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Club Amateur USA - Update

Wednesday May 22, 2019

Zack 655

My long-time crush, Zack Randall, returns to CAUSA after an extended hiatus. Originally, I tried to schedule Zack for a Santa shoot back in December, but unbeknownst to moi, he'd moved to the PNW to manage some family business. So, Zack said that he'd let me know when he was coming back into town, and thankfully, he returned for the Phoenix Forum in Tempe, last week. Once again, the direct prostate stimulation had Zack bordering on the edge of orgasm, and once flipped over, he had one helluvan intense cumshot. It's the utmost compliment for a seasoned, industry veteran such as Zack to say, "You always give the best orgasms!"

Locker Room Boys - Update

May 16, 2019

Dominik & Jason

Dominik Black and Jason Smith are two sexy young studs who start off with a very erotic foot massage that turns into so much more. Jason gets so worked up that he needs to shove Dominic's massive cock deep down his throat. It doesn't take long until Dominic decides he wants some of that hot skinny twink ass and before you know it, he's in balls deep.

Club Amateur USA - Update

May 15, 2019

Marquise 654

For some reason, I’m thinkin’ that Soren needs to introduce us to more of his friends. And in all of my years doing this, I do not recall a guy having more extreme Linda Blair moments, and for Marquise, just a simple stroking around his ginormous shaft & head brought on the eye rolls. This hard sexy hung black stud really loves getting a hardcore rubdown and you'll love it just as much.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 28, 2019

Mathew - 652

For some reason, going into this shoot, I had a feeling that it was going to be exceptional in terms of anal play & direct prostate stimulation, and our newest CAUSA guy, Mathew, did not disappoint. By his own admission, he's openly curious about prostate play, and Mathew's engaged his own girlfriend to do so. Good for him! Both face down & face up, I thought that I was going to have to perform an exorcism given Mathew's incredible eyerolls.

Drill My Hole - Update

April 20, 2019

Real Stiff

Toned stud Micky Jr is carrying around too much tension and it's making his neck ache. Micky calls up his friend, blue-eyed masseur Matt Wellington to give him a rub down. Oiling up Micky's gorgeous ass, it's not long before Matt decides that his buddy is going to need a much deeper massage than anticipated. Micky agrees, begging Matt to push his uncut cock deeper and deeper into him until both hunks have worked out a whole lot more than a muscle knot.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 17, 2019

Blake - 651

Right off the proverbial bat upon Blake's arrival, he made mention that he doesn't like anything anal. And in my mind's eye, "Well, shit. There goes what I had planned." Of course, it was then only during the post-massage dialogue that he made mention that he's curious to have a lady friend peg him, and a couple have agreed to oblige him. Upon further drilling down into how one can say that they don't like anything anal, yet seek out having a girlfriend engage in pegging, that's when we learned that societal expectations toward "normal" sexual behavior & masculinity, once again, reared its antiquated head. Luckily, after further conversation, I got Blake to agree to direct prostate stimulation in his next shoot.

Brother Crush - Update

April 15, 2019

Sleep Massage

Wesley is happy that his younger stepbrother is hitting the gym and getting big gains. Today, when the little guy gets back from working out, Wesley and his friend Greg want to give the kid a nice rub down. The boy lays out on a massage table, and the two horny guys have their way with him. They work out all the tension in his toned body before they oil up his smooth hole and stick their fat cocks deep inside him. The boy opens his mouth wide and licks his big bros dick while getting his sore boy hole pounded! The boys shower Felix with their steaming hot loads before sending the little guy on his way, proving that there’s nothing like post-workout protein!

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 09, 2019

Adrian - 650

Ask & ye shall receive… By popular demand, Adrian is back for CAUSA's 650th video! Now with a long-term girlfriend, going in to tickle Adrian's prostate felt like again entering virgin territory, but in no time, his eyes were rockin' & rollin', nostrils flarin', and Adrian's fully engorged, thick, uncut cock was leaking like a sieve.

Spunk Worthy - Update

April 03, 2019

Marty's Massage

It was a little surprising, since he'd been deployed overseas so many times, to hear that Marty had never gotten a happy ending massage before. For military guys, it almost seems like a rite of passage. He said the mood just never struck him, though. That said, he jumped at the chance to come back and give it whirl. He even made sure his wife was going to be okay with it and saved up a couple days worth of nut before coming over. Marty's muscly bubble butt was like a target for my hands after rubbing down his back and shoulders. His cock was getting harder by the second every time I spread his cheeks and gave his hole some attention.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 26, 2019

Graham - 649

From the direct prostate stimulation that had Graham sexperiencing multiple anal orgasms to then when face up, edging him to the point of, as Graham stated during our post-massage dialogue, him wanting to punch me due to the intensity of the edging, I think my inner sadist reared his devilish head because as I shared with Graham, I had the proverbial Cheshire-Cat-grin throughout this shoot.

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