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Men At Play - Update

July 26, 2022

The Tailor & Adam Franco

When your tailor asks “Can I help you with that?”, he usually means assisting with putting on your suit jacket. However, while taking his favorite client’s measurements, the young and naughty tailor, Pol Prince, subtly lets his client, daddy Adam Franco, know that he wants to play! Soon, through Adam’s white briefs, Pol notices a visible hard cock and enthusiastically offers to help! What is better than a full-service tailor that sucks, eats your ass, fucks you, and then bends over and offers you his ass too? Are You Ready to Play?

Gentleman's Closet - Update

June 22, 2022

Sheer Flip Fuck

Isaac X and Marco Napoli show us what it's like to enjoy a fetish that most men are afraid to even try. Getting fucked while wearing sheer black socks. These two studs start out in their suits and end up in pantyhose's and socks. They are sexy muscular and love to feel their feminine side. They love sniffing shoes and feet then getting down and dirty in their hose and socks having some hot gay sex.

Trans Angels - Update

June 22, 2022

Bad Girls 4 Ever

Temperatures are soaring as we join wild and carefree trans goddesses Eva Maxim, Jade Venus and Jessy Dubai, as they drive across the desert in their sassy convertible. After donning balaclavas and looting a bank, the criminally-minded trio head to a motel with their bags full of stolen cash. Approaching Vanessa Vega, the receptionist on duty, the t-girls enquire if there is a room available - before deciding they would prefer checking into the hot, inked-up brunette! Dropping to her knees, sex nymph Vanessa is in her element as she greedily swallows up the tgirl’s rock-hard dicks: the slim beauty shows off her natural, pert tits as she raunchily sucks and slurps in a sensational three-way blowjob! Turned on by all the money her guests have robbed, Vanessa leads the gorgeous babes into one of the motel rooms.

Nasty Daddy - Update

June 18, 2022

Who's Your Boss?

Whether you're in the boardroom or your cushy corner office, there's always something going on the the world of cooperate executives and you'll get a close look at what they really do at work. Meet our two sex executives Joel Someone and Ryan Sebastian as they navigate the waters in the dog eat dog world of International Corporations. They have to get some alone time to be able to let off the daily stress and they do just that.

Men At Play - Update

June 17, 2022


Colleagues Adam Franco and Dani Robles work for a top furniture design company that styles offices and luxury apartments. Today, an important delivery was to finally arrive after many delays and Dani goes to the warehouse to ensure that everything was received and in order. But when Dani cannot locate some of the boxes, he calls Adam for help. Adam was supposed to review the delivery slip and confirm the receipt of every item but he confesses to Dani that he did not. With deadlines past due, the client will not be pleased with them and Dani feels defeated. Nothing seems to be going right lately. Adam apologizes and offers to help think of a good excuse to give the client. Business has been challenging lately due to supply chain disruptions and Adam looks very stressed too.

Men At Play - Update

June 11, 2022

Butler Service 4

High-powered, hard-working executive, Gustavo Cruz owns a villa outside the city where he often visits when he’s in the mood to relax and/or play. Gustavo’s personal butler, Manuel Reyes, accompanies him to ensure that every one of his master’s needs is met. The first bell ring is a request for the newspaper. The second bell ring is for coffee and a prompt to get ready to play. This time, though, Manuel doesn’t seem to get the timing right and Gustavo asks him what he is waiting for? The subservient butler, Manuel gets on his knees and gladly services his master.

Men At Play - Update

May 31, 2022

Perfect Fit

Menatplay newcomer and British Ginger muscle bottom, Sean Weiss is home from work and takes a shower to clear his mind. He had a long day at the office but nothing compared to what is expected in tomorrow. When his partner, 2022 Grabby Award “Best Top” winner, Sir Peter comes home he asks Sean if he is ready for tomorrow’s interview. Sean is looking forward to it actually and has even purchased a new suit fitting for the occasion. Wanting to show Sir Peter how he looks in it, Sean begins to suit up and gets some help in the process. The slim-fit light blue suit is a perfect fit; it brings out his eyes and round bubble butt. Sir Peter is so turned on by his stunning man that he wants to have filthy, hot passionate suit sex right then and there!

Men At Play - Update

May 20, 2022

Resignation Surprise

The phenomenon dubbed the “Great Resignation” seems to be picking up speed globally. And, successful account executive Justin Jett is the latest to quit his job. Justin visits his company’s HR department, where he lets Human Resources Administrator John Rodriguez know his intentions of resigning. The decision has been made and nothing John says will make him change his mind. John is surprised by the decision as Justin is an exceptional employee. However, he has no choice but to start getting the necessary paperwork together. While they’ve been talking, Justin has been rubbing his hand over his crotch and a visible hardon has erected in his trousers. Then, to John’s surprise, Justin starts touching his leg.

Men At Play - Update

May 11, 2022

Check-up With Dr. Dan

Bastian Karim is concerned with some pain and aching in his testicles, and schedules a check-up with Dr. Dan. When he meets the doctor, Bastian timidly reveals where he has discomfort; his face turning bright red. Dr. Dan asks his patient to stand up and lower his pants. While asking him questions, he grabs Bastian’s cock and starts slowly jerking it. He suggests to the young patient that he has ??epididymal hypertension (blue balls) and needs to cum more often to relieve the pain. A doctor’s code of professionalism demands placing the interests of patients above all else, and Dr. Dan intends to do just that. With his young patient's cock aroused, he starts to suck on the uncut Colombian meat with plans to help him ejaculate during sex. Dr. Dan is resolved to fill his own prescription!

Men At Play - Update

April 21, 2022

Horny Boys

More work often leads to more stress and a lower quality of life. That is why Rafael Ferreira spends extra time in the shower every morning before heading to the office. But, while Rafael resorts to long showers, his friend Pol Prince prefers to fuck and find release. Rafael receives a text from Pol that he’s making a drop by before going to work for a quick play session. When he arrives, the two horny boys get right to it. Pol is so sexually excited that he rips Rafael’s trousers and eats and fucks Rafael’s perfect ass. After having his pants ripped by the young Prince, Rafael decides to blast his load all over Pol’s shoes and wipes them clean with his tongue. The morning play session ends with cum filled shirts and ties, and two energized horny boys ready to work, but they will need a change of attire first.

Men At Play - Update

April 13, 2022

Dani Welcomes Dan

As Menatplay's resident ambassador, Dani Robles has prepared the set for an on-camera interview with a new model. When D.Dan arrives, Dani is stunned by the sexy Swedish muscle daddy. At first, like many new performers, D.Dan is reserved but flashes a polite smile. Luckily, Dani is a pro and knows just how to make Dan feel relaxed on set. D.Dan is almost done getting suited when Dani approaches and helps him with the cufflinks. He finds the sight of the suited daddy hard to resist - and he's ready to play! Finally, Dani asks D.Dan to unzip his pants so he can properly welcome him to Menatplay, and it all ends with a splashing suit bukkake.

Trans Angels - Update

April 08, 2022

Freeuse Hotel

Sensational trans queen Jexxxica Blake is staying at the Freeuse hotel while she is away on a business trip. When checking in, the voluptuous babe’s dazzling beauty captures the attention of Rodrigo Amor who is manning the front desk. As the dark-haired Rodrigo appreciatively eyes up Jexxxica’s ravishing long legs clad in racy black stockings, he informs the gorgeous tgirl that a complimentary oral session is included with her room. Aroused, cum-hungry Jexxxica demands that she is given the free service immediately. Wanting to keep his guest happy, Rodrigo dutifully descends to his knees and makes sure to swallow up every inch of Jexxxica’s thick, tgirl dick! However, as the attractive stud starts exploring Jexxxica’s enticing butthole with his fingers, he is interrupted by another patron wanting to book a room and he has to multitask.

Men At Play - Update

April 03, 2022

Relocation Housing

Manuel Reyes works for an executive relocation services company. Today he is meeting with Nicholas Bardem, who will be relocating his business and has selected his new home in Spain. However, a last-minute change to the rental agreement has Nicholas feeling like he's been deceived. And, even though Manuel is young, clearly inexperienced, and the rent increase is minimal for businessmen like Nicholas, he'll need to be compensated somehow. This client wishes to be serviced with business and pleasure!

Men At Play - Update

March 28, 2022

Pound or Fuck?

When Drew Dixon notices that numbers on the final version of his financial project have been changed by his young associate Pol Prince, he wants to pound him! Furious, he calls Pol over, who confirms the adjustments. Drew becomes more enraged and puts his hands on him wanting to strike. Pol warns Drew to take his hands off of him but the heated office conflict has turned him on. Pol wants to make amends with Drew and he does so the only way he should - with an office sex play session and cum facial.

Men At Play - Update

March 18, 2022

Russian Roulette, Editor's Cut

Leather-gloved Russian mobster Dato Foland has caught Senor Hector de Silva in the midst of stealing sensitive data from his laptop. Dato strings up the suited Spanish stud and toys with his handsome prize. Blindfolded and hands tied above his head, Hector can only guess at the outcome of this interrogation. Lucky for him it’s not a nefarious one but a rough flip-flop fuck play session that was worth the risk.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

March 10, 2022

Getting Started

The desire for a sexy man coming home from work in a well tailored suit and sheer socks is a dream come true for Isaac and Chris. They start off with some sexy and deep kissing. Quickly sitting down and taking off their shoes as the socks start to get sniffed and these two guys love every second of it. They start sucking cock but then get into their stockings and other garments to start fucking and fucking they do.

Trans Angels - Update

March 05, 2022

Summer In Leopard

Alluring trans beauty Summer Rayne is looking breathtakingly gorgeous in sexy leopard print lingerie and black heels. With her long dreadlocks hanging loose, the Bohemian babe seductively bends over to give us a spectacular view of her juicy ass, while teasingly flashing her cute, perky tits. When bearded hunk Atlas Grant catches sight of Summer, he passionately kisses the all-natural sex goddess, who moans with delight as Atlas savors her ravishing body and sensually licks her erect, pierced nipples. Getting down on his knees, Atlas grabs a mouthful of the horny t-girl’s beautiful cock and gives her the satisfaction she’s been craving. The tattooed stud then spreads Summer’s cheeks and shoves his tongue deep inside to explore her delectable hole.

Men At Play - Update

March 02, 2022

Dapper, Editor's Cut

Surprised by how confident, masculine, and horny the tailored suit makes him feel, salesman Johan Kane feels a sudden desperate urge to get his dick sucked. Luckily, the young tailor Klein Kerr is happy to play with his straight dapper customer. Johan stands dominantly, watching Klein get to work on his uncut cock - savoring the taste of Johan's pre-cum on his tongue. Unable to resist going any further, Johan turns Klein around, rips open his pants, and goes straight for it.. ramming his hard cock deep inside. Johan pounds away hard and fast without even stopping to catch his breath, working himself up to an intense orgasm.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

February 22, 2022


Real Life boyfriend love to get kinky when wearing sheer black socks. The feel of the sheers makes both of them very hard. Some men are manly men, some are just regulr guys but then there's those how while not particularlly showing a feminine side do enjoy the feeling of their clothing as well as under garments. You can even say they prefer the soft feeling of silk and satin as opposed to rogher men's underwear. Other's just do it to make them feel sexy.

Men At Play - Update

February 15, 2022

Subordinate & Secret Lover

Gustavo Cruz is a special agent who has infiltrated an organization under suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering. He is working in his office, listening to the recorded tapes from his last assignment. Confident that he is close to getting a full recorded confession, Gustavo calls supervisory special agent Manuel Skye to go over the next steps. When Manuel begins to listen for himself, he gets the impression that agent Cruz is getting romantically attached to the main suspect. While Manuel's main issue centers on Gustavo's professionalism in the field, he also wants to ensure that his secret work lover only plays with him! SSA Skye has fallen for the big dicked, mischievous Portuguese subordinate and he'll remind him what it's like to play with the real boss.

Men At Play - Update

February 06, 2022

Revenge Cheating

When you find out that your partner has been cheating, there is only one thing to do - take revenge! And, what better payback than cheating too? Leander and Johnny Viper have found out that their respective partners have been cheating with each other! And today, they are meeting to record themselves fucking and plan on sending their boyfriends the video. While Leander is nervous with doubts, Johnny seems excited. Once the phone starts recording the two suited men kissing, Johnny's stiff cock is already showing through his pantsuit, and the plan to get revenge on their cheating partners turns into a hot suit sex porn play session!

Men At Play - Update

February 01, 2022

In The Shadows Editor's Cut

Leather-clad Dato Foland baits the handsome businessman, Logan Moore, into the backroom where he can have him all to himself. With his dick in his hand and stroking it slowly, Dato waits for Logan to get down on his knees and blow him as only a cock-hungry bottom can. And Logan doesn't even worry about ruining his expensive suit so long as he swallows Dato's uncut meat. Dato pulls Logan up from the floor onto a nearby sling where he can have full access to Logan's warm hole, and give it a seriously deep pounding. And, once he's had his fill of Logan's ass - leaving him nicely stretched, Dato shoots an impressive load all over the blue-eyed stranger, leaving him dripping in his warm cum.

Gentleman's Closet - Update

January 31, 2022

Muscles & Stockings

Superstars Alpha and Devin burn up the screen wearing stockings and loving how they feel on their skin all the while, oh yeah, and fucking bareback. Alpha Wolfe and Devin Franco go for it big time and they do not disappoint. Some guys love to feel the nylon on their skin while others do it to feel sexy and ready to get it on. One thing is for certain it is sexy as hell and the action will get you to bust a nut or two while they fuck like rabbits.

Men At Play - Update

January 28, 2022

Butler Service 3

Cristian Sam is an eccentric multi-millionaire; owner of one of the largest fortunes in the country. His young butler, Javi Grey, always dressed in a tuxedo uniform, has served Cristian as a domestic worker for years and maintains a regular routine. He is a true gentleman's gentleman! And, besides organizing and arranging the smooth running of the household, Javi regularly services his boss. This morning, Cristian sits on his favorite velvet chesterfield and begins to read. But, he bores quickly and with one look of the eye at Javi, the non-verbal request to be serviced has been made. Javi quickly gets on his knees and begins to worship Cristian’s shoes, socks and feet. The feeling of submission makes Javi moan just as much as the empowerment that runs through Cristian's veins.

Men At Play - Update

January 21, 2022

Playing at Club-X

Franky Fox is the manager of a brand new cruising club which will be opening on Friday. He is at the club making sure everything is ready and accidentally leaves the door open. Thinking the club is open and curious about what the new establishment is like, Dani Robles comes inside. Franky lets Dani know that the bar is not yet open but uses the random encounter as an opportunity. He shows Dani around and explains that the main goal of the club will be to help men relax (and play) after work. As the two men talk, Dani starts feeling a heat between his legs while imagining the debauchery that will be taking place and confirms that he will come on Friday. But Dani nor Franky can wait or resist their desires - they want to play and cum right now!

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