays his horny hands on beautiful boyfriend, Ashton Summers after the latin lust god hits the gym hard. Naturally, Tyler’s strong stroking gets both muscle boys going. Thankfully, Summers has more than enough masculine meat to satisfy Sweet’s deep throat desires. Ashton eyes his boy’s bangin’ backside while getting throated; then, he lays into Tyler’s tasty treats, swallowing his perfect piece like a porny protein shake, before eating that beautiful bubble butt like a beast! Next, the aggressive ass master smacks his man's hungry hole with his rock hard hammer, and heaves his hefty hog in that gorgeous gape. Tyler takes every inch in while Summers slams his ravenous, rock hard, rump over the bed till he busts, covering Ashton's abs.

Men Over 30 - Update

December 09, 2019

Photo Shoot Seduction

Rikk York has come to Joe Parker for some sexy photos as he has been working hard on his body and being over 30 years of age, wants to show it off. The shoot starts out with a sexy vibe, and then the sexual tension between the two of them grows with each click of the camera. Rikk then reveals his hard cock and Joe cannot resist getting up close and personal. Joe starts out stroking Rikk's cock and then starts sucking him and rimming his beautiful hairy ass. Rikk then sucks Joe's big hard cock and then Joe fucks him doggy style. Joe then lies on his back and Rikk rides his cock deep inside his ass. Joe then flips him onto his back and fucks him deep and hard until Rikk shoots his load and Joe follows.

Helix Studios - Update

November 29, 2019

Introducing Hayden Lee

Everyone’s anxious to know more new boy on the block, Hayden Lee since his breakout scene taking Micah West’s massive meat! So, we paired him with superstar Ashton Summers to probe the young pretty boy in more ways than one....for another erotic edition of, “Introducing!” Summers puts the heat on Hayden and gets him to spill some spicy secrets about committing out, porn, piercings, and of COURSE, what he’s into sexually. Savvy Summers saves the best bit for last, which of course, leads the boys right to the bedroom! Armed with all the ammo he needs to welcome the young hottie to Helix with a second scorching session, Summers puts that suave charm of his on and delivers a seriously sensual make out session while clothes fall to the floor.

Trans Angels - Update

November 27, 2019

After the Night Out

There's only one thing more powerful than the electric sexual connection between two people, and that's the scorching sensual mayhem of a three-way. Blonde babe Aubrey Kate and the naughty nympho Sheena Ryder recount a passionate night spent sharing the body of stone cold fox Dante Colle. You get to hear and see every step that leads to their night of fun and freaky fucking in this intimate peak behind the curtain. It's a fast-paced free for all as this sizzling trio take turns fucking, sucking, tempting and teasing each other in a late night orgy for the ages.

Helix Studios - Update

November 15, 2019

First Time Bottom

This wild west, wang fest is a sexy stare down between porn superstar Ashton Summers, and new kid on the block, Alex Riley. Once they're locked and loaded, the gorgeous gun slingers clean one other’s raging hard revolvers with a deep throat, spit shine. Summers’ big, beefy stallion is too pretty for virgin assed Alex to pass up; so, he saddles up and takes that raw rig for a rip roarin' ride. Summers gives the first time "taker" the full treatment, pumping peen like a cock sure, cow poke till the first time bottom busts buckets all over his tight torso! Then, Ashton unloads like a straight shooter, all over Alex’s freshly popped posterior! Hee-Haw!!!

Broke Straight Boys - Update

November 06, 2019

Cory & Kace Flip

Cory Parker and Kace Axel are ready to earn their money today and these boys lean in for some gentle kisses. They don’t make out for long when Kace gets eager to taste that meat, going down on Cory and trying his best to deepthroat that long shaft. Cory shoves his dick deeper down Kace’s throat, making him choke on it before they switch places so Kace can get some head. Kace moans while Cory fucks his mouth with Kace’s prick, taking it balls deep down his throat before catching his breath and sucking that dick some more. When Kace is done with Cory’s mouth, he takes his ass next as Cory climbs on top of him and lowers himself onto Kacey’s erect cock.

Chaos Men - Update

October 14, 2019

Bentley & Maverick

Ok, so let's put Maverick in the Expert category of cock sucking right away! He toys with Bentley for a bit, then he unleashes his cock sucking skills full-tilt on him. Bentley writhes around in ecstasy. Maverick also toyed and played with Bentley's foreskin. If love foreskin worship, and I am sure you will love the way Maverick pays close attention to his extra skin. Bentley also steps-up his cock sucking game. Maverick was a little soft from doing so much work on -Bentley, but Bentley sucked on him about a minute and had Maverick standing at attention. They 69-suck, and both guys are loving it! Favorite moment is watching Bentley face-fuck Maverick. He restrains his hand, and goes to town on his mouth.

Raging Stallion - Update

October 09, 2019

Outta The Park 4

Baseball player Rooney Marx is working out at the gym when baseball fan, Papi Suave, asks for a selfie. The selfie takes a turn when Papi offers up his ass and Rooney happily takes the bait. Rooney could spend all day eating Papi's succulent hole out but gives into Papi's demand for his thick, raw dick. Papi gives a nice, long, sloppy blowjob to the pro ball player, going balls deep on the thick, veiny cock. Slobber and spit run off of Papi's beard and onto his bare chest as he continues giving the best head he's ever given. Rooney needs to feel Papi's ass with his bare dick and slides deep into the muscle stud to fuck him bareback from behind. Rooney's giant cock opens Papi up as he screams out for more.

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