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Kristen Bjorn - Update

November 20, 2023

The Go-Go Guy: Augusto & Kile

You know that sensation when your dream feels so real you swear it is real, Augusto Arias has just that dream of Kike Gil go-go dancing over top of him. Dream or not, Augusto is taking full advantage of this dream/reality. In your dream anything can happen, so Augusto massages Kike's hairy thighs, finding his way to that exquisite hairy ass dancing above him. Kike grabs hold of Augusto's bronze cock and begins running his tongue up and down the dark cock shaft and smooth balls. Kike consumes Augusto's raging hard cock, bringing this dream to life, as well as Augusto's cock. Kike rises up and plants his hairy hole onto Augusto's awaiting mouth. Augusto begins tasting and tongue fucking the sweet, hairy ass hovering over him. Kike grinds his ass against Augusto's hungry mouth, heightening both men's levels of pleasure and desire.

Fuckermate - Update

November 16, 2023

Home Pleasure

After four years Mexican lad Danny Azcona is back with us and proves that his unique ability to cope with big cocks didn't change at all. At home with Abel Sanztin he is happy to take all the raw hard meat that he needs for his eager ass and lets our Spanish skinny stallion hammering his hole with a final epic shower of cum!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

November 07, 2023

Dave & Augusto C.C. 497

Entering center stage is the muy sexy Augusto Arias, who is inducting the young and handsome Dave Wikkinson into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Both men enter, strip away their shirts, give us a spin and tease us with a view of what is to come. Augusto takes Dave into his arms and his ass into his hands as the two begin to explore their passions for one another by kissing and fondling on their burgeoning cocks. The only other option at this point is to strip those shorts off and release those amazing cocks. Lowering himself to cock level, Augusto takes Dave’s cock into his mouth and begins sucking on his ragging-hard cock. Dave responds in kind and matches Augusto’s sucking with his own face fucking. Augusto’s incredible cock sucking has brought Dave’s cock to such an amazing state of rigidness.

Fuckermate - Update

October 31, 2023

Bred At Boyberry-BCN

The Mexican pornstar we introduce you this time always wanted to film with us. Alex Cabrera is a real power bottom and loves getting his muscled ass pounded by the hungest men with the thickest cocks! We caught him cruising at Boyberry-Bcn, one of our favourite places in the city, and we filmed an amazing encounter with our hung Brazilian Igor Lucios. The two horny guys feel completely at ease down there at Boyberry's basement and after a full dose of hard meat, Alex's hole ends up bred and full of juicy cum!

Military Classified - Update

October 22, 2023

Jarred 2 Blowjob

31yo Latino Marine Reservist JARRED is back and this very mild mannered straight guy is new to the whole gay for pay things. I had him back a month or so ago and he did a real good job, not to mention the almost 9 inches between his legs. Watch as Rob easily takes care of this almost impatient man. Today Jarred was dressed in his Charlie's from back in the day so once he was in uniform, he really began to come to life to me. I directed him to take his clothes off and begin playing with that almost 9 inch Latino cock of his and I was only to happy to get re acquainted. The blowjob went without a hitch and I could see that this guy hasn't been sucked on in a while because every motion I made with my mouth or hand, he was completely sensitive to it, often time directing me on what to do to him.

Bi Latin Men - Update

October 11, 2023

Dank & 2Face

Dank and 2Face are two hot and sexy Mexican studs with nice big fat hard uncut cocks as a bonus. They get right into it and start with some deep cock sucking and then hot bareback ass fucking. These guys just gel and are so natural together you can barely believe you're watching it instead of being right in the middle of it. Loads of cum shower as these sexy studs get down and dirty.

Raw Hole - Update

September 10, 2023

Ballin' Angel

Bareback baller from Mexico City, Angel Nash has a big hard uncut ass-rammer and a load of sweet sticky sperm boiling up in his nuts, ready to rocket out into the ass of some sweet Latino dick worshipper. Alex Gallegos is a horny bottom who's completely new to porn, so we hope he's ready for a hard, raw, unrelenting screw. Both horned-up studs deliver! Angel kisses and gropes Alex's sweet twitching booty, and Alex gladly drops to his knees to take every precum-dripping inch of Angel's stiff piece. Angel spreads his legs and braces for a rough raw entry as Angel slides his big booty-splitter, in to the fuzzy root. He backs up and grinds his hole into every tough thrust, just the way Angel likes his bottoms.

Bi Latin Men - Update

September 07, 2023

Limit & Rattler

Limit and Rattler are two hot and sexy Mexican studs just wanting and loving getting paid to have bi/gaysex. Talk about guys wanting to get right into it, both Limit and Rattler waste no time grabbing and sucking big fat hard uncut-cock. Once they get it going there's no holing back and right into rimming and deep hard bareback anal sex. The switch the positions but go for it like they are on a quest for the best gay sex a bi guy can do.

WhoreHimOut - Update

September 02, 2023

Gangbang 555: Kenzo's Back

Kenzo is back! Our Favorite Double Penetration Fien needs to be double stuffed! He not only craves it, he actually needs it to continue on being a cumdump! We had to call in the big homies for this banger! All of your WhoreHimOut favorite tops for round 2! Juven had Kenzo ready to go for triple penetrations' as well! It's only been done 4 times before in Gay Porn! Did our studs accomplish this amazing feat?! Sign up now to find out!

Cutler's Den - Update

August 23, 2023


Everyone loves Porfi! He is very charming and a GREAT FUCK. His ass can take just about anything and look amazing doing it. Even better is Porfi loves cock. Cutler is really into this one and he takes Porfi for the ride of his life - that dick is soooo long and thick and he takes it all and wants more. No lazy bottom here Porfi takes it deep and pushes back harder. He throws that ass BACK and Cutler keeps on going harder and faster. Cutler has such a great time that he CUMS TWICE!

Peter Fever - Update

August 21, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 8

Baggin' the Tour Guide: Here's to a hot Latin tour guide that does more than show you the sights, handsome and hung Alfonso Osnaya! Granted, he's got some tasty sights of his own to show, and they're driving Nolan Knox fucking crazy! When the helpful guide asks pointedly "Is there anything ELSE I can do for you?" Nolan's quick to respond with a thirsty "I can think of something" The sexxxy porn music swells and we're off to the bedroom where Alfonzo is snuggled up in Nolan's arms as they suck face for a start. Alfonso is a full-service travel agent, there's no doubt of that. After reaching into the crotch of Nolan's shorts and pulling out his big stiff tool, Alfonso does his best to please every inch of Nolan, from kissing the soles of his feet to slurping down that oversized woody, it's tough to see who's enjoying this hookup more, Nolan or Alfonso.

Trans Angels - Update

August 17, 2023

Sheriff Girl Goes Wild

There’s a new sheriff in town, and if being sexy was a crime, she’d be guilty as charged! In the middle of the desert, Emma Rose flaunts her smoking? hot curves before stopping to help stranded motorist Draven Navarro. Turned on by the sight of Emma in her sheriff’s uniform, the handsome hunk cheekily flashes his hardening cock, which results in him feeling the full force of the law when the stunning trans babe restrains him in cuffs, whips out her shenis, and pounds his ass! Afterwards, Draven submits to the busty t-girls authority by kneeling down and giving her a sensational blowjob, and then Emma escorts him back to the police station for a further interrogation? Following an intense tongue fucking, the gorgeous brunette penetrates Draven in missionary and doggy positions on her desk before straddling him in reverse cowgirl.

Peter Fever - Update

August 12, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 7

Missionary by the Sea: The morning after a rip-roaring tour of the sexiest seaside gay spots in Puerto Vallarta, Zed meets one of that night's gorgeous go go boys, Eduardo Medina. Complimenting him on the great show, he gets a seductive come-on from Eduardo. "Would you like to see more?" Zed doesn't just want to see, he wants to smell, taste and especially FEEL all the erotic talents Eduardo has to offer. His mouth greedily travels down the dancer's smooth body, then yanks down his shorts to see a huge uncut dick popping straight up. He nurses gently on Eduardo's tool, groaning with delight when Eddie slaps that cock around his face. It only takes a minute before he's seated Median on the couch and climbed up to take his cock in raw and deep.

Bi Latin Men - Update

August 11, 2023

Chemistry & Fresco

Chemistry and Fresco are another sexy bi-sexual duo ready to take the money and get freaky together. They both seem very natural with gay sex and you'll love every minute you can watch them suck fuck and get off together. They start of will heavy kissing that turns into deep uncut cock sucking. Then after all that deep hard multi position ass pounding galore!

Peter Fever - Update

July 30, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 5

Two in the Corner Pocket: We told you that a three-way this hot might need more than one scene! There are still two big muscular Latin guys that haven't splattered their sperm, and we're about to watch that. Zed shot his wad but still has a thirsty ass that needs filling, and he climbs on Abraham to ride his long straight pinga. Zed turns in every direction to feel that deeeep probing from Alfonso and Abraham, but he's up for even more. While he grinds on Abraham, Alfonso licks his tightly packed butthole, spits on Abraham's tool to make the ride even slicker, then crouches behind to make it a double penetration. Zed howls in satisfaction and surprise as both Latinos pound in harder. Dicks pressed together inside of Zed, it will be a tough trick to hold back from squirting all over each other's cocks and deep into Zed.

Bi Latin Men - Update

July 28, 2023

Official & Spikey

Official and Spikey are so ready and willing it's hard to believe they are actually bisexual. Mexican men are so sexy and macho it's amazing to see them share gay sex experiences. This time it's muscle stud fucking a hot and sexy twink. Both uncut and ready to get it on. Starting with cocksucking and working it all the way to deep anal penetration with a cum shot and more anal fun!

Peter Fever - Update

July 24, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 4

Cue the Cocks: What's a hot porn series without a scorching group scene? Or maybe TWO!? When Alfonso brings tourist Zed into his friend's Men's Club to teach him the finer points of "pool" Zed notices the table has not holes. But Abraham Shehell, the friend, yanks down Zed's jeans and finds a much better hole, all ready for playing "the best game". Zed crouches down on the table across Alfonso, and Abraham dives in for a taste of his fine, hungry hole. Stripping down, Abraham sports a big uncut tool bobbing straight out, ready for action. He sucks on Zed's ass while Zed takes a big musky gulp of Alfonso's thick dick. Pinning Zed's thighs back, Abraham slides his raw cock in to the hilt. He jacks Zed's right leg up to spread the hole even wider as he plows in.

The BigCMen - Update

July 18, 2023

Roadside Breed Sequel!

This cute Twink boy has been taking care of me on the regular for a while now. He lives in a small town called Mojave that I pass by on the way to and from The Ranch. He usually hooks me up with bomb head, but is eager to submit his hole whenever I desire. It was a beautiful sunny day and I told him it was time for a roadside video sequel.

Bi Latin Men - Update

July 15, 2023

Relax & Randy Blue

Relax and Randy Blue came in at the right time. While these two hot Mexican studs like to work and make money, they also like to suck and fuck and make more money. Watch how they get right into each other and it just keeps getting better and better. There's deep throat fucking cock sucking then right into deep uncut cock into hot Mexican asses. These guys are so hot! At the end there's so much cum you'd be in heaven.

Peter Fever - Update

July 09, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico 2

Garden Temptation: Travel guide Alfonso is taking Nolan Knox to see the sites of Mexico City, and when Nolan wants to meet some hot boys, he leads him to a secluded garden where his friend, swarthy Mexican Axel Loon Bernal just happens to be sprawled out at a cocktail table. Guess Nolan found his hot guy without even looking in this Latin playground, because he's soon riding his booty across Axel's lap and locked in deep juicy kisses. Sliding off the chair to his knees, Nolan swallows Axel's big tool in one thirsty gulp. Make that a JUICY gulp, when Axel face fucks him and Nolan's chin is dripping big wads of saliva. Axel reaches around to get both hands full of Nolan's meaty buns. He bends him over the chair to nosedive into Nolan's sexy butt, licking and lapping at that musky hole.

Touch That Boy - Update

July 08, 2023

Will Nouvak & Gerard

I would do anything for my stepbrother. Last year, I told him I would give his hard-working body a nice massage. He liked that idea, especially knowing the type of massage I gave. So when he visited, I got Gerard Sanz into a nice jockstrap and put him on my table. I grabbed the lotion and worked my way down from his shoulders to his lower back. That's when I went for his ass, opened his cheeks, and started teasing his hole with my new ribbed dildo. It was my first time using it, and watching his hole suck it up was beautiful. I slid the tip in to test the waters. He started moaning, so I kept going. I wanted to see what his mouth would do to my cock, so I put him on his knees to suck and stroke me until I bust.

BareBack That Hole - Update

July 08, 2023

Inleb & Francisco CDMXbtm

We walked in on Inleb and Francisco making out in our bedroom, located down the street and around the corner from the bar they were making out in. We thought they could use a better place for fun. We were right. Within minutes of rolling, Francisco was down, ready to suck on a nice piece of meat. Inleb was there to provide everything his bottom wanted and more. Francisco knew how to make Inleb moan as his throat did most of the work. And after licking on a juicy ass, Inleb was ready to pound another hole into his boy. They started slow but soon were fucking all over the bed. They way Francisco's eyes rolled to the back of his head when Inleb fed his hole some cock was the perfect indication of how amazing the sex was. And if that wasn't enough, maybe two loads will convince you.

Peter Fever - Update

July 02, 2023

The Gaycation Mexico

Is Anybody Home?: When world traveler, Asian stud Zed Sheng, takes a trip to Mexico with his buddy, he seeks out a non-traditional travel agent to help him with the right package. After showing him some sights, his agent drops him at an address and tells him to go inside. When the door opens, Zed finds shirtless Mexican hunk, Angel Nash, ready for action. Zed doesn't waste a second getting Angel's shorts off and soon he's got the stud's erect cock down his throat. It's a big one too, and before you know it, Zed is bent over with Angel balls deep and bareback inside his ass. The horny stud stretches Zen's hole in ways he never knew were possible until he fucks the cum out of Zed and drops a creampie of his own deep inside the begging jock.

BareBack That Hole - Update

July 01, 2023

Alam Herrera & Kryz XXX

You already know how much we love bringing you some of the hottest sex on the planet, but none love to prove their worth as badly as Kryz. We knew Alam would be a nice guy to join him in his endeavor. We walked in on them, getting acquainted, and it was on from there. Within seconds, Kryz had his lips on Alam's nips as he traveled toward his pits. The smell drove Kryz wild as he and Alam kissed. But they both knew a better way to use Kryz's mouth. Alam sits back and relaxed as his boy did all the work and work he did. But Alam isn't going to be outdone, as he went to town on his boy's fuck hole with his tongue while slapping Kryz's ass when needed. That was the warm-up for the pounding Alam gave his whore's hole.

Bi Latin Men - Update

June 24, 2023

Tyga & Hambre

Tyga and Hambre are another two absolutely stunning Mexican studs and like most who come here for some extra cash these two seem to be just a little more than bisexual. Starting of with some uncut cock sucking. next there's some ass licking followed by deep hard anal penetration. These sexy studs just can't get enough and gives us an amazing show. Finishing of with blowing two loads of cum.

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