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Straight Fraternity - Update

November 14, 2022

Utah, Trent & Austin

Play Around Together: Utah, Trent and Austin are all laid back and comfortable with each other because they've been friends for a while. They start out stroking together and playing with a jackoff sleeve. All three have awesome cocks and great bodies. I suggest that they tag-team with the toy and Trent goes for it. He rubs his cock in the sleeve with Austin first, then rubs cocks with Utah. Utah is rock hard, and he's the first to shoot. While I blow him, he explodes in my mouth. Trent is next. He strokes out a huge load that covers him in jizz. Austin is a bit more shy, but after blowing him and some stroking, he shoots a big load in my mouth, too. I tickle his sensitive cock after he cums. The three guys chill out after their three big loads, drained and breathing heavy.

Frat X - Update

November 13, 2022

Hungry House Bitch

If bitches ain't at the party, we gotta make up with mussy and might as well make money of the vid. Lined up this dude from another house, may look all man but his ass feel like a bitches hole. Told 'em to stop by when we got done with the bitches, help us pay for these bashes.

Frat X - Update

November 11, 2022

Trashed Ass

We couldn’t wait to see each bro maybe take a turn on a new pledge on duty, but only a few guys showed up. This brotha was droppin' loads and not even tellin' us about it, we can’t have that. It’s why he is one of the lower pledges in the frat. You cum to the frat dump, expect to be trashed in the ass.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 09, 2022

Josh, Mason & Delila

Josh has a big ol’ dick and Mason and Delila can’t wait to get their hands and mouths on it. They suck him off in multiple positions before Delila takes him hard and deep from behind. That turns Mason on and he trades places with Delila so he can feel that dick inside him. Josh gives it to him good and fucks a nice load out of him.

Frat X - Update

November 09, 2022

Any Hole Now

So we get back from practice and what do you know, this little frat fuck was sucking off one of the pledges. That shit calls for automatic payback, for the both of them. Before we made the pledge clean up our clothes, we made him clean off our dicks. He did alright. He’ll get better at it, if he wants too!

Straight Fraternity - Update

November 08, 2022

Inked Skater Gets Gay Head

It's always hot to help a guy discover how great it feels to get a blowjob from another guy (I'm not bragging, but I've had a lot of practice). Ink finds out on camera, and you can tell by his expression that he loves it. It takes a few minutes for this nervous straight boy to get hard in front of the camera, but once I touch his dick, he really comes alive. Ink is so physically excited, he's actually shaking. He tells me he's bowled over by his reaction to having his cock touched by another guy...and then I blow him. Ink says a few times that I have to stop or he'll shoot, so I slow it down, put him on the bed and keep playing with his cock and balls. In no time Ink is ready to nut, and as he gets closer, he moans louder and claws his skin in ecstasy. Ink shoots a huge load, which sprays all over the place. One more straight boy down, millions to go!

Hot College Fucks - Update

November 08, 2022

Dawson & Kelli

Dawson Jackhammers Kelli: Kelli can't wait to see Dawson's ripped body and she wastes no time getting him naked. He starts things off by sliding her panties down and eating her pussy, before leaning back and jackhammering her. After being relentlessly pounded in multiple positions, Kelli ends up with a huge load all over her ass.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 07, 2022

Connor & Brody Teasing Ashley

Connor & Brody Put On A Show For Ashley: Ashley's in the mood to be a voyeur and Connor and Brody are happy to put on a show for her. They make out for a bit and get naked, and soon Brody is sucking on Connor's huge cock. Connor wants some of that ass though, and pounds Brody's tight hole before shooting a load in his mouth.

Bi College Fucks - Update

November 02, 2022

Austin, Dawson & Sara

Bi Tag - Dawson & Sara Have Their Way With Austin: These three can’t seem to get enough of each other, with lots of hot foreplay to go around. Dawson and Austin each have their fun with Sara before turning their attention to each other. Austin gets pounded in doggy and riding and the finish is explosive!

Japan Boyz - Update

October 31, 2022

My Name is GAL

GAL is a handsome new addition to the Japan Boyz stable. Blond and well-built, he's got a sweet wistful expression that promises something fun and dirty underneath. A local fan site star around Japan, he's paired up with Japan Boyz previous blond golden boy Kouya, who's back but with shaggy brown hair we haven't seen before. Starting with a hot kiss and cuddle and the usual nipple licks and nibbles, the real action's initiated when Kouya slides down to get his mouth around GAL's substantial booty splitter. GAL returns the favor and slurps down Kouya, then spreads his buddy's legs to give his hole a deep wet probing with his nimble tongue. GAL's raw cock thrusts in easily to Kouya's licked and lubed hole, and he screws his new bud from behind and then lying on top in bed.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 31, 2022

Real Step-Brothers

Play Gay Chicken: Step-brothers Reese and Riley came in for a chance to get to fuck Autumn. They didn't know they were going to have to play Gay Chicken with each other. It starts with the kissing challenge. I get the bros undressed so they can move on to the next round. To say there's a bit of tension in the air is an understatement! Next comes the cock-stroking challenge. Will they really jack each other off? I'm surprised that the score is tied up at this point and that the guys are stroking each other at the same time. Cock sucking challenge is next. First, Reese gets to put his cock in Riley's mouth, then Riley gets his turn to put that cock out there and see if Reese will suck it. Finally, the step-brothers get in position to jack their cocks together in the "one hand, two cock" method.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 30, 2022

Cain, Try & Jackie

Cain and Trey kiss before Jackie goes to work sucking Trey's big dick. The guys spit-roast Jackie and she whimpers with pleasure. Eventually Cain has his way with Trey in multiple positions, ending with them both blasting huge loads all over Trey's lean, muscled abs.

Hung Young Brit - Update

October 28, 2022

Adorable Aussie Arse

George was away & Jamie and Josh take control of HYB for a day!! What could possibly go wrong?? We was all sat chattin' about spiders and random shit and nearly forgot what we were there for XD Until that ginger took off his shirt with no warning. Such a beautiful body!! And his cock! OMG Choking hazard alert!! Before we knew it everyone in the room got their kit off; three ginormous nobs on display. Until they ended up in each others’ mouths of course lol.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 23, 2022

Roman's Sex Slave

When Zander first showed up at CF he was buff and built and clearly spent most every moment of his free time working out and building muscle. And there was nothing this buff muscle stud wanted more when he first showed up at CF than to be dominated by the other guys. Indeed, I really think that's why Zander applied in the first place. Some guys apply because they're curious or exhibitionists; for some guys it never occurred to them to try sex with another man until after they'd arrived at CF; for a guy like Zander, I think his coming to CF was more about the fulfillment of his own fantasies than any of ours. When you see Roman dominating Zander and using his hole here, you can see that Zander is getting off to the feeling of Roman's cock pumping his hole.

Spritzz - Update

October 23, 2022

Tasting Taras’ Fat Schlong

Taras stands with a bulging boner in the shower and has great pressure on his balls. The blond twink thinks about how he can best seduce young Leo, who is waiting in the living room, for a blowjob? When he stands in front of the boy, dressed only in a towel, a few moments later Leo's greedy lips suck on his thick, hard schlong. Taras is already fingering Leo's hole and then he fucks the youngster deep and raw and spurts his cream in his face.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 23, 2022

20 YO Wrestler Jerks Off

20-year-old Xavier is the hottest guy I've worked with in a long time. Shy, sexy and built like a brick shithouse, I'm hooked on this hottie as soon as he takes his shirt off. Xavier works up a woody in his underwear, and as he strokes himself, he wiggles his sexy toes around. Xavier really starts getting into it and is a natural on camera. He comes close to shooting a few times, but he slows it down each time before he cums and looks totally in ecstasy. I tell Xavier to pause so I can cop a quick feel while oiling his awesome body down, and his cock stays hard the whole time. When Xavier is ready to bust, he shoots a big, hot load all over his washboard abs.

Young Bastards - Update

October 23, 2022

Bottom Craves Straight Bareback

His slutty little hole is desperate for that big straight bareback cock, and although his friend is used to fucking girls he knows that warm ass is gonna feel so good around his big meat. There’s no waiting, as soon as his friend’s naked ass is up he’s easing his big meat stick into his pucker, filling his hot hole with his engorged fuck muscle. With his balls already tight and his long shaft raging stiff he drills his friend, humping him deep. The relentless pounding continues until his bottom needs to suck on that tool, he’s soon sitting back and making his bottom pal gag on his glistening tool. After such an incredible suck and fuck the boy is almost ready to drop his load, but not before ramming his stick back inside for some more raw ass.

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 23, 2022

Josh & Chloe

Josh Breaks In Chloe: Chloe is the new girl on campus and Josh doesn't waste any time breaking her in. They suck and lick each other in multiple positions, and before she knows it, Chloe is on all fours getting railed! Josh puts his huge dick to good use and makes sure that this is a fuck Chloe will never forget.

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 18, 2022

Nick & Julie

Nick had barely even set foot on campus before the girls were all over him, and Julie in particular set her sights on the handsome new southern stud right away, intent on getting his dick in her. Nick was charming all the ladies, and that made Julie want him so bad she wasted no time at all dragging him off for a romp in the bedroom. Julie was mighty glad she was so aggressive about getting Nick in bed, also - as you can tell when she's moaning out, "Oh, you're so big!" while he pumps his dick in and out of her! I guess Nick doesn't just have that southern charm, but also some well-earned swagger.

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 17, 2022

Lucas & Travis Bi Tag Summer

Lucas & Travis Get Some With Summer: Lucas and Summer waste no time getting Travis naked and taking turns sucking him off. Soon, Lucas is having his way with Summer first, fucking her in missionary while kissing and sucking off Travis some more. That's not enough for Travis, however, so he flips over on his back and gets railed by Lucas while Summer enjoys the show. Travis blows a massive load all over his tight abs, and Lucas has an explosive finish of his own with Summer.

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 16, 2022

Dax & Leon Back For More

Dax and Leon are back, and it's Leon's turn to be the center of attention. But first, I make the guys teabag each other, which is a new experience for both. Leon reluctantly licks his balls while Dax presses them in Leon's face. Leon is happy to return the favor and make Dax lick his sensitive nuts. After the teabagging, the guys start getting each other hard. It's Leon's turn to get off now. I know that Leon loves to have his nipples played with, so I lick his nipples while Dax strokes his cock. With a big moan, Leon shoots his huge load.

Hot College Fucks - Update

October 15, 2022

Brent Romances Rachel

There's a reason Brent is known as "Casanova" at HCF - when this young stud gets in to action, he brings the passion! Rachel would be the first to tell you that's true and Brent has earned himself his "Casanova" nickname. From the way these two makeout, to the sultry and seductive ways they peel off eachother's clothing and through to when Rachel deepthroats Brent's big, curved dick and takes the intense fuck he delivers, the passion is bursting through from start to finish here.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 14, 2022

Marco Owns Noah

Marco sure has surprised me quite a bit over the last year or so. When we first met him, I just assumed we'd likely never see him in guy/guy action - he expressly stated he wasn't interested, and never expressed a remote interest in doing it. As we've all seen since Marco's first appearance on CF, things have most definitely changed! Marco's taken to guy/guy action like a champ, and it's clear he thoroughly enjoys it. It's also clear there was some longstanding interest in it on his part - he was definitely curious about it and his initial refusal wasn't so much about being entirely opposed as it was him still making up his mind whether he wanted to do it on camera for us I think. Marco was ready to go to town on a tight hole and relentlessly work over an eager, submissive bottom. Cue Noah!

Bi College Fucks - Update

October 13, 2022

Cain & Connor Fucks Jackie

What happens when you get two muscular, hung studs together with a hot young coed - well, you're about to find out! Cain and Connor take turns fucking Jackie and then each other, ending intense orgasms all around! Enjoy this hot and sexy bi sex site with hot models and hardcore sex.

Corbin Fisher - Update

October 12, 2022

Chris Gets Used

Chris is a little bit nervous at the outset of this one, and we can't really blame him! He's about to get tag-teamed by two aggressive, hung studs in Barron and Roman and surely Chris must have been wondering if his mouth and hole could take that. Mind you, it was pretty obvious Chris wanted to give it a try - always horny and eager for action, while Chris was a bit nervous at the prospect of having two guys team up on him, he was also pretty darn excited by the thought of it. Any nerves are out the window quickly as the guys get in to it. Roman and Barron and incredibly skilled at what they do, and that's as true for their drilling a tight hole as it is for their making sure their partner is comfortable and having fun

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