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Masqulin - Update

March 31, 2021

Boy's Trip 3

We all miss getting out of the house and enjoying a good time with the boys! Jay Seabrook, Johnny Hunter, Chad Taylor, and Rikk York manage to get away for the weekend - and things heat up when old memories and new curiosities land them all in an intense bareback foursome and lucky Pierre! Wow after you see these guys in this steamy scene, you'll need to do your wash.

Peter Fever - Update

March 19, 2021

Tokyo Triple XXX Treat

PeterFever East got together a horny holiday trio of handsome Japanese fuckers to help us finish 2020. As the camera fades in, three golden Tokyo hunks are already entwined. Higaken, Fuji and Kotaro are making out passionately, with tongues probing deep into each others' mouths and hands diving down to stroke. Higaken gets the double team treatment from the other two, who are nibbling his nips and slurping at his big swelling tool. He wants a part of the action himself, so when Kotaro stands Higaken cups his nuts and sucks his stiff piece. Then he kneels to take both Fuji and Kotaro down his ravenous throat. The action heats up when Kotaro lies back with legs up and raised and Fuji buries his face in that hungry butt. Higaken licks Fuji's ass from behind and everyone's reaching a boiling point.

Sean Cody - Update

March 18, 2021

Deacon, Bently & Kurt

We got this one late but thought it was so hot we would publish it for you. What do these three Sean Cody hunks want for Christmas? As they open presents by the Christmas tree and toast to Bentley's first scene, Deacon says, "I really want an amazing three-way. Again." Newbie Bentley adds, "I just want the sex scene to be awesome." And Kurt? "Maybe getting manhandled, maybe a creampie... not sure which one." If Kurt's been very good this year, he might just get both! The guys change into their new holiday onesies, taking their boners out, and Deacon pops open Kurt's butt flap to eat his ass as the bottom sucks Bentley's cock. It's time for Kurt to get manhandled as Bentley fucks him mish while Deacon gives Bentley's ass some attention.

Falcon Studios - Update

March 18, 2021

Let's Get Quenched 3!

Tristan Hunter, Johnny Ford and JJ Knight are all getting hot and heavy with each other, making out in the pool. The men pop out of the pool and slip into the jacuzzi where Tristan gets to work sucking JJ's massive cock, while Johnny rims Tristan's ass. After Johnny has prepped Tristan's ass with his tongue, he works his cock in Tristan's tight ass while JJ continues ramming Tristan's throat. Tristan stays the center of attention, going back and forth between cocks up his ass from both Johnny and JJ until Johnny gets bent over and stuffed with JJ's pole. Johnny makes sure not to leave Tristan out when he tongues and finger fucks Tristan's ass while JJ pounds him bareback from behind. Tristan wants more and backs up on Johnny's cock to create a raw fuck train with Johnny in the middle.

Corbin Fisher - Update

March 11, 2021

The Dick Train

Three hot and horny guys, three hard dicks, and some time to spare? Let's get 'em fuckin'! The only thing that needed working out with this episode was who was going to get fucked the most, as each of these guys are always down to top or bottom and each of these guys loves it regardless of whether they're on the giving or receiving end. It ends up being Jared who spends the most time getting fucked, and he was one happy camper as a result. Kyler's and Zander's cocks were pushing all the right buttons, and Jared was having himself a blast getting drilled by each. At a certain point, though, Zander was starting to feel jealous of the attention Jared's hole was getting so gave his own hole up to Kyler, which left Zander in the best spot of all - balls-deep in Jared's ass, with Kyler balls-deep in his!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 07, 2021

Allen Tops Jackson & Dylan

The insatiable and adorable Allen King is all about making eye contact when he’s having sex with a guy. Because though he’s adorable, he’s a bad boy at heart and he likes to convey that to his partner. In this encounter, Allen King makes plenty of eye contact with both Dylan James and Jackson Radiz. Dylan fucks the hell out of Jackson, and then invites Allen to do so too. Allen King tops Jackson Radiz with Dylan James, and he couldn’t be sexier doing it!

Falcon Studios - Update

February 19, 2021

Into The Woods 4

Close friends Skyy Knox, Trent King and Derek Thibeau are out in the wilderness fishing. It's not long before they get bored, and the trio ditches the poles and fills Skyy's mouth with their own meat poles instead. Skyy, on his knees, alternates back and forth between each cock in front of him. While Skyy fills his throat with Trent's cock, Derek gets behind to mount Skyy's eager crack. When Trent lines up to slide his cock in Skyy, Derek surprises him by sliding into his hole with his hefty cock. Isolated and out of site, all three get their share of cock and bareback hole until Derek can't hold back any longer and blows his load all over Skyy's muscle butt. Skyy makes sure to lick up whatever's left from Derek's cock, while Trent pounds him from behind and adds his load to Skyy's ass cheeks.

Helix Studios - Update

February 17, 2021

Helix Soccer Team 6

Finally the great orgy of Helix Soccer Team is here! What happens when a whole team of hot young soccer players meet in a locker room? Party! It all starts with some innocent touches with the wet towels, playing to hit the partner's butt… Instantly things get hotter and the boys start to undress and give each other very agitated kisses. Soccer shorts are already revealing of their swelling bulges, but they are still pulled off to reveal their ass and cocks. Dave Andrew, Felix Harris, Jack Moon massage and penetrate Antu Burghos, Gil Donovan and Tommy Ameal in a true orgiastic party. All possible positions are explored at the same time such as sitting one on top of the other, against the wall or on all fours… The heat of the sport does not compare with that of this dressing room.

Amateurs Do It - Update

February 10, 2021

Andy, Jamie & Erik

Andy is an absolute giant, towering over everyone as he dominates the room. At only twenty years old and originally from Korea, he is a welcome import from the Asia-Pacific region! Irish stud, Jamie, returns after a long break from filming, as well as our adorable Indonesian stud, Eric. Once they're set loose, they can't wait to fuck and suck each other, each swapping top and bottom! Jamie barebacks Eric before Andy fucks them all! Watching tall Andy shoot his impressive load all over Eric's face is truly a must see, especially when Eric shares the top's seed with Jamie.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

February 09, 2021

Gangbang 2

The GangBang that started off with a lot of great oral, now gets even more intense in part 2 with Justin Harris, Leo Helios, Luke Desmond and Matt Brooks. You're about to see some the most extreme arse stretching ever seen on HardBritLads and the first position just might get a few of you spunking in your pants right away! Stunning young muscle bottom Justin has two huge throbbing cocks in his mouth, 9-inch Luke D and super hot Leo. Meanwhile, Matt rubs his meaty dick against Justin's hole before pushing his extra thick cock into his arse. Matt doesn't start gently. He goes full throttle, pounding Justin hard. Justin can just about handle it as he also has Luke's massive monster crammed down his throat. The lads then switch.

Young Bastards - Update

February 07, 2021

Sharing Raw Twink

Sonny can't defend himself when rough lads Felix and Fabrice arrive to find him chained up and hanging like a piece of meat. After inspecting the goods and playing with his plump ass the boys are getting their hard uncut cocks out, taking turns to use their new boy toy between them. Sonny might have been reluctant at first but with one wet dick dribbling tasty pre in his mouth and the other fucking his perfect little ass he's soon compliant enough to be released for some good riding, the dom boys spit-roasting him between them until they're splashing his ass and mouth with cum and making him spew his own hot mess.

GDude-JP - Update

February 07, 2021

White Socks Orgy

What's hotter to a clothes fetishist than a man in his socks, especially clean white athletic socks. We get a bunch of our hottest friends, thirsty tops and slutty bottoms, to lay off fucking for a few days then come to our orgy in their sport socks, long or short. It's all sex, no talking, just naked studs in white socks, and you're gonna love it.

The BigCMen - Update

January 18, 2021

3-Way Suck & Fuck

Here is the long anticipated 29 minute video "Day 1 With Homowithahammer: Instant Connection, 3 Way Suck & Fuck". This is the first in a series of vids to follow from our week with the ultra sexy Homowithahammer. He lives in Indiana, and we been chatting on Twitter for a while. After a few facetime sessions, he booked a flight out to stay with us for a week. We connected even deeper than expected, and it was a week of total paradise. Homowithahammer is 6'1, muscular, and verse with a sweet dick and ass. Aside from the insane sexual chemistry, we had a blast having him as our 3rd. I'm gonna try to get through these edits as fast as possible, since he has another trip scheduled for 2 weeks from now!

The BigCMen - Update

December 29, 2020

Amateur Hunk 3-Way

Don't miss this SUPER HOTTT 33 minute video "3 Way Fuck With A Hunky NEW Amateur: Cory Tops & Jared Flips". This super hunky dude hit us up online with some really hot photos. He is in a bear stage right now, thicker and full of hot manly body hair. He rocks a sweet, smooth ass and nice thick dick. Although he's verse, his passion is bottoming for big dicks. He takes both Jared and I effortlessly, then Jared hops on for some flipping action. Daddy fucks a nice load out of him at the end. He loves fisting also, so we're gonna try and bring him back to get those fists working!! Stay Tuned!

Raw Fuck Club - Update

December 17, 2020

Down Under & Dom Tops

Dick starved British Bottom Drew Dixon teams up with Aussie born Jackson Radiz to take on the Canadian Cock of Romeo Davis. Watch until the end as they share his dick and Romeo pummels both their holes before shooting his load across their hungry mouths. They share that load between the two of them. The Commonwealth has never been hotter and these guys just stir up the heat with sexual tension and release.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

December 11, 2020

Breeding Michael 1

Adam Russo, Jack Andy and Lance Charger breed Michael Boston: Hot bottom boy @xxxmboston let me, @jackandyxxx & @chargerlance pass him around so that he could get his ass filled with daddy dick. I have to say his ass is AAAmazing!!! I love his moans when we hit his spot just right. Yes, Baby boy! These four show what that want and what they got. There's no quarter given here, it's full on hot gay fucking and sucking. Real Men Style!

Raw Fuck Club - Update

December 09, 2020

ManDate 3

Part 3 "ManDate" Ryan Carter, Digger, TripleXTransMan, Peter Hooke - a gay couple, a trans man, a bi/pansexual man... all sex, all bareback, all intensely HOT! There's so much gay erotica starting with some more than eager cock sucking, ass fucking, hole eating, 2 hole DP, kissing, verbal, cunnilingus, sweaty...and a whole LOT more! If you're just seeing this for the first time go and check it out. These guys hold nothing back and your'll love every prick draining moment.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 01, 2020

Viktor, James & Manuel

Viktor Rom is something of an Alpha-Top King — this Latin beefcake never bottoms, and he never should. That huge, uncut battering ram between his legs is made for fucking bottoms—destroying them, even. Manuel Skye, the handsome Canadian top (who is a bit liberal about taking bareback dick up his ass from time to time), made fast friends with Viktor when they were on the Lucas Entertainment set together in Europe. One evening they meet up with the handsome James Castle, and the three of them have a memorable bareback threesome—there’s plenty of foreskin to be serviced among these three!

Breed Me Raw - Update

December 01, 2020

Ethan, Edward & Felix

Two cocks are better than one. Especially when they are attached to Ethan Chase and Felix O'Dair. Just ask Edward Terrant. This isn't your normal studio threesome. No. This is pure sex and total pleasure between three beautiful men. Right away, seeing them all on the bed kissing, you know what it is that you are going to get. From the first time Ethan puts his lips to Edwards' ready hole, followed by Felix, you know who is on the menu for this meal and Ethan and Felix are hungry. Felix gets the first crack at it but Edward is in control as he bounces up and down on that hard meat. He then flips on his back and takes Felix's dick in his ass and Ethan in his mouth. Soon it's Ethan's turn at giving Edward's ass a ride.

Helix Studios - Update

November 24, 2020

Beach Bums 2: Friendly Fuck

After a fun filled day cavorting and canoodling at the beach, Trevor Harris and Riley Finch stop by school boy Chase Williams’ place to rub it in. Feeling feisty, Finch tells the pair, they could make money like him, and be a cam boy. Harris shoots back, “my dick is for private showings only.” Then, with grade A game, Chase says, “it’s pretty private in here,” which initiates a triple twink-tongue tie up! Williams can see the zipper on Trevor’s shorts straining, caused by the cock heavy contents now grown to full capacity. So, he releases the beast, and eases the young stud’s pain with his warm mouth. Clothes fall to the floor, and the three friends share one another’s cocks in every configuration.

Masqulin - Update

November 17, 2020

Private Stripper

Edward Terrant, Lev Ivankov's boyfriend, wants to spice up their sex life. Who doesn’t? He’s never been to a strip club but was given a number where he can request a private stripper to make an incall. The bf agrees and the call is made. When the stripper, Ryan Bones, arrives - there’s one rule; No touching! But once the two boys play together watching the tall, dark muscular stud, can He resist getting inside them?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 15, 2020

Belvedere Breeding Orgy

It’s high summer this August on Fire Island and the dog days of the season are well upon the Lucas Men. Some top-ranking all-stars among the Lucas Men have gathered at the Belvedere Guest House for Men on Fire Island and they all have one thing on their collective mind—to fuck each other crazy. Edji Da Silva, Gabriel Phoenix, Max Adonis, Dylan James, Ruslan Angelo, Drake Masters, Max Arion, Manuel Skye, and Robert Law all get together and fuck hardcore. Along with all of the sucking and fucking, there’s also some intense and deep double penetration, adult-toy action, and aerial footage captured via drone!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 06, 2020

Max, Adam & Ruslan

Ruslan Angelo is a young and horny slut. He had a lot of fun with his daddy, Adam Killian, but he wants even more daddy dick. He moves on to another handsome daddy named Adam—Adam Russo—and because Adam Russo’s sex drive is always at a 10, he wants two boys instead of one. So the beautiful and young Max Adonis joins the couple to add more seed to the encounter. Both boys eventually get the upper hand, however, and take their turns railing daddy Adam Russo in the ass!

Trans Angels - Update

November 06, 2020

Threetail Therapy

There are few things in life more liberating than a little bit of retail therapy. Stunning gal pals Casey Kisses, Korra Del Rio and Kylie Lebeau have just come home with a massive haul of the cutest new clothes and they can't wait to show them off. Kylie and Casey steal a moment together while Korra is out of the room, Casey showing off her beautiful body in a way that makes Kylie hungry for a taste of her cock. Korra is shocked when she walks in on the couple, dropping her shopping everywhere but when Casey invites Korra to join the sexy brunette doesn't hesitate. The three gorgeous ladies take turns sucking and stroking each other, Casey and Korra working Kylie from every angle and letting the dark-haired hottie suck both of their cocks at once.

Alternadudes - Update

November 01, 2020

Rocker Dudes 3-Way

Nothing can stop these three horny guys as they start off sucking any cock they can grab. They make out in a pile of flesh until Rob and Murphy each take a side of Christian as he gets his ass rimmed and his dick swallowed at the same time. Christian takes control and face fucks Rob hard until the three of them get on the floor to make a chain. They keep on sucking ass and dick and Rob gets on his knees to service both tatted hotties at the same time. He gets both their cocks in his face and gobbles and gags and spits as he services their nice hard dicks. Murphy is the first to stick his ass in the air and Christian mans up to fuck him deep. Christian's balls slap and bang on Murphy's ass as the rocker stud pounds his hairy hole hard.

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