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Corbin Fisher - Update

January 02, 2023

Adriano Pumps Noah

I was recently going over some photos and b-roll and, while looking over some of Adriano's, couldn't help but think to myself, "Yeah... he just knows he has a nice dick". He had this look in the photos and b-roll - a confidence and swagger - that said, "I have a nice cock and know how to use it." And boy does he ever know how to use it. We've seen him fuck loads out of his fellow CF studs and leave them totally blown away by his dick and his skills with it, and we're seeing all of that again with Adriano here. Adriano doesn't just work over a guy's hole with that dick, though - he does it with his tongue as well! Adriano really loves eating out a hole. If it wasn't a definite turn on of his before he arrived at CF, it most certainly is now.

Hot College Fucks - Update

January 01, 2023

Lacey Rides Lance

Lance can hardly keep his hands off of Lacey. He loves the way her big tits bounce as she rides him, and the way her soft lips kiss him passionately. He can feel her warm pussy gripping him tightly as they move together, and he knows he won’t be able to last much longer. With one final thrust, he lets loose a huge load all over her back!

Bi College Fucks - Update

December 31, 2022

Divvying Up Dexter

Dexter, Colt, and Brooke are dying to get into some action. Hungry for cock and to stick their dicks into a hole, they go at it taking turns with each other. It doesn’t take long for the focus to shift onto Colt’s hot ass. Brooke loves watching the guys get it on. She spit’s on Colt’s ass to make it wet for Dexter and then cheers every pump that Dexter drills. Dexter’s dick is at it’s hardest when he’s fucking hunky Colt and of course Colt’s always up for a good time! He greedily swallows up every drop of Dexter’s cum and Dexter is in happy disbelief of how great the sex was.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 29, 2022

Dane Uses Caleb

Caleb kind of caught us all off guard by just how much he clearly loves to get fucked, and how much he clearly loves having a guy take charge of him. Honestly, we've often seen that in guys when they find their way to CF. Out there in the world at large, guys often feel this pressure to be all tough and dominant and the ones to take charge with their sexual partners, so guys who are either experimenting with guy/guy action or identify as curious or bi seem to really find the prospect of finally being able to give up control and get dominated quite appealing. That certainly seems to be the case with Caleb - while Dane's thick, stiff dick is pounding his hole Caleb is rock hard and even smiling at times, constantly gasping while his eyes roll back in his head and he's overwhelmed by the intense pleasure.

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 28, 2022

Cody & Straight Black Guy

Junior needed a break from work, and with his girlfriend out of town, he's horny as hell. Since Cody is always up for anything, I invite both guys over to have some fun and a good release. Junior and Cody meet, and right away I can tell this is going to be good. I have them undress each other and while they're in their boxers, I tell them to work on each other's nipples. Junior kicks back and lets Cody rub on his cock and blow him. Cody makes sure Junior's dick is hard, then slips a condom on him and sits right down on that big black dick. Cody works his tight little ass on Junior's shaft like a real champ, until he can't take any more. The boys suck each other's big boners and finish by both of them shooting their loads on Cody's smooth white leg.

Helix Studios - Update

December 28, 2022

Fucked Deep

With his sizable snack of a cock, dirty blond mane, and piercing blue eyes, new boy on the block, Brandon Wells is already making waves. So, we paired him with gorgeous, golden boy, Garrett Kinsley in this schlong stroker! The tasty, twink twosome go at it HARD; as, Kinsley tops the pretty boy like a beast, bringing this bang to a beautiful, bust worthy cumclusion, that'll leave you breathless.

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 28, 2022

Nikki & Wyatt Morning Fuck

These two were inseparable from the moment they laid eyes on each other on set! We knew we had to get them paired up as soon as possible and they were beyond excited to get down to business! Wyatt's hot and horny and ready to fuck! His energy is through the roof, and all of Nikki's behind the scenes flirting has got his dick rock-hard before his sweatpants have even started to come off! Nikki loves everything about sex, and she's found a real match in Wyatt! When you see him in action, it's evident there's just no place he'd rather be and he's having himself the time of his life. It's also evident he's quite skilled at what he's doing and knows how to make himself and Nikki feel good as he pounds his way to an explosive orgasm!

Bi College Fucks - Update

December 27, 2022

Teasing Harper

Harper and Jamie cannot wait to get Kellan’s clothes off!! Jamie’s giggling in excitement and Harper admits he’s been eyeing the younger stud since he arrived. Before long Kellan’s body is basically attacked by them and he’s overwhelmed in the best way! Jamie jumps on Harper’s dick and rides him as hard as she can. Meanwhile Harper’s rock hard, licking any skin that’s available to him. Harper jumps on Kellan next and takes control of his own fucking, getting off on seeing Kellan give Jamie his attention while he gets Kellan’s dick. Soon after, the emotions ratchets up higher and higher between Kellan and Harper. They stare into each other’s eyes as they get closer to climax and Harper blows a huge and messy load! He begs Kellan to seed him - and gets an ass full of cum!

Face Down Ass Up - Update

December 27, 2022

Shor Full - A Nutts

I keep my slut bags fed wink wink. Andrew got into porn cause he likes sex. Now this piece of trash spends his days on all fours sucking back an endless buffet of cock. This week he's my cum dump star. Next week he'll be sucking dick for bus fair home.

Sketchy Sex - Update

December 27, 2022

Cum Dump Hole

After the bar we all ended up back at the pad. Grinding it out on our phones. Looking for our next load. I couldn't wait for my dude to arrive. I just fell to my knees and my buddies dick was hard and sticking out his shorts. Somehow it just fell into my mouth. Everyone at the party surrounded me and I took load after load.

Frat X - Update

December 26, 2022

Take Ur Fill Bruh

A few of the boys caught Brody watching gay porn in the rec room. We grabbed a camera and through our dick in his mouth. He sucked real good. So we used both holes. His mussy loved our Dirty frat boys cocks. What sweet hole!

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 24, 2022

Riding Levi

Levi's definitely fun to see in action, and he's taken to things at CF wonderfully so far - having fun trying it all, and looking fantastic while doing so. Levi's dick feels fantastic as well, judging by Dylan's reaction to riding it in this scorcher of an episode! I knew we were all in for a fun one when Dylan asks Levi early in the action if he can suck Levi's cock, and Levi gives a deep, breathy "Yeah, suck that cock!". I don't know why, but that moment stood out as particularly hot - and it just kept getting hotter! Let's not gloss over Dylan, though! For a guy that took so long to even consider trying out guy/guy action, he's taken to it so well, has found he genuinely enjoys it, and is willing and eager to do literally any and everything in bed with another guy - it's amazing! Really, the dynamic between these two is amazing from start to finish.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 22, 2022

Fucking Liam

Given how outrageously hot the results were when we first put Liam and Roman in action together, how could we not have Roman be the one to take Liam's CF cherry!? As we said on our social media about their first pairing together (check this page's footer for links to those - you really should be following us! These two are cum-patible! They have fun hanging out with one another around the studio, obviously turn each other on, and are each astoundingly talented in the bedroom. Liam blew Roman's mind when he fucked him in their first pairing together, and while the hot action there left them each totally satisfied and spent, it also left them each desperate for another go at one another but with the tables turned. So, can Liam take as well as he gives? Is he going to enjoy getting fucked as much as he enjoys fucking?

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 21, 2022

Utah, Brett & Cuba

3 Hot Solider Loads: Utah's base is out of town, and he caught a ride over to my place with his two military buddies Cuba and Brett. They didn't believe he was doing a porn shoot. When they saw that it was legit, they wanted to get in the act, too. I always say that three hard cocks are better than one! After joking around and kidding each other, the guys get down to business and concentrate on shooting their loads for me. Cuba tries the toy first, then Brett and Utah use the already-warmed-up sleeve to get closer to cumming. Utah shoots first, then Cuba shoots a HUGE load all over the place. Brett is last with his cumshot. Of course, he's the biggest talker and the smallest shooter. Isn't that the way it always is? All three cum shots are repeated in slow motion, too.

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 21, 2022

Liam & Chloe

Chloe Gets Fucked: Liam grabs Chloe's hips and gives her a good pounding, ripped abs flexing as he does. Then Chloe flips over and lets him hit it from the back, moaning with each thrust. Before long she's spent and covered in cum.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 20, 2022

Jaxxing Noah

Knowing handsome, hung Jax loves to take charge and go to town on a tight hole, it was a must we get him paired up with Noah. I'm sure you know right away what we're all in store for with this one - Noah is going to get fucked good, deep, and hard; Jax is going to take charge, dominate, and have his way with Noah. It's precisely what we all wanted to see with this pairing, and precisely what these two wanted to get in to with one another. Their sexual compatibility made for some real passion at the outset of this - they immediately saw in one another someone they were going to have a hell of a time with and each knew the sex they were about to have was gonna be hot as heck. The passionate making out gives way to loud, relentless, flesh-pounding sex soon enough, though, with the sounds of Noah's wails filling the room.

Bi College Fucks - Update

December 17, 2022

Kenny, Philip & Delila

Don't let their innocent looks fool you. Kenny and Philip are two adventurous young studs and Delila soon finds that out in this scorcher! Watch as this awesome threesome turns into a hot bisexual ass fuck-fest and you'll love every deep pounding anal stretching moment of it.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 17, 2022

Adriano Creams Rocky

There's just something about Adriano's cock that drives his fellow CF studs nuts. Of course, we can see just what it is... Adriano's dick is big, thick, and he's darn good and putting it to good use. He knows how to fuck, and is so good at working over a hole with that big cock of his that he's had his partners here firing off their loads far earlier (and more often!) than they might have expected before the cameras started rolling. That's definitely the case with Rocky here. Traditionally we think of episodes ending with both guys cumming soon after one another. In the action here, though, Rocky's firing off an absolutely massive load only a few minutes into the fucking - he simply couldn't help it. He didn't cum so much as he had Adriano fuck a load out of him.

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 17, 2022

Kriesten & Elijah

Oh you just know Kiersten's set to have herself a blast with this one. Elijah looks as sweet and innocent as they come - just the kind of guy the naughtiest girls at HCF love to get their hands on first for some good old-fashioned corrupting. I'm not sure Elijah had any idea all the girls had their sights set on him, wanting to see if they could bring out the bad boy in him, but I don't think he minded it one bit. He looks a bit overwhelmed by how amazing it all feels as Kiersten gets him laid back on the bed and starts to tease, toy with, then suck his cock. Instinct soon takes over for Elijah, though, and he shows Kiersten these sweet southern boys can get it!

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 15, 2022

Dylan Dicks Jared

Every time we film Dylan in a new episode, I'm even more impressed by him. As we all know, it took a very long time for Dylan to decide to give guy/guy action a shot. Sometimes it taking so long for a guy to decide to give guy/guy action a try can translate in to a likewise extended period of time during which they're getting in to guy/guy action but are awkward and hesitant about. They're not quite sure what to do and how to do it, need a lot of coaching, don't want to do too much too soon or all at once, and so on. The CF Education is about guiding guys through all that, even. In Dylan's case, though, once he decided to take the leap there was no hesitation at all. Dylan is such a natural in action and so confident and outgoing sexually, he readily and eagerly embraced it all once he decided to give any it a try in the first place.

Corbin Fisher - Update

December 13, 2022

Kiam's Little Cum Slut

Liam and Roman were flirting with one another HARD from the moment they met. We've been graced with a whole lot of pairings where the guys have tremendous chemistry as of late, but I think this one will stand out to all of you as a blazing hot episode with a particularly profound degree of chemistry just bursting out of your screen! The guys even talk a bit about how much they wanted the action here to happen the instant they met one another at the studio, and that intense desire both had to get it on with one another only grew the more and more they hung out. By the time they get to it here in this episode, we're practically unleashing them upon each other! It might be more accurate to say we're unleashing Liam upon Roman here, honestly - and that's clearly precisely the way Roman preferred it!

Straight Fraternity - Update

December 12, 2022

In His Face

Since 18-year-old Tristan recently learned that he likes sucking cock and 21-year-old straight boy Warren is always down for a blowjob, this is an easy match to make. I let the guys get to it while I check on something outside, and when I come back, Warren is already rock hard and pushing Tristan down on his cock. It's not long before Warren is ready to cum. He pulls out of Tristan's mouth and busts a nut all over Tristan's cheek. Tristan smears the rest on his face, and since he did such a good job, I let him wipe it off before it's his turn to cum. I tell Warren to rub Tristan's body while he jacks him off. This isn't Warren's first rodeo! He sucks Tristan's cock until he's about to pop, then finishes him off with his hand. Tristan's huge load flies everywhere, hitting Warren in his mouth and eye.

Frat X - Update

December 12, 2022

Balls To The Wall

Dude started giving rounds on his kees. Then his freshman hole got nailed to the wall. One by one my bros got a bite. This pledges hole was tight. But we made em a new one. Got lots of good video footage for the website.

Hot College Fucks - Update

December 12, 2022

Bailey & Evans Sweaty Fuck

Evan's definitely a shy guy, but it's obvious there's quite the lover waiting to get loose inside of him - and that's not even accounting for the massive bulge he's packing in his pants! Bailey was sure she knew just what to do to unleash the beast and we all too eagerly let her get to work! She starts by tenderly kissing him, and then eagerly grins when Evan inquisitively places his hands around her neck. Then she shows that she's not scared off by that big, thick dick and puts her pretty mouth to work on his fat cock! Glad to have such a willing and submissive toy, Evan turns her ass red and her pussy into his pump station! Flipping, fucking, pounding, smacking, the action never lets up until Bailey's holes are covered in cum - exactly what she was hoping for!

Face Down Ass Up - Update

December 11, 2022

Feeding Party

Kitties like candy and always cum back begging for more. I tell 'em spit before you fuck. Saves money on lube. These guys just jump in and go for it. Multiple cocks all around those lucky guys ready to suck and fuck their way to bliss.

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