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Club Amateur USA - Update

November 17, 2015

Adrian (Pt. 2)

Originally intended to run during CAUSA’s 12th anniversary month, the interjection of Ellis pushed Adrian’s release to now, November. With the shoot scheduled in September, I knew that I would be further pushing Adrian’s boundaries in terms of anal / prostate stimulation, and as you’ll hear Adrian tell, even his stomach had an orgasm.

BadPuppy - Update

November 15, 2015

Mirek Belan

Having just completed an intense workout, Mirek stops by to have Mattias work his magic hands on his sore muscles. After a deep tissue massage to the back, Mattias eases Mirek’s shorts down, exposing Mirek’s sweet bubble butt. Our masseur squirts some massage oil onto Mirek’s ass and works it in while tempting Mirek’s ass-hole with his finger. Lifting Mirek’s ass upward, Mattias begins working Mirek’s ass and thick cock; which gets very hard, very quickly. Squirting on more massage oil appears to get Mirek really turned on as Mattias works his cock, balls and ass; priming Mirek for the yellow anal device.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 08, 2015


Although Sesso has not appeared on another site in over a year, when he first contacted me to express his interest in shooting videos for CAUSA, my question for him was what could he do differently for me on video that he’s not done before? That’s when he said that we could shoot a toy video because his girlfriend uses a strap-on on him, and he loves it! Well, I didn’t need any further convincing. Once the shoot began with Sesso, what I soon learned is that a strong breeze past his manhole will send his eyes rolling back into his head. LOL! He rolls his eyes even more than Shayne, and I love it because it’s a visual indicator that I’m doing my job right. The other clue that my finger and the toys were doin’ him right? Sesso’s feet and toes flap like angel’s wings. LOL!

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 04, 2015


Trey had a surprise visit in July, and when he texted, I knew that I wanted to capture him again to run during our 12th anniversary month. Also, I knew that I was going to push his boundaries further in terms of anal / prostate play. And with two fingers directly stimulating his prostate, Trey was elevated to a higher plain. Of course, when comes time to cum, the nipples always win.

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 27, 2015


When Robbie referred Ellis, I neglected to ask a simple question: “Have you ever participated in adult content prior?” I guess because 98% of the CAUSA guys are from AdultFriendFinder or Craigslist, it’s never really a conscious consideration for me. Although I prefer to present authentically amateur guys, I’m glad that I did neglect to ask that simple question because Ellis is smokin’ hot! And although he has participated in adult content with several different producers, you’ll soon see that Ellis still has an authentic sexperience (and then some). So, there’s the “asterisk” next to Ellis’ name. Regardless, the boy is built, brawny, and bangin’!

Spunk Worthy - Update

October 26, 2015

Landon's massage

Landon's back (with a new buzz cut)! After his "solo" shoot, I hit Landon up about doing a massage video. He seemed a little uncertain about it at first, telling me that he'd never gotten one before. He's an open-minded guy, though, and I'm sure the cash didn't hurt in pushing things along. Lying face down on the massage table, Landon's perky butt was hard to ignore. My hands worked their way down from his back, just passing his ass cheeks at first, to eventually spreading his legs open and exposing his lightly-hairy hole. Who could resist planting their tongue down there? I certainly couldn't...

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 21, 2015


12th Anniversary | Josh | 30 | 6’2? | 220# | 7.0? | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight and Sexploring

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 20, 2015

Classic CAUSA Landon

22 | 6’2? | 180# | 7.0? | Brown Hair | Blue Eyes | Straight and Open-Minded | Originally aired February 2008 When I was initially contacted by Landon, I knew that I wanted to get more sexploration from him than was seen at another like-genre site on which appeared in the Fall of 2007. Additionally, I saw pix of him with his body hair shaven and ones with it in tact. So, I responded that I wanted a few weeks of hair growth before we would film. The other thing that I knew when approached by Landon, was that despite his appearance on another site, I wanted to capture that “BNU” on film. Friends and I coined the acronym as short for “Big ‘N’ Uncut.” In Landon’s case, it could also stand for, “British ‘N’ Uncut.”

Club Amateur USA - Update

October 18, 2015

CUMpilation AZ (Pt. 3)

Holy Hannah! “CUMpilation AZ” wore me out! Nothing like 12 hours to edit 65 hours worth of content into what is: Part 1 – CAUSA 453 to 475 (first return AZ shoot to end of 11th Anniversary month) – 99 minutes, Part 2 – CAUSA 476 to 500 – 85 minutes, Part 3 – CAUSA 501 to 514 – 83 minutes for a total of 4 hours & 27 minutes with 29 guys from 52 videos with 142 total cumshots. In the immortal words of “Barney Stinson,” it’s going to be EPIC!

Military Classified - Update

October 14, 2015

Bryce 3

Guess who's back? Yep BRYCE has returned and this time I've pulled out the red carpet and lured him back with the promise of a professional massage on a table even! I love doing these massage videos because I have an excuse to touch his body, his feet, his ass, everything that makes Bryce such a hot stud! Watch as I handle this boy's business on the table and take him to an orgasm that really surprises him!

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