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Corbin Fisher - Update

February 20, 2023

Sharing Roman

Oh, is Roman ever in for a treat here! We're all in for one heck of a treat, in fact! Dylan and Rocky are about to have their way with Roman, tag-teaming him and going to town on his hole, and Roman is going to love every single bit of it! The smiles really do say it all at the outset of the action here. These guys all get along, all love to have fun, and were all looking forward to the blazing hot sex they each knew they were set to have in this threesome. We've all lucked out in that each of these guys has a great personality and is wonderfully outgoing, and none of them shy away from the fact that they love sex. Combine all those factors, and all of you watching it are sure to be smiling at the outset, then gasping at just how hot and intense everything gets just a few short minutes later!

Drill My Hole - Update

February 12, 2023

Under The Barber's Cape

The clear plastic window in the barber's cape is supposed to be for looking at your phone, but after Jake Preston gets horny during his haircut, it allows the sexy salon owner, Cristiano, to see Jake stroking his hard cock! Jake beckons Cristiano over, who quickly ducks under the cape to suck that cock, much to the annoyance of the barber when Jake can't keep his head still! Cristiano 69s the client in the chair and Jake tongues his hole, then bends him over and fucks it. Jake drills the bottom in missionary, then Cristiano rides that dick till he cums, and gets down to take a facial.

Bi College Fucks - Update

February 11, 2023

Jacob, Luke & Brooke

Jacob, Luke, and Brooke take full advantage of all the holes and dicks available to them. What’s so hot about it is how clear it is to everyone that there is absolutely no boundaries. The guys are turned on by each other- and she's turned on by watching them! With everyone this riled up, the fun intensifies! The guys forget about taking turns and instead just DP the blonde coed. Then they line up and Jacob fucks her ass while Luke fucks his! Every thrust Jacob makes into her, his own hole feels as it slides along Luke’s throbbing cock. Then Luke wants Jacob all to himself- and so does Jacob! When he feels himself edging he yells to be fucked harder. Luke drills deep into him and his cum pours out! Which causes Luke to cum too!

House Of Angell - Update

February 10, 2023

Workin, For That Dick

Our favorite Outlaw is back! No guy works harder for that dick than Austin Lacrosse. Whether he is giving or taking it, you can count on this pig fucker to be all in. Will and Liam Angell take the young stud and work him good by taking turns breeding him and riding him. You know a guy loves cock when he sprays his load everywhere while ridding it.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

February 07, 2023

Auditioning Jake Lotti

In hopes of getting a job in gay porn, Jack strips naked and starts working on a stiff one. Then producer Ferdinand steps in and starts sucking on the slim and smooth boy's cock. Once he has the young man boned up, Ferdinand drops his pants and instructs Jack to fuck his fat ass raw. Jack gives the mature man a good barebacking from behind, before Ferdinand sucks the cum out of his dirty dick.

Why Not Bi - Update

February 06, 2023

Sharing The Boyfriend's Cock

Justin Jett admits to his best friend, Lily Veroni, that his hot new boyfriend has a serious premature ejaculation problem! Lily can't relate; her boyfriend, Papi Kocic, is always hard, long, and strong, but she offers to let Justin borrow him. After another disappointing shortcomings from his man, Justin spies on Lily riding Papi's cock in the living room and decides to take her up on her offer, sneakily sucking Papi and then hopping on for the ride. Papi's always wanted to have a threesome with Justin, and both the bearded bottom and his bestie get all the cock they can handle as Papi fucks both of them and cums on both their faces.

Frat X - Update

February 05, 2023

Occupy Hole

We just got back from a crazy fun mixer on campus. Lots of bitches to eye fuck. The boys were all wound-up and ready to smash something. Brody had a big target on his back cause he's such a homo. Wasn't hard to get this bitch on his knees. We just threw our drink at em and he knew what's up. The dude sucks better dick than my girl friend.

Venus Lux - Update

February 05, 2023

Watch Venus Lux

Get Pounded And Filled: I know you wanna see my ass being pounded by a huge cock. And I take every inch of it so deep. First we do some cock sucking and licking until I want to get that cock so deep in my ass I cum so hard. He plants it right up my pucker and fucks me like I deserve it. We both get off on a nice deep ass pounding pile drive and cum flies all over.

Raging Stallion - Update

January 28, 2023

Sweat. Fuck. Repeat.

Sweaty stud Caden Jackson has been working out with Andre Donovan for the better part of an hour when the personal trainer decides to pull down Caden's shorts to get a taste of his salty hole. Confused but intrigued, Caden gives into the sensation of Andre's tongue in his crack and leans in as Andre buries his face, fingers, and cock between his furry cheeks. Wearing only a jersey and a white jockstrap, Caden works up an even greater sweat as Andre rapidly pulls his big dick in and out of his beefy butt. After some ass-to-mouth action, Caden is covering Andre's abs in his cum right before leaning back to swallow down his trainer's hot load.

Jock Breeders - Update

January 23, 2023

Romeo & Jack Ch 2

Some guys just know their role. Romeo Davis rips his shirt off to reveal his muscular, masculine inked-up body. Just the sight of this tall, hung top lights up Jack Bailey's eyes, and reduces him to putty in the dominant top's hands. Romeo makes this ginger jock his toy, eating him out then fucking his brains out with his big cock!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

January 18, 2023

Oliver Bottoms For Jordan

Jordan Jameson got one look at the perfect peach cheeks Oliver Hunt has, and knew he needed to get inside it with his tongue and big rock-hard dick. Oliver Hunt was all for the action, so they were teamed up in this one-on-one encounter. Oliver Hunt shows Jordan Jameson just how flexible he is while he's getting his ass fucked! While Jordan Jameson is balls deep inside Oliver Hunt, he even gives Oliver's feet some soft kisses with some foot fetish action on top of the hot fucking!

Young Bastards - Update

January 15, 2023

Fucked Raw & Showered With Dom Cum

Adam Keller is the slutty plaything of masked tops Rustie Port and Eugene Colt in this demanding threesome, but the boy isn't complaining about the prospect of servicing their delicious cocks. In moments his mouth is being invaded, their stiff and meaty uncut rods taking turns in his sucking mouth while his lips and tongue work overtime on the two delicious dongs. The fit boys fuck his face between them, gagging him on their dicks before they turn their attention to his snug bareback boy hole. The greedy boy can't get enough as the two swap roles, feeding him one length of drooling man meat while the other pumps in and out of his naked little hole. With their hard wet shafts aching for release young Rustie kneels before them, ready to be showered with Dom cum and eager to guzzle down a spurting wad of ball juice.

Men Over 30 - Update

January 10, 2023

The Seven Year Itch

Max Sargent takes Matt Stevens to paradise when he fucks Matt the way he wants to be fucked. The guys scratch the itch while Matt takes that dick in this lusty hookup. It didn't take a lot of time before that itch needed to get scratched. Plus that cock needed to get sucked and that ass needed to get fucked.

Raw Hole - Update

January 06, 2023

Ramming Into Gus

Italo is a "wham bam" kind of Latin guy. His hookup with Gus goes from zero to topman hero in no time flat, and he keeps on fucking and fucking. He also likes a little bit of rough added to the mix, grabbing Gus by the chin and giving him a friendly smack across the face or spitting on him with an evil laugh. Gus is turned on by all Italo's hijinks, groaning and asking for more between Italo's dirty talk en espanol. Gus wants a taste of that XXL cock and gets onto his knees as Italo face fucks him deep. He lies with his head hanging at the edge of the bed for Italo to jerk off into his face, and soon gets just what he's begging for. Italo fires off a massive cumload that splatters across Gus' happy face and drips down his chin.

Corbin Fisher - Update

January 02, 2023

Adriano Pumps Noah

I was recently going over some photos and b-roll and, while looking over some of Adriano's, couldn't help but think to myself, "Yeah... he just knows he has a nice dick". He had this look in the photos and b-roll - a confidence and swagger - that said, "I have a nice cock and know how to use it." And boy does he ever know how to use it. We've seen him fuck loads out of his fellow CF studs and leave them totally blown away by his dick and his skills with it, and we're seeing all of that again with Adriano here. Adriano doesn't just work over a guy's hole with that dick, though - he does it with his tongue as well! Adriano really loves eating out a hole. If it wasn't a definite turn on of his before he arrived at CF, it most certainly is now.

Wu Boyz - Update

December 31, 2022

Fucked By Angel

Fucked by none other than Angel Rivera under the Californian sun, what a privilege. See how this handsome gentleman fucked me until I shot my cum? That's how you put a guy in a good mood for the day. Yes, I swallowed his cum.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 28, 2022

Lucas Men Fuck Party

Watch part one of this two-part gay bareback orgy starring ten of the sexiest guys among the Lucas Men! So you better get ready, because the Lucas Men are about to have a 10-man fuck party, and you have a front-row invitation to check out all of the cock-sucking and ass-fucking gay bareback action! Join Ricky Hard, Kosta Viking, Pol Prince, Jordan Jameson, Bruno Galvez, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez, Craig Marks, Dom King, Alex Cabrera for all of the action going down in this gay orgy extravaganza!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

December 22, 2022

Adam Tops Sean

Adam Killian is a muscle jock through and through, and loves it when the guys he hops in the sack with are the same way. When he met Sean Weiss, his eyes bugged out of his head when he saw Sean’s chest. Seriously, this kid has an incredible rack of man cans on him. Adam starts out rubbing Sean’s amazing body and getting the bottom guy wet with a bottle of water. Before you know it, Sean Weiss is sucking on Adam Killian’s cock and taking his fat piece up the ass!

Hot House - Update

December 18, 2022

Get Funk'd 4

With a raging boner aching to bust out of his skimpy athletic shorts, Isaiah Taye can't wait to get inside and take a plowing from Ethan Sinns's fat cock. Only steps in the door, the two are all over each other with Isaiah slobbering all over Ethan's dick before he goes to take a seat on his face. Isaiah lowers himself directly onto Ethan's girthy member and begins taking the ride of his life on the hot jock's bareback cock. With Isaiah now on his back and ready for more, a muscular and unrelenting Ethan uses his full power to pound himself into the verbal bottom's hole until both men are ready to burst and cover Isaiah in a hot coat of cum.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 13, 2022

Kiam's Little Cum Slut

Liam and Roman were flirting with one another HARD from the moment they met. We've been graced with a whole lot of pairings where the guys have tremendous chemistry as of late, but I think this one will stand out to all of you as a blazing hot episode with a particularly profound degree of chemistry just bursting out of your screen! The guys even talk a bit about how much they wanted the action here to happen the instant they met one another at the studio, and that intense desire both had to get it on with one another only grew the more and more they hung out. By the time they get to it here in this episode, we're practically unleashing them upon each other! It might be more accurate to say we're unleashing Liam upon Roman here, honestly - and that's clearly precisely the way Roman preferred it!

TopFanVids - Update

December 08, 2022

Grant's All Vers Threesome

Lord I can't say enough good things about these two! Jordan is always an amazing partner in bed. His thick cock always hits the right spots but his warm hole is to die for. Dalton Riley has the longest and most skilled tongue I've ever had in my hole and I really cant wait until the next time I get to experience it! That being said, I hope y'all enjoy!

Cade Maddox - Update

December 05, 2022

Cade's Late Night Dip

Yall know how much I love a smooth hole. Peachy boy has one of the most delicious holes I've ever had. Soft, smooth, and absolutely delicious. Check him out on Twitter @peachyboy25. If you love muscles and hardcore gay sex, this is where you need to be. There's ass eating , cock sucking and deep hard anal penetration.

Chaos Men - Update

November 30, 2022

Cesar & Ryan: Serviced

We find Ryan St. Michael reclined on the bed in his white boxers as Cesar Rossi joins him. Cesar explores Ryan's furry body, then reaches up through the leg of Ryan's boxers, stroking and teasing Ryan's cock before pulling it through his fly. The two kiss as Cesar strokes Ryan's dick, then Cesar leans forward and takes Ryan's cock into his mouth. Ryan throws his head back, groaning and placing his hand on the back of Cesar's head, encouraging him to go deeper. Cesar pulls off Ryan's boxers, then spends some time licking and sucking on Ryan's nuts before returning to his cock. Cesar rises to his knees and pulls away his shorts, exposing his hard, uncut dick. Hungry for cock, Ryan immediately leans forward, taking Cesar's dick into his mouth with enthusiasm. The two swap places again as Cesar returns to Ryan's cock.

Raging Stallion - Update

November 29, 2022

Guilty As Sin 5

After discovering that his own son is going out of his way to deceive him and tarnish the family name, tech billionaire Lawson James makes an emergency call to Drew Valentino to have lawyer Cole Connor remove his disgraceful son from his will. It doesn't take long for the mogul's executive assistant to relay the message and ensure his slot in Lawson's will, because he's already in bed with Cole, hours deep into a forbidden fuck-a-thon. Before any official changes are made, Cole needs one more taste of Drew's hairy dick. The attorney deepthroats Drew's long cock before mounting the tattooed assistant and riding him. With his hole stretched and serviced, Cole turns the bareback session into a flip-fuck as he rims and drills Drew's bushy hole.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 25, 2022

Chloe & Dawson Tease Connor

Connor is a hot, muscular, and hung stud who’s used to being able to get what he wants. You’d think he wouldn’t like to be teased and watch another guy fuck a hot girl in front of him and not join in himself, but as you’ll see here, he thoroughly enjoys himself. Dawson’s the perfect guy to be the one to tease Connor, too. He makes sure Connor doesn't get left out entirely, encouraging Connor to suck his dick before he starts fucking Chloe in front of him. He also gets in to some of his trademark, fast and furious fucking - stopping at least once to let Connor suck on his cock and lick it clean - and you can tell that Connor so wishes he could be doing the same! Connor's hard as a rock while watching Dawson go at it just inches in front of him.

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