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Straight Fraternity - Update

May 16, 2023

Ty Tucker & Trevor

Hung, straight 20-year-old Trevor has agreed to push his limits a little more today, so I hook him up with Spence, a.k.a. gay-for-pay stud Ty Tucker. First, I get the guys naked and sitting close to each other. Trevor still won't kiss another guy, so I have them start playing with each other's nipples and stroking their cocks. Ty goes down on Trevor's enormous dick, sucking him until he's rock hard. Then it's Trevor's turn for his first ever taste of dick. They lube up and stroke for a bit before Ty goes back down on Trevor's pole. Since Ty's too afraid of getting fucked by Trevor's huge cock, they trade blowjobs instead. The first one to cum gets to shoot on the other one's chest, and what a load it is!

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 14, 2023

Toby & Maya Share Sawyer

Sawyer's never one to say no to a little fun, so when he finds Toby hooking up on the couch, he's ready to dive right into the fray, getting his big dick worshipped by he and Maya right from the get go in this bi-tag. While Toby is fucking Maya, she's sucking Sawyer off, before Sawyer blows Toby and then slides into his tight ass. Toby loves the feeling of being completely filled up as Sawyer mounts him doggy-style, before he gets flipped over on his back and has the cum fucked out of him! Never one to let a good load go to waste, Sawyer cums all over Toby and then licks it all up!

Hot College Fucks - Update

May 14, 2023

Houston Fucks Nikk

I'll be honest I'm impressed Houston knows his way around some hot action so well! He's young, and a bit of a quiet guy. Despite that massive cock, he's not someone I imagine is out there flirting with girls left and right. Rather, he's the kind of quiet and reserved young stud that lets them come ot him. Clearly they must come to him in droves, as he knows what he's doing, knows how to put that dick to work, and looks darn good doing it! Of course, just listen to Nikki guide him along! Even if Houston wasn't so ready and eager to put that dick to work, Nikki's dirty talk and cooing and encouragement surely must do the trick! She's loving every bit of seeing him worked up and getting him even more worked up, and loving every inch of that massive cock plunging in to her pussy!

Frat X - Update

May 11, 2023

Party House

Rents due this week. Fuck the gym! Who's gonna be the bitch today? Make 'em our personal red fuck ass. Full on 24/7 party house hole. These sexy and very nasty guys just can't get enough of the cock. Watch how they do everything from spit roasting to deep penetrating bareback sex.

Sketchy Sex - Update

May 10, 2023

Day Dumps

This is what day 4 looks like. Been takin loads since Friday. Need water but can’t stop cause keep cumming. Don’t know anyone's name here except this dude who spat in my mouth and said "say my name bitch" lol

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 09, 2023

Nico Stiles Gay For Pay

21-year-old Nico Stiles is building his gay-for-pay resume, and today he's matched for cock size by hung Daddy Franco Dax. I ask Nico to tell me how he feels doing gay-for-pay work because he seems pretty laid back about it. The way he's acting is a green light for me. I get in there and grab his dick when he leans forward to show his ass. I rub Nico's naked body, and he says it feels good. It feels great to me! I pull out my hard cock and make Nico stroke it while I play with his dick and balls. I've got to get that giant dick in my mouth. I suck Nico's cock and turn around so I really deepthroat him. He throws his head back and moans with pleasure. Then I jack Nico's cock until he takes over. The whole situation is so fucking hot that I shoot an enormous load all over Nico.

Euroboyxxx - Update

May 09, 2023

Juicy Twink Cock Party 2

Drake Law, Jesse Jenkins, Jose Manuel & Chris Young: When you have so many wet cocks all needing a hole you really need a bottom to take it. Thankfully after all the swapped sucking of part one Drake Law is more than ready to take every stiff and raw length of hard uncut British dick in his gorgeous little ass! Watch as the boys take turns, feeding him their meat while another pumps his pucker, sucking and wanking him and each other while they all work their way to a deliciously hot cum shower for the boy!

Hot College Fucks - Update

May 09, 2023

Kate & the Swim Team Star Carson

Carson's a handsome young stand-out star on the swim team, with the tan lines to prove it. Those swimmer outfits don't leave much to the imagination, but what little a pair of speedos can conceal get revealed for Kate here as she gets Carson stripped down and fully naked, then the two of them fuck. Carson didn't have much experience when he first arrived at HCF, but Kate is making sure she fixes that for him!

Bi College Fucks - Update

May 08, 2023

Bryce Bangs Bailey & Kenny

Bailey and Kenny, being from the same town, have been friends for quite a while. Whether or not they’ve hooked up in their years of friendship they won’t say, but something about their interactions here make me believe that they’ve done this before so I threw Bryce in the mix, and with the addition of a third partner the experience is brand new, exciting and three times the fun! All 3 know how great much fucking multiple partners at once is. You get to watch hot action happening in front of your eyes all the while getting laid! So they knew the kinky fun that there is to be had here. For Bryce, the thrill is in making the other two horny for his cock and getting to shove his rod in any hole he wants! For Kenny, he gets to fuck with absolutely no boundary!

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 03, 2023

Nico & Mickey Bareback

Mickey O'Brien initiates Nico Stiles into the world of gay-for-pay with a blowjob and a bareback fuck. The guys have got their cocks out warming up to their favorite straight porn. I ask Mickey about his experience with other gay-for-pay shoots and Nico about his big dick and fucking his girlfriend in the ass. Since Mickey has experience, I tell him to take over. He sucks on Nico's huge cock, but when that doesn't do it for Nico, I talk the guys into fucking. Nico lubes Mickey's hole, then Mickey tries sitting on his raw, hard cock. Mickey turns around and continues the bareback ride. While he's being fucked, he shoots his load on Nico's stomach. Then I tell Mickey to lie face down, so Nico can jerk off all over his pretty white ass.

Frat X - Update

May 02, 2023

Pound Dat Ass

Lucas let me in that warm Ukranian hole you dumb mooch. Ur cum dump looks so fine put those legs in the air and open your mouth bitch get ya'll ready. Talk about guys gone wild, you'll be blown away with this hardcore amazing Fraternity. These guys hold nothing back except taking and giving it up the ass.

Face Down Ass Up - Update

May 01, 2023

Wrecking Hole

Check out this slut I found, he had a bit too much of a good time rolling- had to throw some shades on em- y'all know why. Fuck miss good old days I could just get some slut in here crying for dick. Whatever, theres always some cumdump who'll agree to whatever if enough dicks are lined up. He loved each dick, which one you think was his fav?

Sketchy Sex - Update

May 01, 2023

Party Hole

Another day another dozen loads. Been goin like this for months. Endless hot studs cruising here lookin to drop their loads. Don't care about anything I just wanna suck dick and take loads.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Rocky & Nikki's Fuck Toy

We put a very fun rule in place as the action started out here - it's a hardcore bi three-way, but Chris wasn't allowed to touch the girl. We knew adding that teasing, cucking element in to things would take this episode to the next level. Before the action even started, we were certain putting that rule in place would get Chris so worked up and horny he'd be going wild and we were right. Even though Rocky's the one peeling off his pants to whip his big dick out and getting it sucked, Chris is the one mouth agape, panting while watching it all from off to the side. While Rocky starts to piston-fuck and rough, loud, hardcore sex is taking place just inches away from him, Chris looks like he can barely handle it and like he could cum at any second as he takes in the sight before him.

Euroboyxxx - Update

April 30, 2023

Drake, Jesse, Jose & Chris

Juicy Twink Cock Party - Part 1 When you get too many horny young guys together in a room anything can happen. We all know how easy it is for one cock being freed to lead to a serious session of penis pleasures with every long muscle being produced for stroking and sucking! Drake Law, Chris Young, Jesse Jenkins & Jose Manuel can't seem to get enough of those warm and meaty penises once the sucking sessions starts, but you can be sure there's a lot more for these boys to enjoy in part 2.

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 30, 2023

Mandy Milks Sean

Mandy knows the old saying if a guy's tall and lean, he's often packing. She's found that to often be the case among her campus conquests, so when she spotted tall, lean freshman Sean she knew she wanted a piece of him and knew she wanted to see if he has as nice a dick as she suspected. Turns out Mandy's instincts were right Sean has himself a nice dick that was as hard as a rock and pointing towards the sky as he and Mandy got down to some foreplay, then filled Mandy up good once they started to fuck!

Yes Father - Update

April 29, 2023

In on the Secret

Andy is no stranger to father Rob’s way of addressing confessions, but when Andy’s friend Myott learns about it, he wants in on the secret. Andy and Myott visit Rob in his office, and Andy tells father Rob that Myott knows about their last encounter. Andy must pay penance for his sins, and father Rob needs Myott’s help to lead Andy to forgiveness.

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 28, 2023

Roman Gets Fucked Good

These two young studs know their way around some action, and that's wholly evident here as they go back and forth between Dane having his way with Roman's hole and Roman fucking himself on Dane's cock. Fairly early on in the action here, Dane and Roman each make it clear they're both out for as much intense pleasure as possible. For Dane, that first comes through pumping his stiff dick in and out of Roman's mouth hard and fast. Roman's enjoying having Dane fuck his throat as much as Dane's enjoying it, but what Roman really wanted what Roman really needed!

Straight Fraternity - Update

April 25, 2023

Cody's Blindfolded Pleasure

Sweet young Cody has no idea what's going to happen to him while he's blindfolded or that I've invited gay-for-pay stud Abel over to take advantage of him. And it turns out Cody is super-ticklish once he cums! I put Cody in a special pledge shirt before I tell him to strip. I make him pose in his underwear, then get him naked, blindfold him and tie him to the couch. He has no idea what's coming or that Abel's here to work on him. I pinch Cody's nipples and motion to Abel what he should do. Since I know Cody likes a little ass play, I lube Abel's fingers and have him warm up Cody's hole. Abel switches to sucking cock, and soon it's my turn to slip in a finger. I use the leg ropes to lift Cody's ankles up to his chest, exposing his smooth asshole, but the position doesn't work out how I hoped.

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 24, 2023

Kellan, Jamie Play With Truman

Kellan is in a sharing mood, and Truman has no problem being a taker! Kellan squats over Jamie's face so she can get a mouthful of his big dick. Then the guys take turns plugging her up on both sides. They get so worked up getting their dicks sucked and fucked, but they want the full experience. So after Kellan gets ridden- he takes Truman for a ride! Together, he and Jamie prep his horny little hole and then Kellan finishes him off with a good fucking!

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 24, 2023

Nikki Controls Zander

Arriving at HCF allowed Zander to experiment with and experience all kinds of things, as well as explore and discover things about himself he never knew existed. One of those discoveries is he definitely has a submissive side he gets off to tapping in to on occasion, and we let him do that in this episode! He's just an extremely sexual, openminded, horny guy. It's obvious he really gets off on it when Nikki takes charge, though, and this blazing hot episode is further proof of it. Indeed, the incredible load Nikki makes him shoot at the end of this episode is even more proof!

Corbin Fisher - Update

April 21, 2023

Mastering Rocky

One of the thing we all love most about Rocky, among the many things there are to love about Rocky, is how he takes to any kind of action he's in so well and feeds off his partner's energy so well. When his partner wants to be dominated, Rocky's so darn good at obliging them so well. When the energy is passionate and even intimate, Rocky's right there with it and sweeps his partner off their feet. When his partner wants to totally dominate Rocky and mercilessly use his hole? Rocky's there to take it, desperately moaning and groaning throughout, begging for that dick, and wanting nothing more than to have a fellow hung stud totally use and abuse his hole and make him theirs. Rocky gets that treatment here at the hands of Jax, and holy heck of we've not tapped into something Rocky's been needing all this time!

Bi College Fucks - Update

April 18, 2023

Initiating Ian

Brooke’s had Ian and Rowan. Now she wants them both- together! Ian’s never been with a guy before, but he doesn’t want to be left out of the fun- plus who’s really going to turn down Rowan? Exactly. Looking at the guys side-by-side with Brooke bouncing between their hard cocks, I start noticing some similarities between them. Their bodies are similarly proportioned, with strong arm, broad shoulders and chests, and ripped abs. I bet these guys would make excellent gym buddies, but no one’s thinking of the gym when Rowan sucks on Ian’s dick and then proceeds to sit on it! It’s hard to resist Rowan’s tight ass, and Ian doesn’t.  He tries him out and finds that he likes the feel of Rowan wrapped around his dick.

Hot College Fucks - Update

April 18, 2023

Cade & Cassie

Cassie Takes On "The Machine" - The guys and girls around the HCF campus gave Cade the nickname "The Machine" early on. With that buff linebacker build, those muscles, that massive cock, and the way he fucks with force and power, it's obvious just where that nickname came from. It was obvious Cassie would want a piece of Cade as well. His reputation preceded him, and Cassie had to find out for herself if it was a reputation Cade deserved. After as intense a fuck she got out of Cade here, Cassie would be the first to tell you he most definitely earned that reputation and deserves that nickname.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

April 15, 2023

Straight Boy Buzz 2

Wants To Cum: Straight boy Buzz hasn't gotten off since his last visit, so it doesn't take him long to get hard when I oil up his cock. When he stands and I start to suck his dick, Buzz grabs my head and begins to fuck it. After I give him an extended session of deep throat sucking I take out my hard cock, stand up next to him and rub our shafts together. After a slurping, sloppy blowjob I bury my head in his bush and take his whole load down my throat.

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