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Fisting Inferno - Update

January 28, 2023

Fisting Fetish

Wrapped in a harness, Mitch Matthews spends some time making out with Pierce Paris until he's ready to go down south and tackle every last one of the fetish fucker's nine inches. Ready to taste every inch of his body, Mitch moves to sucking the hung Dom's meat from the back as he begins work on Pierce's smooth ass. He rims the hung hunk before breaking out the bottle of lube, wetting his hole, and working his entire hand into Pierce's ass. Now riding Mitch's fist with his cock just inches in front of Mitch's face, Pierce commands his fister to wrap his lips around his big dick. Pierce then transitions so he's on his back and stroking his cock until his dick is spitting out a fat load all over his thick thigh.

Bentley Race - Update

January 28, 2023

Aussie Boy Beau Jackson

I'm thrilled to have my mate Beau Jackson back shooting with me again. All those hints I dropped to him at the gym finally worked. You might not remember that Beau modelled for me just once many years ago. I had him playing with a soccer ball and getting naked on my rooftop. He's a gym instructor now and certainly has the body for it! I got him around a couple of weeks ago to get naked in the studio again. And I love the bright pink jockstrap he pulled out for this shoot. Though I think my beefy mate would look good in anything. Beau is a really sweet and funny boy. We had a lot of fun making these photos and a new video for the site. I'm looking forward to pairing him up with our mates this summer.

Private Playground XXX - Update

January 27, 2023

Boys of Summer

The very first pornographic movie shot entirely with drones! With an all-star cast and shot on a private campground called DragonFly, watch men in action from a completely different perspective. The 2ND and FINAL part is out now!

Jalif Studios - Update

January 26, 2023

Kameron & Kryss

Even in low light, chisel-jawed blond uncut stud, Kameron Frost, has everything a guy needs to turn heads. Late one night, when he goes out to play with himself outside a popular back-alley cruising spot, it's no surprise that he attracts attention. He catches eyes everywhere he goes—but it's not every night he catches the eye of tattooed muscle-stud porn star, Kryss Aston! These two hunks need little communication beyond scent and stares. Just at the sight of the blonde euro-stud, Kryss immediately drops to his knees and sucks Kameron's cock. In the middle of the back-alley blowjob, Kameron rips away the muscle stud's black shirt and leads him into a more secluded hideaway. There, on a red leather bed, Kameron feeds the muscle bottom's mouth every inch of his uncut cock.

DamianXDragon - Update

January 25, 2023

Leather Dragon & Pup

Watch me destroy Champ's hole as we leather up and get into some sleazy leather play. Champ doesn't even get his huge cock out so he's just a hole to satisfy my every need. I start by loosening his hole up with my biggest toys before I grab in to his harness and jockstrap and plow my involuted cock deep in his guts before I breed him.

Bentley Race - Update

January 25, 2023

French Boy Buzz Hardy

Being the middle of summer now in Australia we are getting a lot of visitors from the northern hemisphere. I was recently contacted by this sexy 25 year French boy. Buzz Hardy is currently back packing around Australia. He's staying in Melbourne for a few weeks and was really keen to do some modelling with us. Buzz is a gorgeous boy with a hot natural lean body. And he loves showing off in front of the camera. In the studio I got busy taking Buzz's photos as he stripped naked. I love the cheeky smile he gives after pulling a naughty pose. We also made a hot jack off video with Buzz bringing himself to a big climax on the bed. I am sure my mates are gonna love getting in on the shoots with our sexy new mate.

Men Over 30 - Update

January 24, 2023

Hard Pounding Silver Daddies

From armpit licking to penetrating anal, the harness clad Ben Brooks and Musclebear Montreal go hard as hell in this piggy fuck fest. Mature men wearing leather and not caring about anything then hot nasty kinky gay sex. Make sure you bring a few cum rags, these guys will make you use them.

Fisting Inferno - Update

January 19, 2023

Parking In The Rear 2

While on his regular parole around the parking garage, security guard Drew Sebastian catches Jack Hunter graffitiing a portrait of his own long cock on the side of a dumpster. Determined to figure out if Jack's dick is actually that big, Drew apprehends the vandal before discovering a second slut pig in the garage, Josh Mikael, who's willing to bust out his used asshole. After some rimming, sucking, and bareback fucking, the hard security guard goes in to fist both of the troublemakers by having them drop on all fours with their holes in the air. He simultaneously slides both of his hands into their asses until his palms have completely disappeared, he's wrist-deep in both of the dumpster sluts, and they're both nutting from overstimulation to their holes.

Falcon Studios - Update

January 19, 2023

Tales From The Locker Room 3

Custodian Jordan Starr rarely works overtime, but he always manages to clock in a few extra hours if he can catch Coach Devin Franco alone in his office. With no one else in the building, the two hunks get to ripping their clothes off, licking pits, and sucking dick right in Devin's open doorway. Devin's legs get thrown in the air as the eager janitor rims him and slides his girthy cock in his hole. Knowing that Devin's hungry for more than just his hog, Jordan grabs a bucket and a mop for Devin's wet ass busy and fucks the coach with the mop's wooden handle before sticking his bareback meat back in Devin's horny hole. Devin's championship trophies watch over him as he gets rammed all over his desk and as Jordan strokes off the coach's big dick until he's busting all over himself.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 15, 2023

2 BF's & 2 Sleazy Lads

Driving round looking for lads! We find these two on Grinda. It's been a while. A sexy spin in the old camper van with Mikey boy and George. We ended up in Bristol. How many fucking beautiful boys there. We picked up this stunning couple, drove to some backstreets and started chatting in the back. Obviously George didn't waste any time sucking that lads cock after he watched him snog off his boyfriend.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

January 15, 2023

Demon Pig

Hung young dumb and full of cum. That's how I like my boys. Gotta keep em on a short leash though. Can't have 'em wondering. Got lots of treats here to keep 'em occupied and to keep 'em cumming. These young twinks and studs just love getting together in a raunchy way. They do it all but their favorite is definitely Face Down and Ass Up!

Falcon Studios - Update

January 13, 2023

Cumming Home For Christmas 4

With only hours to spare before Christmas Eve, these holiday hunks have officially saved the family bakery and are looking to make the yuletide gay. Alone in the kitchen with some assorted baking supplies and high school fling DeAngelo Jackson, Dan Saxon drops to his knees to suck some sugary icing off of DeAngelo's delicious dick. DeAngelo reciprocates the food play by turning Dan around and taking a nearby stick of butter to his cheeks, rimming his buttery hole, and barebacking his slick ass. With his naked body covering the kitchen counter, Dan breathes deeply as the former love of his life pumps him full of dick until he's glistening in a layer of shimmery sweat. Ready to bust, DeAngelo pulls out to frost Dan's cakes in a thick layer of icing right before going down to get a creamy facial from Dan's uncut cock.

Blake Mason - Update

January 12, 2023

Xavier & Rio

Hung Rio Takes A Big One: It's not necessarily true that hung boys can take big cocks in their butts, Rio Grigio can though! We've teamed him up with lucky Xavier Sibley for this hot big-dicked session of deep and sweaty bareback action, starting with a make out and a deep sucking, followed by some of the best arse eating you're ever gonna see. Xavier knows from experience that a good hole needs to be worked open to take his big meaty tool, but once he's inside he's son pounding away at young Rio and taking them both to a cum gushing climax that leaves the sexy body splashed with their messy splooge!

Trailer Trash Boys - Update

January 11, 2023

Break Time

Seems that Alpha Wolf was just out there on his break and Cousin Joel caught up with his pants down. But no matter, just a bit of fun between a couple good ol' boys ain't done nobody no harm. Alpha was down on his knees sucking Joel's dick but Joel really just wants to teach Alpha how to get fucked up that hairy butthole. And up that hairy butt hole he went. That's how we roll at Lot 45. Seeing that big, hairy, ripped man lie Alpha bend over and take Joel's ick up his hole is one of hottest things we've seen all week. And the two men totally commit to their performances. Trailer Trash Boys is a very unique gay porn site. It's not just hot men fucking, it's an actual comedy site where the men all play characters on the fictional "Lot 45" trailer park. Country Boy accents, Country Boy clothes and hilarious setups and stories.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 10, 2023

Theo and Stan

Stan Lacoste is addicted to sneakers, and not just to the way they feel on his feet. When a new black-and-white pair arrives, he can't wait to break them in in his own special way. He rings up his friend Theo Sartera cute, tall twink with a huge uncut cock—to meet him outside in an abandoned building. It's not the first time Stan's turned a trick for this Euro stud, and as he gets down on his knees and wraps his lips around Theo's meat, he prays it won't be the last. Theo loves it when Stan calls him up—almost as much as Theo loves slapping him around. Stan gets dick-slapped repeatedly during the face-fuck, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Much like his new sneakers, he, too, wants to be broken in. And breaking into Stan's ass? Theo loves to do that, too.

Fisting Inferno - Update

January 07, 2023

Fisting Fetish

Wearing only a harness that's latched to his dark kilt, Pierce Paris takes his time approaching the bound and blindfolded Mitch Matthews. Once in front of his restrained sub, Pierce gets a taste of his cock before turning him around to finger his hungry hole and begin his domination of Mitch's ass. Pierce's entire hand disappears inside of his tied-up fuck toy with Mitch screaming out for Pierce to stretch his hole even more. Finally set free of his restraints and able to see Pierce taking pleasure in his body, Mitch lays on his back to stroke out his load as Pierce continues to toy with his wrecked hole.

Fisting Inferno - Update

January 02, 2023

Parking In The Rear

It's Drew Sebastian's lucky night. With a flashlight in hand, the security guard just caught Dominic Pacifico and Eric The Red going at it in the shadows of his parking garage. He quickly lets them know that if they want to hook up here, they'll first have to service his oversized cock. With no one else around, the two perverts rim and suck off the furry male until his balls are fully drained. The guard then leaves them alone to resume their business with Eric using his pieced ginger cock to bareback Dominic's juicy ass before squeezing his entire fist in his hole. With only a dirty tarp separating their naked bodies and the cold parking garage floor, Eric pumps his hand inside of Dominic until the stretched-out stud is busting his load.

Jalif Studios - Update

January 02, 2023

Jess & J. Bineau

J Bineau finds Euro stud Jess Royan lounging on a mattress in a low lit room at the end of a back alley. Jess is lying on a mattress in just sneakers and a tight t-shirt, playing with his dick and smiling expectantly. When cherub-faced J. Bineau falls to his knees and starts sucking him off, who can blame him for grinning? J's blowjob is long, thorough, and borders on total cock worship. The way he slurps at the stud's big meat stirs Jess' dominant streak to life, who turns the blowjob into an intense face-fucking session. He thrusts wildly into J's face, slapping him around both with his hands and his dick. These two hump and grind in a tornado of positions, with J ending up bouncing up and down on Jess's dick. Jess abuses J's ass and face with his palm and uncut cock, but the horny little bottom clearly loves getting roughed up!

Scout Boys - Update

January 01, 2023

Scout Ethan Ch 4

The Hike: I deliberately timed our hike to arrive back at camp when no one else was around. I wanted Ethan to myself. I told him I needed to take a leak. My dick had been hard all day and, as I pulled it out to pee, I made no attempt to hide my erection from him. And, of course, the moment he saw my big swollen cock, he was unable to look at anything else! From then on, we couldn't get enough of each other. We were groping and kissing like love-crazed teenagers. I dragged him into one of the tents and things got really hot... He wrapped his beautiful, soft lips around the shaft of my rock-solid dick before arching his back and seductively presenting his beautiful hole to me. Pushing my dick inside was a sensation I'll never forget. It felt as though a magnetic force was pulling me into him.

Frock The World - Update

December 30, 2022

Brooklyn Boys

You are in for a real treat with BK hotties Aram and Amin. These boys redefine 'local trade'. We've seen a lot and we promise this is some of the absolute hottest footage we've ever captured. These real Brooklyn boys are sucking dick, eating ass and fucking each other and it's SOOOOOOO HOT. After a little kissing, they're edging each other's cocks one stroke at a time. Jake gets down on his knees and starts punching his tongue in and out of Aram's hole. You can practically feel how good Jake's rimming is by the look on Aram's face. Soon, Aram is on his back with his legs up waiting to get fucked by Jake's huge cut cock. These two are hot for each other...and you can tell.

Sketchy Sex - Update

December 27, 2022

Cum Dump Hole

After the bar we all ended up back at the pad. Grinding it out on our phones. Looking for our next load. I couldn't wait for my dude to arrive. I just fell to my knees and my buddies dick was hard and sticking out his shorts. Somehow it just fell into my mouth. Everyone at the party surrounded me and I took load after load.

Raging Stallion - Update

December 25, 2022

Cruising Confidential

For the latest episode of 'Cruising Confidential', provocative podcast host Derek Kage is using his sultry voice to tell the tale of Drew Valentino's hunt for cock in a dim construction company parking lot. Sitting in his car, Drew knows that this is the perfect spot to find a man that knows how to work with his hands. Soon enough, he spots Ian Holms pulling up, giving a knowing glance, and getting out of his car to service Drew's cock through his driver's side window. Ian opens the door to go down on the brooding, tattooed stranger before bending over to let Drew tongue and bareback his hairy hole. The vacant parking lot fills with the echoes of Drew slamming himself into Ian's ass as the two men work up a serious sweat between their vehicles.

Raw Road Nation - Update

December 24, 2022

Bummed On The Beach

Two fit as fuck real men get it off downstairs in more ways than one!! Gorgeous tattooed fruity pink-haired bottom is literally "gagging" 4 it!! Real skinhead has been on shift in just shorts and a high vis with no top! Bet it’s hot sweaty work, cause the shorts came off too leaving him sat bare arsed on the cold barrel. He didn’t give a shit cause all he could think about was exposing his manly member to his boy and ramming it all the way down his throat!

Bentley Race - Update

December 21, 2022

Charlie Sparks

I love it when my mates bring their mates along to their shoot. Last week the beautiful Dante De Moro brought his mate Charlie Sparks to his shoot. Well Charlie was very keen to get naked too. Initially Dante did his shoot while Charlie filmed some BTS footage. This gave the sexy 30 year old a chance to see how the shoots work. When it came time for Charlie to get naked he was already rock hard in his bright jockstrap. I directed him slowly through a strip tease before getting fully naked. Our hot new mate is very fit, has a perfect full bum, and a big rock hard cock. I found it hard to keep focus as he meant over spreading his bum cheeks toward me. This was a simple solo shoot for Charlie. But I think he'll be doing a lot more with our mates very soon. Charlie is a great addition to our summer line up of mates.

Treasure Island Media - Update

December 19, 2022

Tommy Trash & Killian

The British are back! In the first scene from our new London studio, resident TIM slave Tommy Trash gets a deep pounding from dominant northern lad Killian. Killian puts the little muscle slave's mouth to use before making him arch his back for a good fucking. Killian doesn't do pulling out, and he blows his load deep in Tommy, leaving him with a cream-pied hole.

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