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Fetish Men - Update

January 25, 2022

Tied Up & Thirsty

Hogtied with wrists and ankles bound in thick black rope, mocha-skinned Kaell Fernandes writhes on the floor. But definitely not in distress, he's turned on and ready for some more punishment. Dark muscle stud Mr. Black is happy to give him all the kinky treatment he craves. He's dress in a black leather hood and harness, the strict merciless dream Dom that gets any submissive thirsty. Yanking the slave up by his gray harness, Mr. Black brings him to his knees and ready for a severe dressing down. Kaell's thick cock swells as Mr. Black stretches and pinches his nips. He gives Kaell's muscle butt a few hearty slaps before tenderizing with the snap of a leather paddle. Kaell bites down on the bit in his mouth and moans. A sharp little swatter smacks across his chest and thighs.

FetishMen - Update

January 23, 2022

Vini Gets The Whip

Vini Roseti writhes bound in his cuffs, waiting for Woofpigboy to show him who's in charge. His master comes in bearing a black paddle and smacks it around his taut torso from chest to crotch. Verbally belittling Vini in Portuguese, the stocky Brazilian dom holds his sub by the black bondage mask and pulls his face into his musky pits. Groaning, Vini bends forward and grits his teeth. "Ahh, yeah!" he responds, getting turned on to the sting of his master's paddle. But Woofpigboy is just getting started. turning his obedient sub to expose his smooth tan ass. He tenderizes those cheeks with a leather whip, unrelenting as he hears the snap of whip against butt. But he unhooks Vini's cuffs to allow him to worship his master's boots.

Young Bastards - Update

January 22, 2022

Twink Sub Dripping Spooge

Roped up and ready to be used young Giorgio struggles to free himself, but it's too late for that. Sly is soon on the scene and ready to play, revealing his hard uncut cock from his pants and getting the boy's mouth on his meat. Obedient Giorgio has clearly done this before, he slobbers all over that dripping dick and takes some hard face fucking before kinky Dom Sly bends him over and gives his smooth little twinky ass some flogging. With his boner rigid and ready he eases his naked meat inside and gets to work, using the boy's warm hole for his own pleasure. With those first thrusts the boy eagerly slides back down on that dick when he gets the chance to ride, taking them both to a creamy finish that sees the boy furiously wanking his own cock while Sly spews his hot milky seed all over Giorgio's face.

BoyNapped - Update

November 29, 2021

Sebastian & Jonny 1

Teaching A New Student Boy - Part 1 - New twinky arrival Jonny needs a lot of education in the art of pleasuring a master, but we all know Master Kane is always ready to take on a new student, especially one as cute and sexy as Jonny. The boy is soon roped up, spread eagle, ready to be flogged and explored by eager Master Kane. With his uniform shirt removed the hooded boy takes a whipping, his big hardening cock is played with in his shorts, some humiliating photos are taken to shame him among his peers. It seems the boy can endure a lot, but he doesn't yet know what master has in mind for part 2!

Straight Fraternity - Update

October 11, 2021

Dirty Tricks

Gage and Blake B. play the Bowl of Tricks for the first time, and since Blake is into BDSM, there are some especially rough cards to draw. It's an afternoon of sneakers to the face, belt to the ass and the two guys' own dirty tricks. Neither of the guys have played my Bowl of Tricks game, so I shuffle the bowl and tell them how we play. Gage is first up and draws the cock slap card. He whacks his dick on Blake's face and gives him his first taste of cock. Blake draws a new one, Sneaker Face, and crams his super-ripe shoes into Gage's nose and mouth. Gage wants revenge, but on his turn he has to get spanked with a belt. Blake pops his belt and whips Gage's ass. Gage finally gets to do some damage to Blake, giving him a rug burn on his ass. He gets in a spank, but Blake spanks him right back!

Young Bastards - Update

September 29, 2021

Sucking Master's Cum

Sonny is quickly subdued once they've found the kinky lair waiting for them. In no time at all the boy is on the end of the leash and being led around by kinky Dom boy Fabrice, his mouth exploring his new master's crotch, clearly desperate for that dick. The sub boy is allowed to suck the big delicious dong, but not before Fabrice has exposed his ass and given him some thwacks with the paddle. Sonny worships the incredible dick in his face but he'd prefer it in his tight hole. Frabrice takes him from behind, pumping his big bare boner deep between the boys cheeks, fucking him hard while the sub boy desperately wanks his own bulging cock in his hand. With the promise of master's cum in his face he jerks out his own messy load over himself.

Corbin Fisher - Update

August 27, 2021

Mastering Mitch II

We've seen Kyler strapped down in our little bondage lounge before, and it was obvious he thoroughly enjoyed those experiences and all they entailed! Kyler certainly has himself quite the kinky side and even likes to dominate and tie up his girlfriend at home, so we wanted to let him tap in to that dominant side here and get someone else strapped down! What better guy to let Kyler tie up, dominate, and fuck than Mitch?? With that flawless ass of his, and just how much Mitch loves to get railed, Mitch was ideally suited to find himself blindfolded, tied up, and at the mercy of any and everything Kyler wanted to do to him. I'm not gonna lie - there were times during the action here I thought, "Is Kyler being too rough??".

Young Bastards - Update

June 30, 2021

Feeding The Pup

Edwin needs to give his pup a good dose of cock cream. Young Neil is led into the play area on his leash and cuffed, his bare ass exposed and ready for Edwin to use, but it’s not going to happen before the inked Dom has fed the boy his big juicy cock and fucked his messy wet mouth. Neil worships that delicious dong and makes it dribble precum, the tasty tool glistening with goo by the time Edwin heads down to pay attention to the tight pucker between the boy’s cheeks. He’s kind enough to lick out the hole, getting Neil wet for his raw fuck-meat to push inside, humping the boy from behind. He takes his captive to the floor for an even deeper ramming, jabbing the twink’s aching ass with his powerful prick and taking full control as the pleasure swells inside him.

Young Bastards - Update

May 19, 2021

Hung Dom Owns Boy

Jack has been trying to break free from his restraints for a while but it’s no use, hung Dom Sly has had him securely contained and ready for his enjoyment. The devious lad already has his favorite tools laid out and Jack has eyed them suspiciously, hoping not all of them will be used, but he’s lucky that the horny guy can’t wait to get his thick and wet cock out after just a little painful flogging. The boy’s smooth little rump has been adequately tormented but with that thick tool poking up into his raw hole the pain is soon replaced by pleasure. Obedient boy Jack loves it, even though he was scared the taste of that hung Dom meat leaking precum in his mouth after fucking his hole is too delicious.

Young Bastards - Update

April 25, 2021

Plastic Wrapped & Pumped

Little Tommy is angelic, but devious Giorgio knows how to make the boy spit that cum from his long tanned cock. The boy has been prepped, wrapped tightly in plastic, his dick soon released for greedy Giorgio to play with and tease. That long twinky dick really wants to spurt some juice but Giorgio is going to take his time, sucking the head and wanking the shaft, stopping when he can taste the precum flowing heavily and turning his attention to the boy’s hole. With an opening made for his rampant meat to slide right in he fucks his captive real good, slamming his snug little hole with his stiff length until he can’t stop his own dick from unleashing that thick cream. He makes a big sticky mess and jabs his gooey cock right back inside to seed the boy, but it’s not over for Tommy yet.

TransHarder - Update

April 21, 2021


Gorgeous blonde Gracie Jane is tired of her roommate Tony Orlando acting like her being a woman means she owes him something. Commanding the room in black leather and mesh, Gracie is having none of Tony's bullshit. She decides that it's time for him to walk a mile in her high heels by dressing him up in some lingerie and sissifying him into her pretty and perfect sex toy. Gracie rides Tony all over the bedroom, drilling him deep until he's really internalized all of her lessons about girl power in this fiery feminization domination scene.

BoyNapped - Update

April 17, 2021

Sean & Jak

Using The Boy Well 2 - Gorgeous young Jak Wycombe endured a piss-drenching, a face fucking and some of the most intense anal play from chav dom Sean Taylor in part 1, but we all knew that big uncut cock would be finding its way inside the boy's hole. Watch as Sean fully owns the young man, pumping his big dick inside, fucking his wet chute in every position until he's ready to pull his long meat out and wank off to a cum splashing finish that leaves the boy humiliated and wet with piss and jizz. Is there more to come before kinky Sean is done with his captive? Stick around and find out.

English Lads - Update

December 17, 2020

Harrison gets Spanked

Young straight stud Harrison Ford returns for his second ass pumping dildo experience! Only this time he has agreed to get spanked with the leather paddle first – and he loves it! On all fours in doggie, Harrison’s muscular, smooth bum looks amazing. I lube him up and finger his tight hole after giving him a good spanking! Once warmed up, I get the big dildo out and fill his hungry hole! Harrison is rock solid with a hard-uncut erection throughout and loves it so much that he cums all over the bed! I flip Harrison over and continue to dildo his ass and wank his cock until Harrison power wanks himself to a second massive climax and squirts, squirts, squirts cum everywhere!

English Lads - Update

November 13, 2020

Fetish & Cums Twice!

Mitch Lee is one incredibly horny and deviant young lad who is well up for some kinky fun! Mitch is looking fantastically ripped and muscular as he whips off his shorts. Today, I tie Mitch to the bedposts and abuse his hole with the spanking paddle! Mitch's uncut cock gets rock hard by the role play and he soon works his way through all the dildos! Mitch enjoys the massive blue dildo so much that he cums all over his sweaty hot body! Mitch continues to finger his hairy hole, and I even help out, before he power wanks so fast that he cums a second time!

My Dirtiest Fantasy - Update

October 19, 2020

Dirty Sinners 1

Newbie Enzo Lopez is in for one hell of an initiation from Erik Devil, as he's tied, whipped, fucked, whipped some more and used like the cum addicted slut he is! From hardcore and sloppy facefucking to all out kinky gay sex, the Devil has done more than just make him do it. Bring extra lube and cum rags to your own gay erotic inferno. Remember this if nothing else. Only Erik's cum can tell how good the boy pleasured him!

William Higgins - Update

October 17, 2020

Luky & Josef Raunchy

Josef Usnik is kneeling on a chair, his ass bared in a jockstrap. His wrists and ankles are shackled and he has a ball-gag in his mouth too. Luk Kolac arrives and starts to spann the ass, spreading the cheeks wide too. He rubs the hairy hole and pushes a finger into it as Josef writhes against his restraint. Luky spanks the ass and fingers the hole as well as reaching down to grope Josef. He kisses the ass too and then uses a riding crop on it. He slaps the feet with the crop as well and returns to fingering the hot hole as he gropes himself. That finger goes deep into Josef's hole and Luky drips some oil into it. He has a toy which he pushes into that ass hole and he fucks it deep. The hole is opened up nicely by the toy as it it fucked in and out.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

September 23, 2020

Daddy Bonding

Man-on-Man sex and eroticism can go so much deeper than simply fucking and sucking. Kristofer Weston delves deeply into the mind of Will Angell and controls every moment of pleasure he dishes out to Daddy Will. Mr. Weston is expert in measuring doses of pleasure and pain and the nirvana Will feels is all over his face. These Daddies share their years of experience in a unique bonding session that is a glimpse of real male intimacy.

Missionary Boys - Update

June 19, 2020

Elder Herring Disciplinary Action

Elder Herring has broken the rules of the mission once again, and Bishop Davies can’t wait to punish his sweet hole. The old man stuffs Herring’s mouth with his girthy boner and drills his tight asshole into orgasmic oblivion! After the rough touch disciplinary action and Elder Herring learned his lesson he was brought back into the fold in the only way they do it here at Missionary Boys.

Peter Fever - Update

June 03, 2020

Suit & Tied: Deception

Tyler Slater arrives at hypermasculine Asian top Duncan Ku's for his job interview, which takes place in bondage collar and cuffed hands. Duncan reclines on his bed in white shirt and tie, manipulating his applicant like a sexy puppet. Tyler hungrily slurps down Duncan's cock as soon as his fly is open, with Duncan's hand guiding him down further onto the straining hard tool. He opens up his shirt and lets the young submissive service his nipples, then turns Tyler onto all fours. Yanking down Tyler's black briefs he smacks' his ass, runs a spit-drenched finger into the muscle boys hairy crack. Duncan's leather cat o'nine tails stings Tyler's round muscular buttocks, and once they're pink and tender Duncan pumps his stiff piece in raw.

Peter Fever - Update

May 27, 2020

Suit & Tied: Love

After his grueling submission interview with domineering top stud Duncan, Asian stud CagedJock comes home to boyfriend Tyler Slater with news of how he should prepare for his own interview the next day. Tyler has a few tricks for CJ up his sleeve, laying out an array of kinky sex toys and wrapping a black blindfold over CagedJock's eyes. He begins their kinky sexplay with some sharp lashes from a leather whip. Excited, CJ pumps his hips and sticks out his smooth tight ass. "Ready? Here it comes," Tyler warns as he slides a big black dildo into his buddy's hungry butthole. When it's in, Tyler pumps air into the inflatable toy to expand it and "stretch that boyhole". Once he's opened CJ up and fingered him with a lube-slicked hand, Tyler plows his raw bareback cock in.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

April 25, 2020

Blind Muscle 7

Relaxing in his villa in Rome, in front of three live camera feeds streaming from our dungeon, Don Giovanni watches his latest acquisition – 22-year-old bodybuilder Stefano – work his cock. The cameras are so precise, the Don can see every bruise left by the clothespins on Stefano’s pecs, the veins pulsating in his biceps, and the drops of moisture on his thighs. As Stefano pumps out a rope of cum, the Don cums at the same time. Watching this muscle stud chained and helpless, cumming on command after being tortured for hours, makes him crazy with lust. Stefano is then left alone, spent and exhausted, for hours, still on his feet, naked. Anthony Martin – a man half his size – pushes the blindfolded stud to his knees.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

April 23, 2020

Blind Muscle 5

Anthony Martin loves keeping Stefano blindfolded and standing erect, his arms at his sides chained away from his body, his legs spread and chained, his back aching, forced to remain erect and unbending for hours by the steel collar around his neck. It’s the ideal position for maximum appreciation of his physique. He is gagged and completed naked, a voiceless slab of male muscle. Anthony rubs down every inch of his glorious body with baby oil before flogging him mercilessly on his abs and pecs, stopping only to grope his reddened, warm flesh and his fat, hairless cock and balls. Then Anthony switches to a horse crop – delivering a new, much sharper pain to his torso, inner thighs and cock. In total darkness, Stefano is terrified and confused. Then a live electrode touches his metal collar.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

April 21, 2020

Blind Muscle 3

Twenty more lashes to his back and ass and more tazes to his balls makes it crystal clear that Stefano no longer controls his body; he is a slave. A padded, leather blindfold keeps him in complete darkness; he has no ideas when and where he will be hit or shocked next. He is a slab of naked muscle to be used and abused at will. The man torturing him can squeeze his flesh, run his hands up and down his body, grab his ass and fondle his cock whenever he pleases. Stefano has no idea who this man is but can tell by the feel of him against his body that he is slim and wirey. An electric winch lifts Stefano up onto his toes, straining his muscles and making it hard to breathe.

Dream Boy Bondage - Update

April 19, 2020

Blind Muscle 1

A rich Italian landowner, Don Giovanni, tells a family living on his estate outside of Rome that they will lose their home and livelihood unless they pay off a large loan – or convince their 22-year-old son, Stefano, a beautiful bodybuilder, to be his slave for five years. The boy has two choices: As a sex slave he will be dressed in the finest clothes, his body oiled and massaged, but he must fellate his master and be fucked on command. As a pain slave no sex will be required, but his body will be at the disposal of the man, to be touched and tortured at will, as long as no permanent damage is inflicted. Stefano, a good son, must save his family, so he chooses to be a pain slave. To his surprise, he is sent to America, to be tortured for weeks.

Straight Fraternity - Update

February 29, 2020

19 & Nervous

19-year-old Marc and his new friend Steffan stop over at the Fraternity to earn some coins doing gay stuff with each other. Marc says he's never even sexted before, so I want to see how far I can push him with the Bowl of Tricks. Marc draws "kiss" and isn't sure how to kiss his first guy ever. I talk him through it, then it's Steffan's draw. Bend over, Marc! It's time you get a taste of the fraternity paddle. He takes his whacks like a good boy. Marc licks Steffan's ears, but Steffan has to suck Marc's cock and balls. It's a little awkward for Marc, but it gets a lot more awkward when he has to suck Steffan's toes. He's not into it, but I sure am. Marc gets to hit Steffan's face with his dick, and I make Steffan keep sucking him when they sit back down.

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