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Raw Road Nation - Update

August 22, 2023

Army Officers Orders

Military officers need big cocks up the ass too and the easiest way is to get a random enlisted uniformed squaddie under his command from the tank unit to drill him deep and hard before cumming in his ass exactly when ordered too. A great looking young officer Jamie Turner who sleeps on a camouflaged bed has set his eyes on the mega-hung new recruit in his sick and twisted ass fucking brigade and wants his nut in his guts ASAP.

Active Duty - Update

August 21, 2023

Lieutenant Loads

Andrew Miller is always fun to be around, so when he helps Cam Steele open up about his sexual interests, things get super heated between these two. And something important to know? These two are HUGE shooters. They cum a lot. And you will too.

Dad's And Twinks - Update

August 18, 2023

Trent & Cory

It's time to break in the new recruits and Trent Tarzan is just the older Daddy to do it. he calls in the young Corey Law and immediately tears into him with his mouth. He calls out the twink for not wearing his uniform correctly or carrying himself in a way befitting of the army. The boy takes the verbal assault but he knows that there's still more to come. This is a man's army and sometimes men have to show their dominance with their cocks instead of their words. If Corey wants to keep his place in the army then he has to pay his dues and he's going to do it with his hands and lips. Trent sits on the edge of his desk and unzips his pants. Corey knows exactly what's expected of him and he gets down onto his knees and takes his Daddy's cock right into his warm, virgin mouth.

Fisting Inferno - Update

August 12, 2023

G.I. Hole

Staff Sergeant Brian Bonds never had a problem finding a helping mouth or fist in his base's brig, and today is no exception. For his latest conquest, he and fellow serviceman Logan Bell are getting serviced by Max Adonis, a cocksucking runaway recruit, before locking him up for good. After getting sucked off by Max, Brian moves to his desk where Logan sucks him off while getting pounded by Max's bareback dick. Brian then takes over filling Logan's hole with Max moving to his backside to begin fisting his beefy ass. Soon the adventurous hands of the AWOL pervert are deep inside both Logan and Brian as he forms a fisting chariot with the military men. Now with both of the bottoms on their backs, Max continues to stretch and fill them until each one of the enlisted hunks is busting all over themselves.

Active Duty - Update

July 28, 2023

The Bi Recruits

Peter Matthews is a new recruit, so thankfully he has Davin Strong here to help him calm his nerves. But also? When they finally get to the sex, holy shit. It's something you have to see.

Fisting Inferno - Update

July 24, 2023

G.I. Hole

Uniformed Army hunks Logan Bell and Brian Bonds were having a normal day monitoring the brig until they were tasked with watching after Max Adonis, an AWOL recruit that just got caught sucking cock next to their military base. With Max securely in their custody, Private Bell begins giving the long-haired stud a full cavity search and discovers that his hole is already wet and worn. Staff Sergeant Bonds begins his own inspection by rimming, fingering and barebacking Max's hole. Now, with Max stretched out and lying naked on the Staff Sergeant's desk, Logan and Brian take turns working in their entire hands to fist Max until the sailor exposes his budding rose. The combination of big dicks and manly military hands filling him up soon has the runaway recruit loudly moaning while busting a nut onto his own thigh.

Active Duty - Update

May 20, 2023

Jay Tee Turns with Cam

Jay Tee and Cam Steele get to know each other and their kinks. But when it comes time for them to fuck? Holy shit this sex is incredible. Watch on as Jay and Cam flip fuck and suck each other off in this incredible scene.

Active Duty - Update

March 01, 2023

Adrian & Drake

Two hot army recruits Adrian Duval & Drake Von get to know each other, before it gets too hot to handle and they end up pounding each other hard. A Hot End of February Scene with the Best Twink Sex now on Active Duty. Guaranteed to warm you you up for the end of the month.

Active Duty - Update

February 27, 2023

Aaron, Brad & Brody

Aaron Savage, Brad Conners & Brody Fox are ready to get it on and do it hard. Watch these Military hunks ger down and firty just for you. Get to know the turn-ons and kinks of Aaron Savage, Brad Connors and Brody Fox before watching Aaron and Brody bottom for Brad (and maybe see Brody top Aaron too). With hot Threesome Action as you get to know the turn-ons and kinks of Aaron, Brad, and Brody Fox before watching Aaron and Brody bottom for Brad. This three-way is sure to keep the heat on as these three muscular service men service each other.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 16, 2023

Jess & Eddy

In a secret, abandoned militia underground bunker just outside of Burgundy, France we find retired drill sergeant Jess Royan rendezvous with submissive fuck buddy Eddy Cruch. These hot and horny beefcake studs are more than ready for their weekly raunch fest! Jess has brought a special treat this time and it's not just his usual bag of kinky sex toys. Eddy can only smile and lick his lips in anticipation as Jess pulls out a large carton of Burgundy's finest, sweetest cream! Jess wastes no time in pouring a generous amount of the deliciousness all along Eddy's butt crack and hole. And Jess laps up the cream with salacious delight! Jess then proceeds to pour the sweet cream all over his cock and commands his former military subordinate to lick and suck the cream clean off – and reminds him not to forget the ball sack.

Active Duty - Update

October 02, 2022

Brandon Marks His Territory

Brandon Anderson can't wait to get his dick deep into Blain O'Connor's hot ass. The Navy veterans can't keep their hands off of each other in this super horny hookup. Once they get going they can't keep their hands off each other and the lust goes to high levels. They get right inot kissing licking sucking and fucking. Make sure you have some cum rags, these two ain't playing around.

Active Duty - Update

September 11, 2022

Clay Throttles Jordan

Nick Clay can fuck all day, and lucky for Ryan Jordan, he's the guy to receive the Private's piece. The soldiers have a steamy sexfest and enjoy ever second. Nick and Ryan play around with each other all in fun until they turn to fun equals cum and start kissing stroking and sucking hard throbbing cock. Things quickly heat up and it's time to stuff some hot ass and stuff it. You don't have to ask these guys if they want it.

Hot House - Update

September 03, 2022

Sgt. Dick 4

At their outpost in the desert, Privates Tristan Hunter and Ray King find a secluded place where they can get some privacy. As the chemistry between these recruits heats up, Ray sinks to his knees and swallows Tristan's cock to its base with ease. While Ray slurps on cock, Tristan reaches down and fingers Ray's hole. Tristan makes sure to return the favor with a deep throating, followed by eating Ray's ass to prepare it for what's next. Tristan doesn't waste any time when he stands up and drives his meat into Ray's ass bareback. After taking it from behind, Tristan lays down on the ground while Ray rides on top of him in multiple positions. The feverish cock-riding continues until Tristan takes full control and stretches Ray's hole out with deep powerful strokes Tristan can't take it any longer and covers Ray with his cum.

Raw Road Nation - Update

August 14, 2022

New Recruit Piss Humiliation

He knew this day would come. He knew that one day he would have to prove himself to the sergeant. Although he didn't expect to be crept up on in the bathroom after washing his hands. Suddenly his face was smashed up against the mirror, hand grabbing his ass and he knew it was his turn to take anything thrown at him. After a quick thumb us the ass he was soon on his knees sucking off his superior.

Hot House - Update

August 09, 2022

Sgt. Dick

Back at camp in the remote desert, Privates Dalton Riley and Eric Rey take a break from moving supplies in the hot sun to have a little fun. After the two recruits lock lips, Eric makes his way to his knees where Dalton is unzipping his fatigues to present Eric with his thick cut cock. After taking a quick glance to make sure no commanding offers are around, Eric wraps his lips around Dalton's pole and sucks it all the way down to the base. Now that Eric has made Dalton's dick rock-solid with his throat, he bends over to offer up his smooth hole for Dalton to lick up. Eric's hole is slick with spit, so Dalton stands up and drills his cock deep into Eric's raw ass. The private takes a girthy pounding doggy-style before rolling over on his back and getting the load fucked out of him by Dalton.

Active Duty - Update

July 31, 2022

Damned Fucks Carr

Chris Damned and Niko Carr are hot, horny, talented with their tongues, and super tattooed. The two sexy soldiers go hard in this active anal scene. If you like your guys hardbodied and covered with tattoos, then you'll love this scene. Chris and Niko slip away to get some alone time together and they didn't hold back at all. Chris eats then plow Niko's asshole deep hard and raw and in a number of positions.

Active Duty - Update

July 19, 2022

Brock Gets Plowed By Damien

Brock Kniles and Damien White are bored in the barracks. What better way to pass the time than by having some fucking fun? Damien delivers Brock his cock and has his fellow solider moaning with delight. Both of these guys have been waiting for that right moment when they can just let lose and be themselves. Well, it happened and they didn't waste a second getting deep down and dirty. Watch them go for it like they need air. Hot, Hot, HOT!

Hot House - Update

July 02, 2022

Best Bareback Scenes Compilation

Hot House Presents a compilation of their best bareback videos, enjoy! 00:08 - Hot House Flippers 04:08 - Towel Boy 08:30 - Dirty Doctor 12:49 - Sgt. Dick 16:25 - Dirty Intern 19:55 - Making Moves

Active Duty - Update

June 24, 2022

Pvt. Patters Flip-Fucks Hugo

Hugo Santana is a fiery, passionate guy. Merrill Patterson on the other hand? He's a bit shy. So watch as Hugo loosens him up, literally and figuratively, in this hot flip-fucking scene. These two military studs just can't get enough of each other and there's a good reason why. If they get caught they may be separated so they do all the can, when they can and it's so hot.

GDude-JP - Update

May 08, 2022

Tough Guys' Orgy

Five tough studs let all their inhibitions go in a secret basement. Join them on their wildest night of tough raw sex! If you love hot and sexy Asian men then this orgy will have you cumming back for more and more. Watch this and other Asian studs get down and dirty with nasty gay sex just for you.

Treasure Island Media - Update

March 17, 2022

Smash & Grab 7

It's time to play spin the bottom! - Pablo Cortes (Spain), Sebas Cortes (Spain), Diego Sphynx (Spain) and Ives (Belgium) come together for some group fun. The guys take turns sucking each other’s dicks, but that is just the warmup to the main event. Ives is the designated bottom and Diego has had enough and yanks his shorts down to access the fuck hole and shoves his veiny cock in deep. Ives is mercilessly fucked while surrounded by cock. The fuck table that Ives is getting plowed on turns – which is perfect as it is spun around to give each man a go at using the hole. Turns out Diego is an impatient top and while Pablo is fucking Ives, he spits on Pablo’s hole and starts fucking him. Pablo doesn’t mind as he fucks away stuck between Diego’s cock and Ives’ pussy.

Raw Road Nation - Update

March 06, 2022

Young Runaway Recruit

Takes Dick From 2 Cocky Cadets - Novice recruit runs away from the cocky fellow cadets. Eager to prove they're dominance they force their cocks into the young recruits mouth. With their dicks they show the lad what a good pounding looks like. Making sure they're fit bodies and big cocks gets the pleasure it deserves. He really proved his skill today, providing the soldiers to a good servicing.

Spritzz - Update

January 01, 2022

Soldier Boy Takes Dousing

Rampant little soldier Daniel is the kind of twink who never holds back when a comrade wants to get a little light relief. His friend Adam is very much inclined to join him when cocks start to throb and the need to shoot some fresh cum from their meaty weapons takes over. As soon as the boys have found a discreet spot away from curious eyes their hard young penises are slipping between hungry lips, greedily sucking on each other’s tasty inches. With uniforms abandoned young blond Daniel gets his hairless hole lovingly slurped and lapped by his friend, preparing him for the boys raw rocket to slide right up inside him. Daniel didn’t need any military training to know how to take such a pounding, he’s soon loving the feel of being fucked on his back, from behind and riding his buddy’s boner too.

Active Duty - Update

December 24, 2021

Jay Tee Drills Tyler

Damn, look at Jay Tee and Tyler James just strokin'. How sexy is that? What's better than men being men, eh? Well, they don't stop there it doesn't take too long until there's some hot and nasty cock sucking ending with a deep hard throat pounding gagging face fuck. Followed by some ass opening tongue fucking sexy ass eating. Finishing off with some deep hard piledriving anal penetration which flips over to some reverse cowboy riding.

Active Duty - Update

December 15, 2021

Damien Dominates Justin

Damien White is relatively new to porn but Justin Lewis knows how to welcome this newbie. Watch as self-proclaimed slut Justin gives Damien one hell of a time. Even though Damien White is new he really shows us a lot of experience that actually makes all his scenes so hot. When you add in Justin Lewis, you're just sparking the match next to some gas and the heat starts to get so hot it burns white and creamy cum!

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