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Frock The World - Update

October 18, 2022

Dicked Down

The Caged Jock is back for his second FROCK EroticFilm. What a feast for HORNY EYES :) He sent us a photo of this super hot belt equipped with a 9" dildo. Of course he was caged in chastity while wearing it. It didn't take much to convince him to show off that massive dildo ( or to bend over and give it to himself). That's a request that only an erotic muse like The Caged Jock can handle. The lights are low, and it looks like someone is about to get ‘Dicked Down.

Scout Boys - Update

October 18, 2022

Scout Landon Ch 1

The Pledge: Scoutmaster McKeon called me into the main office to take the Elite Scout pledge. I was a bundle of nerves, but as he attached the special pins to my uniform shirt, I felt a rush of pride. Then he started to touch me in a way that I'd not been touched before. It made me feel both scared and excited and I started to gasp. He stood behind me and I could feel him pushing his body into my back. His penis was hard and very large. He pushed me onto the desk, face down, with one leg up, before pulling down my underpants down and starting to kiss and lick my butt. It felt exciting and sexy… and all sorts of crazy sensations I can't even put words to. I heard him unzipping his shirt and undoing his belt and I realized he was going to try to slide his giant penis into me. The sensation was indescribable.

Frock The World - Update

October 16, 2022

East Coast Orgy

Julian Torres invited 21 of NYC's hottest performers to participate in a rooftop orgy. The sun set, cameras rolled, and everyone fucked. Models: Julian Torres, Jason Def That Jason, Dijonay Jones, Ben Blazin , Eli Martinez, Not Another Taco, DrtyNYCman, Teddy Forrest, Alessio Vega, Rio Grande, Gunnar Gates, Viking Dude, Elijah Wood, Ryan Powers, ParkerLogan, Bulging Angel, Aiden Dean, Mick Weston, Caged Jock, Jp, Lex Locke.

Blake Mason - Update

October 15, 2022

A Frantic Warehouse Fuck

All the local lads have been making use of the abandoned warehouse, looking for a cock to suck or a hole to fill. Sean Taylor is the latest to bring his new pal, smooth boy Justin Tiempo. The two waste no time, their cocks soon in each other's mouths while they get their knees dirty and slurp the precum from each other. It's not long before little Justin is bent over with a raw length up his hole, riding his buddy and laying back for a hard thrusting that leaves the boy splashed with splooge from his balls to his belly.

Frock The World - Update

October 14, 2022


Prepare to get trampled, crushed and humiliated by one of FROCK's favorites, Misc. Dom Top . You're in for a heavy session of foot rubbing, toe touching and kneeling at the heeled foot of Misc. Dom Top. This is the kind of seduction that will unnerve you from your ankle to your pinky toe. Sit down and listen to the dirty talking Dom who will reduce you to nothingness.

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

October 13, 2022

Oven Fried Possum

Cousin Greg has been cleaning out Tattoo Ryan's tail pipe and getting that family of possums out of the back of his truck. Ryan's been too busy making some oven-fried chicken to notice. But now Ryan's worked up an appetite and he's ready for some lunch. But this is Lot 45 so before any of that, Ryan's gonna slide his big, LONG dick up Greg's hole and have himself some fun. Greg takes that dick like a champ and gets his hole painted with cum spurting out of Ryan's dick. That's how we roll at Lot 45.

Raw Road Nation - Update

October 11, 2022

Cum Smothering BTM

Jake is up to his submissive tactics again, drops to his and takes a nice big cock deep into his mouth making it all wet. Jake will do anything for a nice big cock up his ass, anyone, anytime. He just absolutely loves cock inside of him. He cleans up this lads knob and wanks his own - jizzing a nice shot of cum into his hand. The dirty fuckers then use that cum, slathering it all over Jake's ass, cramming it up his hole, like icing on a cake or filling up a custard doughnut.

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 10, 2022

Workout That Hole 3

Jim Fit and Apollo Fates know that they're not supposed to practice in the gym unless they're in full uniform, but the two love staring at each other's exposed muscles too much to follow the rules. Once each of them is shirtless, Jim cuts his training short for the chance to have Apollo swallow his already-hard cock and rim his smooth hole. Hungry for more, Apollo thrusts his bareback dick between Jim's cheeks before bringing his hands in to fist the bubble butt jock. Apollo fills and toys with Jim's wrecked hole as Jim puts on a smile and begs to be drilled harder by the athlete's muscular arm. With a few more pumps, a satisfied Jim is soon busting a hot load all over his defined abs and is ready to hit the showers.

DamianXDragon - Update

October 09, 2022

Leather Lovebirds

Newcomer Jason Luna learns what a safe word is in Leather Lovebirds. It was originally filmed for Frock The World. This film truly shows my Dom but passionate side that my boys long for. Jason and I gear up and I start warming him up with some deep passionate kissing before I collar him and make him mine. Before long Jason is sucking my uncut cock. Once he's gotten me good and hard I bend him over and start flogging and paddling his ass. He takes it like a champ .Once he's proven himself to be good enough to be my boy, I return his devotion by satisfying his needs and driving my cock deep into his hole.

Axel Abysse - Update

October 09, 2022


Afternoon in Barcelona... some enjoy the siesta, some others wreck their holes! Showing off on the balcony or ruining the bed with all their squirting, Nene and Axel aren't holding back fisting each other! Enjoy the hot and hardcore fisting both single and double-handed style. If you're into kink, this is a great place to check out.

Bentley Race - Update

October 08, 2022

Wanking Off Tim

During the winter break in Australia I got to catch up with a few of my sexy mates for some one on one shoots. I really wanted to get Tim Robinson back again since we had just one shoot earlier in the year. Tim is a really sweet boy with a cheeky smile and a thick throbbing cock. For this shoot I met Tim at high rise city hotel. I could tell by the bulge in his jockstrap that he was enjoying getting his photos taken. I got a load of shots with Tim showing off his thick bum in the jockstrap and his cock reaching to full attention. In Tim's new video I join in wanking and sucking on that fat cock. Tim loves the attention as he squirts a thick load of cum from being wanked off. I can't wait to get him back over for another shoot with our mates this summer.

Treasure Island Media - Update

October 06, 2022

Ethan & Jonas

Somewhere on a rooftop in Argentina in full view of anyone who wants to see, Ethan Chase hooks up with local Jonas Matt and these two bros go at it. Ethan is hungry and Jonas Matt is horny as he makes the slut bottom take care of his uncut cock with his mouth and cunt. Lots of ass to mouth action that you will love!

Fisting Inferno - Update

October 04, 2022

Genital Hospital

Medical students Ace Stallion and Andrew Connor are quickly learning that with Dr. Micah Martinez's 'Genital Hospital' class, extreme hands-on learning is the only way to go. This week, the doctor is teaching his boys about extraction and utilizing both students' holes for a gaping demonstration. Micah first fills up Ace's ass while giving the class detailed and thorough instructions on how to properly fist your patients. The instructor soon has his hands in both of his completely naked pupils as he talks them through every step of the hypothetical extraction process. With both of them now on their backs at the front of the classroom, Dr. Martinez continues his educational demonstration until both men are drained, covered in cum, and ready to try their own hands at this hole-stretching practice.

Bentley Race - Update

September 30, 2022

Cute Mate Rory

After our meeting just before the winter break I couldn't wait to get my cute new mate Rory back in for a new shoot. It's normally cold and bleak in Melbourne during winter. So I normally take a break from shooting. But when I had the chance to stay in a high rise hotel in the city, I immediately thought about who I'd like to get naked in those tall bright windows. Rory Hayes came to mind right away. I had just met the 25 year old before the break. He did a couple shoot with Byron and another with Dylan. He's such a sweet boy. I wanted to get him over for another solo shoot. After picking out a jockstrap and tight little shorts I got busy taking photos of him stripping off. I probably took way more photos than I needed. But I wanted to see him in all parts of the room.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

September 28, 2022

Lap It Up 2

If you think Macho Dog got used hard in Part 1 you'll wonder how he takes it in Part 2. Daddy Will Angell gets that deep-down hunger to use a boy that can take it rough and this wild beast has no limits. This all-natural masculine furry-bellied beast of a man can satisfy any Alphas needs no matter how dark and perverted they are.

TopFanVids - Update

September 26, 2022

Lonesome Cowboy Ryan Bones

Ryan Bones is a Lonesome Cowboy who found a lovely match with his sexy Latin boy, Alex Montenegro (OnlyFans: alexmonte791). He might have been out all night with his buddies, but he’s happy to come home to Alex’s hot holes. It doesn't take long before some deep cock sucking and then even deeper anal penetration. This action is so hot you'll scream YEEEEHHHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!

Men At Play - Update

September 25, 2022

Easy Prey, Editor's Cut

Muscular stud Marco Rubi ties and tapes up suited executive and hairy muscle-daddy Adam Champ against a warehouse ladder. Marco teases the usually dominating powerful stud, whose restraints mean he can only salivate at the potential of getting his cock inside Marco's juicy hole. Marco takes his time with the perfectly suited package before him; ripping away the shirt and suit from Adam's body to get his tongue around those thick nipples and swelling cock. Only when Adam's fine suit is in tatters does Marco let him loose, ready to relinquish control and be pummeled by Adam. It's a power game between two of our stockiest muscle studs! Adam is no easy prey - it's his turn to take advantage of Marco's bubble-butt.

Japan Boyz - Update

September 25, 2022

Wet, Hot Hiroya Summer 10

Twinkies In Class: Nothing says school's back in session as summer draws to an end like some horny make-believe Asian "schoolboys" getting frisky in the classroom. Thick-muscled little fireplug Rio is reaching into his gym shorts to stroke his cock in the empty room when Hiroya and Tosuke, in their proper school uniforms, peer through the glass panes in the door giggling. They burst in and show Rio what REAL classroom sex is, stroking and sucking his achingly stiff dick, then stripping off his shorts and plowing bareback into his fuzzy muscle ass. Pinning him between two fucktools in a "twinkie" spitroast, Hiroya and Tosuke get off as Rio gets an important lesson they don't teach you in school. Three hard cocks is much greater than one. He ends up drenched in cum, splattered across his hairy abs, fucked-out booty and happy, satisfied face.

Fetish Men - Update

September 25, 2022

Ass Slammin' Stud

Scruffy bareback bottom Franco Scott is so eager to get his ass rammed that he's chewing on tough Leatherman Aaron Trainer's nips to get his cock into gear. It does the trick--Aaron pushes him to his knees and slaps a big black hardon across his face. Franco buries his nose into Aaron's musky nuts then gargles down the top's big fuck tool. "Fuck yeah, get it get it get it!" Aaron groans as he holds Franco's head down on his twitching cock. Franco crouches on the bed, his fuzzy ass cheeks open wide. Aaron prods his tongue in deep, drills a finger or two into the horny hole. Grabbing the dick-starved bottom by the hips, Aaron pounds in hard. Franco's sex talk turns to low groans and growls as his ass gets plowed full of hard ebony meat.

Fetish Men - Update

September 21, 2022


After a scorching session of taking Sean Duran's dick and juicy load, Blake Ryan's hungry ass is still not satisfied. Sean lubes up his big hand and tatted forearm to fill that insatiable hole till it's full. As in elbow deep full. Duran starts with a duck-head of fingers and fist, eases it in until Blake's butt is oozing cum and lube, and there's a big smile plastered across his fuck-loving face. But that satisfaction is short-lived and it's time to call in the reserves, in the person of handsome Latin leather daddy Dominic Pacifico. Muscular Dominic uses his magic hand and thick arm to open Blake up even further. Finally a man to give Blake the shuddering anal orgasm he deserves.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 19, 2022

Sex Cult

Sex Cult - being initiated into the fraternity isn't so bad... you just have to be a good boy and serve your Asian daddies in a hot threesome. I gave them my mouth and ass, worshipping them as they deserve to be worshipped. Who's next? The three sexy Asian guys just keep going and going with cock sucking and spit roasting.

Fetish Men - Update

September 17, 2022

Wreck My Holes

Horny studs Sean Duran and Blake Ryan get down to some tatted muscleman bareback ass-ramming on a black leather fuck bench. Blake crouches to get his mouth fucked full of Sean's thick tool, bumps his booty back into Sean's probing tongue. He pries his cheeks apart to feel Sean's mouth opening his hole, making it wet and slippery for a deep raw screw. Then Sean stands behind and drills his bare cock in to the hilt. He plows in deep and rough, and Blake's there for every probing thrust. When Sean lets out a guttural groan and the cum starts leaking down Blake's smooth ass crack, he knows his hole is bred full of hot muscleman sperm.

Hung Young Brit - Update

September 13, 2022

10" Enormous 19 Year Old

'Finding The Worlds Most Perfect Dick’. He insisted on a Condomless-Fuck as well AAAARRRRRR LOVE THIS BOY. His dick is absolutely Gigantic - extremely sizeable over 10 inch when full hard Super extended version - he was fucking me all day it was that crazy - our vid is so long its in 2 bits with never a dull moment. He was fucking me 4 so long I wanted to show ya all how I could take it (or not take it HAHA). By far one of the cheekiest little smiles on his face, SO SO CUTE.

Breeder Bros - Update

September 12, 2022

Dick 'Em

Man, some cheap ass guys in the house think they can get away with livin' like a bro without paying into shit. They got another thing comin', you think we got all this using our allowance or somethin'. This guy just got became a full-fledge bro and as soon as that happened, anytime it was time to use some pledge or bitch, he was nowhere. Anytime we had a party going on and the girls were sucking us off, he'd be front row and fuckin. Wanna be in the house, gotta pay for it and show them bro wishin' pussies how we do things here.

Jalif Studios - Update

September 12, 2022

Kameron & Letho

Letho rushes up the stairs of an old apartment block in rural France. He's a good-looking guy in his 20s with addictively twinkly eyes, cropped hair, and a face which suggests a hard life. He enters a grand apartment and is introduced to the handsome blond hunk inside. Kameron Frost has been waiting expectantly, with his large dick hard and already out of his jeans. Letho immediately sinks to his knees to service Kameron's penile masterpiece with his soft, sexy lips. Kameron grabs the back of Letho's head and forces his weapon deep into the horny boy's slippery throat. Kameron pulls Letho to his feet and they kiss lasciviously before moving to the stairs. Kameron thrusts his dick between the banisters and indicates for Letho to keep doing what he does best. The boy sucks hard, wrapping his lips tightly around the blond man's shaft.

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