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Club Amateur USA - Update

May 07, 2020

Teagan 680

Tegan is one hot black stud who is 23 years old and stands at 5'08" weights in at 170lbs. with a nice sized 7.0" hard cut cock. With his brown hair and eyes he will immediately charm you. Tegan is straight and sexploring and when he smiles, your whole heart is enveloped in pure desire. I think my favorite Teagan-ism is watching his toes flap like a Hummingbird's wings throughout our time together. Teagan's favorite thing is obviously oral and now he also knows what it's like being stroked & poked at the same time, mmmmmmm".

English Lads - Update

April 26, 2020

Straight Hottie Carlos

Young fittie Carlos Garcia returns this week for his first-ever manhandling! Carlos strips down to his underwear for us and shows off his hot body, nice muscles and new tattoos. I get Carlos oiled up and begin rubbing his back and thighs before flipping him over to see to his chest and his main muscle – his long uncut cock! Carlos has no trouble getting rock solid and I pump his hard cock in various positions. We see plenty of Carlos’ tight, hairy hole, including in doggie position! Carlos gets comfy on the bed and I power wank him until he squirts, squirts and squirts! Covering himself and my hand in his jizz! Great work Carlos, a pairing with another guy next!?

Gods of Men - Update

April 23, 2020

Memories Of A Massage

As his sexy masseur Vincent O'reilly runs his talented hands all over his oiled-up body, all Nic Sahara can dream of is feeling those fingers on his hard cock. Luckily, Vincent has just the same thing on his mind as he reaches under the towel and begins massaging Nic's hard meat. Nic enjoys the sensations as Vincent works his shaft while kissing his chest, and soon he's massaging that dick with his mouth instead. Next it's Vincent's turn to hop up on the table as Nic eats his ass and fucks him doggystyle and spoon before Vincent rides that cock. Vincent cums hard as Nic pounds his hole before the top pulls out and shoots his load.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 20, 2020

Leeroy 679

Leeroy is simply a pretty young man with those eyes and lips and his wavy, brown locks. And I'm glad that he was looking down as he dropped trou because the look of shock on my face was quite noticeable when his sweats hit the floor and his big, beautiful cock flopped against his leg. DAYUM! And yes, Leeroy has a rather perfect, pretty penis, as well. Because I was aware prior to the shoot that Leeroy is bi-open, and when we discussed his work for the previous studios, he said that he's vers, I knew that I would be providing him more intensive direct prostate stimulation that isn't usual for CAUSA noobs. What I will say now is that Leeroy's ginormous junk started hard, stayed hard, and leaked like a sieve when he was face down on the table.

William Higgins - Update

April 18, 2020

Full Contact

Radek Cerveny arrives for a massage by Martin Hovor. Martin tells his to take off his clothes and to lay down on the table. Radek does that. Meanwhile Martin has stripped down to his underwear too and he places a towel over Radek's ass before starting work. He takes some oil into his hands and begins to massage Radek's back. The oily hands run all over the back onto the shoulders too. Then Martin slides the towel down a little to expose Radek's sexy ass. The hands glide all over the back and onto that hot ass. Fingers work deep into Radek's muscles as Radek is fully relaxed. Then Radek turns onto his back so that Martin can work on his hot chest too. He adjusts the towel which covers Radek's groin.

Club Amateur USA - Update

April 07, 2020

Jai 678

Jai's profile on AFF had only been live about a week when he gave indication that he was interested in possibly participating in a video. I was rather surprised and emailed him, immediately. Within a couple of hours, I had a text from him, and by the end of the week, Jai was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table. This was another shoot wherein the noob's online verbiage really didn't give any indication how much I may be able to push his respective boundaries. Before the massage even began, I adjusted Jai's junk so that it pointed down between his legs, and much to my pleasant surprise, he was already at full BBC. Then, when I heard Jai's audible responses to his first time being rimmed, I knew that Jai was all-in for this new sexperience.

Men Over 30 - Update

March 31, 2020

Massaged Hard

Clay Towers is getting his massage table ready for his next customer who just happens to be Sean Duran. Sean comes walking into the room and is excited such a handsome man will be utilizing his hands on his body today. Clay gives him the breakdown and he begins using his magical hands all over Sean's firm body. Clay's hands are firm and gentle as he rubs them on Sean. Sean flips over onto his back where Clay lets his mouth do the rest. They move into a 69 position and Sean's cock is throbbing intensely. Clay sees his rock hard cock and mounts him utilizing every inch of his big dick. Sean fucks Clay real good as he positions him on his back and thrusts even deeper into him.

Black Godz - Update

March 29, 2020

Marcus: Reward

Marcus has come far since he was known as the “rich boy” in the house. At first, he was soft-spoken and well-mannered to a fault, letting people walk all over him. He was so afraid to be considered arrogant that he went the opposite way altogether, becoming a pushover and a punching bag. Marcus’s torture seemed endless as a young man. It was only after joining the Black Godz that he found a place of acceptance. And even though people looked at him as the “rich boy,” he was treated with respect and love. Perhaps that is what allowed him to come out of his shell. For months, Marcus has been trying on his new interpersonal skills for size. He has suddenly become capable of communicating his thoughts and feelings without fear that they will be trampled on or dismissed unfairly.

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

March 26, 2020

Wecloming Carson

This is Carson's first time on camera, and even though he didn't seem very nervous, we figured the skilled hands of Quin to get all of him nice and relaxed would be fun. This turned from a nice, sensual massage to a dirty talking, face spitting, raw fuck session real quick. But after seeing Carson's smooth, warm hole, how could it not?! Carson has the cute next door boy look, but get him naked and put a hot, veiny cock in his face, and it's a different story! He turned into Quin's submissive cum-craving fuck toy, and he loved every second of it. Needless to say, Carson rated this massage high and will be referring all of his friends.

Masqulin - Update

March 22, 2020

The Trainer

Thyle Knox has hired Markus Kage as his personal yoga instructor/trainer. Markus can't help but notice that Thyle has a fit, tight body with a bubble butt and VPL that marks a big cock. And seeing as how their first calisthenics routine gets a rise out of them both, Thyle quickly schedules a follow-up session. On his third visit, Thyle is feeling quite tight and Markus is ready to open him right up. Panting from the workout, Thyle is invited to open up his mouth and suck on Markus’ cock. Hesitant at first, Thyle gives it a go and a sweaty man on man sexual workout ensues.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

March 14, 2020

In Good Hands

When you train your muscles as hard as Cole Keller does it is always good to have a massage therapist, Mario Roma close by. Cole arrives directly from the gym with some intense muscle aches in his shoulders and back. Mario works his hands up and down Cole's massive muscles, but can't help but admire that huge ass. Cole flips onto his back and Mario strips down to his jock strap, not to get any massage oil on his clothes. With his hard cock straining to get out of his jock strap, Mario has Cole get up and stretch, instead of stretching he knowingly begins posing for Mario. The glances are exchanged and the party begins as both men begin groping each other's cocks.

Spunk Worthy - Update

February 29, 2020

Allan's Massage 2

Six months had gone by since I'd heard from Allan. And it's not uncommon for guys to suddenly come out of the woodwork around the holidays looking for some extra cash. That seemed to be the case with Allan, but something told me that money wasn't the only factor when he asked about coming back to shoot another massage scene. The give-away was what he asked after we'd agreed on a time to meet up. "Think you could blow me on the massage table instead of a hand-job?" If you saw Allan's BJ video, he really got into in. And after taking the leap last time, it appeared that he was yet another sold customer about how us guys really know what we're doing when it comes to sucking dick.

Chaos Men - Update

February 20, 2020

Dietrich & Kevin RAW

Dietrich really wanted to play with Kevin Texas. He kept browsing the site looking at other ChaosMen models, and Kevin was his top pick. He was really excited to do the video. Dietrich has a few things fetishes he wants to show us. From ballcaps, jock-straps, and sneakers, which all seem to be clothing oriented, really turn him on. Of course, he loves to worship a guy and royally service a dude. Cock-sucking is his forte! A massage video was a perfect scenario for him to get himself and Kevin all worked-up. Dietrich oils him up, paying attention to his feet for foot lovers. You can tell how turned-on Dietrich is because his cock is dripping precum. He pulls it out for Kevin to suck it, and Kevin dives right in. Kevin flips on to his back, and Dietrich rubs him down, playing close attention to his cock.

Black Godz - Update

February 17, 2020

Body Worship: Matie

When Matie first entered the House of the Black Godz, he was one of the more sensitive, vulnerable boys. It didn’t take much for him to break down into tears are run away into another room to lock the door and hide. Nobody ever quite understood what happened to him that made him act this way. He would never reveal his secrets, and once that became clear, the Black Godz did everything in their power to make sure his privacy was respected. Matie could feel that they were creating a safe space for him and was highly appreciative. This respect for Matie’s harrowing past has bred a sense of loyalty. He would never betray the Black Godz, even though he has been betrayed so many times before.

Spunk Worthy - Update

January 25, 2020

Niles' Massage

After his solo shoot, Niles got in touch to see what else he could do to make some cash. When I told him about the massage shoot, he said he'd give it some thought. When no answer came after a couple weeks, I figured it was a no-go. But apparently when rent was due, it suddenly didn't seem like all that bad of a gig. Niles had never gotten "regular" massage, let alone a happy-ending one. And taking the leap to get his first from a guy didn't seem to phase him too much (or else he was just playing it cool pretty convincingly). When I asked how he was feeling about everything, he just shrugged and said with a smile, "It is what it is." It probably didn't hurt that he'd been busy and hadn't had much time to rub one out for a couple days.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

January 16, 2020

Big Dick Masseur

Cesar Rossi loves to get massages especially the ones with happy endings. Lucky for him today Dexx is working and Cesar is hoping for the special treatment. Dexx begins to massage his body and once he sees that Cesar has a hard on he begins to play with his cock from behind. Cesar moans and groans and soon enough they are both sucking cock. Dexx rims that sweet ass of Cesar's until its nice and wet and he slowly pushes his cock into him and they fuck on the table. Cesar rides him like a champ and than Dexx flips him on his back until he fucks the cum right out of him. Dexx blows his load all over Cesar's sexy chest.

Next Door Studios - Update

December 28, 2019

1st Time Special

It's Ryan Jordan's first time at the HappyWoods Spa and Treatment center, and he's a bit overwhelmed at all the options. Carter Woods can sense Ryan's trepidation and promises Ryan he'll take care of him. Ryan assumes Carter is just talking about a free aroma-therapy, but once he's stretched out on Carter's table, he realizes Carter is a full service masseuse who goes the extra mile. Getting in deep, Carter can tell Ryan is in need of some real thorough work, and he knows just the technique to hit all of Ryan's spots. This is one massage that Ryan will remember long after he's done, but luckily for him, Carter loves repeat clients. Is it any wonder why he has so many?

Men Over 30 - Update

December 27, 2019

Beef Massage

Riley Mitchel has come to Tony Orion for a nice deep massage. Once on the table, Tony cannot help but compliment how good Riley looks and begins paying special attention to his beefy ass. Between strokes on his body, Tony takes off his own shirt revealing his own beefy hairy body. He then reaches under and starts stroking Riley's big hard cock. Riley rolls over on the massage table and Tony starts sucking his cock. After a brief warm-up, Tony is able to deep throat all of Riley's cock to his sheer delight. Tony then climbs up on the table and as he sucks Riley's cock, Riley rims his beefy ass. Tony then starts out riding Riley's cock deep in his ass.

Twinks in Shorts - Update

December 09, 2019

Martin's Massage Therapy

When Martin Hovor returned to his flat after working out, his mate Alex Morgan was there waiting. Alex, seeing that Martin was sore, offered the hunk a massage. Now, who can say no to a free rub? Alex takes his oil out, gets his hands slippery, and gets to work. Soon, his hot and eager hands are stroking every inch of Martin's shoulders, neck, and chest. But soon, another muscle makes itself known. It's hard and very much in need of attention. Alex unzips Martin and pulls his cock out. He strokes it before removing Martin's shorts completely. Focusing on Martin's cock, Alex quickly realizes that in order to get Martin's erection to go away, he needs to employ more than just his hands. Soon, Alex is going down on Martin, sucking and deep throating the throbbing shaft.

Spunk Worthy - Update

December 09, 2019

Robert's Massage

It had been several months since I'd heard from Robert, so I naturally assumed he wasn't interested in coming back for a happy-ending massage. Of course, I'd mentioned it the last time he was over. His response at the time didn't sound too promising, either. Imagine my surprise when he sent a text message, recently, asking if he could do another shoot. He gamely agreed to a rubdown, but seemed pretty edgy when he showed up at the studio. As we got to talking, he said that not only had he never done anything with a guy before, he'd also never gotten a happy-ending and didn't know what to expect on either fronts. I assured him that it didn't take a whole lot on his part -- just lay down, close his eyes and enjoy the ride.

Locker Room Boys - Update

December 06, 2019

Oscar & Andrew

Andrew gives Oscar and massage in the locker room after a long hard workout. As Andrew rubs out Oscar's tight muscles he starts to let his mind wander while he feels himself start to get aroused. One thing leads to another and it doesn't take long until these two are up on the table together in 69ing as the passion swells to a fever pitch. Then as Andrew needs some satisfaction he climbs up on Oscar's cock and rides him bareback like a champ before he lays back and gets it hard and heavy.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 25, 2019

Finch 673

For 3.5 of Club Amateur USA's 16 years, I've been trying to get über-sexy Finch (with eyes and a smile that melt hearts) to slide onto CAUSA massage table after he originally emailed me on SexyJobs on 06/29/16. Because it only took an initial glance at his profile pic (mixed-race LatinX and Caucasian), I, immediately, emailed him back with my digits for him to SMS me and calendar a date. Afterward, "crickets". And then in September of 2016, both Kristoff and Izzy appeared on the site, back to back, and I gave them homework to return to the cabaret at which they both danced and Finch managed, and get him to reach out to me to discuss and schedule.

Southern Strokes - Update

November 19, 2019


After a rough week, Timber Harvest needs a massage. He's trying out Lukas Stone, who is new to the art of touch but intuitive. Once Timber lays face down, Lukas begins. He is careful to communicate from the start, making sure that what he's doing is to the twink's liking. But if Timber's moans are any indication, Lukas has what it takes to bring about a sense of euphoria. Once finished with Timber's prone body, Lukas flips him, so he's face up. The massage continues, and the intent becomes clear. This is no ordinary massage. This is a massage with a happy ending. Lukas grabs hold of Timber's uncut monster and strokes the thick slab with an expert hand. Eventually, Timber takes over and jerks off while Lukas fingers his hole. The result? Release. Cum tasting and swapping. Sheer bliss.

Drill My Hole - Update

November 18, 2019


Long overdue for a massage appointment is the beautiful but tense Armond Rizzo who cannot wait for handsome masseur, Nick Fritt, to get to work on his naked body. Nick moves his strong hands all over Armond's tight body, and pays special attention to his perfectly round ass and his thick, uncut cock. Horny Nick can’t seem to keep it professional and begins to remove his own clothing, revealing his muscular, alabaster body and massive, cut cock, all the while feeling his way into Armond's puckering butthole. Nick plunges his beautiful face into Armond's gorgeous ass and starts rimming him as he moans out of pure pleasure. Nick slowly slides his huge dick deep inside an eagerly awaiting Armond and soon, Armond is sitting on Nick's rock hard cock.

Club Amateur USA - Update

November 16, 2019

Thatcher 672

Every once in a while you meet an individual who is authentically and genuinely themselves -- regardless of Gen X, Millennial, or Gen Z. While he originates from a rural area of lower, Midwest state, I am loathe to refer to him as "country" because that infers simple or uneducated. Conversely, while Thatcher grew up in a much more conservative, small-town community, he and his bros were definitely open to sexploring and educating themselves in the ways of the broader world outside of their "country" environment. Thank you, Internet!

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