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Straight Fraternity - Update

Tuesday October 03, 2023

Bareback First

Drew guides Cameron through his first scene with another dude. He starts kissing Cameron and makes him suck his dick. Then he sucks Cameron's cock and flips him over to eat his ass. The look on Cameron's face is priceless! Drew lubes them both up, gets on his knees and guides Cameron's cock into his tight hole. Like a lot of first timers, Cameron bangs away before Drew is warmed up. So Drew switches to a position that makes it more comfortable for both of them. Drew drenches Cameron's cock in silicone lube as he pounds him. Cameron pulls out and shoots his huge load all over Drew's hole, then stuffs his cum-covered cock back inside for a couple more pumps.

Straight Off Base - Update

September 21, 2023

Dom's Helping Hand

Dom, a stocky 20 year old former high school footballer and now a gung-ho Marine just back from deployment, visits Major Wood's penthouse to bust his load. When Dom mentions that his hand is getting tired the Major steps in and takes over with his experienced helping hand!

Spunk Worthy - Update

September 13, 2023

Road Stroke Buddies

I hauled Nevin, Hugh, and Alec up to the L.A. Pride festival a few weeks ago. Not missing a chance to get some video to share, of course, I had my camera ready. What happened over those 14 hours was worth recording every second. But the two 20+ minute videos coming to you this week will give you all the highlights. If you're horny, go right to the video of the guys all jerking off in the backseat of the car on the drive back to San Diego. When you're all wiped up, check out the second video from earlier in the day with the guys having fun and gettin' naked at the Pride fest in front of a gang of spectators. When we got to the Pride fest, the guys were SO nervous about going their first gay event. But when they saw the beer pong table, suddenly they felt a little more in their element.

Club Amateur USA - Update

September 09, 2023

Donovan 792

So, the short and sweet of it is that Donovan approached me on Twitter within the past couple of weeks, and as soon as I saw his pix, I knew that he was the perfect CAUSA guy. Great video, and let's just say that Donovan is pumped for round two on a certain Friday in November because he wants to sex-perience his first anal orgasm. Challenge accepted! Donovan is 30 years old and stands at 5' 11" weighing 185 lbs. with a shaved head and sexy brown eyes. Donovan is more than ready to go Bisexual and Sexploring.

English Lads - Update

September 09, 2023

Young Straight Teen Wanks

Jackson Ward is one of these handsome dirty blond straight teens whose uncut cock recently grew really big when he turned 18 years old, and he doesn't quite yet realize what a thick meaty one he has! Lucky for us I am on hand to let him know! Jackson keens naturally fit through his hard laborer's day job. He's caught some sunshine lately too with nice new tan lines. He shows off his lean, slim, smooth body for us and flexes his biceps as he strips out of his clothes! When his boxers are down we see a big semi pointing out and after a few strokes a thick and chunky erection! Jackson enjoys tugging at his big meaty cock whilst I get lots of close-ups of his feet. Power wanking to climax, Jackson squirts a few big loads of cum all over the place! Great work, Jackson!

Czech Hunter - Update

August 13, 2023

Czech Hunter 700

I spent the last weekend in the countryside. It was a lovely summer trip around small Czech towns, where I looked for guys willing to make easy cash. This handsome dude was selling ice cream as a summer job. At first glance he looked so innocent. I couldn't believe how well money worked on him. I followed the guy inside of the shop so we would have some privacy. I really wanted to savor the moment. Nicely shaved, this cutie was exactly what I was searching for. Staring into his beautiful eyes while being sucked sent shivers down my spine. I couldn't wait to feel his silk smooth asshole. The dude was a bit worried about anal sex but his massive boner was a good sign. Money and curiosity won eventually and my cock tasted yet another amazingly tight virgin ass.

English Lads - Update

August 03, 2023

Young Straight Gym Stud

Rob London is a handsome young straight lad with a very cheeky personality and today he transfers over from FitYoungMen for his first video. Rob has some great tan lines, big muscles, and lucky for us he loves to show off all his hard work from training in the gym. Rob tenses his muscles and shows off his peachy white bum as he strips out of his clothes. He can barely keep his hands off his cock and soon is wanking his uncut one to a big hard erection! His two best mates are sitting in the background and Romeo even pops in to help his mate out by setting him up a naughty video! These best mates know each other very well! Comfy on the chair, Rob power wanks himself to climax and unloads all the cum he's been saving up for us! I then film him in the shower washing off his sticky mess!

Czech Hunter - Update

July 22, 2023

Czech Hunter 698

I planned a nice trip to Central America. Unfortunately, the thing didn't start very well. We were already in a taxi when I realized that our flight tickets and passports were missing. We went back home and searched the apartment with no success. You can imagine how pissed off I was, not to mention my terrible travel anxiety. Fortunately, the airlines were trying hard to help us. In the meantime, I had to calm my nerves. The taxi driver looked quite cute so we tried him. The guy turned down our generous offers for a while and claimed to be straight. I'm pretty sure he wasn't. Once he finally agreed, things got pretty intense really quickly. This dude had the best ride of his life. We didn't have to be careful at all because he had such a horny ass it was just unbelievable

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 22, 2023

Gracen 788

HALLELOO!!! Gracen finally rang through! This tells you when my energy is on sync with the CAUSA guys. Pretty soon, I hear from them and from a different number. Such became true a couple of weeks ago with Gracen. As I'd mentioned to Mr. Riley, I'd sent a couple of text messages to Gracen from two different numbers, and I didn't hear back from him. Immediately, I began to become concerned that I was heading into Club Amateur USA's 20th anniversary/birthday without the guy who, literally, changed the trajectory of the site. By the end of the following week, I had a text from Gracen from his new number and that ladies and gentlemen, is how positive energy manifests itself. BTW, in Gracen's text from his new number, he did happen to mention that it'd been more than two months since he'd been touched by another... Jus' sayin'...

Straight Off Base - Update

July 10, 2023

Special Ops Kasey

Petty Officer 2nd Class Kasey swings over to the Major's penthouse in Dress Whites on his way to an event in downtown San Diego. PO2 Kasey is a bit horny and the Major suggests that he should bust his nut before heading out for the evening. This sexy and studly Sailor slowly slips out of his uniform and skillfully strokes his hard cock until he blows his thick load onto the glass dining room table.

Hot College Fucks - Update

July 06, 2023

Kelly Gets Tag Teamed

Kelli wanted another round with Dawson and Alex, so what better way than with both of them at the same time? She gets her juices flowing by having the guys flex for her, and soon becomes the center of attention herself which is right where she wants to be. Dawson and Alex take turns slamming Kelli in multiple positions before finally blowing their loads all over her.

Str8 Boyz Seduced - Update

July 03, 2023

Ass Fucking Straight Boy Buzz

While Buzz takes a shower you can see his nice tan line, as he soaps up his butt cheeks. Buzz is crashing here tonight, so when we end up in the bedroom he plops down and starts watching some porn. Soon he's naked, pulling his pud and heading for the floor. Out comes my cock and a jar of his favorite lube. Soon I'm grasping his hips and riding his tight ass. He starts to slide back and forth in that special way and I love it. I lose it completely and blow my wad on his backside.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 25, 2023

Geovanni Takes Ryan's Virginity

Ryan sucks Geovanni's huge, uncut cock and eats his ass before Geovanni flips Ryan around and takes his virginity. The guys tell me about the ladies in their lives before getting undressed. I tell Ryan to suck Geovanni's big, uncut cock, and he does a great job. He swallows Geovanni's dick and sucks his balls like a pro. After some mutual stroking, Ryan's cock thickens, and I tell Geovanni to play with his butt. He fingers Ryan's hole, then turns around and makes Ryan rim him. Geovanni's so turned on that he tries to fuck Ryan with his big dick. Ryan struggles to take every inch of Geovanni's dick, and just when he can't handle being fucked any more, Geovanni pulls out and cums all over his back. Ryan strokes out a big load and tells me how it felt to finally take a whole cock in his ass.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

June 13, 2023

Milo & Jay

Horny well hung scally lads, Milo Taylor and Jay Dawson, have a seriously hot session. Starting off in their scally kit, they get a feel of each others bulges, semi hard under their trackie bottoms. They pull out each others cocks and play with each other. Both lads have big dicks and Jay gets down on his knees, opening his mouth wide to take in the girth of Milo's meaty cock. He gets it rock solid as he sucks, then gets it pushed deep into his throat by horny Milo. They switch and Milo gets down, slurping on the big bulging head of Jay's throbbing cock, then sucks it really deep, fucking his throat against it. On the sofa, Milo lays back holding his fat cock upright as Jay licks and sucks his nipple, then goes down for more deep wet sucking, and again gets his mouth and throat fucked, taking it really deep.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 12, 2023

Warren & Kae

Straight buddies Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay with Straight Fraternity's Bowl of Tricks, including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick. While Warren and Kae sign release forms, I tell them a few things I expect to see. They're hesitant, but agree with each other to go ahead. They just don't know everything they'll have to do from my Bowl of Tricks! Warren draws first and gives a hard hand-spanking to Kae. Then Kae draws and has to suck Warren's nipples. So far Warren is winning! But when his next task is to paddle Kae, Kae refuses, until Warren re-draws and pulls tea-bagging. Up next is one of my favorites, awkward kissing between straight guys! Then Warren draws and has to lick between Kae's paddled cheeks. I tell the guys it's time to suck dick like they agreed to and make Warren go first.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 12, 2023

One Plus One

Attempting to catch up on the required reading for his university class in philosophy, Bastian Karim is distracted by A.J. Sloan in the next room stroking his huge cock. Bastian has changed his studies from reading to cock rather quickly. Bastian joins A.J. and immediately deep throats his raging hard cock. Switching from cock to balls, Bastian makes sure that each is expertly serviced and pleasured. A.J. is spewing over with excitement and has to back off of Bastian’s talented mouth and bends him over the bed. A.J. spreads Bastian’s magnificent ass finding the hot pink center that has overwhelming flavor and pleasure. A.J.’s tongue fucking has Bastian gyrating his ass to gain the full indulgence of A.J.’s tongue. With Bastian’s ass fully lubed with A.J.’s spit, A.J. stands and slips his long cock deep inside of Bastian’s moist ass.

Island Studs - Update

June 12, 2023

Big Dick Dorian

Big Dick Dorian, a super friendly, talkative, perfectly hairy, horny All American Special Operations Military Vet, is back in Island Studs, sporting his fat, amazingly rock hard belly slapper surrounded by a full bush of man dick hair, yummy furry white butt with the perfect amount of man hair between is pecs and belly hair leading to his big boner, who shows us his Tutting Dance moves, playfully combs his thick crotch hair with a red comb, takes 2 powerful pisses, both outdoors: one in a bucket and another with his red HOT throbber at FULL erection, works naked on his knees painting the deck with his big heavy hairy cock & balls dangling between his furry legs as he works in the sun, playfully grabs his furry ass cheeks and spreads them wide open, twice, revealing his super hairy, pink man hole.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 07, 2023

Dee Barebacks Me

I start to undress my straight, married buddy Dee and rub his furry body. When he sits down, I shove my dick in his face and make him suck it. Then I blow him a bit before sitting beside him on the couch and pushing his head down on my cock. Dee and I 69, then I roll onto my back and throw my heels up. He slides his raw cock inside me and fucks me faster and faster. It feels so good that I bust a huge nut while he's fucking my hole. I suck Dee's cock more until he says he wants to fuck me again. I lie face down while he continues to fuck me. When it seems like he might not cum that way, I tell him to jack off while I suck his nipples and rub his leg. And when he shoots, I eat up his load.

Straight Fraternity - Update

June 05, 2023

Nerd Spank

I welcome back Tex and Reese and catch up on their adventures. Tex tells me about the ladies in Texas, and Reese is still with his girlfriend. I get them comfortable since they don't know what I've got in store. After the guys strip, I bring out the paddle. I tell them that only Tex is being paddled today, and Reese is excited about that. He happily whacks Tex's ass until it's cherry red. Then I reveal that it's his turn next. Reese takes a few smacks, but his skinny butt can't handle it. I make the guys stroke their cocks and tell Tex he has to suck Reese's cock to make him feel better. Tex does what he can to choke down Reese's big dick. Reese takes over jacking his cock, and he shoots a huge load all over himself. He even flings some on Tex.

English Lads - Update

June 05, 2023

Young, Tall, Lean & Straight

Jack Costelow makes his debut video today after his photoshoot on Fit Young Men and wow what a treat! Jack is one of these straight lads who is just as comfortable out of his clothes as he is in them! Only 18 years old and already well over 6 feet, Jack has very long legs and a slim, toned physique. Jack strips out of his clothes and shows off his slender body and gets his blood pumped with some press-ups on the bed before he whips off his boxers! We get some nice closeups of Jack's long soft uncut cock before he teases it to a big thick hard erection! He spreads his long legs and shows off his slightly hairy hole before power wanking himself to a big cum shot all over his body and abs! Great first shoot Jack, a manhandling next time!?

Czech Hunter - Update

June 04, 2023

Czech Hunter 690

Shame I didn't encounter this student on my birthday because he would be a perfect present. I met the cutie on his way to work and instantly fell in love with him. I couldn't believe he worked at a restaurant because he looked more like a model to me. A handsome 18 years old super model with a massive cock, as I was about to find out. My camera made him a little nervous, but money fixed that problem soon. Who wouldn't like to earn a monthly salary in 30 minutes? I took him to my place and had a careful look at his beautiful body. His ass looked particularly delicious and took my fingering very well. I was sure my cock would enjoy that lovely hole a lot. First, I had to convince my new friend that there is nothing wrong about anal sex. Especially when it involves a generous amount of money.

Straight Off Base - Update

June 04, 2023

Special Ops: Tanner

Ripped and tatted Marine Corporal Tanner visits the Major's penthouse for a uniform and weapon inspection before reporting for duty. Corporal Tanner relieves himself of his uniform and presents the Major his huge .50 calibre weapon and unloads thick rounds of his cum-munition.

Spunk Worthy - Update

June 03, 2023

Massaging Blaze

Many of you have emailed or tweeted asking if Blaze was going to be coming back. I'm glad to say that the answer turned out to be YES! And he was hornier than ever when he showed up for the shoot. Blaze is no stranger to happy-ending massages. He'd gotten a few while on overseas deployments. All from women, of course. He'd never even gotten a "regular" massage from a guy which, when I asked him if he had, made him laugh. "Nope, first time. Popping both cherries!" he joked. It was pretty obvious that there was some sexual tension going on, even before we started setting up for the shoot. I figured this might be a good chance to see how far Blaze was willing to let things go. By the time he lay on the massage table and my hands made their way between his beefy legs, Blaze's cock was already poking out.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 01, 2023

Peep Show Part 6

This is Part 6... more beads of sweat, more watchful eyes, and more moans of ecstasy! Only one more scene before the cum-flooded finale.

Straight Fraternity - Update

May 31, 2023

Mickey & Damian

18-year-old Mickey O'Brien and 27-year-old Damian challenge each other to see who can give the better blowjob. Mickey may be gagging on uncut cock, but he's sure giving it the old college try! Since these guys know the drill, I just tell them to get naked and help each other feel good. Mickey goes first, blowing Damian until he's hard. He even gags a couple of times going down on Damian's uncut dick. The guys surprise me by making out, then it's Damian's turn to suck Mickey's ultra-white cock. After he munches on Mickey's scrotum and sucks the head, the guys swap places so Mickey can try to outdo him. Not to be beaten, Damian tries sucking Mickey's cock one more time. The guys tongue-kiss each other while jacking off side-by-side. Damian shoots a big, watery load on himself, and Mickey cums on the side of Damian's face.

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