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Dudes Raw - Update

September 10, 2023

Latin Rawfucker Summer

Mowgli Rides Daguy: Cute dark haired twink pup Mowgli has been searching the urban jungle for the rough and tumble top of his dreams, and along comes wicked hot raw fucker Daguy, who likes to give his guys a slap or two to keep them focused on taking dick and keeping HIM well satisfied. Daguy is devastatingly sexy, with a lean tight muscularity, a scruffy beard and a close cropped head set off by the shock of streaky blond he keeps tied back until he gets REALLY sweaty and filthy during a screwing session. Then he lets it fall into his face and make him even hotter. The two bareback Latinos start out in an intense kiss, with Daguy's tongue laying claim to Mowgli's hungry mouth. Once they're naked, Daguy fingers Mowgli's insatiable hole, giving it a few of his trademark smacks and thwacks.

Fuckermate - Update

September 09, 2023

Machos Time

Our power top Viktor Rom is back to meet muscled hairy man Favio Vador and delight him with his huge Latin cock. When it comes to bottoming Favio turns into a real nasty mate that loves having a macho alpha pounding his big ass bareback. There's no doubt with Viktor he'll have just what he deserves!

Cocky Boys - Update

September 06, 2023

Nick tops Eric!

CockyBoys Exclusive Nick Floyd tops again, this time with Eric Rey! Eric is the one literally saying he wants this after they play in the pool and he kisses and lovingly sucks Nick's cock. Nick responds by sucking and playing with Eric's sensitive nipples and hardening his cock which Eric promptly slides down Nicks throat and face fucks him. Soon, Eric is ready to be fucked, especially when Nick fingers him and with that Eric rides him every way possible, only pausing once in a while to suck Nick and keep his cock slick. At one point Nick does his part by eating out Eric's hole before pounding him from behind. Nick also plays with Eric, teasing his hole and making him work a little for his cock. That's OK with Eric since he gets to suck Nick again. Nick gets Eric on his back to drill him and he shows he really has serious top talent.

ASGMAX - Update

September 05, 2023

Changes Ep. 1:Moving Out

Jayden Marcos, Kane Fox and Des Irez have been roommates for as long as they can remember. But, when Kane gets a job offer that requires him to move across the country in a week, everyone's world is turned upside down. Tensions rise between Des and Kane, and Jayden wants to admit some secrets of his own. What's gonna happen to these three best bros?

ASGMAX - Update

August 31, 2023

Fucking Both Step Brothers

Jonathan Tylor and Nick Floyd have been getting on each other's nerves as stepbrothers. The one thing they have in common? They both like Collin Merp, the cute guy from across the hall. When the step-bros receive a dildo as a present from Collin, they argue over who the dildo was meant for. But, when Collin admits it was for both of them, things take a crazy turn.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

August 29, 2023

All Natural Muscle

Colt Spence brings something that we don't get to see very often, All-Natural muscle. No roids, no additives, just pure hard work. Lean and mean jock muscle. Will Angell loves coaching this stud and gets off feasting on his enormous meaty cock. Young stallions like this are natural testosterone factories without any supplements. Looks like his cum load tastes real good too!

Hot College Fucks - Update

August 16, 2023

Cumming on Camille

As impressive as Brandon looked in his introductory solo, he’s looking even hotter here.  With that tall, defined, hairy chested frame and that big dick, he sets out to get in to some hot action and show us just how well he can fuck. You can see Brandon absolutely loves sex throughout this episode his facial expressions are hot, he loves putting his lips and tongue to work just as much as his cock, and he can pump and thrust with a constant rhythm. He uses every single inch of that hard dick to drill Camille, and he fucks all the way up until blowing a hands free load!

Fuckermate - Update

July 21, 2023

Cock Addicted

This week we bring you an explosive mixture of being horny, passion and hard sex with our nasty boy Ricky Hard and his gifted Brazilian friend Hanry Onlyjapa. The guys are in the bed locked in a hot embrace, rubbing their packages together, but soon Ricky wants to gets his hands on the massive meat that Hanry hides in the underwear. When the huge gift is revealed, the eager Portuguese shows off his sucking skills and makes the massive cock disappear into his drooling mouth. Hanry returns the favor and plunges the face into his friend's ass, then tosses his legs in the air and sticks the big beast in deep. The Brazilian doesn't go easy on Ricky and hammers his hole raw, leaving him breathless but begging always for more. That is just what cock-addicted Ricky loves the most, being fucked rough, deep and bareback!

Blake Mason - Update

July 15, 2023

Jordan & Harvey

Brit Muscle Boyfriends Fuck!: Legendary director Chi Chi LaRue delivers two of the hottest British hunks to our BlakeMason couch for this insanely horny session. Boyfriends Jordan James and Harvey Bridgestone are brand new to the business but already making a stir, and you'll see why in this intensely intimate encounter. Big and burly Harvey is enjoying a lovely wank on the couch, with plenty of foreskin play too, before his muscled hunk of a boyfriend Jordan arrives. A little foot wanking and a whole lot of cock sucking and arse licking leads to an incredible slow and deep fucking for big man Harvey. Chi Chi captures all the action and delivers it expertly, leading to one of the hottest muscle fuck scenes we've ever enjoyed!

Fuckermate - Update

June 30, 2023

Morning Breeding

Eager for cock more than ever, Brit lad Drew Dixon takes a delicious bareback taste of some brazilian hard meat with our horny tattooed stud Igor Lucios. Drew's ass is so welcoming that every single inch of that thick cock disappears deep down the hungry hole, making Igor pump and pound no stop, until all his cumload explodes inside in a epic creampie!

Aussies Do It - Update

June 24, 2023

Larkin Sticks It To Beckett

Striking newcomer Beckett is a mustached blond with curly hair, piercing blue eyes, a smooth, tight little body and a hunger for big hard dick. Which works out fine because those blue eyes are just what turns on veteran Aussies Do It stud Larkin the most. Larkin's patient with the new guy, spending lots of time kissing and feeling his way around Beckett's slim tight body before things really start heating up. Beckett takes the initiative and drops to his knees to get his mouth around Larkin's big uncut meat pole. Larkin returns the favor by peeling off Beckett's t-shirt, groping his goodies then rimming his hungry ass. While he's down there, Beckett turns it to a hot 69 by sucking the dark handsome top's cock. He rocks back up to grind his butt into Larkin's probing tongue, ready to get more than a tongue up there.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

June 19, 2023

Better Than Phone Porn

I hate when I forget to charge my phone, but I knew my stepson Nico's phone would be. I went to his room and asked if I could use it, which was fine. For some reason, I don't expect him to use his phone to scroll through porn sites, but there I was, shocked and turned on. Nico reached over and grabbed my dick. And now that it was hard, it was his job to make it happy. He took my cock into his mouth and down his throat, but my boy's meat needed some love from Daddy, and so did his hole. After doing that, I slid my cock in my boy's ass and fucked him like the little whore he looks at in porn. Watching him shoot his load only made me want to join him, and his mouth seemed like a great place to finish.

Cutler's Den - Update

June 15, 2023


Marcel Eugene has swagger. He's a sexy ass fucker covered in tats with a flop of hair covering his mischievous eyes. You know you're gonna get FUCKED. Bobby Day brings his perfect bod to The Den to get that good dick but Marcel wants him to know he loves fucking both holes equally. Marcel legit works that throat GOOD before power-fucking Bobby's ass into tomorrow on a quest to give him a mouthful of CUM.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 08, 2023

Horse Market Dallas 2021 Pt. 4

Swing your partner round and round! All Mares are blindfolded as Stallions make their rounds through the pig pen. Grab your favorite snack because things are in full swing in Part 4.

Raging Stallion - Update

June 08, 2023

Well Bred 4

When vacationer Luca del Rey walks by a neighboring hotel room, he can't help but stop and admire hairy fuckers Drew Valentino and Holden Flex going at it on their bed. After a signal from Drew, Luca enters the room and begins assisting Holden in swallowing down Drew's oversized dick. Fairly quickly, though, Luca finds himself sandwiched between the couple, with Drew barebacking his ass and Holden filling his mouth with raw cock. Holden is next to bottom as he spreads his legs wide for Drew and lies down so Luca's freshly fucked hole can grind into his face. With Luca now pounding him, Holden busts his load right before Luca nuts on his still-stiff dick, and Drew cums all over Luca's used cheeks.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 31, 2023

Mickey & Damian

18-year-old Mickey O'Brien and 27-year-old Damian challenge each other to see who can give the better blowjob. Mickey may be gagging on uncut cock, but he's sure giving it the old college try! Since these guys know the drill, I just tell them to get naked and help each other feel good. Mickey goes first, blowing Damian until he's hard. He even gags a couple of times going down on Damian's uncut dick. The guys surprise me by making out, then it's Damian's turn to suck Mickey's ultra-white cock. After he munches on Mickey's scrotum and sucks the head, the guys swap places so Mickey can try to outdo him. Not to be beaten, Damian tries sucking Mickey's cock one more time. The guys tongue-kiss each other while jacking off side-by-side. Damian shoots a big, watery load on himself, and Mickey cums on the side of Damian's face.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

May 30, 2023

Ethan & James

Super cute new lad Ethan White is massively hung, with an extremely thick nine inch slab of meat, and the lucky (or is that brave?) lad to take it on is cute little blonde twink James Lewis, who loves big cocks, but has never taken one this big before. Starting with kissing and groping, both lads get rock solid in their shorts. Taking them off, they suck each others nipples whilst rubbing each others solid bulges. Ethan's is so huge, its practically bursting out of his undies. James takes out the huge monster cock, and goes slow at first, licking the head before getting down to some very hot sucking. Struggling to get as much down as he can, his mouth and jaw get severely stretched by the serious girth. James stands, cock throbbing, and Ethan effortlessly deepthroats him.

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 21, 2023

Dane & Jamie Break In Beau

Dane shows Beau some tricks and new moves to try out on the skate park. The lesson doesn’t end there either, and though Dane might have stolen the show outside, he makes sure to let Beau know he, and that nice cock of his, is the real prize! We have to give it to Dane, he knew exactly what he wanted and went for it. After enticing Beau with his skills and body he showed him what he really could do with it! Beau doesn’t disappoint either, Jamie already knew the skills he had so she was eager to join in the fun and we see again how good of a lay Beau is. Beau has Dane edging for minutes on end! Everything works out stupendous for Dane and he gets absolutely everything he wanted: a mouthful of Beau, a girl for them to split and a quality first time fuck from the super hot BCF newcomer!

Fuckermate - Update

May 16, 2023

Creamy Hole

We caught Igor Lucios and Alfonso Osnaya during their recent visit to Barcelona, pretty sure that something explosive would come up from their encounter. Besides, it could not be otherwise with two mates who are always super horny and ready to enjoy a good session of bareback sex. After a complete sucking and licking treatment, Igor attacks Alfonso's ass like he hasn't had it in ages and annihilates his hole with his fat Brazilian cock, while the boy begs for harder and deeper fuck. Lucios is happy to deliver more dick and invites the Mexican twink on top for a wild ride. When Alfonso can't hold back and covers himself in a creamy load of boy juice, Igor places some of that seed into his guy's hole to lube it and keeps on pounding until delivering his massive load all inside that gaping ass!

Hot College Fucks - Update

May 14, 2023

Houston Fucks Nikk

I'll be honest I'm impressed Houston knows his way around some hot action so well! He's young, and a bit of a quiet guy. Despite that massive cock, he's not someone I imagine is out there flirting with girls left and right. Rather, he's the kind of quiet and reserved young stud that lets them come ot him. Clearly they must come to him in droves, as he knows what he's doing, knows how to put that dick to work, and looks darn good doing it! Of course, just listen to Nikki guide him along! Even if Houston wasn't so ready and eager to put that dick to work, Nikki's dirty talk and cooing and encouragement surely must do the trick! She's loving every bit of seeing him worked up and getting him even more worked up, and loving every inch of that massive cock plunging in to her pussy!

Bel Ami Online - Update

May 09, 2023

Jason, Joel & Arne

It's 3way time again and instead of the father, son, and holy ghost, we have the heavenly trio of Jason, Arne and Joel (although we may refer to him here as the holy dick). There is always extra special chemistry when our Hungarian team hook up with each other, and today is no exception, luckily for our translator all guys are speaking in English for this episode. It's hard not to be envious as bespectacled beauty Jason Lucky Pierre for the day as he gets to sample the mammoth cocks of both his buddies, starting with the biggest first.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 08, 2023

Alex & Sexystache Fuck Kosta

Kosta Viking welcomes not one, but two, new Lucas Men to the Lucas Entertainment set. And the new faces are the handsome Alex Ink and the rugged Sexystache. Alex Ink is the husband of Lobo Carreira, and they make quite the up-and-coming porn power couple. Since Alex is all top, he takes turns fucking both Kosta Viking and Sexystache in the ass. At one point, Kosta even offers up his booty for some pretty intense anal double penetration!

Aussies Do It - Update

May 03, 2023

Justin's Lucky First Time

Justin is a fresh-faced, lean-bodied twink who's trying out porn for the first time. Remember your first time sex? Now imagine bright lights and a cameraman added to the equation. Lucky for sweet Justin, he's paired up with a real pro with a lot of patience and passion to guide him through the experience, hot and horny Kaleb. Kaleb turns down his natural no-nonsense approach to screwing sexed-up bottoms, and give Justin the kid gloves treatment. He starts out with a LOOONG bout of kissing, rubbing, and running curious hands over each other's bodies. When Justin is relaxed, warmed up and ready for action, Kaleb works his way down to Justin's tight little nips, stiffening cock and hungry hole. By this time, Justin's natural anxiety over his first porn shoot has vanished.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Rocky & Nikki's Fuck Toy

We put a very fun rule in place as the action started out here - it's a hardcore bi three-way, but Chris wasn't allowed to touch the girl. We knew adding that teasing, cucking element in to things would take this episode to the next level. Before the action even started, we were certain putting that rule in place would get Chris so worked up and horny he'd be going wild and we were right. Even though Rocky's the one peeling off his pants to whip his big dick out and getting it sucked, Chris is the one mouth agape, panting while watching it all from off to the side. While Rocky starts to piston-fuck and rough, loud, hardcore sex is taking place just inches away from him, Chris looks like he can barely handle it and like he could cum at any second as he takes in the sight before him.

Latin Leche - Update

April 29, 2023

Numero 249

Topping the Rooftop Twink: When Leo sees cute Hispanic twink Dimitri sitting alone on the roof, he knows he has to say hello. They hit it off immediately and find a secluded place to have some fun. Dimitri is a wonderful bottom, and although he is initially shy, it doesn't take long for him to crave more cock.

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