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BadPuppy - Update

January 27, 2016

Rosta Benecky

Rosta Benecky was out for a run when he decided to stop by our masseur’s place, desperately wanting a massage. Rosta is invited in, strips down to his underwear and lies down on the bed. The masseur joins Rosta on the bed, squirts some lotion on Rosta’s back and in his hands; then slowly begins rubbing the oil into Rosta’s back. Working his way down, the masseur pulls off Rosta’s underwear and begins rubbing Rosta’s two huge globes we call an ass. Applying a little more lotion to Rosta’s ass, our masseur works the oil into Rosta’s ass with his fingers while massaging Rosta’s cock with his other hand.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 23, 2016

Classic CAUSA 080 Shayne

From the moment Shayne dropped trou, he was half hard. Of course, once the butt munching began, he was at full staff and you can hear his moans. Needless to say, I would love to start every day out like this… Hehehe…

BadPuppy - Update

January 21, 2016

Michal Kozub

Michal Kozub previously did a solo video for Badpuppy; but, having heard about the physical touch of our masseur, Michal stops by for some tension relief. Our masseur squeezes out some oil into his hands and warms it before applying it to Michal’s back where it is sensually massaged in, slowly loosening Michal’s back muscles. The masseur’s hands slowly slip under Michal’s underwear, gently massaging Michal’s bum, and then the masseur pulls Michal’s underwear off giving him unfettered access to Michal’s sweet, naked ass.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 20, 2016


Trey wasn’t quite sure what was going on with his body, and because of his uncertainty, I was unable to read and respond to his energy. It was only while editing the video this week that my lightbulb moment happened. Trey had a Xander sexperience with involuntary body shivers throughout, skin flush all across his back, and post-orgasm quivers that lasted several minutes.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 17, 2016

Classic CAUSA: Avery

I, Casey, am holding out hope that Avery may one day again grace the CAUSA massage table. What made me think of Avery this week as I was planning today’s Classic: the thought of an Avery / Gracen pairing. Between their phenomenal bodies and phenomenal cocks, what a site that would be to behold.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 13, 2016

Gracen's sequel (Pt. 2)

Gracen continues to “WOW” us, and of our other regular guys such as Josh, Trey, Adrian, Tobias, et al, each continues his journey toward his own authentic sexuality. It is an honor and privilege that you and I are allowed to bear witness.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 09, 2016

Gracen Bonus - Part 1

With each shoot, I try a different approach to bring Gracen to a comfortable space to engage in even superficial “back-door” play. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’ve already thought about his next visit to the CAUSA massage table and what that approach might be...

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 06, 2016

Classic CAUSA 082: John-John

After I received his email and we scheduled a session, I was looking forward to his visit because the digital images on his site profile showed a rather large appendage and very nicely built body. What those images didn’t show made my mouth drop when John-John arrived for his scheduled massage session. Let’s just say that he has similar features to one of the world’s former most eligible bachelors with curly hair, striking features, and a beautiful body.

Club Amateur USA - Update

December 31, 2015

Santa Josh Cums Early (Pt. 2)

Having already planned on Josh and Gracen being two of my Santas for December, two days later, Josh was back in the studio to shoot this video.

BadPuppy - Update

December 19, 2015

Anton Gets A Massage

Anton Sanek needs a massage; but, our normal masseur was not available so Anton decides to give our new guy a try. Rubbing the oil in deep our masseur slowly slips Anton out of his underwear getting access to his round, firm buns; which get kneaded very intently. Ready to loosen things up further, our masseur pulls Anton up onto his knees and starts working his cock, balls and ass all at the same time.

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