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Breeder Fuckers - Update

September 30, 2018


Muscular bastard Bryce is a straight security man. All brawn and no brains. He's a prime specimen covered in dark manly hair and filled with testosterone, but he spends all his time sat on his juicy arse. What a fucking waste! Time to use this meat head properly and tie him up in our lair for a wicked session of discipline and queer slut training. Once he's bound in place with his arms stretched up Dave can grope and perv over his masculine naked body. The raunchy fucker is so easily stimulated it only takes a bit of cock manipulation to give him a raging stiff hard on.

BadPuppy - Update

September 29, 2018

Hugo & Dennis

Hugo Diaz hits it off with Dennis Deep right from the very beginning. The two of them quickly end the interview and start shoving their tongues down each other's throats. The clothes come off quickly and Deep is sucking down every last inch of Hugo's thick, Spanish cock. Hugo begins playing with Deep's ass while Deep is blowing his cock. Hugo licks his fingers, slowly inserts them and teases Deep's hole. Deep rolls over on the bed and Hugo wastes no time shoving Deep's cock in his mouth. Deep's legs go higher in the air as Hugo slides down further and shoves his tongue as far into Deep's hole as he possibly can.

Sneaky Peek - Update

September 29, 2018

Hot Dark Haired Lad

What a find! This dark-haired young lad in the shower room is incredibly hot. Watch as he soaps down his body. I would love to lose my fingers in between those tight butt cheeks. Maybe its just me, but does it look like he's springing the start of a semi as he washes his body and perhaps he can see that other lads in the shower are looking at him.

Straight Off Base - Update

September 29, 2018

Shay Solo

Navy Petty Officer Second Class Shay, is a smoothly sculpted 23 year old sailor from Georgia who stands at 5'9" and weighs in at 160lbs. PO2 Shay reports to the Major's quarters to flog his dolphin for the camera before heading out on weekend liberty with several of his shipmates. Shay played baseball, football and wrestled during his high school years and packs a juicy 7 inch meat-torpedo. PO2 Shay gets comfortable on the Major's bed, strips from his shorts and skillfully flogs his mighty dolphin to unload a thick batch of salty man-chowder onto his furry stomach.

College Dudes - Update

September 29, 2018

Adrian Fucked By Jay

You can tell by the way that Jay Alexander and Adrian Suarez grab for each other, their lips crashing together as their cocks grow in their pants, these two guys are horny as fuck. Some intense making out leads to cock sucking as Adrian gets on his knees to pleasure Jay, taking that sweet prick between his lips and sucking it hard as Jay watches him from above. Adrian’s hand wraps around Jay’s dick, pumping it while his tongue works the sensitive tip of Jay’s cock until Adrian’s tired mouth needs a break and it’s Jay’s turn for some oral. Jay blows Adrian, his hard cock pulsing on Jay’s wet tongue until Jay turns Adrian around and buries his face between that ass.

CMNM - Update

September 29, 2018

Busted Pervert

This caught pervert knows just how much trouble he'll be in if the security guard hands him over to the cops. All he wanted was a bit of voyeuristic fun but now he finds his body rendered stark naked for the guard's wicked fondling as he lords his power over him. He bends him over and gradually penetrates his anus and stretches his sphincter with his finger while the boy's bent submissively over his knees.

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

September 29, 2018


Although we set this one up for the "caught jerking off" theme this actually happens a lot. You'd be surprised how often we get back to the pad and find one of the boys stroking his cock. We don't mind, our place is all about enjoying cock after all! Blinx has a big load in those big balls after a long day and he's making use o our wifi to get off, enjoying his big dick and making those heavy nuts bounce. Check him out stroking his tool like so many of our straight buddies do when they come over. He gets that rewarding cream pumping for us at the end and looks pretty pleased with himself!

Corbin Fisher - Update

September 28, 2018

Cain Pounds Brody

Surfer boy Brody and muscle stud Cain have played before – but never as hot and dirty as they do now! After a day at the beach, Cain uses his big uncut cock to get Brody hotter than the Costa Rica sunshine. Brody sucks Cain's massive cock and balls, and Cain slaps Brody's face with his big banana– until Brody is begging to take every inch of Cain! Cain doesn't let up, jackhammering Brody's tight ass in every position he can think of. Brody rides a wave bigger than the ocean outside, as Cain fucks a load out of him that drenches his ripped abs in cum. They head out to the pool to enjoy the tropical twilight.

Cum Club - Update

September 28, 2018

Fuck Me Feed Me

This video is not to be missed! You get hard ass-fucking, cum swallowing and even some funny-ass porn comedy. You’ll lust after Ethan. You’ll laugh at his adorable personality. Then you’ll bust a nut watching Ethan fuck & feed Aaron his tasty load! Ethan’s giant dick surfaces from his pants and Aaron gets right to work on it. Ethan lies on the bed and gets a blowjob from Aaron. When we decided to wrap up his cock for some fucking, we encountered a “technical” difficulty with the large size condoms we had intended to use. Yes, that’s right, condoms are used in this video.

Broke Straight Boys - Update

September 28, 2018

Dorian & Chris Bareback

Dorian Kross doesn’t have to wait long before enjoying Chris Taylor’s skilled mouth around his cock, Chris’s tongue tracing lines down Dorian’s balls before working back up to that big prick. Dorian leans his head back in ecstasy as Chris works his mouth around that dick, and when it’s his turn for oral, Dorian takes good care of him. His hand stroking the shaft and wet tongue on Chris’s tip, Dorian sucks that cock until he’s hard and then pulls Chris’s legs up, bending him in half and very slowly sliding his fat dick into Chris’s ass.

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