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Private Playground XXX - Update

Wednesday February 21, 2024

Glowball 2022: Cam 2 Pt. 3

More of the Neon Naughtiness that is GLOWBALL! These guys could clearly go all night, but they know we have a closing time. Time to get in all the fucking and sucking before the end of the night!

Axel Abysse - Update

Sunday February 18, 2024

Quad, Part One

Eight fists, three holes, there's so much they can do ! Punches, doubles, deepthroating, the boys are in heat and the pool can't cool them down!

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

Friday February 16, 2024

Sly, Joris & Jacob

All work stops when daddy decides he wants to play with his two young coworkers. Work clothes strip off and dicks get sucked, before Sly and Joris take turns fucking Jacob. Then the trio move to a hot daisy chain fuck, with Joris in the middle. Eventually, Jacob shoots his load, as Joris pumps cum up his Latin ass.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 15, 2024

Cain & Courtney Share Josh

Cain and Josh make out with our new coed, Courtney. Her blouse and bra come off together and Josh and Cain go straight for her nipples. Josh pulls Cain's cock out of his jeans and starts sucking that thick, uncut dick. Josh and Cain sandwich Courtney in between them, then she bends over to suck Cain's cock. Josh tongues her ass and fingers her pussy from behind. The guys kiss as Josh pounds Courtney and she blows Cain. Cain stands up to feed Josh his cock while he's fucking Courtney. Cain plays with Josh's nipple. They flip Courtney onto her back so Cain can stuff his cock into her. Courtney sucks Josh's dick as Cain fucks her. She yelps as she takes every inch of his cock. Josh kisses her toes and she sucks him harder. Josh bends over to suck Cain and eat out Courtney. He climbs over her, shoving his dick in her mouth.

Hot House - Update

February 15, 2024

Feels So Good 4

If roommates Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are hanging out at home, that can only mean their dicks are out and ready for a hot-and-heavy threeway. During today's fuck fest, the twunky trio is putting their mouths to good use as they form a cocksucking triangle and a rimming train. Next, the anal action begins as Jack slides his hard cock into Ty's ass all while Ty raw-fucks Hazel's hole. Still in the middle, Ty then gets spit-roasted by his bareback buds until he's on his back and coated in cum.

Raging Stallion - Update

February 14, 2024

Raw Construction

Ricky Larkin and Jaxx Thanatos are out on a construction site with new hunk, Kurtis Wolfe. Ricky and Jaxx like what they see and surround Kurtis to properly welcome him to the work site. Jaxx gets Kurtis down on the workbench as Ricky pulls down his pants and shoves his hard cock into Kurtis' face. Kurtis is hesitant at first, but soon warms up and realizes he loves getting his body used by his two hunky co-workers. Jaxx wants in on the action and peels off his clothes to get behind Kurtis. Jaxx opens Kurtis' cheeks and plants his tongue as Kurtis keeps sucking Ricky's hard cock. After Jaxx gets Kurtis opened up, Ricky decides to take the next step and shove his raw dick into Kurtis' hairy ass. Jaxx and Ricky switch sides with Jaxx up front as the studs spit-roast Kurtis.

Pits and Pubes - Update

February 12, 2024

Hairy Cocks In The Dark

Murphy Maxwell, Zack Tokes and Christop are a horny group with extra hairy dicks, lots of taint fur, big hairy balls, and some nice ripe pits to lick and sniff. This group is down for anything and after the frenetic blowjobs end, the double dong dildos come out and get crammed into hairy holes. Once Murphy and Zack are nice and loose, Christop takes turns plugging their fuzzy asses with Murphy jumping in for some furry train action. Everyone gets what they want with a little bit of everything to make their fucking and sucking complete.

Bel Ami Online - Update

February 02, 2024

Joel, Torsten & Raf Pt 2 Orgy

Part 1 features 3 of our BIGGEST guys fooling around together. None of them seem to want to bottom for each other though so they decide that they need to call in a buddy with a more elastic hole for part 2 and the fucking action. Tiny Torsten Ullman (we are joking here) is the first to step up and take his turn with Claude Sorel, followed by Raf Koons, and culminating with Joel Birkin and his ICBM of a dick. The scene is from our CapeTown collection and was filmed about 3 trips ago and filed by GD under 'good scenes to keep for a rainy day'.

Masked Muscle Bros - Update

January 23, 2024

Outtakes! Part One

More footage from the Miami CumDump. These guys are hot sexy and have muscles. If you love raw anonymous sex then this is the place for you.

Fisting Inferno - Update

January 22, 2024

Hot Hands

Every patron at this spa knows that certain areas of the sauna are specifically reserved for horned-up men looking to break a sweat, suck each other off, and fist some blazing hot hole. Today, Cazden Hunter and Jim Fit are taking over the sweaty space to suck off Sherman Maus and open his plump ass with their bare hands. The stretched stranger soon returns the favor as he buries his wrists inside both Cazden and Jim while eating up the fresh loads gushing out of their big dicks.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

January 21, 2024

Daniel, Audrey & Bautista

Daniel is enjoying to company of two slim and smooth boys, who are happy to suck the mature man's cock. Oral gives way to anal, as the three move to a barebacking spit roast and daisy chain fuck. Then daddy spills his load on the boys' faces, before they sit facing each other and stroke out their cum loads.

Why Not Bi - Update

January 20, 2024

Raunchy Rubdown

There's only one masseur on duty when Kane Fox and Aria Valencia arrive for their romantic couple's massage, but Trevor Brooks assures them he can take care of both of them! He starts by giving Kane a back rub, then moves his hands lower, fingering his hole, and soon Kane is sucking the masseur and riding him while Aria's none the wiser. When she asks if it's her turn, Trevor massages her back, and her BF starts fucking Trevor so hard that they knock her off the table! Aria's annoyed at being left out, but Trevor says they can share him, so Aria sucks him while Kane continues to pound his hole, then Trevor fucks her while taking that dick. Aria sits on her BF's cock and Trevor fucks Kane's feet, then she takes both dicks at once till they cum all over her.

Why Not Bi - Update

January 11, 2024

Public Pounding Photobooth

The office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to hook up with the coworkers you've lusted over all year, and Dillon Diaz is planning to do just that! He hits on Kane Fox outside the photo booth, but when Kane doesn't seem interested, he sets his sights on curvy brunette Em Indica, who's happy to pull Dillon into the booth by the dick and suck him! When Kane comes in to take some pics, he gets brought into the threesome, and the horny officemates find a quiet room where they can share a fuck and some holiday cheer before Em and Kane share Dillon's load.

ASGMAX - Update

January 08, 2024

Stepbro's Help

Breaking The Forth Wall: What to do when you and your bud Andrew Miller needs to film some content, but your cameraman bails last minute? Fortunately for Josh Brady, his new step-bro Andrew Delta has a wide open afternoon. Will he rise to the challenge? Can he keep a secret? Will Andrew Miller and Josh Brady be able to keep their hands off of their cameraman? Obviously not. Andrew Delta tries to keep it professional but very quickly gives in to the gropes and advances, turning this scene from a duo to a taboo trio.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

January 07, 2024

Cecil, Bruno & Gerard

Cecil is paying two cute boys to paint a room for him, but decides he'd rather have them naked and sucking his dick. Oral turns to anal, as the dad and son trio move to a hot barebacking spit roast. By the time they are done, the meat in the middle is wearing two cumloads.

Sean Cody - Update

January 06, 2024

Justin, Drew & Evan

Justin and Evan show you some great ab exercises to do with a partner. As the guys are doing partner sit-ups and kissing at the top Drew enters and can't help watching as he does some reps. Evan decides to hit the sauna, and Justin follows him out, giving Drew a suggestive glance that entices him to join them. Drew and Justin start touching each other as they sweat, and Drew is soon sucking Justin, then Evan joins in. Justin rims Evan as he sucks Drew's cock, then starts fucking the tattooed bottom, and Drew fucks Justin to make it a train! Evan cums on Justin's face while Drew fucks the bearded hunk from behind, then Justin takes Drew's load too before he orgasms.

Gaycest - Update

December 28, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape 5

Closer: Mr. Marko is off on another business trip and it's time to say goodbye to his nephew. Since Mr. Marko found him and introduced him to his father, Dr. Wolf, the three of them have had a lot of fun together. Serg has a parting request for his uncle, though: Serg has never fucked a man before and he would like Mr. Marko to be his first. Mr. Marko can't say no to his nephew, of course. Dr. Wolf helps Serg get started but he just can't help but get in on the fun. Soon he has his fat cock buried in his son's hole, forcing the boy to fuck back onto his dad's dick then thrust his boy cock forward into his uncle. All three of them are loving it, but before Serg can breed his Uncle, Mr. Marko and Serg's dad want to remind the boy of his place in the family hierarchy. Dr. Wolf lays back on the sofa and tells Serg to climb on.

Bentley Race - Update

December 25, 2023

New Mates Kyler & Max

It seems funny to be setting up 2 of our American mates with a French boy in Australia for this shoot. When Kyler and Max flew over to visit us from California I asked them who they would like to meet and shoot with here. I mentioned a few names and they both picked sexy French boy Buzz Hardy. There's a bunch of guys wanting to get into scenes with Buzz. This ended up being a really hectic shoot with Buzz wanting to have sex with the guys during the photoshoot. So I worked quickly through these photos of the guys kissing and stripping each other naked. I enjoyed taking their photos but wait till you see the video we made afterwards. It's a hot scene with a lot of double cock sucking and rimming and fucking. I especially liked it when the very handsome Kyler blew his load while fucking Buzz, at the same time Buzz was fucking Max.

Twink Pop - Update

December 24, 2023

Twink Fucker - Uncut

Every twink in the city wants to test their hole against masked, muscular top the Twink Fucker, and best friends Jake Preston, Shae Reynolds, Niko Vaz, and Sam Ledger are no exception. Sam is the first to secure a dick appointment, and he gets slammed on the bed and pounded till he takes a facial. Just as Sam leaves, Niko arrives and hides under the bed where he hears every second of Shae getting bounced on that cock till he takes a load on his face. The Twink Fucker finds Niko in his hiding spot and swaps the twinks, putting Shae in the drawer while he uses his still-hard boner to pound the brown-haired hunk's face, then lets Niko ride him. Shae and Niko meet Sam outside and the three sneak back in to watch as Jake arrives to get pounded.

BiPhoria - Update

December 22, 2023

Gilligan's Bi-Land 1

Gilligan (Michael DelRay) can't sleep and he's sure that MaryAnn (Nickey Huntsman) is outside the window seducing him and showing off her sexy tits. Skipper (Colby Jansen) tells Gilligan that there's no way the Kansas girl is flashing him. Little does he realize, MaryAnn is wild and she want to get fucked. She turns to Gilligan and Skipper to handle her needs. Gilligan is nervous, but the Skipper talks him through it and he learns to deliver that dick.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

December 13, 2023

Sly, Bruno & Ferdinand

Sly and Bruno make out, before joining daddy Ferdinand on the bed. It isn't long before clothes are stripping off and dicks are getting sucked. After a long oral exchange, the boys take turns bareback fucking the fat man. Then Sly alternates between Bruno's and Ferdinand's hole, before the boys breed that daddy ass.

Twink Top - Update

December 11, 2023

Milo Miles, Ch 4

Back from the Gym: Cole is around the same age as Milo and the two hit it off. They continue to meet up over Milo's lunch hours for their workout in the following days. The boys struck up a conversation one day about what each of their types were after Milo had made some comments at the gym about some of the older guys. It was then that Cole admits he is very much attracted to older guys, but found that they sometimes want nothing to do with guys his age. Both Milo and Cole make their way to Stone and Associates, LLC. Their young cocks bulge behind their jockstraps. Mr. Stone sits on a couch and after introducing Cole to him, Milo slowly strips off his shorts to reveal his hard cock, desperate to break free from its jockstrap. Mr. Stone calls Cole over as both boys take either side of the older man.

Hot House - Update

December 09, 2023

Feels So Good 2

If roommates Hazel Hoffman, Ty Santana, and Jack Waters are hanging out at home, that can only mean their dicks are out and ready for a hot-and-heavy three-way. During today's fuck fest, the twunky trio is putting their mouths to good use as they form a cocksucking triangle and a rimming train. Next, the anal action begins as Jack slides his hard cock into Ty's ass all while Ty raw-fucks Hazel's hole. Still in the middle, Ty then gets spit-roasted by his bareback buds until he's on his back and coated in cum.

French Twinks - Update

December 06, 2023

Mystery Boxxx Nathan VS Valentin

Hosted by a mischievous virtual fox, Mystery Boxxx is a zany game that blends discovery, surprises, laughter, suspense, culture, and sex! Two contestants must first blindly guess which objects are hidden in the mystery box and eliminate the imposter object before battling it out in a quiz focused on sex and LGBT culture. The victor not only earns glory, but also gets to choose two kinky accessories they wish to bring into the love room for experimentation with their opponent. In this episode it's Nathan Belair and Valentin Meunier who face off in Mystery Boxxx before embarking on a hot sex session with a third "bonus" partner won during the game: Felix Lopez. The three twinks are going to experiment with the accessories chosen by the winner, including a nicely sized double dildo before fucking in turn.

ASGMAX - Update

December 06, 2023

Free Use Gym

Mick Marlo is checking out a new 'Free Use' gym, where the members get to use all the weights and each other! Sexy Trainer Kyle Fletcher gives him a great tour, and it sounds great, so when Mick sees Ryder Owens come for his training session, he knows it's time to see what this Free Use Gym is all about.

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