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House Of Angell - Update

Tuesday February 20, 2024

Have I Earened Dad's Load

This story chronicles the deep profound love between a father and son. Liam Angell shows the hunger he has for his Dad James York and services him to earn the load that he hungers for. Intimacy and bonding is at the core of their relationship and no one can satisfy Liam like his Dad.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 11, 2024

Donny Takes Daddy Fulton Raw

When Peter Fulton arrives, Donny Ray finds the daddy he has been looking forward to barebacking his black ass. Peter begins by feeding his big dick to the young man, thrusting it down his throat until he's gagging. Peter then spits on his hole and shoves his raw cock in balls deep. Little Donnie eventually goes limp, like a rag doll, under the forceful thrusts of Peter's big meat. After Peter explodes and fills the young man's ass with his seed, Donnie takes the spent cock into his mouth, tasting his own ass, and Daddy's cum, as he strokes cum gusher from his nuts.

Hot Older Male - Update

February 08, 2024

Daddy Patrick & Hawk

Daddy Patrick and his thick dick win the opportunity to fuck sexy Hawk McAllistar's tight hole and he doesn't pass up on the chance. Hawk gets daddy good and hard before daddy pounds Hawk's hot hole into submission. See the full scene here.

Hairy and Raw - Update

February 06, 2024

Dallas & Atlas

Bearded, furry muscle bear Atlas Grant is on his knees, ass out for Dallas Steele to take. Wearing his "fuck socks," tattooed Atlas anxiously awaits for Dallas to touch him. But the silver daddy prolongs the moment, creating a higher sexual tension for both. Dallas leans back, stroking that thick cock of his but soon spanks Atlas's meaty ass. Dallas unzips what Atlas is wearing, exposing the hairy ass, then proceeds to finger fuck him. But Atlas can't wait any longer. He stands, peels off his sexy garment, and drops to his knees. This little piggy devours Dallas as if that cock were filet mignon, slobbering over the thick, throbbing tool. Silver piggy Dallas, returns the favor by eating out Atlas with a good, sloppy rim job. Trust us, your hole will be puckering after this ass eating!

Hot Older Male - Update

February 04, 2024

Load Me Up 2

Alessio Fills Dillon to the Brim: Daddy Dillon Hess and his big swinging dick are horny for Alessio Romero's beautiful latin cock and takes it every way he can. Alessio sucks on daddy Dillon's hot dick until he's worked up and hard before sinking that hard meat all up in Dillon's hole. See the full scene here.

Hot Older Male - Update

February 02, 2024

Load Me Up

Parker Matson and Sir Jet: Muscle daddy Sir Jet loves taking loads and can't wait to add hung daddy Parker Matson's to his hole. Parker is happy to oblige as he sinks his huge daddy cock in Jet's tight, hungry, muscle hole until he fills him deep with his creamy load. Watch the full scene here.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 30, 2024

Rock Hard

When those dreamy brown eyes look up at you and this rock-hard muscle boy says “Ay Papi” you can’t help but lose your shit just like Will Angell did when he last spent time with Sancho Chapin. Has there ever been a more beautiful handful of manhood? The body doesn’t quit nor does this young man’s ability to blow his Daddy away with his passion.

ASGMAX - Update

January 28, 2024

Thick, Solid & Heavy

While helping his friend move, Tony Orion notices something else besides the furniture that is thick and solid as King Cuba rubs his cock. They take a break and have a hardcore fuck session!

House Of Angell - Update

January 22, 2024


Imagine your boys hole pulsing, spasming, and pulling on your cock, over and over again! That’s the kind of magic Dean Matthews delivers to his Daddy Will Angell and big brother Liam Angell. This handsome young man has mastered the art of the anal orgasm. His hole may be like a carnival ride, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he doesn’t throw the best fuck too. We might have found the perfect boy here.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 03, 2024

Dad Bait

James York and buddy Will Angell take it old-school and have a good old-fashioned bate session together. Just like back when they were learning what their cocks were good for and would get together with some school buddies and stroke off together. Masturbation is the most natural and earliest learned way for men to get off. Ready for some great male bonding? Then take those cocks out and get stroking baters.

BiPhoria - Update

January 02, 2024

Gilligan's Bi-Land: Sc 2

The Millionaire (Dale Savage) and his wife (Dee Williams) miss having young studs working for them, and more than that, they miss getting young hot cock. The Millionaire gets the bright idea to bring the gullible Gilligan (Michael DelRay) into the fold and tell him he's getting the chance to join their private club. He's game, and when he realizes he gets more with club admission than he bargained for, he's more than happy to be their fucktoy.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

December 30, 2023

Milk A Bull

Daddy’s livestock ranch has a couple of new bulls. We work them hard here so we can enjoy all that muscle. TK tops out over 300 pounds so there is a lot of muscle to enjoy. Will and Berry get this Black Angus all oiled up and off, spraying a big load of bull seed everywhere.

Gaycest - Update

December 28, 2023

The Ties That Bind Tape 5

Closer: Mr. Marko is off on another business trip and it's time to say goodbye to his nephew. Since Mr. Marko found him and introduced him to his father, Dr. Wolf, the three of them have had a lot of fun together. Serg has a parting request for his uncle, though: Serg has never fucked a man before and he would like Mr. Marko to be his first. Mr. Marko can't say no to his nephew, of course. Dr. Wolf helps Serg get started but he just can't help but get in on the fun. Soon he has his fat cock buried in his son's hole, forcing the boy to fuck back onto his dad's dick then thrust his boy cock forward into his uncle. All three of them are loving it, but before Serg can breed his Uncle, Mr. Marko and Serg's dad want to remind the boy of his place in the family hierarchy. Dr. Wolf lays back on the sofa and tells Serg to climb on.

Peter Fever - Update

December 28, 2023

Circle Jerk of Life Ep. 5

Cumpleting the Circle - What would any good porn story be without its happy ending in the form of a big group scene orgy? This Circle Jerk of Life is no different. When Kai and Sunny snuggle up like new bffs next to the fire pit, Dane has a seat next to them and begins kissing and massaging Sunny. Meanwhile, officious host Jessie keeps bobbing up behind the deck rail to have a peek. Wearing a Groucho disguise of bushy eyebrows, mustache and thick black glasses, he finally breaks into the action to announce "It's circle jerk time!" Ditching the goofy gear, he kisses Dane and the festivities kick off in grand style. As Dane gobbles down Jessie's big knob, Sunny slurps on Kai. Like any proper orgy, the lines get muddled and soon all four are a writhing, moaning mass of man flesh. Dicks slip down throats in every hot combination.

Peter Fever - Update

December 14, 2023

Circle Jerk of Life Ep. 3

Rubbing It Out - Nothing's more relaxing after a busy day of work than a nice, deep, penetrating massage from a handsome guy. And Jessie NEEDS to cool down. "Time for my massage. Come HERE, boy!" he shouts as Dane comes scurrying in. Jessie slips off his towel and lies face down on the table as Dane begins buttering him up with compliments. "You have such SOFT skin!" he remarks as his talented hands work deep into the crevices and knots. As Jessie rolls over to reveal a big fat hardon, he commands, "Worship me, boy!" That's when things take a turn for the seXXXy. Dane takes Jessie's thick fuck-tool down his throat and starts worshiping. Jessie reaches down and gives Dane's head a helping hand to get his dick even further into his thirsty gullet.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

December 06, 2023

Joris & Fernand

On the way home from classes, Latin boy Fernand stops by his favorite daddy's house for some dad and son bareback sex. Joris is already sporting a big boner when he approaches the young man and soon Fernand has that fat cock in his mouth. A mature friend of Joris happens to be visiting and decides to get his cock in the boy's mouth, as well. After a long double oral session, the skinny and smooth boy bends over and Joris fucks him from behind. This turns into a threesome spit roasting, with both daddies getting a piece of that young ass. A raw daisy chain fuck follows, before Joris breeds the boy's well used ass. Fernand finishes by filling his daddy's mouth with warm cum.

Raw Road Nation - Update

November 19, 2023

Desperate For Cum Daddy

Building an appetite in the kitchen for dirty dick. Handsome daddy wants to suck on the lads cock. They get him on his knees and spit on his face. He's working their cocks hard knowing they are gonna pound him after him. Desperate for them both give him their loads. As the moustache blonde guy pours his cum into his throat, capped lad Leo seeing a opportunity for a tight ass hole fucks, gets close and sprays his jizz all over the daddy's face.

Boy For Sale - Update

November 17, 2023

The Boy Noah Ch 4

Appraisal: Master Stone did his best to remain neutral when it came to the Slaveboys he liked to play with, but would oftentimes find himself getting lost in the moans that he could force out of them. This product in question, The Boy Noah, was exactly that to him. Stone had played with this twink before, but tonight would be the first time that he would play alongside another group—Master Reese and Master Marko. Master Stone followed the traditional routine for an Appraisal, examining the boy's body thoroughly with slow, lingering fingers. He reveled in his ability to make Boy Noah break the silence with the softest of moans as his Master took ownership over his twink body. Master Stone's hands found The Boy's erect cock, granting access to the boy to the other Masters.

House Of Angell - Update

October 27, 2023

Big Cock Coaching

Never will we see any cock make Liam Angell tap out, but when Big Coach Mike comes to train him with his massive 8x8 inch horse cock it’s all Liam can do to take it all. Mike specializes in training bottoms to take giant cock and you know that’s a team Liam wants to be on. Of course after Liam’s hole is gapped and gushing with Mike’s massive load Will Angell can’t resist some sloppy seconds.

Fuckermate - Update

October 23, 2023

Mad For Cock

This week are happy to introduce you James Keresford from UK. James is a tall, muscular, blue eyed British man living in the USA, with a massive cock and an insatiable craving for fucking tight asses as much hard as possible! And the best choice for him could only be to pair him with a horny Latin bottom like our sweet Colombian Oskar Ivan! You know Oskar was born to cope with the biggest dicks around and James gifts him with his raw thick cock, fucking and destroying that willing hole like a master!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

October 19, 2023

Desire Down Under

You know that feeling down under. That itch you need a man to help you scratch. Well, Dan Down Under showed up with a few itches that needed attention. Nothing the team of Will and Liam Angell can't handle. From his mouth to his nipples and on to his cock and ass, it all gets taken care of with plenty of stroking and loading. Liam has finally completed his men of the world collection.

Private Playground XXX - Update

October 14, 2023

Glowball Part 1

PPX's first black light event is here, GLOWBALL! Neon gear, LED lights, and black light paint galore. When the spotlights go down, watch as these men experience a gut reaction to fuck like animals!

Maverick Men - Update

October 13, 2023

Hairy Hole Hunters

Some guys just drip sex appeal! When we first met Jason we thought woof, this guy is super sexy hairy and smelled amazing lol...then we fucked and fucked and fucked some more. This guy is a perfect hairy stuff muffin, we have shot several videos with him and hope to shoot and share more with you guys.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

September 30, 2023

Bedtime Story

Every good boy deserves some one-on-one time with his Daddy. Even the great big tatted up muscle beasts like Davin Strong. He curls up on his Daddy Will Angell as the two settle in for some quiet time together. Sometimes story time leads to a tutorial on some important life lessons on how a boy can fulfill his Dad's needs.

Boy Fun - Update

September 25, 2023

More Boys In The Bedroom

You can never have too many adorable boys with hard cocks in one bedroom. BoyFun star Archi Gold is already at work sucking and slurping the delicious dick of his friend Dominik Xoxo while adorable pals Junior Jones and Justin Host are busy making out on the couch in the next room. The urgency increases for both groups of boys, but we already know how this is going to go. Just as Dominik invades little Archi's ass with his bareback dong the two other boys sneak into the doorway to catch them in the act. We can only assume their gaydar alerted them to the opportunity nearby, and an excellent opportunity it turns out to be. After just a few moments of kinky spying the two are eager to strip off their clothes and join their roommates on the bed, and of course they're eagerly welcomed.

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