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Club Amateur USA - Update

August 09, 2016

Xavier: Classic JAN 2005

On several levels, this video shoot was a challenge. For one, many of you have seen Xavier on another like-genre site. As with D. Cypher, Xavier was strongly counseled to not work with Luckily for all of us, his email inquiry to the folks at that other site regarding his scheduled shoot with me, went unanswered. So, we went forward with the shoot. Of course, I anticipate that his appearance here will end any future shoots once the others find out.

Twinks in Shorts - Update

July 25, 2016

Reece and Will

Will Simon patiently awaits his massage in a quiet, comfortable room when Reece Andrews walks in. The adorable blonde pup immediately sets out to give his slender, tattooed client a serious working over. Except that as his hands, slippery with oil, travel up and down Will’s back, the twink starts moaning.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 25, 2016


Gotta love waking up on a Tuesday morning with Kurt in your inbox, wanting to slide onto the CAUSA massage table, and by Wednesday afternoon, there he is. :) Apparently, that wasn’t just a pickle in his pocket, Kurt was happy to be here even before sliding on, and thankfully, he stayed that way.

Gay Room - Update

July 23, 2016

Slip Inside

Young twink gets an oil, erotic massage and his ass fucked by a hot jock. Check this scene out at Massage Bait, just one site in the many niches that makes up the Gay Room Network. Gay Room Network is updated DAILY! Full network access gets you multiple sites (12!) for the price of one! Try it for a day, only $1! All content is downloadable!

Twinks in Shorts - Update

July 08, 2016

Tomm & Edy

Edy is one incredibly flexible little fucker! After giving Edy a deep butt massage, Tomm flips the twink over to find him aroused. Tomm teases the twink further, stroking his big uncut cock before spreading Edy’s legs wide and tapping that sweet, pink morsel of a fuckhole.

Icon Male - Update

July 03, 2016

Gay Massage House 4

Brandon Wilde is a boy who's privileged upbringing has given him everything he's ever wanted. Even though he is engaged to be married, he recently told his therapist about his habit of watching gay porn. To help him work through latent issues, he's been referred to expert masseuse, Billy Santoro.

My Friend's Feet - Update

April 20, 2016

Connor Maguire

I go absolutely crazy on Connor's huge size 12's with my mouth and tongue, which soon has the stud yanking on his big cock until he shoots a second blissful load of cum!

Men Over 30 - Update

April 12, 2016

Matt, Derek & Sean

Sean asks him for a massage but Derek is a really lazy boyfriend but a forward thinking one at that. Derek tells Sean that he has a massage therapist on his way over already and that this therapist is open to some hot sexy three way play.

BadPuppy - Update

April 02, 2016

Tomas Decastro

Hunky Tomas Decastro stopped by for a massage from the Badpuppy masseur after a hard workout at the gym. Our masseur squeezes some lotion into his hands and slowly works it into Tomas’ sore muscles. Working down to his underwear, the masseur eases his hands under the waistband and gently slides the underwear down over Tomas’ muscular ass before pulling them off completely. Squirting big globs of lotion onto Tomas’ ass the masseur slowly starts working it in and gently massages Tomas’ balls before having Tomas get up on his knees. Grabbing Tomas’ cock in one hand and slowly fingering his asshole, the masseur gets Tomas relaxed for his long, yellow probe.

BadPuppy - Update

March 22, 2016

Petr's Rub Down

Working down Petr’s back our masseur slides his hands under Petr’s shorts, massaging his buns before slowly sliding down his underwear. Applying some more massage oil directly to Petr’s ass, our masseur begins working in the oil and massaging Petr’s tired muscles. Spreading Petr’s legs so that he can get better access, the masseur begins rubbing Petr’s cock head which starts to thicken within seconds of being touched. Our masseur helps Petr kneel up on his knees where he can more readily get to his asshole and cock. After a few minutes of working Petr’s ass muscles with his hands our masseur grabs his yellow probe and begins probing Petr’s ass.

Club Amateur USA - Update

March 21, 2016


I always find it… well… perplexing that gay / bi guys who are rather healthily endowed such as Zack Randall and today’s Ty acquiesce to expected sexual roles and behaviors. Hung like an old army mule? Well, of course, you’re always the “top.” Au contraire… Not when it comes to sliding onto the CAUSA massage table, and in fact, if I have that understanding… well… “top” meet your prostate!

Men POV - Update

March 01, 2016

Straight Guy Massage

Straight stud goes gay during his oily massage.

Club Amateur USA - Update

February 15, 2016

Ellis 2

Ellis is back, and I’m thinkin’ that his name should be “Fred” due to his dancing toes. Wait till ya see his cumshot! Holy shitballs! I think Ellis has taken the record from Sesso!

Southern Strokes - Update

February 13, 2016

Rubbing Cole

Here’s another look at our Southern Adonis; Cole as he lays completely exposed as a pair of hands explore every inch of his chiseled body. We were able to capture some amazing footage that will make you feel like you are the one massaging Cole.

Club Amateur USA - Update

February 13, 2016

Classic CAUSA 216

‘Tis interesting… Having personally shot 456 of ClubAmateurUSA’s 528 exclusive videos, sometimes a CAUSA guy / video doesn’t register with me for whatever reason. When I looked back through today’s Classic pix and vid with Woody, I had zero recall of him and this shoot. Why? I do not know. He’s cute. He’s blonde (not a frequent thing on the site). He sexperienced one helluva orgasm. And he’s HUNG!

BadPuppy - Update

January 30, 2016

Erik Drda

Muscle stud Erik Drda loves to show off his body especially when he’s lifting weights. Every ripped muscle in his chest and arms pop out at you as Erik gives us a demonstration of his lifting technique and exercise regimen. After a little workout, Erik lies back on his workout beam and gently massages his own chest, slowly working his hands down his stomach and under his pants. Erik stands, strips off his pants leaving only his underwear and sits back down on the wooden beam, when in walks a little surprise.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 27, 2016


Ty is our next referral from Zack Randall, and what a hottie he is. With his thick prick, he’s used to being on top, so my role was to introduce him to his prostate. Mission accomplished, and just wait till you see Ty’s cumshot! :)

BadPuppy - Update

January 27, 2016

Rosta Benecky

Rosta Benecky was out for a run when he decided to stop by our masseur’s place, desperately wanting a massage. Rosta is invited in, strips down to his underwear and lies down on the bed. The masseur joins Rosta on the bed, squirts some lotion on Rosta’s back and in his hands; then slowly begins rubbing the oil into Rosta’s back. Working his way down, the masseur pulls off Rosta’s underwear and begins rubbing Rosta’s two huge globes we call an ass. Applying a little more lotion to Rosta’s ass, our masseur works the oil into Rosta’s ass with his fingers while massaging Rosta’s cock with his other hand.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 23, 2016

Classic CAUSA 080 Shayne

From the moment Shayne dropped trou, he was half hard. Of course, once the butt munching began, he was at full staff and you can hear his moans. Needless to say, I would love to start every day out like this… Hehehe…

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 20, 2016


Trey wasn’t quite sure what was going on with his body, and because of his uncertainty, I was unable to read and respond to his energy. It was only while editing the video this week that my lightbulb moment happened. Trey had a Xander sexperience with involuntary body shivers throughout, skin flush all across his back, and post-orgasm quivers that lasted several minutes.

Extra Big Dicks - Update

January 16, 2016

The Tantalizing Therapist

Sean and Javier are in a great relationship but they have a small problem which is that they are both bottoms. They really want to make this work so they have decided to see a Christian who is one of the best sex therapists around. Christian has a few tricks up his sleeve and besides being a great listener he is also known for mending troubled relationships.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 13, 2016

Gracen's sequel (Pt. 2)

Gracen continues to “WOW” us, and of our other regular guys such as Josh, Trey, Adrian, Tobias, et al, each continues his journey toward his own authentic sexuality. It is an honor and privilege that you and I are allowed to bear witness.

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 09, 2016

Gracen Bonus - Part 1

With each shoot, I try a different approach to bring Gracen to a comfortable space to engage in even superficial “back-door” play. It’s definitely a challenge, and I’ve already thought about his next visit to the CAUSA massage table and what that approach might be...

Club Amateur USA - Update

January 06, 2016

Classic CAUSA 082: John-John

After I received his email and we scheduled a session, I was looking forward to his visit because the digital images on his site profile showed a rather large appendage and very nicely built body. What those images didn’t show made my mouth drop when John-John arrived for his scheduled massage session. Let’s just say that he has similar features to one of the world’s former most eligible bachelors with curly hair, striking features, and a beautiful body.

Club Amateur USA - Update

December 10, 2015

Zack Randall

Merry ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah to CB cuz all I want is Zack Randall! Lemme jus’ tell ya that I was as nervous as the proverbial whor… kid in a candy store! I know… I know… “But he’s not amateuuuuuure…” Plainly stated. Get over it. LOL! Oh, and like the Energizer Bunny, Santa just kept cumming and cumming and cumming… Enjoy!

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