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Straight Fraternity - Update

October 07, 2022

Marcus' Gay Hazing

When Marcus comes in for his audition video, I'm struck with how friendly and upbeat he is. At first he says he won't do anything with a guy, so I know a hazing video is perfect for him, bound up in a chair with nothing to do but enjoy the sensations on his body. Marcus' cock responds quickly, and when he tells me he likes his balls played with, I tickle them and rub the rim of his asshole a little bit. In no time, Marcus tells me he's ready to cum and busts his nut for me.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 07, 2022

Rocky Rails Dylan

Rocky and Dylan have a history together! It was Rocky who introduced Dylan to guy/guy action in a blazing hot bisexual three-way, and they reunited for some awesome one-on-one action not too long after that. To this point, Dylan’s gotten to pound Rocky’s hole but hasn’t yet gotten to feel Rocky’s big, uncut dick inside him. That all changes with this episode! We know Rocky’s going to fuck Dylan good, and make the experience feel incredible for the both of them. Part of that is getting Dylan worked up and ready for it with some hot foreplay. The guys trade oral - with Dylan even asking to get a taste of Rocky’s dick - before Rocky then gets Dylan’s ass in the air so he can tongue it. Once Rocky slides his dick in to Dylan’s smooth hole, there’s no turning back - Rocky’s going to pound a load out of him.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 04, 2022

Mastering Chris

Chris needed this! He's not wasting any time at all with the preliminaries here - the instant we flip those cameras on and give him the go ahead, he's diving in to plant his lips on Jax's and make out as his hands roam all over Jax's body and the clothes start to come off. The precise thing Chris needed is obvious as Jax peels off his pants and his big dick pops out - Chris' eyes are glued to it, the hunger on his face evident. Chris was a tail-chasing hornball when he first met him, but what we've discovered about him since is he loves to submit and get his hole worked over, and you could tell he knew he was in for precisely that with Jax. Jax has himself a well-earned reputation among his fellow CF studs as being someone who knows how to fuck, has a flawless dick with which to do it, and knows how to take charge.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 30, 2022

Str8 Guys Play Gay Chicken

New roommates Red and Tony come over because they both needed money for rent, and I make them play Gay Chicken. The winner gets to bang Autumn, too. The guys are nervous at first, but once they start kissing, I see the chemistry change. It's like they were a little hot for each other all along... After kissing, the next challenge is stroking each other. Soon Red and Tony are stroking each other at the same time. After that, the guys give each other blow jobs, and I make them 69. Both guys have big hard-ons by now. Tony sits on Red, and Red jacks them off together. Then something hot happens that has never happened in a Gay Chicken match before. Don't miss the replay of cum shots, plus I get to give their cum a taste test.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 28, 2022

Daddy's Little Cum Slut

When standing next to one another, Liam towers over Noah. The physical contrast between these two is striking, given how buff and tall Liam is, and it's all the more striking when you see Liam totally going to town on Noah and working him over hard and rough. Liam's proven himself to be a complete natural when it comes to getting it on with his fellow CF studs - he's so sexual, so confident in his sexuality, and so good at what he does in the bedroom it's incredibly impressive; it took Liam no time at all to establish himself as among CF fans' favorites. That's all the more evident here with how he totally dominates and takes charge of Noah. Liam could tell just how submissive Noah is, could tell how much Noah loves to get fucked, and could tell he could use Noah as rough and as hard as he wanted and Noah would love every bit of it.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 24, 2022

Junior's First Time Fuck

It hurts, but he likes it! That's Junior's response to being fucked in the ass for the first time. Lee and Junior undress each other and start stroking themselves. Lee sucks on Junior's nipples, and it's not long before he's got a raging boner. Lee's impressed by Junior's big, uncut cock and a little scared to blow it. It's Junior's turn to return the favor, and he sucks Lee good and hard. The guys go back and forth, sucking each other's dicks, until it's time for Junior to lube up his hole and go for a ride. With Junior on all fours and then on his stomach, Lee sticks it to him from behind. He pulls out and shoots a thick load on Junior's back. After he recovers from being fucked, Junior pumps out his own big load.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 22, 2022

Jared Splits Adriano

Let's hope Jared never tries to take up poker because that handsome face of his would betray him whenever he has a good hand - he's be smiling from ear to ear and clearly giddy and ecstatic. That's precisely the expression Jared has on his face at the outset of the action here, because he knows he's getting to take a turn on Adriano's tight hole. Jared's been all about Adriano from the moment they met, and only ended up more drawn to and turned on by Adriano after their first pairing, where Adriano buried his big dick in Jared's hole and drilled him silly. Jared's thrilled by the opportunity to return the favor here, and never doubted for a moment he'd love every bit of pounding Adriano.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 18, 2022

Donny and Dean

20-year-old Donny is still figuring out this gay-for-pay thing. He's clearly uncomfortable doing stuff naked with another guy, but he can't help getting aroused. I ask Donny and Dean for their stats while talking them through getting undressed. This is still new for Donny, so he's kind of hesitant, but both of them do what I say and grab each other's cocks. When I suggest one guy rub his lubed cock on the other's ass crack, neither one wants to do it. Donny is sort of shocked by the idea, but he gives it a try anyway. When I demand something more from him, he struggles to come up with what to do. Donny sheepishly asks Dean if he'll suck his dick, and Dean agrees. Donny does his part by playing with Dean's dick, then stroking him some more after getting in a few strokes on himself.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 18, 2022

Breaking In Levi

This is the moment we've been waiting for - Levi in an action episode with another guy! This is clearly the moment Roman had been waiting for, too - just look at the smile on his face as the action kicks off here! I think Roman was fully aware not only of just how big an update this is for all of us watching it, but also just how hot Levi is and how much fun he was set to have. All of our excitement and eagerness to see Levi in action with another guy gets rewarded here as we see that handsome face and hot body going at it and fucking a massive load out of Roman. Levi looks as great pounding another guy as we hoped he would, and there's something so remarkably sexy about that initial shyness evident at the outset of this episode giving way to aggressiveness, passion, and intensity as he drills Roman's hole.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 16, 2022

Abel & Angel Go Gay4Pay

Abel is willing to do all sorts of gay acts for cash, but today is the first time he's ever agreed to kiss another guy in more than just a friendly way. He and Angel start with the kiss, but quickly go back to the easier stuff...hand-jobs and sucking cock! Abel and Angel talk about dating girls and the fact that Abel has a new girlfriend. It turns out Abel got snipped young so he wouldn't have to worry about getting any girl pregnant. But today all I want is a kiss. Abel finally agrees to his first sensual kiss with another guy. He's uncomfortable during the tongue swap, but comes out alive. Maybe a hand-job with some straight porn playing would be easier to handle. First one hard gets a BJ. After doing such a good job smoking pole, it's only fair that Abel gets blown, too. Then I turn up the volume on the porn and the guys lube up.

Breeder Bros - Update

September 16, 2022

Loser Gats Dicked

Man we got money to throw around on the game, so we throw ass around. Gotta keep shit interesting and it's too easy when we got nothing but pledges to fuck. Only full bros can do bets. This loser, swear he loves our dicks cuz he always picks the loser and always bets against all the bros. Some guys just stay bitches and need an excuse to keep getting dicked down.

Breeder Bros - Update

September 14, 2022

Balls Slapping

We all went clubbin' last night and got too horned with no tail popping through after. Damn girls were rubbing up on all of us and nothing after, damn teases. Luckily we always keep a bitch on deck back at the pad. Too tapped to fuck last night and make some cash, but chattin' about today we got all riled up and took it out on the latest bro. Bottom of the pole means taking it. He probably has a tighter hole than she did anyways.

Breeder Bros - Update

September 12, 2022

Dick 'Em

Man, some cheap ass guys in the house think they can get away with livin' like a bro without paying into shit. They got another thing comin', you think we got all this using our allowance or somethin'. This guy just got became a full-fledge bro and as soon as that happened, anytime it was time to use some pledge or bitch, he was nowhere. Anytime we had a party going on and the girls were sucking us off, he'd be front row and fuckin. Wanna be in the house, gotta pay for it and show them bro wishin' pussies how we do things here.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 10, 2022

Chris Pumps Dylan's Hole

Dare I say it, we're on a pretty good run when it comes to hot young college studs getting in to some guy/guy action for us and giving that CF education a shot. Dylan and Chris are helping make that the case - each one is a total stud, and all of us are incredibly excited they're getting in to action with other guys and, in the case of this epic episode, one another! Chris and Dylan are incredibly excited they're getting in to action with one another as well! These two hit it off, got along well when they first met, and knew they could have one hell of a hot time together. Having said that, there's still some nervousness at the very beginning of this episode. That nervousness is so endearing in how genuine it is, though.

Sketchy Sex - Update

September 10, 2022

Suffocate My Hole

Gotta feel sorry for these str8 guys who have to deal with female shit and crap head. You always know which ones have been stuck with the same chick for too long cuz they're always wowwin' over our dick sucking skills. Few other guys swung by to breed, but gave the str8 dick extra love. It's not charity though, he was hung as fuck and knew he'd shoot fat ass ropes.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 09, 2022

Beefy Army Guy Goes Gay 4 Pay

Beefy former football player and Army guy Craig may be a little apprehensive, but this military man is in for a treat. Cody has experience going gay for pay, so I have him introduce Craig to the pleasure of his first gay blowjob. Craig cums in Cody's mouth, and Cody keeps sucking. Then Cody greases Craig's dick with lube and spit before jerking a huge load onto Craig's thigh. Can Craig bust out a second load?

Sketchy Sex - Update

September 08, 2022

Serial Breeder

Friends that breed together stay friends forever. Not all us cumdumps are strict cumdumps, we breed each other all the time too when there aren't any guys swinging through. Having one or two versatile guys in the house is great for trains when not enough dicks swing by or just to switch shit up. I love it when my roomie wants to top and then is getting fucked, feels like I'm getting the double force of dick.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 04, 2022

Army Man & His Buddy

Plays Gay Chicken: Derrick brings his buddy Christian in for a shoot, and we end up playing Gay Chicken. I love to see two hot guys kiss, so I always have a kissing challenge. Neither calls 'chicken' so I make them use lots of tongue in this kiss. Next it's the blowjob challenge. Both tell me they don't want to lose, so I know they'll go far. Christian gets a mouthful of Derrick's cock and really seems to like sucking it. Then Derrick puts Christian's dick in his mouth. Christian even pushes Derrick's head into it. I have the guys stroke each other, and they stay hard the entire time. No chickens in this room! The final challenge is to jerk each other off to climax. Christian gets lubed up, and Derrick jerks his friend until he nuts. Then Christian strokes Derrick like a champ and he blows a huge load. You can't tell me he didn't like it!

Helix Studios - Update

September 04, 2022

Bowling Lessons

Hang out with a big, beautiful bunch of Helix fan-favs, as they cut loose, and have some fun at the local bowling alley. As balls roll, and drinks flow, it’s clear, there’s some crazy hot chemistry cookin’ between Aiden Garcia, and Dante Clark! The bronze skinned, brunette beauties kiss, caress, and hold hands as they walk towards the exit; however, it’s far from “game over” for these two horned up hotties. The kisses get deeper, and more delicious once the guys get home. Clothing melts away, as two tear into one another, anxious to get at the goods. Garcia’s golden body glistens with promises of pure pleasure; and, Clark can no longer contain his craving. He unpacks the superstar’s perfect, porn sized piece, and goes hog wild, downing the dude’s thick, uncut dick like a hungry demon.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 04, 2022

Soaking Roman

I am mighty glad to have Rocky back, and judging by the smiles on the faces at the start of this episode Roman is also glad Rocky's here and Rocky is also thrilled to be back! We've missed Rocky! This hot-bodied and handsome young stud was always a pleasure to have around the studio and film and he loved to fuck with that big uncut cock of his as much as he loved to get fucked in that hot and tight ass of his. As much as we're all fans of Rocky, Roman may very well be his newest and biggest fan now. Roman was eager to get his hands on Rocky the instant they met, and I can't blame him for that! Thankfully for all of us, Roman didn't have to wait long - he and Kyler tag teamed and had their way with Rocky in our special Halloween update.

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 01, 2022

Dane's Dolce

One of the things I like most about Adriano is how shy and quiet he seems at first, before becoming a man possessed by passion and intensity once the sex has started! Of course, some of what initially seems like shyness and quietness just comes down to the language barrier - English isn't Adriano's first language so I think he sometimes holds back a bit because he's not quite sure what to say. Even beyond that, though, Adriano just has a reserved personality. That's no longer the case once dicks are hard, holes are filled, and two young studs like Adriano and Dane are making one another feel so good, though! Adriano's discovered some things just feel amazing, and a dick in his hole is something CF's definitely given him an appreciation for.

Straight Fraternity - Update

September 01, 2022

Splatter Cum Facial

While their girlfriends are out of town, 20-year-olds Donny and Scrappy have fun jacking off and cumming on each other. I have the guys stand up and drop their pants so I can compare their bodies and dicks. I tell Scrappy to suck Donny's cock while I test the waters and see what I can convince Donny to do. I instruct Donny to get fully naked then take Scrappy's clothes off. Donny plays along and nervously touches Scrappy. I suggest some lubed up rubbing, but Donny's only willing to receive a blowjob. Okay! Scrappy knows how to suck dick, and Donny is loving it. Scrappy stops so he can jack his load onto Donny's thigh. Then Donny does what I ask and splatters his load on Scrappy's face. I'm sure their girlfriends won't mind...

Sketchy Sex - Update

August 31, 2022

Sweat Box

We had a guy pop in who'd heard of the cum dump house, but man did he flip fast. Was fucking all romantic and shit first, which is whatever, but when the other dudes started popping in and seein' how these guys lay pipe in us like the sluts we are, he was bendin' over fast. Lol, even started suckin our used dildos. Guess it just takes a house of sluts to bring out the pigs. Started talking about putting another bed in the house for him. Nuttin' wrong with some fresh ass.

Cocky Boys - Update

August 30, 2022

Jacob & Noah

Two big dicks are better than one, especially when they belong to Jacob Acosta & newcomer Noah Fox in his Cocky Boys debut! Noah doesn't bottom much and definitely hasn't taken anyone as big as Jacob, who has to go easy on him. Jacob gets it done with kissing & being playful with Noah, then sucking him deep---as best he can. In time Noah reciprocates and gives Jacob a blowjob, marveling at his size and doing his best---while Jacob reaches over to finger his hole. Jacob goes for a second helping of cock, lying back to get face-fucked and slide into a 69 with Noah. Eventually though, Jacob turns Noah on his tummy to eat and finger his hole and prep him for fucking. Jacob gets Noah's ass into position and takes it slow, giving him his cock inch by inch. It's not long before Jacob is fucking him deep and Noah takes it like a champ.

Southern Strokes - Update

August 30, 2022

Drill Me

I rarely bring boys over, especially not when my dad is home, but today I felt like being a little daring. After soccer practice, I invited Yacob to hang out, and he knew what I meant. My dad was home, so we had to be quiet, but we started grabbing each other's dicks and kissing before I made my move and started sucking on Yacob's meat. We could hear my dad drilling in the garage, but we didn't stop. Then he took his turn sucking my dick. Yacob was as hard as I was, but I was in a giving mood. We lay on the couch, and he slid inside me. I could feel the sensation of his dick filling up with blood as my ass gripped tighter. Just kidding, but it did feel great. We fucked until Yacob pulled out and jerked his load out over me. I was close behind.

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