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Bel Ami Online - Update

January 18, 2022

BelAmi X Sean Cody P2

Cumming while getting your dick sucked and your ass licked is great, but the Sean Cody and BelAmi studs are gearing up for round two... That's when Ethan and Justin get home. "I wonder where the other guys are," says Justin when they walk in. They're amazed to find Asher, Deacon, Manny, Ashton, Bart, Jim, Tom, and Yannis naked in the dining room. The horny studs welcome Justin and Ethan by inviting them to join the orgy, and now everyone is ready to fuck. They all stop to watch as Asher gets DP'd by Jim and Bart, and the Sean Cody guys show their gracious hosts just how much they've enjoyed their trip, and their cocks in this stunning end to the gay porn collab of the decade.

Real Men Fuck - Update

January 09, 2022

Ass & Cock Worship

Maxx Stoner, Jace, and Guy Criss are horny for all the cock and ass they can cram into their holes. Maxx and Guy start off worshiping Jace's curvy cock with a face fuck for both of them. Jace goes balls deep, switching off between the hungry daddy and the greedy stoner. After getting his fill, Maxx bends over and invites Jace inside his hole. Jace stretches him good as Guy stays underneath getting all the sloppy seconds dripping from Maxx's blown out ass. Guy rims Maxx with Jace's cock pumping away with an amazing view he won't soon forget. When Jace is ready to blow, he unleashes a river of cum that seems to never stop, as he slathers Maxx's ass and Guy's open mouth and satisfied face

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 08, 2022

Charlie & Pol Share Steven

Steven Angel has proven his ability to take dick time and again. But he just does not take dick—he loves it, and the bigger the cocks are to suck, swallow, and take as far up his ass as possible, the greater his sexual pleasure is. Steven Angel was not acquainted with Charlie Cherry when he first met him on the Lucas Entertainment set. But upon their initial meeting he knew he wanted to get in his pants. Pol Prince, another stud among the Lucas Men, wanted to join in on the action and see just how much punishment a hot bottom like Steven Angel could take. It turns out quite a bit, because Charlie Cherry and Pol Prince both slam Steven Angel down his throat and up his ass hard!

Face Down Ass Up - Update

January 05, 2022

Cock Fiend

Decided to change sum shit up round here. Fucking opposite day, time for my tops to get reamed about n my bottoms to hand out that dick. Its just an open invitation to throw a hot dog down a hall way. and I don't give a fuck whos ass it is. Just make sure that shit is fucked wide open. Fuck an orgy we run trains in this house. Choo choo motha fucka. New and improved site with group action galore.

Men - Update

December 29, 2021

Office XXXmas Party

Cody Seiya and Chris Damned are hot for their boss Felix Fox at the office holiday bash, but they're going to need more than a little mistletoe to turn this Xmas party into an XXXmas party. Cody crawls under the podium while Felix gives his speech to suck the boss's cock, then Felix fucks the bottom doggystyle. Chris follows the horny pair into another room, giving Felix the best of both worlds as he rims and then penetrates him! Chris gets a chance to fuck Cody's hole as well, then this lucky boss cums with Chris's cock in his ass before taking hot loads from both his employees!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 28, 2021

Oliver, Igor & Rodrigo

Oliver Hunt is one of the cutest Lucas Men around, and his fresh face is all the hotter when he has the huge uncut cocks of Igor Lucios and Rodrigo Amor standing erect by his side. Igor and Rodrigo are so excited to fuck around with Oliver that they don’t even get naked right away. The guys spend something sucking dick partially dressed; their clothes accentuate and frame their hot masculine bodies and features. Since Oliver’s hole is always ready to get pumped, he jumps back and forth on the uncut meat of Igor Lucios and Rodrigo Amor, taking them balls-deep. And all of that happens before Oliver gets on his back and gets spit-roasted between his two sexy-as-fuck tops!

Helix Studios - Update

December 24, 2021

Ski Winter Ride 3

Snowball Fight - Our favorite young people are still traveling in the snow, in this chapter, two boys play at throwing snowballs and accidentally hit a third boy who passes by. Instead of getting mad, of course she's having fun, laughing, and wanting to join in on the party that, yeah, you guessed it, ends in hot sex at the cabin. Despite the cold of the snow, these guys kiss non-stop raising the temperature to many degrees. In the room they take off their clothes, they stay in their underwear, they fondle the bulge, they suck the penises, one of them begins to suck two huge cocks at the same time, and the active Felix, prepares to insert his penis into it. little hole of the lollipop. He strokes his tail from the side, while the other continues to put his dick in his mouth.

Jason Sparks Live - Update

December 20, 2021

Johnny, Jack & Zack

Bareback: Tattooed, cute new boy, Johnny Canyon, has been paired up with handsome porn stars Jack Hunter and Zack Grayson in what promises to be a red hot threesome. These guys are seriously sexy, hugely hung, and up for anything. The action starts with a three-way suck-a-thon. Wild-child Johnny's in the middle, giving and receiving like a true pro. If this first timer is in any way nervous, he's hiding it brilliantly! A couple of minutes later, we find the three boys eagerly eating each other out. They can't wait to get down to business... Zack gets on all fours and starts to slurp on Jack's mega-meat. Within seconds, Johnny's kneeling behind him, sliding his raw, impressive dick into Zack's hungry hole. Zack gasps and moans as his ass is torn apart with increasing voracity by the horny newcomer.

Stocky Dudes - Update

December 18, 2021

Benny's Big Boy Threesome

Benny, BearZilla & Tony Rush have been buddies for a while but never got a chance to play. The guys were visiting Benny's city and had some downtime during their trip to play so they decided to let us watch as they got horned up and naked. This scene has lots of big bellies, sloppy cocksucking, and some very rough buttfucking as the dudes take turns pounding Tony's raw hole. Benny shows no mercy and pile drives his thick chode deep up Tony's hole fast and hard. If you like hot chub sex, this big boy threesome video will get you leaking and unloading for sure.

Sketchy Sex - Update

December 15, 2021

White Trash Ass

Being lifestyle cumdumps, sometimes we gotta keep our moods going to stay cock hungry. So, it isn't that weird to find one of us jacking off to porn while waiting on tops to swing by. Usually we got dildos in one hole or the other. Yeah, we're all pretty much total trash bottoms - but we give our dicks some love too. Luckily some guys showed up while still edging. These good ol' boys sure know how to fuck and suck like dirty lil sluts. - Update

December 10, 2021

Tag Team Raw

With everyone still in town, I wanted to at least get a 3-way in! Only one bathroom, and Mitch and Nik finished up first. They were alone in the room, and instead of waiting for Elliot to arrive, they started on their own while Elliot showered-up The two make-out sensually, and then take turns sucking each other's cocks. Before long, Mitch is fucking Nik with his bare cock. Nik IS a great Bottom after all! He has got skillz! Elliot finally arrives and the two guys make him service their cocks for his tardiness. While Elliot sucks on Mitch, Nik eats out Elliot's hole. He then begins to pound the while Mitch fucks his face. They swap places, with Mitch fucking Elliott. Then Nik slides in behind Mitch and they do an amazing chain fuck.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 09, 2021

Tomas Tops Santana & Alfonso

Tomas Brand never has to hunt long for sex. Being the King of All Muscle Daddies, there’s a legion of men who want to go to bed with Tomas and experience him raw and uncut. Tomas’ energy is nearly limitless, and he’s not afraid to take on two guys at the same time when he’s sucking and fucking. When Joaquin Santana and Alfonso Osnaya both start flirting with Tomas Brand and proposed a threesome, who is the King of All Muscle Daddies to say no? So, he strips down real fast with his two young lovers. Tomas enjoys himself tasting and slamming the fresh holes of Alfonso Osnaya and Joaquin Santana

Fisting Inferno - Update

December 07, 2021

Pinned: Beau & Adrian

After five intense rounds on the mat, beefy wrestling stud Beau Butler has successfully pinned opponent Adrian Hart. To commemorate the win, referee Reign holds down Adrian so Beau can swallow every inch of the massive cock that's sprung out of Adrian's yellow, skin-tight singlet. With the muscular Adrian now focused on getting his hole and pole serviced, the ref turns his attention to barebacking Beau's incredibly hairy ass. Reign thrusts the entirety of his XL cock in and out of Beau's asshole as Adrian uses his long dick to fill up Beau's mouth. A deep-voiced warning from the referee signals that Reign is about to breed Beau's meaty ass. With his load deep inside Beau, the ref then commands the bottom to push the fresh load out of his used hole as Adrian's cock spits out a wad of jizz into Beau's cum-hungry mouth.

TopFansVids - Update

December 06, 2021

8-Man Orgy 2

Brian Bonds, Riley Mitchell & More in the 8-Man Orgy, Part 2. Riley Mitchell called me up and invited Brian Bonds to a sex party during GayVN weekend in Las Vegas. This is Part 2 of the 8 man orgy that took place. The next thing they know Eight sex men are ready to get it on. These guys are diverse and hard as rocks to get things going as soon as possible. As you know, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Well, you're in for a treat today because you get to enjoy HUGE COCK, ass eating, cock sucking, gang-banging, barebacking, man on man sex with hot sexy tight bodied studs with an age range of 30 to 50 years old. This much gay sexual experience in one place is truly rare and awesome.

Falcon Studios - Update

December 06, 2021

Falcon Group Orgy Compilation

Enjoy some of our hottest orgy scenes! 0:00:04 - Hungover 0:03:25 - 7 Minutes In Heaven 0:06:38 - Lets Get Quenched 0:09:17 - Urban Spokes 0:12:16 - Making The Grade 0:16:14 - The Pledge 0:19:00 - The Other Side Of Aspen VI 0:22:18 - London Calling 0:25:43 - Born to Porn. These are some of Falcons Studios best works and then men are so hot you may need to turn on the AC. Enjoy this compilation, you'll need a few extra cum rags but it will be well worth it.

House Of Angell - Update

December 03, 2021

Der Wolf

Will and Liam Angell's Cub Jack Reed is a wild creature. Wiry and cunning, strong and smart, he fucks like an untamed beast. Wrapped in leather, his smooth, creamy white skin exudes inner strength and power. He plants his wild seed deep in his Daddy Liam's hole and takes his rightful place as pack alpha like his Daddy Will. This is a translation of what was written in German. It's pretty close but you can watch and fill in all the blacks.

Falcon Studios - Update

November 18, 2021

Skyy Riders

Buddies Alex Mecum, Thyle Knoxx, and Kit Cohen are all ready to spend their day out on the water, but things start to heat up after they rub each other's bodies down with sunscreen. Muscle daddy Alex quickly loses his swimwear to expose a girthy cock that's surrounded by a trimmed-down bush. With all of the men now completely naked and on all fours, they form an ass-eating train that features Alex in the middle. Alex continues his residency at the center of the threesome as Kit barebacks his hole and Thyle stuffs his open mouth with his stiff cock. Kit then opens up his hole for Alex to drill down while Thyle sits on Kit's face and suffocates him with his bubble butt. With a man at each end of his body, Kit shoots all over himself right before Thyle and Alex unleash their loads to form a thick ocean of cum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 08, 2021

Kosta, Steven & Sir Peter

Ever since the threesome with Allen King and his boyfriend Rudy Gram, the handsome and virile Kosta Viking has had a wandering eye during his stay in Puerto Vallarta. While Rudy is spending a day with his friends outside of town, Kosta finds himself cruising until he strikes gold. He meets the sexy hunk Sir Peter and his fuck buddy Steven Angel. Kosta Viking invites Sir Peter and Steven Angel over to the villa to hang out, but Peter is not there to socialize. He pulls down his trunks and shows off his trademark fat, rock-hard uncut Portuguese cock; he displays his awesome manhood before Kosta and Steven with the attitude of, “start servicing.” Sir Peter takes the mouth and ass of Kosta Viking and thoroughly sodomizes them both, fucking his deep and hard orally and anally.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 04, 2021

Pol, Vlad & Nico's 3-Some

Talk about three handsome, young, and trim Lucas Men ready for action and ass at a moment’s notice. That’s what you have with Pol Prince when he sits down with his buddies Vlad Stark and Nico Zetta on the Puerto Vallarta set of Lucas Entertainment. The three guys get to known each other in a Bareback Auditions interview before showing off the goods under their clothes. All three of these gay porn models are incredibly sexy, and they equally fuck each others’ mouthes and asses once the talking is through and the rough and raw sexual energy ramps up!

Boy Fun - Update

November 03, 2021

Tag Teamed Tourist

Looking the way these three boys do, and being as horny as young guys like these always are, it's perhaps not a surprise that young tourist Danny Bianchi is so eager to join handsome local twinks Finn Harper and Josh Cavalin when they're seeking a new friend to join them for some threesome BoyFun. With the offer of a place to stay and all the delicious uncut bareback cock he could want, it's no wonder the boy is immediately heading to their apartment. What an adventure it is for a boy just visiting! As soon as Danny arrives at their apartment their clothes are coming off and cocks are rigid, wanked in eager hands and sucked in hungry mouths. The three are perfectly matched, their penises rigid and wet, their smooth bodies perfectly toned, their hot little butts ready to be filled or eager to pump their prick into another tight little twink hole.

Stag Collective - Update

October 18, 2021

Stag's First 3-Way

Who better to get Stag going with its first threesome than the wild combo of Blake Wilder, Liam Skye, and Nick Thompson? The horny crew sucks and fucks like fiends before blowing their big loads in this exclusive Stag scene. These three studs just can't get enough of each other and it shows. Spit-roasting, ass licking and all sorts of sucking, fucking and gay sex in this awesome hardcore three-way.

Peter Fever - Update

October 05, 2021

Sauna Nights 6

A Group Thing - Zak Bishop confesses that his absolute fantasy cum true was a hot group sex thing at the bathhouse. Cut to Jessie Lee, Jeremy Vuitton and Des Irez helping Zak bring that bathhouse memory to raw, cum-dripping life. Jessie and Zak pair up as Jeremy and Des suck face. Wandering hands grab asses and stiff cocks as things heat up behind a fetish room's chain. Jessie and Jeremy start off as the hungry cocksuckers. Then Jeremy gets his ass reamed out by Jessie's probing tongue while Des sucks down Zak's big tool. The tatted studs, Zak and Des, ram their cocks in bareback to give the cock-starved Asian guys all the dick their asses can take. It turns into a writhing daisy chain of raw fucking with dicks going into asses everywhere.

Twink Top - Update

September 15, 2021

Tag Team

CHAPTER 5: Team Massage - Coach Knox knew something was up when Maxx brought Cole in for a "massage." It was highly unusual for the athletes to come in together, and Maxx had already received the older man's special attention. Cole, too, was no stranger to the muscle daddy's bare ass and hole. He stripped off their clothes and took a good look at their heavy packages. The pouches of their jocks were overflowing with their swelling members, held up only by the narrow waistband of the underwear wrapped above their hips. He pulled out their tools, taking turns filling his mouth with their young meat. Knox was a horny pig when it came to sucking on jock pipe, and these boys gave him plenty to feast on.

Young Perps - Update

September 06, 2021

Suffering The Consequences

Mischievous bad boys Chase Rivers and Troy Harlow get caught stealing by strapping security guard Devin Trez, they get a dose of rock hard retribution. The sexy security guard penetrates the boy's assholes one-by-one and dishes out a dripping load of punishment. From a two to a three-way gay sex extravaganza these punks got what they deserved and justice is not only severed but serviced and sucked.

Euroboyxxx - Update

September 06, 2021

Aaron, Cody, Drake & James

Student Boys Hotel Fourgy! - Student boys Drake Law and Cody Reed are chilling out in their hotel room on the school trip, groping their cocks and preparing to have a nice long wank when horny pals Aaron Aurora and James Daniels arrive to make it an amazing full on fourgy of cock sucking and hole fucking! There's no holding back for these boys, they might be young but they all know what their big cock is for! Cody is so greedy he takes two cocks in his hole at the same time!

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