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Men - Update

October 01, 2022

Big Sausage In My Buns

Chris Cool is a regular at Finn Harding's food truck, and not for the hot dogs. As Chris's flirting starts interfering with business, Finn invites him inside so they can work and play at the same time. Chris tries to take orders as Finn rims him, but he's not a people person... he's a cocky person, so he sucks Finn as the top works. Finn bends Chris over to fuck him doggystyle as Chris mans the window, then pounds the bottom on the counter. Chris takes Finn's big sausage in his buns till he cums, then puts the top's dick in a bun and takes some special sauce on his face.

TopFanVids - Update

September 17, 2022

Johnny & JJ Knight

Johnny Ford Gets a Taste of JJ Knight: JJ Knight and Johnny were making food in the kitchen when JJ had to taste Johnny's bubble butt and feed him all 11 inches of his huge cock. Things start to heat up in the Kitchen when these two sexy porn stars decide to do it from home. That go from deep cock sucking you ass licking and then some deep hard anal penetration to fill out the rest of their sexy, hot, gay sex menu.

Men At Play - Update

September 12, 2022

The Naked Chef, Editors Cut

Exec Frank Valencia comes home on his lunch break and is greeted by his beefcake cub and chef Diego Reyes, naked. The cock teasing chef is cooking his suited daddy a healthy feast while wearing nothing but an apron. Diego may be playing the innocent chef but his round bubble butt is on full display and taunts horny Frank. As Diego continues to cook, Frank goes down and starts on lunch early; eating out Diego's chunky butt before stuffing it with his hard horny cock. Diego Reyes is an aspiring and promising chef but his best culinary dish is best served while bending over!

Masqulin - Update

August 29, 2022

Asking Permission

When Aiden Jacobs’ water pressure keeps dropping, he loses his patience. After 3 service request submissions, the problem remains. But, when hot maintenance guy Enzo Muller drops by, he’s quick to find the remedy to Aiden’s pressure problems. Impressed by his savvy and his good looks Aiden fires some texts off to his girlfriend to show him the man with the goods. While he’s at it, the grateful homeowner gets permission to let off some steam. Enzo offers to take a look at any other problems Aiden has… after all, he really knows his way around a hose.

Trans Angels - Update

August 12, 2022

Stealing The Horny Fiance

Beautiful trans queen Eva Maxim is excited to meet her boyfriend’s sister for the first time. When Eva is introduced to long-haired stunner Ana Foxxx, she is immediately turned on by Ana’s luscious, long legs and gorgeous face. Ana is equally mesmerized by Eva’s beautiful curves and huge, fake boobs. While Eva’s boyfriend is distracted, the horny babes seductively tease one another, then Eva kneels down and devours Ana’s trimmed, juicy pussy with her tongue. Ana returns the favor by giving Eva a sneaky blowjob behind the kitchen counter, then the kinky brunette slides a cucumber into Eva's tight hole to loosen it up! Desiring more privacy, the pair slip away to the bathroom, where Ana worships the inked-up t-girl's big tits and raunchily sucks on her beautiful she-cock.

Man Puppy - Update

July 19, 2022

Elis & Sebastian

Stretching Out Their Briefs: Sebastian Cums and Elis Ataxxx are about to completely ruin their white briefs in this super stretching wedgie competition! The two are soon tugging up their waistbands, taking of their clothes and seeing how far they can take it. With cocks and balls hanging out the tight cotton gets so tight! They pull them right up to their shoulders and show off their bulging cheeks.

Men - Update

July 17, 2022

The Cockout

Eager beaver Felix Fox's promptness backfires when he and his bf Joey Mills show up early to the cookout and find themselves at the mercy of a very stressed hostess. Felix offers Joey a sneaky bj to apologize, squirting mustard on his sausage and licking it off! Joey sucks Felix behind the grill, but when he's called away, Felix sneaks into the kitchen to stick his dick in a pie instead. Luckily, Joey comes in to pick up where he left off, deepthroating the blond hunk and bending over the counter to get fucked. Felix pounds the bottom missionary on the counter, then Joey rides the top till he cums before getting a little pre-cookout snack on his face.

Peter Fever - Update

July 07, 2022

Postcards from Brazil 8

Up on the roof with Rio's iconic Christ the Redeemer statue glaring down from Sugarloaf, Hanry Onlyjapa relaxes in an afternoon hot tub. Ebony Latin stud Vitor Guedes stretches out in an adjacent lounge, checking out the bulge in Hanry's teeny bikini. Hanry shields his eyes from the tropical sun to catch a glimpse of Vitor tugging his tool. He steps out of the tub to take Vitor's mahogany monster out of his yellow briefs and swallow it whole. Straddling Vitor's muscular chest, Hanry gets his ass eaten while he sucks. They stand to stroke their cocks together. Bracing against the stairway, Hanry spreads his legs and gets Vitor's thick ass-rammer drilled inside his hungry hole. They take it inside to Vitor's kitchen, where he slams his love muscle raw and rough into Hanry's booty.

Treasure Island Media - Update

June 29, 2022

Anthony, Iker & Juan

Anthony Cruel likes it rough. These 2 young man - ages 19 & 22 - Iker Ramiro & Juan Grande are wise beyond their years. They slap Anthony, fuck him hard, breed his hole and then piss all over him so he knows that he is a slut whore cum bucket meant to serve cock and take sperm.

Drill My Hole - Update

June 21, 2022

Fire Fuckers Part 3

Theo Brady and his buddy have been vaping so much, they set off the smoke detector! As they're fanning it, burly and bearded fireman Tony D'Angelo bursts in. Annoyed by the false alarm, he sprays Theo's friend with a fire extinguisher, then rips open Theo's shirt. The bottom decides this tense firefighter needs to relax, so he sucks Tony's cock, then takes it all the way in his ass in doggystyle. Tony puts Theo on the table and pounds his hole, and Theo cums as he rides that big pole then takes a creampie so hot, they set off the smoke detector again!

Trans Angels - Update

June 05, 2022


Hot brunette Jade Venus is meeting her mother-in-law for the first time, and she is eager to make a good impression. The feisty t-girl is looking absolutely stunning in a short skirt which accentuates her long, slender legs. When Jade's sexy mother-in-law, Dee Williams, enters the room, there is an instant attraction and both women are looking forward to becoming better acquainted over dinner. As they begin eating, it is clear that blonde-haired Dee has a huge appetite for t-girl dick! After sneakily chomping down on Jade's shenis under the table, insatiable Dee leads the gorgeous trans goddess upstairs to show her the bedroom. Alone at last, the busty babes work their way into a sexual frenzy and act out their debauched lust for each other.

Fun Size Boys - Update

May 24, 2022

Tom Ch 5

Dr. Wolf's Kitchen - Dr. Wolf and Tom have a long, shared history. They're a pair of guys who fit together perfectly like two well-cut jigsaw pieces. Dr. Wolf likes pint-sized boys and Tom likes giants. They're a match made in heaven. They regularly spend the night together at Dr. Wolf's beautiful home in the country. Yesterday morning, Tom woke up in the doctor's arms, and, as usual, got dress and made his way down to the kitchen to scavenge for food. Bleary-eyed, Dr. Wolf followed him down and found Tom standing at the sink, shirt off, ass sticking out like a ripe peach in his pants. Within seconds, they were kissing insatiably, hard as hell and ready for another round! Tom unzipped the doctor's pants and coaxed his rock solid dick out of his tight underwear.

Hot House - Update

May 18, 2022

Random Fucks 3

Realtor Alfonso Osnaya is showing Cade Maddox around a new place, but the horny homebuyer is more interested in Alfonso's tight ass than he is the recently renovated kitchen. Cade makes his move and in no time, the realtor is swallowing cock and getting his cheeks manhandled by Cade's burly mitts. Alfonso leans against the kitchen island for support as Cade spits out some lube and slides his oversized dick into his bottom's hole. Moving to the spacious master bedroom to complete the tour, Cade officially christens the bed as he pumps himself into Alfonso's ass bareback. With sweat flying off his forehead, a glistening Cade pulls out and splatters the realtor's used hole with his cum moments before an extremely satisfied Alfonso slowly strokes out the biggest load that his horned-up homebuyer has ever seen.

Fun Size Boys - Update

May 08, 2022

Danny Ch 2

The Plumber's Helper - "Anything I can do to help?" Danny asked. His voice was timid, only the slightest bit shaky, but clearly overcoming fear with bravery. "Can we fuck again?" was what he really wanted to say, but managed to not come off so desperate. But he wasn't fooling anyone. Mr. Marko's cock instantly got hard, knowing that his plan had worked. Fortunately, it was stuffed into his workman's outfit so it didn't give away the game. He told Danny to grab a tool and come over to help him under the sink. Mr. Marko could barely get out from under the tabletop, so it was actually helpful to have Danny be able to grab things for him. But more than anything, he loved when Danny straddled on top of, putting his little legs around either side of him, sitting right on his swollen cock.

Breed Me Raw - Update

April 27, 2022

Leo & Hans

Sometimes, the best way to tackle a problem is to walk away or temporarily ignore it. Case in point. Hans Berlin is in the kitchen. He's just finished tidying up when he discovers the sink is clogged. When Leo Forte appears, his solution is to leave it alone. Unfortunately for the sink, it has to wait. Fortunately for Hans, AND Leo, something else is about to be clogged...uhhh, no...stuffed. Yeah, that's it. Stuffed. And full of cock, too! And that would be Hans. Bearded Leo mounts bigger, taller Hans, bareback fucking Hans right there in the kitchen. Hans takes the fat tube up his ass and when Leo comes, he feeds some to Hans, pushing him over the edge to blow a load of his own. We don't know if their sink was ever unclogged but with such a welcome distraction in the form of Leo.

Raw Hole - Update

March 20, 2022

Dilan Breeds Dominick

South of the Border Latino studs Dilan Jager and Dominick Vega meet to mate, both thirsty for cock and cum. Big uncut dicks pressed together and lips locked in a deep kiss, they're eager to get the raw fuck action into high gear. Dilan kneels between Dominick's muscled thighs, licking and slurping down his massive tool. He grabs the tatted top by the pec and pulls his face down onto the thick brown meat. Once Dilan crouched across the sofa, big hard booty pushing back into Dominick's face, plowing time is getting close. Dominick runs a thirsty tongue up into Dilan's twitching hole, gets it wet and open for screwing. Dilan starts beating his dick as soon as Dom presses in raw and deep. He groans passionately, hungry for every inch.

Fuckermate - Update

February 21, 2022

Glorious Debut

This week it's time for a porno debut and you are going to adore it! We introduce you Stallion Fabio, a French gorgeous mate ready to shine as your new favourite porn star! Like his name suggests, Fabio is a real stallion and a rough top, even if he got an angel face. He loves to pump his thick cock deep inside the hungriest holes and Valentino Sistor is the perfect match for him. The guys meet in the kitchen and when things get hot Fabio takes the reins in hand and eases his oversized dick deep down Valentino's throat, that sucks and licks in worship all those inches of young meat. Then in the bedroom our Colombian bottom surrenders to the will of Fabio and rides his raw massive cock ending up with his hole destroyed and his face covered in cum!

Bel Ami Online - Update

February 17, 2022

Andrei, Brian & Roald

We find out today what our 3 fittest models eat for breakfast in order to keep their bodies in shape when we join Roald, Brian and Andrei in this jock all-star special. Hotty Brian Jovovich is bottoming for both our other guys today, although we hope that they will come back several more times and each take thier turn bottoming. First top up is Roald, getting Brian all wet and ready for Andrei who is up next. As you would expect with these guys, it is a great scene with lots of steaming action and sexy guys.

Raw Hole - Update

February 11, 2022

Puzzle Pumps Rico

You might remember our scene a while back that started as a Latin bareback three-way between Willam Leme, Hanry Japa and Naughty Puzzle, who dashed out part way through and headed to the kitchen to cruise hot bearded Brazilian barebacker Rico Marlon. Here's his hookup with Rico in full and by the way, this Naughty stud's name is John Puzzle. Interesting...Back to that bareback kitchen. Rico is rooting through the fridge when Puzzle steps in and drops his pants. What's a horny fucker to do but grab his dick and start making out with the tall slender barebacker. Rico keeps his own fancy "LV" shorts on while he gets on his knees and nurses Puzzle's big knob. Then he gets naked, bending over the counter while John Puzzle dines in on throbbing Brazil booty.

Trans Angels - Update

December 10, 2021

Halftime Fuck

Dee Williams and her husband are hosting a football viewing party for her son and his unannounced new girlfriend, Rubi Maxim. Dee hasn't been touched by her husband in months and having this hot t-girl give her attention is too much for the buxom beauty. Dee escapes to the kitchen where she rubs herself against a mini football when Rubi walks in! Dee and Rubi both play it off like Dee wasn't in the middle of getting off. Dee goes back to playing a good hostess and bends over to load the dishwasher, wishing someone would take care of her needs. Rubi hears Dee's wish and makes it come true by ripping the back of her jeans open and sticks her cock deep into her boyfriend's mom!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

November 21, 2021

Kyle & Nicholas C.C. 454

The sultry Kyle Fox is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the incessantly handsome Nicholas Bardem. Nicholas walks up to Kyle with only his jeans on and begins working his hot mouth across Kyle’s lips, bearded cheeks, smooth neck and down his long, muscular torso until he reaches the prize that he is after. Kyle’s jeans are undone and his semi-hard cock jumps out demanding attention. Nicholas is right there to catch as it falls out and into his awaiting, hungry mouth. Working his mouth up and down the ever-growing cock shaft, Nicholas can feel the head of Kyle’s cock jabbing at the back of his throat as it gains full strength. Nicholas’ expert cock sucking skills has brought Kyle’s lengthy cock to full attention and his heavy ball sac is full and fat.

Masqulin - Update

November 18, 2021

A Meat-Free Diet?

Drew Dixon is cooking up a storm in the kitchen when his buddy Trent King stops in just a bit earlier than expected. Drew recently made the switch to a plant-based diet, but who says a vegan lifestyle has to be completely meat-free? Trent happens to know of an excellent vegan-friendly piece of meat on hand. It’s both ethically sourced, and high in protein, and really hits the spot. And, it just so happens to be exactly what Drew’s been craving. Drew swallows Trent’s man meat, deep into his throat and Trent returns the favor. Trent spreads Drew’s cheeks wide and tongue-fucks his hole, prepping his sweet ass for the deep pounding to come. Drew shoots ropes all over his stomach and hairy chest, before Trent covers his face in a delectably creamy facial.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

November 12, 2021

Tomas Fucks Craigs & Valentin

Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, does not have to exert much effort into seducing the men he takes to bed. Guys throw themselves at Tomas, and it’s no wonder why. After all, he is the King of All Muscle Daddies, and he only gets hotter and hotter as the years pass. Craig Marks and Valentin Amour, two young handsome men with lean muscular bodies, open up their relationship when they meet Tomas and they want to get frisky with the muscle-daddy stud. Valentin Amour gets his ass fucked on the kitchen counter of Tomas’ home, but Craig Marks is in the mood to fuck, and he’s after his daddy’s ass. Tomas Brand gets on his back, spreads his legs, and gets fucked bareback from his young lover!

Fun Size Boys - Update

November 10, 2021

Kai Ch. 4

Dr. Wolf's Kitchen - Dr. Wolf and I have got quite a thing going on. He likes little guys like me and I like big older men like him. He often invites me back to his house and I regularly stay the night. I went into the kitchen this morning to sort breakfast, but as I opened the fridge door, I could feel his warm arms around my chest, pulling me into him. We started feeling each other up. Before long we were kissing and he had his hand down my shorts, feeling my rapidly swelling dick. We got naked pretty quick and he had me leaning over the workstation in the middle of his kitchen. Within seconds he was pushing himself into me. It always takes a few attempts to find the right angle, but we get there in the end. And once he's in, I never want him to stop!

Real Men Fuck - Update

October 05, 2021

Curvy Cock Hits The Spot

Zak Bishop needs a dick in his slit bad and he's been craving Des Irez' curved cock since the day they met. Finally, Zak gets what he wants but first he needs to satisfy his taste for cock by getting on his knees to service Des. He slurps and gags on Des' bent dick, taking the whole uncut curve down his open throat. When he gets Des nice and hard, the hung stud gets behind Zak to eat his ass. Des opens Zak up by licking his hole and jacking him off at the same time. After a few minutes, Des can't hold off any longer and slams his big throbbing cock deep into Zak's gaping hole. He pounds away, not caring what Zak wants until until Zak is the first to go, blasting his jizz all over the floor. As Des pounds the cum out of Zak, he can feel Zak's asshole throbbing on his still-fucking cock.

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