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Breed Me Raw - Update

March 24, 2014

Daemon Sadi & Draven Torres

Draven Torres loves to service big fat cock and was cum dripping wet when he seen Daemon Sadi's fat cock fall out of his pants. Draven didn't waste time getting that fucker in his mouth and deep throating it the best he could to satisfy his black top. What Daemon really wanted was in that little smooth but and hairy hole of Draven's. Daemon slide his man cock deep in that little slut hole nice and raw and made him take a good rough pounding the way sluts are supposed too!

Broke Straight Boys - Update

March 14, 2014

Kaden Alexander Bottoms For Duncan Tyler

Poor Kaden Alexander. The dude known for his his bubbly personality is subdued in this update. "Duncan's dick is huge," Kaden says to the cameraman. "Man, I really needed the money this time." All fair, but isn't Kaden forgetting how luscious it will look to see him getting busted by Duncan "donkey dick" Duncan? LOL! "No one wants to work with him," the cameraman says about Duncan. "His dick is too big." "It's hard to get scenes," Duncan replies with his trademark giggle. "Dude, it's because your dick is like a fucking football," Kaden explains.

Duncan admits there have been a few times when some lucky girl was just not ready for his monster meat. "They were too tiny," Duncan says. The boys mention what they want for the holidays. For Duncan, it's a car. He forgot to put anti-freeze in his old one and screwed up the engine. As for Kaden, he wants a woman for those cold evenings. The cameraman and Duncan tell him one of his problems is that he might come off as a player. "You got that swagger about you," the cameraman says. "The way you talk. The way you carry yourself." Hey, Kaden? This attitude would not be a problem if you turned to the guys. LOL!

The lads strip and jump on the bed. Duncan sucks first. Puts his head in Kaden's lap and chokes on that sausage. Kaden curses and moans from all of the excitement. His toes start to curl on themselves, which is a sign of good times. Kaden returns the favor, but he can barely get that nasty ol' thing down his gullet. Licks up and down the shaft, and spits all over the pink head. It's time for some melons to get separated. Kaden takes a seat on Duncan's rod and from the start he's yelling to the gods. What's strange is Duncan isn't even all the way in that hot hole.

Duncan is patient and lets Kaden ride it, but the bottom boy can only handle so much. Duncan's dick looks so hot impaling that booty. "Oh, fuck," Kaden groans. Kaden might be known for a top, but he's the pass around bottom today. "Bend over," Duncan orders. Kaden gets on all fours, and now Duncan gets to explore as much as ass as he wants. Grabs a hip and slow pounds that backside. Kaden is nothing but moans and curses. But takes his stuffing like a man. Duncan isn't even paying attention to anything Kaden is saying. He takes that ass until he's ready to bust. He pushes Kaden on the bed and starts stroking his engorged johnson. He dumps his load all over Kaden's abs. Kaden cums next, his jizz stream landing on his sweaty chest. He is soaked on sweat and cum. The cameraman wants to know if Kaden felt that monster in his ass. "Is the sky blue," Kaden replies with a grin. Is the grass green." "Look at the destruction you leave in people's asses," the cameraman says to a giggling Duncan. In the end Kaden offers this about Duncan's donkey dick. "It was bad, but it wasn't horrible." How you would you describe this fucking? :-) And how many of us would like a few "bad" moments with Duncan?

Breed Me Raw - Update

March 03, 2014

Dylan Saunders & Daemon Sadi

Dylan knew exactly what he was getting himself into as he lay face down on the couch, legs spread just enough to expose his hungry hole. And big-dicked Daemon Sadi wasn't in the mood to play games, as he casually strolls up and begins to lap up Saunders's sweaty hole. The two rotate between Daemon devouring Dylan's ass with his tongue, and Dylan taking Daemon's meat to the base, slicking it up for the fucking he knew would follow. Sadi uses Saunders's ass strictly for his pleasure, putting the willing bottom into multiple positions as he begins to build up the load he eventually shoots on his chest, while Saunders strokes his own dick until he's blowing his load onto his stomach. Sweaty and panting, the two finish and Daemon hungrily eats Dylan's load before leaving the stud to admire another load successfully attained.

Hot Barebacking - Update

February 19, 2014

Blue Bailey & Mark

Newcomer Mark appears like a bandit with his dark shirt and dark beenie in this scene. He possesses a dark massive dick that is juicy as his lips. He leaves the scene with Bailey dazed out of his mind and his hole's widened.

Breed Me Raw - Update

January 09, 2014

Daemon Sadi & Santiago Rodriguez

Daemon Sadi couldn't wait to get a piece of that Santiago Rodriguez's Latin ass once he knew he was going to have to do a scene with him. As soon as they got naked Daemon shoved his thick black cock down Santiago's throat almost making the boy gag. Then he flipped little Santiago over and started to eat his ass like it was his last meal. However, Santiago, wanted something a little thicker in his ass.

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