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Japan Boyz - Update

July 29, 2022

Wet Hot Hiroya Summer 2

Sweaty Tokyo Trio: There's only one thing modern gay boyz love more than their fuck buddies, and that's cruising on their mobile phones. Kenji and Tosuke have stopped by to fool around with hot and horny Hiroya, but got sidetracked staring at their phones looking for future hookups. Sleepy Hiroya pops up and pulls down the sheet to reveal his big stiff love muscle, asking "What do you want, your phones or THIS!?" When you put it that way, there's no competition, and Toyo and Kenji get to work. The built buddies gang up slurping down Hiro's tool, then Tosuke lies back to let them feast on his horny hole. In a scorching summer spitroast, Kenji plows Toyo's throat while Hiroya licks and lubes his ass with a juicy finger. Kenji and Hiro tag team Tosuke's butt and share it in a hot double penetration. Tosuke grinds his hole onto Hiroya's stiff rod while Kenji drills in from behind. Anything fun and sexual, they're up for it, and the sleazier the better!

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 23, 2022

Colombia Manfukers Scene 7

Junior Garcia & Paulo Contreras sit side by side making out as Julian Quintana sucks their cocks. Julian's pants are down under his ass so his friends can see his hole is available. Junior gets his cock in first, getting Julian down on the floor and sucking on Paulo's cock while he fucks. Paulo comes up behind the 2 guys fucking, and sticks his dick in the TOP's ass as Junior begs him to shove it in. Junior twerks on Paulo's cock which also makes his own dick fuck in and out of Julian's hole in this sweet 3-way fuck. In a surprise move, Paolo gets Junior on his back and while fucking him, JULIAN steps up behind him and starts to fuck Paolo! One final trio finds Paolo impaled by Julian and Julian getting fucked by Junior. It is great fun seeing Julian breed Paolo, which makes Paulo shoot and then in turn, Julian taking Paolo's big cumload.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 21, 2022

Lucas Men All Access Orgy 1

If you're looking for an ALL ACCESS experience with the LUCAS MEN, then look no further than this 16-man orgy! Their bodies are rock-hard, their cocks are raging and erect, and their balls are full of cum and ready draining! The action of this two-part group-sex extravaganza stars Allen King, Andrey Vic, Sir Peter, Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram, Brian Bonds, Ridick, Oliver Hunt, Sean Weiss, Adam Franco, Manuel Skye, Paco Rabo, Bruno Galvez, Leo Bacchus, Harold Lopez, and Jeffrey Lloyd!

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 21, 2022

Ethan, Beast Boy & Emanuel

We've seen Emanuel suck a lotta dick over on TIMSUCK -- now comes the time to see him getting fucked with the TIMFUCK debut of both Ethan Chase and Beast Boy. Emanuel starts sucking both men and we love the moment that Beast Boy reaches down to check out his ass - we all know that moment when you know you are going to get fucked. Ethan Chase is definitely the ring leader barking orders at both the bottom and to Beast. He has a thick fat cock that opens up the boy's ass before he demands he tastes his own hole on his dick and eggs on Beast Boy to fuck the bottom. We might be in love with Beast who pounds away silently enjoying the man-cunt around his uncut cock. In a move we were not expecting - as Ethan fucks Emanuel, Beast Boy slides his cock into Ethan's hole and fucks it.

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 05, 2022


With Starseed, Augusto Phellipe, Black Platinado, Breno Cavalcante, BYU, Davi Lobo, Henry Ebano, Lucas Blard, Mario Rasta, Max PUTO Karioca, Nego Lu, The Big Lucas, Tikao, Tom Black, Yuri Oberon. Starseed is surrounded by 15 gorgeous men with rock hard dicks who assault his hole non-stop for 40 minutes. We would call this a gang rape if not for the fact that Starseed is loving every inch of every dick. First the men take turns opening his hole. Then they suspend him up in the air so his ass is exposed for every cock that steps up to fuck him. Starseed is then placed on his back, fish hooked and spit upon, dicks stuck in his mouth as the guys continue to take turns impaling him. Gaping his ass from cock after cock and wetting it with pre-cum.

Hot House - Update

July 02, 2022

Best Bareback Scenes Compilation

Hot House Presents a compilation of their best bareback videos, enjoy! 00:08 - Hot House Flippers 04:08 - Towel Boy 08:30 - Dirty Doctor 12:49 - Sgt. Dick 16:25 - Dirty Intern 19:55 - Making Moves

Jason Sparks Live - Update

July 01, 2022

Niko, Spencer & Cade

In Palm Springs: You couldn't ask for a better lineup for a Palm Springs threesome! Blond twink Spencer Daley is a fair-skinned power bottom, Cade Maddox is a horse-hung total top, and versatile Niko Black is thrilled to be in the middle of them both! Cade is at the head of the chain. The chiseled, handsome top has Niko bobbing on his huge cock while Niko has Spencer giving him an amazing blow job. Cade wants to see Niko take his entire dick down his throat, so he guides the vers man's head down inch by inch. To Cade's surprise, Niko takes it to the hilt! And Spencer doesn't need any prompting, he's deep throating Nico's dick like a pro! Reverse the chain and you've got the perfect order for a good rimming! Spencer's grunts and moans tell you how happy he is to be on the receiving end of Niko's talented tongue.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 29, 2022

Anthony, Iker & Juan

Anthony Cruel likes it rough. These 2 young man - ages 19 & 22 - Iker Ramiro & Juan Grande are wise beyond their years. They slap Anthony, fuck him hard, breed his hole and then piss all over him so he knows that he is a slut whore cum bucket meant to serve cock and take sperm.

Next Door Buddies - Update

June 26, 2022

My Big Dicked Ex

Julian Brady is hard at work when he gets an unexpected dick pic from his big dicked ex, Blake Wilder that leaves him...well, hard at work. Finding it difficult to concentrate Julian pulls down his pants and starts jerking off. The offer of a threesome has Julian reaching out to his current boyfriend Michael Boston and then both of them reaching for Wilder's big dong.

Wu Boyz - Update

June 23, 2022

3 Boys, 1 Room

The threesome you've been waiting for. This is what happens when you put me in a room with the cutest Asian boys I know. Skin to skin, lips locked, pure lust. The taste of cum drives me crazy, I can't help but swallow. Thank you to my favourite boys for joining me on my first fuck train!

Trans Angels - Update

June 22, 2022

Bad Girls 4 Ever

Temperatures are soaring as we join wild and carefree trans goddesses Eva Maxim, Jade Venus and Jessy Dubai, as they drive across the desert in their sassy convertible. After donning balaclavas and looting a bank, the criminally-minded trio head to a motel with their bags full of stolen cash. Approaching Vanessa Vega, the receptionist on duty, the t-girls enquire if there is a room available - before deciding they would prefer checking into the hot, inked-up brunette! Dropping to her knees, sex nymph Vanessa is in her element as she greedily swallows up the tgirl’s rock-hard dicks: the slim beauty shows off her natural, pert tits as she raunchily sucks and slurps in a sensational three-way blowjob! Turned on by all the money her guests have robbed, Vanessa leads the gorgeous babes into one of the motel rooms.

Sean Cody - Update

June 19, 2022

Puerto Vallarta Getaway 1

What else would you do with your first day in Puerto Vallarta than hit the beach? Devy, Kyle, and Liam are in their tight little bathing suits and ready for the sun as they run on the sand, oil each other up, and pose in front of the ocean. The guys do a little shopping and feed each other chips and guac at a restaurant, then head back to the Sean Cody vacation house, where they start a threesome in the living room! These hunks suck each other's cocks and Kyle giggles with glee as Liam sucks his cock and Devy tongues his hole at the same time before he gets spit-roasted. Then it's Liam's turn as he rides Kyle and gets his cock sucked by Devy, before getting pounded doggystyle by Devy as he swallows Kyle's dick. Then Kyle gets to be in the middle as he rides Devy on the floor and Liam sits on his pole!

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 11, 2022

Joel, Peter & Jack

Justin is in heaven today as we collected all the biggest dicks together for him to enjoy all at once. Joel Birkin, Peter Annaud and Jack Harrer all get to take their turn on sweet Justin's ass in what was a dream come true for him. Whether or not he was able to walk the next day, we're not certain, but I am sure we will hear all about it in one of the upcoming documentaries.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

June 10, 2022

Late Night Fucking

It was the last night of our shoot weekend before everyone headed home, and I knew we were all still horny so I grabbed my camera and we had some late-night fun. Gino already had his turn with Jesse and Trevor, and they were both hot as fuck so he was stoked to have them both at the same time. Not only is this Jesse's first vers video, but he destroyed Trevor's ass in multiple positions until he blew his load all over his back doggystyle before sliding himself back in for some more deep fucking. Threesomes are already fun because the more dick the merrier, but they're even better when everyone vibes with each other and when you can already cut the sexual tension with a spoon.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 10, 2022

Junior, Paulo & Julian.

Junior Garcia & Paulo Contreras sit side by side making out as Julian Quintana sucks their cocks. Julian’s pants are down under his ass so his friends can see his hole is available. Junior gets his cock in first, getting Julian down on the floor and sucking on Paulo’s cock while he fucks. Paulo comes up behind the 2 guys fucking, and sticks his dick in the TOP’s ass as Junior begs him to shove it in. Junior twerks on Paulo’s cock which also makes his own dick fuck in and out of Julian’s hole in this sweet 3-way fuck. In a surprise move, Paolo gets Junior on his back and while fucking him, JULIAN steps up behind him and starts to fuck Paolo! One final trio finds Paolo impaled by Julian and Julian getting fucked by Junior.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 06, 2022

Gay Cockolding

Sometimes a bossy bottom is the far more dominant guy in a gay relationship, and his top is just there to take care of his needs. That’s what’s going on in the gay cuckold fantasy scenario between Valentin Amour and Rudy Gram. Valentin is a controlling “hot guy” (the gay equivalent of a hot wife in a straight cuckold relationship) and Rudy Gram does everything he can to keep his boyfriend happy. But Valentin keeps pushing his wants further and further, and before he knows it Rudy finds himself in the position of a gay cuckold. One evening on the lanai, Valentin consummates this new kind of relationship with the bulls Sir Peter and Tomas Brand. They take turns on his throat and ass. All the while, Rudy Gram sits on watching and watching alone.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 31, 2022

Tomas Pounds Allen & Vincent

All of the young Lucas Men have a thing for Tomas Brand. And why wouldn’t they? Tomas is, after all, the King of All Muscle Daddies, and he brings his handsome looks and jacked body to all of his sexual encounters. And in this particular sexual encounter, Tomas Brand is being reunited with two guys he’s bedded before: Allen King and Vincent O’Reilly. But Tomas has never enjoyed their mouths' and asses at the same time—until now. The encounter begins with Vincent and Allen making out and fondling each other while Tomas hangs out in bed and watches. When the barebacking and fucking ramps up, it’s not just Tomas pounding ass. Vincent O’Reilly and Allen King take turns on each other’s holes too, all while Tomas Brand watches in delight.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 28, 2022

Bareback Threesome

Allen King appears on camera (by being thrown on the bed) with Jeffrey Lloyd and Babylon Prince, and all three of them are wearing tight-fitting briefs that seductively outline the raging hard-ons underneath. It would be a mistake to assume that Allen’s ass is going to be the sole focus of some banging and breeding delivered to him by the alpha cocks of Jeffrey and Babylon. Yes, Allen King totally gets his ass used and wrecked, but Jeffrey Lloyd gives his hole up to Babylon Prince for a deep ass fucking too. At one point the three guys form a daisy chain, with Jeffrey inside Allen, and Babylon inside Jeffrey!

Bentley Race - Update

May 27, 2022

Andy, Dylan & Nate

These group shoots with our mates are always fun. Andy, Dylan and Nate had done shoots with each separately last year. So over summer I wanted to get them all together in the studio and see what would happen. Any was very excited at the prospect of getting two of our mates' dicks at once. We took a load of fun photos of the guys stripping each other naked and fooling around. But the real surprise came in the video where they took turns fucking Andy, and then some daisy chain fucking. I was impressed to see Andy holding the GoPro getting some footage while the guys were fucking him. You can see from this shoot why I like shooting with them so much. The shoot ends with Andy covered in sweat and cum. The perfect way to end this little horny group shoot.

Hung Young Brit - Update

May 24, 2022

Group Guys Invited

That cute 18yr Blond boy is back. I'm on the phone to one of my mates organizing a sex party. My mate Scott is a complete sex addict and he's got the sleaziest lads on his 250+ list ! After ringing him to sort out some cock for this cute lad. We get over a big group- about 5 turn up in total - Remember these are REAL guys - BUT they are SO FUCKING SLEAZY. It turned into a Big Crazy Orgy - I end up coming in someone I shouldn't HAHA (he said he was a top and had a big dick but I shagged him anyway and he LOVED IT).

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 18, 2022

Double Stuffed

Even hot tops like Alex Tikas gets the urge to be bred sometimes. We're just happy the mood struck him while he was here. To see this massive muscled Greek bull with his fat uncut swinging cock spread his legs wide open and moan as Will and Liam use his hole as a cum dump is straight from a fantasy. And take it he does. So greedy he takes them both in his hungry hole and mouth at the same time. This man will make your head spin and your balls explode.

Trans Angels - Update

May 18, 2022

Unknown Pleasures

It’s Chloe Temple’s first day on the job and dark-haired lothario Dante Colle is instantly attracted to the petite beauty. After Chloe introduces herself to Dante and his sexy colleague, Winter XX Doll, Dante flirtatiously offers to give the blonde bombshell a tour of the office - in particular, he would like to show Chloe the workplace's infamous glory hole! Seduced, Chloe follows Dante into the bathroom where he proceeds to feed the horny minx his big dick from the stall adjacent to hers. At that moment, stunning trans queen Winter enters and shoves her throbbing erection through another glory hole! Alternating between both cocks, Chloe raunchily slurps and sucks the meaty treats on offer. Desiring to be fucked, the slender hottie bends over and invites Dante to pound her trimmed pussy vigorously.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 16, 2022

Rico & Valentin DP Paco

Rico Marlon, whois still very much young and in the prime of his life, is turning into quite the papi! He returns once again to unleash his huge, fat uncut Latin cock on some tight asses begging and puckering for his attention. This time he is with Paco Rabo and Valentin Amour. Paco is butch and masculine, but don’t let his looks deceive you. Paco is a bottom slut who loves taking it up the ass, and he shares that pleasure with Valentin Amour when servicing Rico. But when Paco Rabo wants to feel two dicks up his ass at the same time, Rico lends Valentin, who is usually a total bottom, some of his power-papi magic. Before long Rico and Valentin have both their dicks up Paco’s ass!

Cocky Boys - Update

May 11, 2022

Hit Me Up: Ep. 1

Steamy 3-Way - Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx are hot for a three-way and hit someone up online they easily agree on Caleb Manning! However, Daniel & Evan just can't hold off until he arrives and gets into some heated cock-sucking. Fortunately, they've left the door open for Caleb who soon shows up and joins in. He sucks Evan who sucks Daniel but soon Caleb is sucking both guys at once! Daniel gets into position to join Caleb in sucking Evan, who in turn rims Daniel but soon they switch things up again when Caleb gets into a 69 with Evan. As he sucks Evan, Daniel eats Caleb's ass and starts fucking him, and before long Caleb is also getting face-fucked by Evan. In time the real-life couple switches place spit-roasting their "guest". Daniel & Evan continue to fill Caleb when they flip him on his back.

Falcon Studios - Update

May 10, 2022

Gotta Have It

A completely naked Colton Reece just walked in on the best sight imaginable - Luca del Rey and Max Adonis making out while stroking their hard cocks. As Colton joins in on the fun, both boys drop to their knees to take care of his hot and ready meat. Luca stays on the ground as Colton fills up his mouth and Max goes to bareback his muscular bubble butt. Ready to fuck some man ass himself, Colton stuffs his dick into Luca before telling both partners to climb on top of each other and create a tower of ass that he can pump his girthy meat into. After fully using both of his friend's furry holes, Colton joins the other two in draining his balls all over Luca's naked and satisfied body.

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