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Club Amateur USA - Update

June 13, 2016


I knew that I would be “chasing the chocolate cock,” as Darius so eloquently stated it during our shoot, and I also decided that not only would my tongue be up his bum, so would my fingers. That was definitely not something that Darius had done before…

Club Amateur USA - Update

June 11, 2016


I’ve not had a spontaneous Saturday night video shoot in YEARS. In all of these years producing ClubAmateurUSA, I don’t know that I’ve man-handled more of a control freak than Connor — as you’ll soon witness. The one thing that he was unable to control was his raging hard-on and staying on the edge of orgasm throughout filming.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 28, 2016

Jaden (Pt. 2)

“Fuck… It’s… So… Deep…” Given Jaden’s involuntary body spasms, shivers, guttural moans, and jaw-dropping whimpers, I think that we’ll be seeing more. So, enjoy parts one and two and prepare yourself for one helluva orgasm and cumshot in part three that runs this Memorial Weekend!

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 27, 2016

Jaden (Pt. 1)

When Jaden contacted me on AFF, he expressed that was open and curious to sexplore. Although Jaden says that he’s only stuck a finger in his manhole while showering, a couple of times, I found that he was completely relaxed and ready for me to slip it on in. And that I did! Pretty soon, Jaden’s arse had a vacuum grip on my finger and his anal contractions took over. Between those sounds and the constant sounds of his moaning and gasping, I do believe that Jaden thoroughly enjoyed his first-time sexperience!

Spunk Worthy - Update

May 23, 2016

AJ's Massage

Who knows what's going through a str8 Marine's noggin when they close their eyes, lay back on the massage table and things get going? Whatever it was certainly did the trick for AJ: his massive cock was pulsating as soon as it was pulled between his legs. That ass of his was hard to ignore, and the attention he was getting down there might have been something to do with it.

Southern Strokes - Update

May 22, 2016

Rubbing Xavier

After a long day of riding his cycle at the Ranch, we treated Xavier to a massage. Xavier is new to this so we told him to just close his eyes and relax and enjoy the pampering. Xavier did exactly that as his body was stroked and probed. You will get a close look at just how rockin hard Xavier's body really is. More importantly, we bring you a mouthwatering view of Xavier's hairy virgin hole. Of course it wouldn't be a massage without a proper milking.

Jake Cruise - Update

April 21, 2016

Mike Fox Massaged by Jake

After I finish oiling him up I begin my massage, his muscles relaxing underneath my finger tips. I knead his gluts and legs. I massage his butt hole, too, rubbing my finger on the entrance, wishing to go further. My tongue goes where my finger couldn't - into his hole.

English Lads - Update

April 18, 2016

Straight Hunk Thomas

Thomas gets his 1st Manhandling & Cheeky Joel Wanks Both Big Uncut Erections! Thomas is a young man with a great physique and today he has agreed to let a lad give him a massage and cheeky straight hunk Joel is tasked with the job! Thomas works out hard at the gym and plays a lot of football, this hunks body is rock solid and Joel works his fingers to relax Thomas’s stiff muscles.

BadPuppy - Update

April 09, 2016

Mirek Madl

The masseur walks in and helps Mirek out of his pants. Pulling them down reveals Mirek’s thick cock already at attention. The masseur spins Mirek around on the sofa, pulls his legs back and using the finger of one hand he slowly starts working Mirek’s asshole and with the other hand he begins jerking Mirek’s cock.

BadPuppy - Update

April 02, 2016

Tomas Decastro

Hunky Tomas Decastro stopped by for a massage from the Badpuppy masseur after a hard workout at the gym. Our masseur squeezes some lotion into his hands and slowly works it into Tomas’ sore muscles. Working down to his underwear, the masseur eases his hands under the waistband and gently slides the underwear down over Tomas’ muscular ass before pulling them off completely. Squirting big globs of lotion onto Tomas’ ass the masseur slowly starts working it in and gently massages Tomas’ balls before having Tomas get up on his knees. Grabbing Tomas’ cock in one hand and slowly fingering his asshole, the masseur gets Tomas relaxed for his long, yellow probe.

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