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Cum Dump Star - Update

July 16, 2023

Inkjet Vortex

They're just so happy to be used like a piece of meat and get their mouths filled with cum. Let's get this party started. Just do it. We're gonna have fun. They always come back for more.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

July 03, 2023

Caught With Them Pants Down

Them dumbass cousins Oliver and Carter should have checked below the stalls for feet, because when they went into the bathroom so suck some dick, Jordan was there waiting by the old glory hole. No matter, Jordan jumped in and had his big ol' dick shoved right up both of them boy's holes. A good old fashion conga line fucking session by the urinals. That's how we roll at lot 45.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

July 01, 2023

Mitch, Ferdinan & Cedric

We look in on daddies Mitch and Ferdinan, who've bound young Cedric in a chair and are having their way with the young Latino. Ferdinan shoves his big uncut dick in the naked boy's mouth, while Mitch goes down on Cedric's stiff meat. Then Cedric is fed both daddy cocks, before he's released from his restraints to ride Mitch raw, while Ferdinan sucks his cock. The trio ends up in a bareback daisy chain fuck, with Cedric in the middle pounding Ferdinan from behind. Finally, Cedric is spit roasted by his horny daddies, before taking a mouth full of cum.

Blake Mason - Update

June 19, 2023

Felix, Austin & Yeison

Austin Ponce's Sex Diaries - Part 3: We would all love to pay a visit to horny young Austin Ponce's place! The boy is updating his diary with a hot new experience and we get to enjoy every sexy moment. Young British twink Felix Hanan was stopping by for a little fun but when Austin's new roommate, Yeison Elias, realized there was plenty of cock to enjoy he couldn't help but invite himself to make a threesome! Both Austin and Felix are happy for the company, especially Austin, who soon has two tight little holes to pump his cock into after a greedy session of mutual sucking. Felix will never turn down the chance to pound some ass, so of course he slips into young Yeison when he gets the opportunity. The cummy mess these three boys make is the perfect finish.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

June 15, 2023

Muscle Bear Porn

Liam Angell might not be an expert on all things, but that boy does know a great cock when he feels it, So if he says Beau Bennett has the best cock he's has ever taken, you can take that to the bank. Will Angell hasn't figured out how to work that monster meat into his own hole yet but, he's more than happy to assist Beau knocking up Liam and he joins Beau so the two can fuck their boy together.

DamianXDragon - Update

June 14, 2023

Heights Hound

Three Little Pigs - When Jay Hound, Mack Heights and I get together we become the three little pigs. Sucking, Kissing, Triple fucking Rimming, Double Penetration who could ask for any more piggy action.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 05, 2023

Cum Cannons Sc 5

Jeremiah Jones, Apollo Fates, & Jack Hunter is another twisted Cum Cannons 3-way with everyone fucking everyone and all three guys hoping to get bred. Padlocked Apollo makes a meal of Jack's big dick and lucky boy when Jack goes for his fuck hole eats it out and shoves his cock inside. Also padlocked Jeremiah Jones eggs Jack on as Apollo's face is buried in his chest as he opens up for the huge cock. Apollo spins around and Jeremiah starts to fuck the warmed-up hole as the bottom sucks on Jack's meat and tastes his own ass on the shaft. Jack moves over to Jeremiah's mouth so Jeremiah can suck while Apollo fucks himself on his buddy's dick. With Apollo pinned down on the bed and Jeremiah's cock in his hole, Jack sticks his cock into Jeremiah's ass.

Twink Pop - Update

June 03, 2023

Twink Trip Part 4

Jordan Lake repaired the camper van, so now all four twinks are off to the festival. They hit the club and enjoy a show by queen Ocane Aqua-Black, but then Jake Preston and Troye Dean notice Maverick Sun and Jordan are nowhere to be found. They track down the missing twinks in the bathroom, where Jordan is deepthroating the top. The truth about who's been fucking whom comes out... and the guys are ready to cum! This hot foursome suck and fuck in the bathroom until Jordan is covered in cum to make this the best Twink Fest ever!

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 01, 2023

Peep Show Part 6

This is Part 6... more beads of sweat, more watchful eyes, and more moans of ecstasy! Only one more scene before the cum-flooded finale.

Raging Stallion - Update

May 17, 2023

Well Bred

Burly landscaper Justin Jett is measuring out the backyard of Lobo Carreira and Alex Ink's home when he looks through the couple's sliding glass door and becomes distracted by the sight of them swallowing dick in their kitchen. Touching his cock, Justin invites himself in to make the men's afternoon delight a midday three-way. Moving into the bedroom, Justin and Lobo begin servicing Alex's hole and pole before Justin goes to suck Lobo from behind and fuck his inviting ass. A fuck train then forms with Alex barebacking Justin while the gardener is still filling up and stretching out Lobo's hole. Lobo changes positions so he and his partner are spit-roasting Justin until they form another intricate fuck formation with Lobo riding Justin as Justin rides Lobo. Ready to bust, Justin gets on his back eager to have the horny couple squeeze his body and beard in cum.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 09, 2023

Reality Porn 10

As we step behind the scenes Luciano Heart and Andre Cruise are demonstrating a stretching/relaxation routine to help us all live a healthier life while David DiMaggio films the session. Luciano proves that his flexibility is impressive and very tempting, as Andre quickly finds out as he assists in Luciano’s stretching positions. None of this erotic stretching escapes David’s view as his cock is quickly growing within his jeans. As the stretching continues Andre is unable to restrain himself and rips Luciano’s tights right off of him. David has slipped his hand in his pants to pleasure himself and Andre has stripped Luciano of his tights and begins feasting on his smooth, muscular ass. Andre stands up and has his tights stripped off of him and Luciano begins sucking on his smooth cock then spins him around and starts eating his muscular ass.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 08, 2023

Alex & Sexystache Fuck Kosta

Kosta Viking welcomes not one, but two, new Lucas Men to the Lucas Entertainment set. And the new faces are the handsome Alex Ink and the rugged Sexystache. Alex Ink is the husband of Lobo Carreira, and they make quite the up-and-coming porn power couple. Since Alex is all top, he takes turns fucking both Kosta Viking and Sexystache in the ass. At one point, Kosta even offers up his booty for some pretty intense anal double penetration!

Latin Leche - Update

May 05, 2023

Roomies Part 3

In Roomies’ amazing conclusion, Alfonso returns to visit his old flat-mate Fernando. Filled with nostalgia, Alfonso is instantly jealous when he realizes Fernando is fucking Cain, his new hot roomie. But there’s room for everyone in this house and only one way to make everyone feel comfortable: a lusty threesome!

House Of Angell - Update

April 27, 2023

Hung Jock Cock

There is nothing like the meeting of a natural-born top and a boy that is 100% bottom, especially when that top is the lean, mean, muscular, and hung jock Colt Spence. We know Liam Angell loves his hole plowed deep and Colt fucks him stupid. Will Angell can't control himself watching this young buck put it to his boy and has no choice but to blow his Daddy load all over that thick piece of meat that is still lodged up his boy's hole.

Wu Boyz - Update

April 27, 2023

Felices Los Tres

In the mountains of Medellin, Colombia with two beautiful boys. Ben is from Venezuela, a total top who loves breeding Asian boys and Cody requires no introduction. While Ben breeds me, Cody shoots his load into my mouth before making out with me and getting a taste of his own cum. Should I go back to Colombia for seconds?

Lucas Entertainment - Update

April 26, 2023

Jordan, Andrey & Michael

Threesome: Jordan Starr is hot on the trail of some dick. He wants to throat and ride cock, and Andrey Vic teams up with Michael Lucas to give him exactly what he wants. Andrey and Jordan take turns fucking each other, while Michael bangs them both in the butt!

Fisting Inferno - Update

April 21, 2023

ButtHole Barber 2

Brian Bonds, Devin Franco and Logan Bell are back and ready to get some more Butthole Barber action and you'll love every prick draining, buttfucking and ass fisting second. The talented threesome just can't get enough sex and then takes it to a whole new level. If you are into hot, nasty, kinky sex, then you're in the right place.

Raw Road Nation - Update

April 16, 2023

Four Hung Filthy Lads

Four horny men finish in the day, just checking out to head to the pub. The lads start checking out each other's packages. The lads grab each other's crotches and soon take off their dirty clothes. That middle guy has got a dream body and a fucking massive tool in his pants. He takes the bottom bitch mouth for a warmup. Soon that's a bitch is sucking three cocks on his knees making them as hard as possible so he gets the fucking of a lifetime.

Aussies Do It - Update

April 12, 2023

Rick, Dane & Nic 3Way

We are back with the second part of the threesome video that you guys asked to see! Dane and Nic are featured with Rick Chester, the super sexy Aussie porn star making his huge comeback with exclusive shoots, only on Aussies Do It. The heat cranks up as the boys are sucking, licking and kissing, but they all want more and its time to fuck! First up, Rick penetrates Nic. But Dane wants in on the fun, and he takes over fucking Nic while Rick fucks him at the same time! The boys fuck like mad in what can be the hottest scene we have ever filmed, with massive cumshots finishing up the intense fuck session. What a party, hope you came along for the ride!

House Of Angell - Update

April 07, 2023

Raw Dawg Daddies

What fun when two dirty raw Daddies get together to share a hungry boy hole. When Will Angell met a guy who goes by the handle Raw Dawg Daddy he knew he needed to feed his boy Liam Angell to this man. The Dawg doesn't disappoint and knows just what Liam is good for. The two Daddies pump about a quart of sticky load in Liam turning him into the cumdump he has always dreamt of being.

Private Playground XXX - Update

March 26, 2023

Launch Party Fuck Show

Our launch party had so many attendees, we used a second camera to make sure we didn't miss out on any hot action... or hot guys. New footage, new angles, new views! Watch everything Cam 1 missed!

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

March 22, 2023

Tommy, Rick & Ferdinand

Daddy Ferdinand has has two young studs on the sofa who quickly get naked for some dick sucking and dildo action. At one point, daddy and Tommy are ass-to-ass, with that double headed dildo up their butts. Then a barebacking spit roast follows, with Tommy the meat in the middle, and daddy fucking his skinny ass. At one point, Ferdinand is at the bottom of a daisy chain fuck. Then Rick gives the mature man one last pounding, before the trio ends up in the shower shooting their cum loads on each other.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

March 09, 2023

Jordan & Shy Spit Roast Leo

It is time to get to know the Lucas Men a little bit better and in more intimate detail, and in "Bareback Auditions 22: Hard On Top," the first trio of hot guys on the casting couch are Jordan Starr, Shy Montana, and Leo Moz. Once the introductions are out of the way, Shy Montana strips down so both Jordan Starr and Leo Moz can spend plenty of time admiring and servicing his muscular hunky body. Leo offers up his ass quick, and Shy teams up with Jordan to take turns on the pink little hole between Leo's ass cheeks!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 05, 2023

Jose, Loc & Ares C.C. 483

Ares was so worked up over his last performance with us that he wanted to bring along his friends Jose Hartman and Loc Rios to be inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the guys enter the room, we can see the chemistry between them and see that they are all eager to strip down and get busy. Apparently, Ares is the alpha in this group as it is his cock that gets attention first. Jose goes down first while Loc and Ares engage in some very passionate kissing. Jose’s cock sucking skills are very gifted as Ares’ cock demonstrates with its rock ‘in reaction. Loc trades off with Jose and begins filling his senses with Ares’ rock-hard cock penetrating down his throat. While Loc is busy sucking Ares’ cock, Jose rises up and begins feeding Ares his strengthening cock.

Wu Boyz - Update

March 02, 2023

Daddy Daydream

Rhonee, Khoa & Tyler - Have you ever been in an Asian train? These are my daddies. We spent a lovely afternoon in Venice, talking, laughing, eating freshly peeled bananas. We then had hot sex before heading out for a yummy hotpot. I love my daddies.

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