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The BigCMen - Update

January 16, 2022

Late Night Gym Fuck

Don't miss this SUPER HOT 32 minute video "XMAS EVE POST- Late Night Gym Fuck: Big C Tops Julian Torres & Bobby Ryker, Zario Travezz Films". I've been crazy busy recently because we plan on selling this house and buying an amazing 5 acre ranch. We are in escrow now! Anyway, I just got this video edited and wanted to get it posted as a XMAS treat for ya' all. The Colby Keller vid is next up, stay tuned and Happy Holidays!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

January 15, 2022

Prostrate Milking

What’s a best friend for if not to tear your hole open now and then? Will Angell bottoms for the men in his life he really cares about and no one gets more of Will’s hole than Jason Collins. There’s plenty good reason for that since Jason plays Will like a violin. He’s like a surgeon with that big dick hitting just the right spots and milking Will’s prostate until the bull’s load flows freely. There's nothing sexier than muscle bears getting down and dirty.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

January 10, 2022

Jack & Romeo Ch. 1

Raw Fuck Boys continues with a red hot dungeon fuck-fest featuring sandy-haired twink, Jack Bailey, and the tattoo-covered, dangerous-looking, Romeo Davis. The two guys kiss passionately, almost desperately. Romeo wraps his hands around Jack's neck. It's important the boy knows who's calling the shots… Jack licks and sucks on Romeo's nipples. The older dude smiles wickedly and thinks nasty thoughts. This twink's gonna get it hard. Romeo casually spits on his hand and starts to ram his fingers into the boy's tight hole. Romeo's trunks come down and his immense dick springs out, ready for action. Boy-whore, Jack, dutifully drops to his knees and gets sucking. Within seconds he's choking, taking Romeo's massive meat deep into his hungry throat.

Raw Road Nation - Update

January 05, 2022

Big Cock Alphas Top

2 Big Cock Alpha Tops crash a fetish club and immediately a subservient cock sucker gets to work chomping down on both their enormous dicks. They both are rock hard, so big it doesn’t fit in that guy’s mouth. The rough men finger, spit, lick and shove their cocks into that hairy ass. Taking turns to stretch open that willing hole. Fucking him from both ends before leaving him to look for more hungry holes. Coming across some sleazy tattooed bloke, one look at their massive cocks, tries to get out of it but before long finds himself on his knees with both cocks jamming into his face. No-ones hole is safe with these 2 dominating tops - they’ll see that their dicks gets the serving they deserve then leave you cum filled like a dirty little slut.

Raw Fuck Boys - Update

December 30, 2021

Johnny & Tom Ch. 1

Raw Fuck Boys hurtles into the latest of its all-new, all-breeding scenes with a sizzlingly hot dungeon session featuring Johnny Ford and Tom Bentley. These guys have incredible chemistry. They intensely want each other and they're not gonna stop until they've had everything they need. Mega-horny, tiny blond twink, Tom, is gasping and moaning from the start, literally melting into the muscular arms of mega-DILF, Johnny, as the two guys kiss fervently. Tom has soon dropped to his knees, his soft boy lips wrapped around the sexy older man's ever-swelling meat in what rapidly becomes a frenzy of frantic gobbling. Johnny leads Tom to a sling in the corner of the room and encourages the boy to climb on board. Moments later, Johnny is squatting between Tom's widely-spread legs, using his talented tongue to tease and tempt.

Peter Fever - Update

December 28, 2021

Peter Fever's Gay Squid 3

"The VIP" - Sneaky detective Nolan is investigating the Game in his undercover disguise as a Guard, and now is serving cocktails to a wealthy VIP watching the festivities on his mobile from the comfort of a secluded sling. He may be a rich ruthless capitalist, but this handsome VIP (Trent Marx) is a horny sexpig himself once you get to know him. And Nolan is about to get to know him all the way to the depths of his sweet muscle ass. "Nice build, let me see your handsome face," the VIP remarks as he swills down his cocktail. They jack together cock to cock, slurp down each others' woodies. And before you know it these two are ramming stiff raw cock and bare ass together in that comfy and convenient sling. With dick buried balls deep in the insatiable VIP stud, Nolan feels just what's drawing in these sexpigs to the Game.

Hairy and Raw - Update

December 24, 2021

Ray & Matt

The inn leather of Fort Lauderdale, FL was the perfect setting for this hot scene between Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens. They didn't mind that a party was going on and people watched. Some hot kissing and cock sucking quickly turned into Ray's huge cock being sucked up by Matt's open hole. Watching those two fuck in the open air was very hot. They had a great chemistry which ended in two very messy cum shots.

House Of Angell - Update

December 20, 2021

Lucky Liam Angell

What a lucky boy Liam Angell is. He has two Dads to fuck him and one even lets him fuck back! Will Angell and hubby Bishop Angus teach their boy Liam how to fuck like a pro. Just the image of thick beefy Bishop splayed open in the sling, his fat monster thick cock bouncing on his meaty belly until Liam pulls a load out of him is a dream come true. These are some hot and sexy beefy Bears that just can't get enough.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

December 17, 2021

Bear Skin

When Dad Will Angell puts the beautiful uncut bear Xander Fierro in his sling, passion explodes like Xander's cock. Looking into the young bear's eyes, Will strokes that sweet hole until Xander pumps a load on himself and his hole can't hold all the sticky bear juice inside. Intamancy and desire is what these two creatures share and you will love it.

Cocky Boys - Update

December 08, 2021

Austin, Brock & Max

In the LOVE HAPPENS finale, uptight mindfulness coach Brock Bankski (Brock Banks) finally sees the light ..with the help of radical faeries Max Adonis & Austin Avery! Brock's sexual awakening retreat didn't go as planned after being hijacked by Max & Austin and their friends, and Brock confronts Max about it. But Max gets Brock to see the weekend was actually a big success...and he should enjoy it as much as his guests. After a liberating frolic in the water, Max prods Brock to take one more step into the unknown by walking to a hidden spot on the retreat's grounds. Surrounded by sheer white flowing curtains Brock lies floating on a sling, stroking his cock...and being watched by Max & Austin. Soon they step into the circle and began to pleasure Brock.

Next Door Raw - Update

December 04, 2021

Cum In The Back

Kyle Connors and Justin Lewis have finally found a place to fuck. It's kind of sketchy, but also? It's got everything these two need for this steamy scene. These two sexy stud love what they do and even more in front of a camera. Add a sex swing in the mix and you got flip fucking, ass munching and two hot guys loving every bit of it. Make sure you bring a few extra cum rags for this scene. You'll need them!

House Of Angell - Update

December 03, 2021

Der Wolf

Will and Liam Angell's Cub Jack Reed is a wild creature. Wiry and cunning, strong and smart, he fucks like an untamed beast. Wrapped in leather, his smooth, creamy white skin exudes inner strength and power. He plants his wild seed deep in his Daddy Liam's hole and takes his rightful place as pack alpha like his Daddy Will. This is a translation of what was written in German. It's pretty close but you can watch and fill in all the blacks.

Young Bastards - Update

November 28, 2021

Taught Taking 2 Bare Cocks

Cute little Tommy never suspected he was being delivered to a Dom lad like Vincent by his horny friend Lance, but once he’s roped up tight there’s not much he could do about it. He might be a little worried when his pants are pulled down and his mouth is gagged with tape, but he doesn’t seem to be complaining when that tape is removed for him to suck the two hard penises Vincent and his friend Lance have for him to service. The obedient boy gobbles the offered dongs, their precum leaking into his mouth while he learns how to please them the right way. It’s just the appetizer, of course. With their Dom shafts wet and slick with spit and lube the two are soon taking turns to fill his innocent ass with their inches, each Dom boy fucking his pucker while the other continues to feed him their raw meat.

Hairy and Raw - Update

November 25, 2021

Eric, Victor & Mike

Eric Wolfe is super horned up when he sees Mike Schiltz and that fat cock of his. Adjusting the sling, he knowing he's going to take the bearded otter up his ass. Mike rims the hungry ginger's greedy ass, priming him for a good fuck. Filmed on location at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, the only lube Mike uses is his own spit. Slowly but surely, he works that curved thick cock inside his bottom ginger and pounds away, fucking Eric into bareback oblivion. When he flips Eric over Mike starts fucking the ginger bear again, but there's a twist. Victor Cody, a local porn director has been peeking through the window watching the two of them fuck. He walks in on the action and cuts in, tag teaming the bottom cock slut. When Mike breeds Eric, Victor follows, unloading all over the ginger's ass before seeding his already sloppy hole.

House Of Angell - Update

November 05, 2021

Like A Glove-Un

As men we grow up being told that our cock is our sex organ and most of us never question that. Imagine how it must feel to be obsessed with something else, perhaps it’s your asshole, or your nipples, or your feet, or anything else. How easy would it be for a young impressionable boy to start feeling like a freak? Well, House of Angell welcomes those freaks. Will Angell is obsessed with his nipples and his beautiful boy HungerFF is obsessed with his prolapse. The two find love and acceptance together where they can truly share their unusual sex organs while being beautiful in each other’s eyes.

Masqulin - Update

November 04, 2021


Aspiring gymnast Tan Blitz is getting lessons from Spiritual XXX model and professional acrobat Manuel Skye. After stretching and a few moves on the horizontal bar, things seem to heat up and the sexual tension intensifies. So Tan recommends they move the training somewhere private where Manuel shows him why he's known as a top big-dicked pornstar. The artistry and beauty these two studs show is both erotic and awesome.

Hot Older Male - Update

August 26, 2021

Atlas Takes It All

Atlas Grant Takes All He Can from Jack Dixon and Ray Diesel - When sexy Atlas Grant and his fat booty get a look at the huge cocks of Jack Dixon and Ray Diesel, he moans before the first dick is in him. Jack and Ray share this greedy bottom like the two excellent top studs they are! They are relentless and last a lot longer than most guys could at even half their age. Looks like we need to go a Bear Daddy Hunting!

Cocky Boys - Update

July 14, 2021

Drew & Troye

School is in session for some sex education in the "What's Your Kink?" second series finale! The teacher is sexually well-versed Drew Dixon whose pupil Troye Jacobs gets his first sling experience!. In his first "lesson", excited but slightly nervous, Troye is eased into the experience as Drew shows him that the sling amplifies the Dom-sub, power & control dynamic...which Troye definitely wants. In the sling experience, Troy gets the royal treatment as Drew plays with his body, talks dirty to him in a sensuous voice, and fingers him. Then as Drew laps at his hole, Troy's experience is heightened by watching himself in the mirror above him. Drew turns his attention to Troye's big dick with deep & slow sucking followed by steady stroking as he exerts his control and edges Troye.

Bromo - Update

June 27, 2021


James Huck waits for his date with a dildo strapped to his face. He watches, motionless, as Louis lets himself in and strips down to his assless briefs. Louis deepthroats the dildo, then sits on a seatless stool as James lies with his face below it and slides the toy into the bottom's hole. Louis lies back in a sex swing as the top face-fucks the dildo into his ass, then unstraps the toy before fucking Louis missionary. James sucks the bottom's cock till Louis cums, then it's his turn to enjoy Louis's hole some more as he fucks him doggystyle and blows his load on the twink's pretty ass.

UK Naked Men - Update

June 20, 2021

Alex, Alan & Florian

Hot diddley Damn, is there anything better than a hot, raw dick up your arse? YES - TWO and this lucky plucky lad is getting it always. Alex Morgan is our very willing and very able bottom, taking on Alan Davis and Florian Mraz as they use every hole the can fit, flinging him on the fuck bench to expose mouth, arse and sexy lil Alex is LUVIN' it luvin' it. The guys take it in turns sliding their hot poles into his eager mouth, right down his hot, wet throat, then when they're good and spit lubed, OOOOOH daddy! Its hard to choose an end, every holes a goal and he's pushing back for every hot bareback inch as Alex and Florian take their pleasures, slam--dunka fucking this hottie. And such handsome strapping, overly hung guys, he'll be sitting on a rubber ing tonight!

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

May 18, 2021

Gimme More Cock Daddy

There is a moment when you realize that the men who have you pinned down in the sling aren’t going to let you out until they’re done with you. Scott Ryder’s sweet face shows both the pleasure and the panic when he realizes he has two big hungry bear Daddies he needs to satisfy if he ever hopes to free himself from the fat cocks that are assaulting his throat and boy hole. Luckily Daddy’s Will and Liam Angell will give him plenty of cream to coat his torn-up cum hole.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

April 17, 2021

Pleasing Daddy's Hole

Draven Torres is one hell of an all-purpose boy. Not only can he take a pounding, but when Daddy Will Angell feels like he wants some special attention down in his furry manhole, Draven is right there to please. He makes Daddy's Bear hole the center of his universe with his mouth, hands, and any other tool he can reach. Daddy's prostate is going to feel this for a long time. Some boys are just good at everything!

Bromo - Update

April 10, 2021

Swing That Sling

Leathermen Vince Parker and Jake Nicola are ready for some playtime, so the hairy, bearded top straps his bottom's wrists and ankles together so he can spread his cheeks wide and penetrate that hole, first with his tongue and fingers, and then with a dildo. After fucking the bottom's throat, he puts him in the sex sling where he can pound that ass till the bottom cums all over his hairy chest, then begs for that big leather daddy creampie load.

The BigCMen - Update

April 07, 2021

Hot Fan Fuck

Here is the Scorching HOT 39 minute Part 2 of "Insanely Hot Fan Fuck: Big C Fucks A Very Talented Fan". This super sexy Fan came over the previous day, and we had a fuck filled passionate night of fun. He got a phone call and had to abruptly leave, but he promised me he would return the next day. Sure enough, he showed up the next day ready for more. I was shocked he wasn't even the least bit sore, especially since most the fucking was just spit and no lube!! Anyway, we fuck hard and I get that nice deep Daddy Breed in, then make him blow his boy load. I gave him a tour of the new gym, and one thing led to another-- Breed number 2 in the sling! Such great chemistry with this guy. Believe it or not, he returned the next day for an off camera fuck.

Raw Fuck Club - Update

March 22, 2021

Barebackers Dungeon

It can't get any hotter than getting fucked by a hot big dicked muscle daddy in a dungeon room can it? Well it does and they start sweating to prove it! Jacob White services the big dick of Rick Richards in this hot sweaty sling room scene. Jacob swallows whole Rick's big 9" cock and gets it nice and rock hard so it hangs nicely showing its massiveness. Jacob can't wait to get barebacked by this fucker so quickly gets in the sling so Rick can start barebacking his hot big ass only to reward him with a nice juicy load and mark his territory.

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