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Men - Update

Monday September 16, 2019

Way Deeper

Tall athletic hunk Drew Dixon paid top dollar for his two on one massage and when his masseurs show up late he's furious. William Seed and his colleague try their best to make it up to Drew, but the brown-haired dude won't quit his complaining. When Drew tells William to get really deep with his massage William takes it to heart, shoving his thumb into his tight hole. The blonde beefcake doesn't stop there, sneakily fucking and stroking Drew behind a dividing curtain while his colleague is none the wiser. The two muscular men grope and grind, getting hot and heavy as William jackhammers Drew's hungry hole. William gives Drew the hole-stretching ass pounding of a lifetime, making him beg for more as the tattooed super stud plows deeper and deeper into Drew.

Men - Update

Thursday September 12, 2019

Spread At The Spa

Trevor Laster doesn't like the look of the spa that his boyfriend picked out for their massage together, but when he sees the hunky masseuse (Mateo Fernandez) he changes his tune. Mateo massages the muscular hunk, rubbing his hands all over Trevor's huge muscles as his boyfriend watches jealously. However, things get even spicier when Mateo starts to work on the tightness in Trevor's ass. Mateo oils up the tattooed stud's sweet hole and starts to give him some very deep tissue massage. When Trevor's boyfriend realizes what's going on he storms out, giving Mateo free reign over the shaved headed hunk. Mateo works him over from top to bottom, fucking the cum out of Trevor with his thick uncut cock.

Club Amateur USA - Update

September 09, 2019

Devlin 666

The Devil made me do it, or in this case, Devlin. We first came into contact several months back on SexyJobs, and as soon as Devlin emailed me a few weeks back that he was interested and ready to schedule, he was sliding onto the CAUSA massage table within days. At first, I was going to skip "666," but then I decided to have fun with it with his assigned porn name. Now, based on his site profile, I knew that Devlin self identifies as bi / bi-open and stated that he'd taken dick before. What I didn't anticipate was after he'd gotten naked and was about to slide on, Devlin had to pause to remove a small, silicone prostate stimulator that he'd been walking around while inserted in anticipation of our shoot.

Next Door Studios - Update

August 31, 2019

Pool Rub

Ginger hunk Dacotah Red can't keep his hot little hands off of cutie Hayden Brier, as the two of them relax by the pool. The sun his high in the sky but the temperature is even hotter on the ground as Dacotah lays Hayden out on a beach towel and slowly worships every inch of his tanned and toned body. Dacotah strips him down and has his way as Hayden closes his eyes and enjoys every minute of it. Dacotah's knows all the right places and his touch excites Hayden in ways that he's never felt before. By the time Dacotah makes his real move, Hayden is like putty in his hands, willing to do whatever Dacotah desires

Club Amateur USA - Update

August 21, 2019

Gracen 664

He's BAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaack! Gracen and his 8th world wonder never fail to impress! Since I'm limited in terms of butt play, I decided to start out with a bit of a back rub and then go ahead and flip Gracen over. To provide a bit of a view of his manhole and try a little taint massage, I brought his legs up in a bent position. So, for editing this particular video since there were only a few minutes of his backside, this shoot with Gracen is edited into the overhead and side camera angles in part one, and in part two, the head and foot camera angles -- two parts, four cumshots.

Why Not Bi - Update

August 18, 2019

Pool Boy Toy

Katy Rose and her husband Thomas Friedl have just gotten a new pool boy, the hunky Jeffrey Lloyd and they can't wait to break him in. Katy gets the pool boy to come over and lotion up her shoulders and back, inviting him to run his hands all over her stunning body. Jeffrey cannot control himself and starts jacking off while he's alone with Katy, which is exactly what Thomas wants to see when he comes in to check on them. The barrel-chested stud grabs the athletic pool boy and coaches him through a hot and wet bisexual three-way by the pool.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 27, 2019

Rolf 661

Of German heritage and standing at 6’6" & 240 lbs. with blonde hair & blue eyes, CAUSA’s newest guy, Rolf, is one big, beautiful shot of Jägermeister. In the 15+ years of ClubAmateurUSA, Rolf is the first that I know of who has oozed such a large volume of precum. Possibly, CAUSA’s resident historian, Daniel, can recall a previous model who provided cobwebs of precum during his first-time direct prostate stimulation. Rolf is the newest recruit from my favorite sex & swingers’ site, and after his profile appeared a few weeks ago, I liked his pix with zero expectation that I would ever hear from this blonde Adonis. So, imagine my surprise when, last week, I awakened to email from Rolf.

Spunk Worthy - Update

July 22, 2019

Blowing Allan

Getting Allan back was a bit of a cat-and-mouse game. He'd already gotten a sample of getting his cock sucked during his massage shoot, last time. But committing to a blow job shoot took a minute for him to process. Some back-and-forth text messaging went by before, eventually, that wad of cash sounded pretty good for just laying back and getting a hummer. This one started as a classic "deer in the headlights" shoot. Allan didn't seem to know exactly how to feel with a guy sucking on his knob at first. His cock was on board super quick, though. It only took a minute before Allan was right there, too, grabbing my head and thrusting his hips toward my mouth.

Club Amateur USA - Update

July 17, 2019

Mathew 660

Shortly after Mathew's first shoot, he texted me that he was ready for round two. During our conversation post-massage during his first shoot, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he & his girlfriend engage in toy & finger play on him. Given that awareness, I knew that for Mathew's second shoot, I was going to push him even further in that regard. Once again, Linda Blair paid a visit to the CAUSA massage table as you'll soon witness Mathew's perpetual eye rolls.

Trans Angels - Update

July 02, 2019

Rubber Rub Her

Blonde cutie Lena Kelly is an expert when it comes to the human body and how to touch it, which is why Dante Colle pays her top dollar to teach him how to be the perfect masseur. However, when Lena leaves Dante alone with the model ass she uses to educate new students he puts a lot more than his hands on it. Shocked at first, Lena realizes that she's been presented with a prime opportunity to see just how much Dante knows about the human body. Lena sneaks under the sheet while Dante is out of the room, setting the perfect trap for the handsy horndog. Dante fucks Lena's ass through the sheet, only realizing it's her when she lets slip a moan of intense pleasure.

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