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GDude-JP - Update

March 21, 2021

Fans Wish

Wouldn't you love to be the lucky fan who hit the jackpot at our fan meetup and won a private date with me, Gunryu? I was introducing myself and signing autographs when I noticed a surprisingly cute stud who obviously wanted my attention. Was I thinking out loud, cause he pulled up his courage and expressed his admiration with some sexy seductive action. This hot little fan deserved an unforgettable memory with his idol, and I'm just the guy to give him a souvenir he'll never forget.

Hot Older Male - Update

March 12, 2021

Jake & Alex

When hot silver Daddy Jake Marshall hooks up with hot muscle bear Alex Tikas, these two go at each other's cocks and holes in a reckless frenzy. Who wouldn't, with Jake's sexy silver dad vibe and Alex's huge, thick uncut cock dripping from the get go? Damn, we love these guys.

Bear Films - Update

February 21, 2021

Bearsilien & Steve

After making repairs in a warehouse, Steve Sommers gets the reward he was hoping for in the form of bearded, indie bear, Bearsilien. Prepped and ready to go, Steve chows down on the inked and pierced Bearsilian's fat, uncut, mouth-watering cock. He then buries his face in the man's incredibly fuzzy ass and the next thing you know, the usually bottom Steve is pounding the hell out of Bearsilien in a sling! The horny bareback fuckers then flip and Bearsilian takes ownership of Steve's ass and hole, slamming into him until they blow.

Hot Older Male - Update

February 19, 2021

Mitch & Daddy Bull Bear

Mitch Davis and Daddy Bull Bear - The one rule in this dungeon is do as daddy says so when Mitch Davis hooks up with beefy Daddy Bull Bear he takes that dick no questions asked. Mitch sucks on that fat daddy dick before taking up his hole with pleasure. Daddy Bear has gotta breed so he fills that hole with a huge creamy load.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

February 08, 2021

Pig Fest Gang Bang

Hamburg Pigfest Orgy filmed on location in a dirty sexclub. Why is it a pigfest? It's all there; pighole breeding and lots and lots of pissplay. oink oink. Watch me, Viktor Rom, Darek Kraft fuck Drew Dixon and Sultan Rhodos. They get a pounding of a lifetime while we swap them around like the sluts they are. Throat fucking in a cage, pissing on each other and breeding in slings are on all on the menu in this nasty non-stop 5 man orgy. Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed filming it.

Breed Me Raw - Update

January 31, 2021

Jay & Luis

When Jay Ricci told us he has a buddy who was interested in not just playing with him for the first time, but was willing to do it on film, we were kind of nervous. Those fears were put to rest very quickly once these two got on set. The energy between Jay and Luis Casola was super intense, so we decided to make it last just a little longer by putting Luis on the St. Andrews Cross and making Jay tease and please before actually fucking. It only added to the build up of penetration which in itself was explosive!

Hairy and Raw - Update

January 30, 2021

Daemon & Owen

There are places that bring out the slut in all of us. Fort Lauderdale's own Inn Leather, where this scene was filmed, is one of those places. It reeks of sex as it basks under the sun and you can just about feel all the sex men have had there over the years. And just as there are places that get your juices flowing, certain people can do the same. Take Daemon Sadi Said for example, a walking, talking sex mobile, ready to drop trou and open for just about anything. He helps Owen Powers bring out his inner slut but, to be fair, Owen's inner whore isn't buried deep. This is what happens when two inhibited men start to fuck. The kissing, the cock sucking and definitely the musky rimming and tongue fucking.

Bear Films - Update

January 25, 2021


If you are into daddies types and leather, then you know there is nothing hotter than two sexy and very playful, leather daddies working each other over. And that's just what you get with Ale Tedesco and Steve Sommers. A little nipple biting, ball slapping, spit, restraint play, hole teasing, cock sucking and total pleasure. All that before they jump into the sling, where they flip fuck raw, back and forth, filling up their daddy holes in every possible position until Steve is covered in both their cum.

Falcon Studios - Update

January 18, 2021

Hookups & Fuck Downs

Horny Colton Reece and sexy Beaux Banks waste no time getting each other out of their clothes. Beaux goes for it first and pulls Colton's jeans to his ankles to reveal his thick, big dick. Beaux gets straight to working his mouth all around Colton's shaft. When Colton sees how much Beaux loves sucking cock, he grabs the back of Beaux's head and holds it all the way down to the base of his dick, making Beaux gag. Beaux pushes Colton back into a sling to keep deepthroating his monster cock. When Colton wants a taste, Beaux climbs into the sling and sits on Colton's face. In a passionate 69, Beaux gags himself on Colton's cock while Colton uses his tongue to probe Beaux's smooth hole. Beaux wants more, so he spins around in the sling and impales himself on Colton's fat meat.

Bear Films - Update

January 11, 2021

Kosher & Topher

You know how sometimes you just need to get off in the worst way possible? Like if you don't get off you're going to explode. Take Kosher Pig and Topher Michels as an example. The two pigs need to fuck and they need to fuck quick. Kosher likes cock. No, wait. That's not right. He freakin' LOVES cock! Why else would he drop to his knees so quick? He all but inhales Topher's fat dick like it's a drug, snarfing it down to the balls before giving up his hairy, meaty ass. Bearded Kosher, in jockstrap, knee-hi socks, boots and chain harness, looks the part of the pig and that's because he is. Anything you want, any hole you wanna plug, as long as the cock is raw. Topher, clad in a leather harness and wearing a cock ring, goes the distance.

Hot Older Male - Update

January 07, 2021

Dads Trip 2

Ray Diesel and Bartender Michael Roman - Ray Diesel relives the night he had with hot bartender Michael Roman in the next Dads Trip scene. Ray starts off a little shy but soon he's got that massive big black dick of his deep down Michael's throat and all the way up that tight, muscle hole. These two guy just love interracial gay sex and you will too after cumming so hard to this awesome sex scene.

Breed Me Raw - Update

January 05, 2021

Ray & Matt

The inn leather of Fort Lauderdale, FL was the perfect setting for this hot scene between Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens. They didn't mind that a party was going on and people watched. Some hot kissing and cock sucking quickly turned into Ray's huge cock being sucked up by Matt's open hole. Watching those two fuck in the open air was very hot. They had a great chemistry which ended in two very messy cum shots.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

January 03, 2021

Sexyrettroking & Ryan Spade

SexyRetroKing (@SexyRetroKing) & Ryan Spade @RyanSpadexxx don leather and get nasty with each other. These two guys really are into hot nasty kinky gay sex. All that leather and sex swing will make any real man as hard as a rock. If you love interracial gay kinky sex, you've hit the jackpot here. Just make sure you bring extra cum rags to the party, you'll need them.

Peter Fever - Update

January 02, 2021

Zombie Cum Suckers 2

Jack Hunter and David Ace are the (un)lucky invitees to a mysterious sex party arranged by the zombies. When they comb the hallways looking for other guests, David spots Zario Travezz, inhumanly sexy in 70s leather stud regalia, and follows him into a sling room. Once the action heats up, Jack peers through the cracked-open door for his own jollies. David begins slicking up Zario's huge cock with a juicy blowjob. Zario leads him to the sling and presses him down onto the leather. He burrows his tongue into David's hungry hole with an inhuman drive. "Ready for this dick?" he teases, and drills balls deep and bareback into David. Deftly rocking the chains back and forth, he treats David to the ride (and fuck) of his life.

Breed Me Raw - Update

December 20, 2020

Mathieu and Marcus

We brought Marcus Angel up to Montreal for a filming weekend and paired him with some of our fun, hot guys like Mathieu Issacs. Who was more than happy to sit in the sling and be a trapped, dick slave for Marcus. Not one to shy from getting his hole licked, It was hot when Marcus decided to climb up the sling and sit on Mathieu's face, before jumping down and sliding his rock-hard cock into his willing bottoms hole. He worked that hole till he was ready to shoot a nice load out, in and all over it. Just in time for dinner! Check out this hot scene now!

Breed Me Raw - Update

December 10, 2020

Marcos & Ray

When we set up the last scene of the production weekend we didn't know what to expect, but we are glad we got Ray Dalton and Marcos Mateo together at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale. As soon as they got on set we knew we were in for a treat! It didn't take long before they were all over each other and cameras were rolling. Hard cocks and willing holes! Marcos sucked on Ray's huge cock, getting it pumped and ready. Ray, who loves eating ass, had his best meal of the day with his face between Marcos beautiful cheeks. And the deep, raw fucking just topped everything off! For sure a scene you don't want to miss!

Hot Older Male - Update

November 15, 2020

Tucker & Aaron Get Wilde

Big, beefy Tucker Wilde hooks up with hot daddy Aaron Trainer at the sex club and makes Aaron get all over that big uncut cock of his before filling his daddy hole. Aaron returns the favor, though, and fills Tucker's big, hairy ass with his black daddy meat. If you love watching sexy older men with chemistry, you'll love these two. Everything is so natural and real all you really say it...Damn!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

November 10, 2020

Liams 2 Dad's

Isn’t it every boy’s fantasy to have two Daddies to love and service? Well, Liam Angell is that kind of boy. Watch lucky Liam hit the Daddy jackpot when he is shared by the two Uber-Daddies, Will Angell and Mack Austin. What boy wouldn’t love to be the meat in that Daddy sandwich? Liam is going to be picking hair out of his teeth for months! MuscleBearPorn has become the one-stop for the hottest Muscle Bear Daddies anywhere.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

November 03, 2020

Raw Black Cock

Kamrun didn't mind sucking the boy cock of Rowdy McBeal, cause he knew it was just a prelude to barebacking that young tight boy butt. But not after he got his face right in there and ate it out making it all wet and excited for some hot raw black cock. Rowdy didn't waste time hoping into that sling and opening his boy hole wide for that fat uncut cock and then his ass just swallowed it down to the base letting Kamrun do whatever he wanted to that hot boy ass!

Hot Older Male - Update

October 21, 2020

Daddy & Boy Reunion

Big-dicked silver daddy Paul Johnson hasn't seen his sexy boy Jack Beam in a while, so when they have a reunion Paul enjoyed every bit of Jack's beautiful boy butt. Jack gets so excited playing with daddy Paul that he shoots twice, once all over his daddy's hairy hole. There's nothing sexier than daddy's hairy hole covered with thick creamy man seed.

Masqulin - Update

October 11, 2020

Daddy Sitter 3

It’s guy’s poker night at Manuel Skye’s house and he has made sure to have the sitter Jake Nobello watching the little one upstairs. Markus Kage and Drew Dixon are enjoying guy’s night, but they can’t wait for the little slut Jake to be free so they can unload more than just their cash. Jake’s little tight butt is about to be the bottom end of a Daddy Gangbang!

Next Door Raw - Update

September 20, 2020

Breeding Grounds

These two hot and horny studs, Adrian Hart & Nic Sahara are ready for some nasty fucking! If you love hot hardcore deep barebacking Interracial Sex, then you'll absolutely adore this scene. Adrian and Nic hold nothing back and can't wait to get the action in high gear. Nic can't wait to get Adrian's big fat hard cock deep into his mouth and it pays off. Utilizing a sex swing Nic doesn't just stop at oral, he pulls out his cock and jams it deep up Adrian's ass and pounds him like there's not tomorrow.

Bear Films - Update

September 14, 2020

Mac & Sig

Married couple Mac and Sig Raider show us how they remain busy during such turbulent times: suck cock, breed, and carry-on! Mac is bald, bearded, and super hung, while Sig resembles that blond stuffed teddy bear you still sleep with and cuddle after all this time. Sig drops to his knees to service big-dicked Mac then gets up in their sling for a bareback fuck that is deep, passionate, and complete with a hot planting of freshly pumped seed. Sluuurrrp!

Masqulin - Update

September 11, 2020

It's a Small World

Ace Quinn has been ordering in a lot, mostly because he has developed a crush on the sexy Ethan Chase. But as with most crushes, he commits the idea to fantasy, until he sees Ethan on the PansApp and decides that the next time his sexy boy toy brings him dinner, he will get a lot more than just a tip! The two hot young studs end up worshiping each other’s hard muscular bodies. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

August 11, 2020

Breeding Tiger

This film has been many years in the making. Daddy Will and Tigger Red have always had a love for each other ever since they first caught the others eye, but something always stood in the way of their meeting. Finally, with all those years of pent-up frustration Daddy finally gets to mark up and claim that sweet black pussy and it was certainly worth the wait. You may find it a bit taboo, but if Tigger wants to be seeded by a big Dominant white Alpha, isn’t he entitled to live his fantasies just like everybody else?

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