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Men On Edge - Update

September 29, 2016

Edging the Captive Straight Boy

Straight boy Chris Pryce is fucked. Strapped to the wall in a dark, seedy workshop, he can only squirm in place as Sebastian and Brendan admire his lean body. More horny than terrified, Chris begs to cum against his restraints, trying to bust a load right into Brendan's mouth. Bolted down in tight metal bondage, Chris has his head wrapped in place with a gag in his mouth. Stuck in a rigid spread eagle, his captors admire and worship his feet before finding his ticklish spot. Begging to cum, Chris finally shoots a hot load all over his torso before enduring post-orgasmic torment.

Bound Gods - Update

September 21, 2016

The Return of Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter's been dreaming of beating and fucking some sexy new meat, so when he finds Scott DeMarco, he immediately takes him home. At first Jessie keeps Scott as the prime display piece in his dungeon. A St. Andrew's cross binds Scott to the wall, so Jessie can admire his submissive's giant package. Jessie walks over to his new toy, and grips on it's hard cock. Jessie then switches focus to Scott's balls, and covers them in painful clover clamps. Scott is then flipped around, with his ass out and ready.

Men On Edge - Update

September 16, 2016

Jordan Boss

Jordan Boss is a straight jock looking for a good time in bondage. Van and Sebastian secure him between two thick bedposts so they can admire his muscled, athletic body. It doesn't take long before Jordan gets raging hard from Sebastian's strokes. Jordan reaches the peak of his horniness, begging to cum as Sebastian blows his thick cock. But the day's just getting started!

Bound Gods - Update

September 15, 2016

Sebastian and Scott

Mister Keys Meets his Match with new Switch, Scott Ambrose. Scott Ambrose is a straight, mountain of muscle, and total switch, looking to get in touch with his kinky side. So he seeks out the BDSM master, Sebastian Keys. Sebastian takes him back to his dungeon and introduces Scott to the flogger before giving the muscled hunk a turn.

Bound Gods - Update

August 31, 2016

Lieutenant Wilde's Extreme Justice

Lieutenant Christian Wilde dedicated this entire week to making sure that his perp, Micah Brandt, spends a long time in the nearest penitentiary. Lieutenant Wilde's belief in the justice system is challenged when the Chief informs him that Micah is gonna be freed on Monday. Lieutenant Wilde realizes that it's time to dish out some justice, Bound Gods style.

Bound Gods - Update

August 20, 2016

Zane Anders & Sebastian Keys

Perverse Gardener Brutally Torments Southern Straight Boy. Zane makes his move, and Sebastian is quick to accept, but on his terms. Sebastian likes it rough, and quickly grabs hold of Zane, ripping his clothes apart. Zane's cock grows in Sebastian's gripped hand, while Mr. Keys' other hand pummels his chest and tugs on his balls. Before Zane realizes what's happening, he is down on the floor with a spider gag in his mouth, and Sebastian's cock in his face.

Fisting Twinks - Update

August 16, 2016

Fisting the New Kid, Caleb

Say hell to young stud, Caleb Calipso. He's into fisting, watersports, bondage... and those are just his top three! We get the feeling he's up for almost anything, and as we find out, he's particularly into having his balls abused. As Sky works his slick hole open, stretching it out with his fist, he paddles Caleb's sensitive balls with his big hand. Caleb's a good sub and servicing his Dom so well has Sky cumming at the end!

Bound Gods - Update

August 14, 2016

Trento and Rikk

Rikk York Loves to Lick Leather while being Chained and Flogged. Trenton takes a moment to let Rikk rest, by chaining Rikk to the wall and filling his mouth with Trenton's massive cock. Trenton holds Rikk's mouth against his cock while repeatedly pummeling him with a crop. Rikk can't help but want more. Trenton presents his boot to his fuck slave, and tells him to start cleaning.

Tickled Hard - Update

August 14, 2016

Donny Forza Tickled

Donny's high-pitched giggles and machine gun laughter prove that he's as ticklish as ever. He won't even get any relief from shooting his load if Franco has anything to say about it...

Men On Edge - Update

August 07, 2016

Zane Anders: Edged

Home Invasion: Straight Boy Captured and Edged! A man's house may be his castle, but that's not enough to protect straight, southern boy Zane Anders from Van and Jackson. They prowl quietly around his house, spying on the hottie as he works out and showers. When Zane enters the basement, his captors spring their trap. Zane tries to fight them off while they bind him to a chair and strip him down. The feeling of two men all over his body gives Zane a raging hardon.

Bound Gods - Update

August 05, 2016

House Slave's Next Level

Jackson Fillmore learns the true meaning of pain from Sebastian keys in order to become the new house slave.

Bound Gods - Update

July 24, 2016

Trenton Ducati & Max Cameron

Prison Punk scared straight by perverted Officer Ducati. Max Cameron has one day left in prison before going on parole, and Officer Trenton Ducati makes sure to give the parolee a proper send off. Officer Ducati puts Max over his knee and spanks him for everyday he has spent in prison. He then pulls Max's face down to his lap, and has him polish Trenton's meaty cock.

Men On Edge - Update

July 21, 2016

Sebastian and Jackson Get Edged

Jackson melts into the bed as Van and Joshua James take him to the edge over and over. Jackson tries fucking Joshua's mouth as hard he he can, but only finds frustration when Joshua pulls away at the last moment. When Van wraps the tight fleshjack over his dick, he's ready to fill the sleeve with a gallon of cum. But Van and Joshua won't let Jackson off so easily.

Bound Gods - Update

July 20, 2016

Trenton Ducati & Alexander Gustavo

Trenton Ducati just found himself a new fuck slave: Alexander Gustavo. Trenton quickly picks Alexander up and takes him back to his lair for a hot evening of rough beatings and hard fucking.

Tickled Hard - Update

July 19, 2016


Gunner bucks in the 4-point tiedown as Franco tickle tortures his size 12 feet and especially in his muscular thighs and ribs. He's so aroused that he busts a nut immediately after the tickling stops...

Bound Gods - Update

July 19, 2016

Bound Gods Live Show

This special Bound Gods Event hosted by Van Darkholme and Trenton Ducati is an anything goes extravaganza of brutal sex, and extreme torment. The sexy straight fuck slut Zane Anders teams up with with bearded sub Adam Ramzi as they take on special torments created by their ruthless masters. Van and Trenton teach their knew slaves how to be proper subs.

Men On Edge - Update

July 19, 2016

Captive Boy's Thick Cock Edged Mercilessly

Captured and caged, Scotty Zee has no idea what sexy torment awaits him in this dark workshop. Van arrives and drags him to a metal rack, binding him tight against it with the help of Branden Forrest. The two unveil Scotty's beautiful dick as it pulses with horny anticipation. Branden wraps his long tongue up and down Scotty's shaft and teases his nipples. It doesn't take long before Scotty begs to cum.

Men On Edge - Update

July 14, 2016

The Forbidden Tango

Sebastian's tongue brings him to the edge over and over. Adam tries to fuck two hitachis pressing his throbbing cock head and balls. Adam ends up in a rope sling, dangling in front of his mirrors, watching his body twist against the denied orgasms. Van rigs a dildo into the web of ropes, making Adam fuck himself as he squirms with Sebastian worshipping his feet. They finally let Adam's cock explode in thick, heavy cum.

Bound Gods - Update

July 13, 2016

C E L L 2

Seamus decides its time to make a last ditch effort for freedom, only to be brutally paddled and flogged by his ever watching captor. After the flogging, Seamus is fully willing to submit to Officer Marx, so Officer Marx decides it's time to give him a just reward. Jonah gives Seamus a new piece of furniture: an electric chair. Jonah hooks electricity into Seamus' hard cock, nipples and balls, before shoving an electrified butt plug up Seamus' tight ass.

My Friend's Feet - Update

July 13, 2016

Micah Gets Tickled Tortured

Micah Brandt told me he had never been willingly tickled before, so I knew this scene was going to be super fun. I wasn't wrong there. All I had to do was touch his ribs and he immediately started squirming to get free from the tickle chair. Micah is a big, muscular man, so it's a good thing I had him tied up. As much as Micah's body turned out to be quite ticklish, his size 11 feet were even more so. The more his adorable laugh filled the room, the more I proceeded to hit every sensitive spot on his big feet with my fingers and tickle tools. What a blast!

Men On Edge - Update

July 10, 2016

Officer Keys Torments Max

Officer Keys caught Max Woods jerking his cock in public, and takes the pervert back to the precinct. Disgusted by Max's protests, Sebastian leaps over his desk and manhandles Max. He promises to edge Max so much that he'll never dream of jerking off in public again. The sexual deviant only gets harder under the torment. Max shakes and moans gagged pleas for orgasm. Officer Keys only responds with more edging.

Bound Gods - Update

July 07, 2016

Straight Stud Wants Gay Bondage

Jordan Boss is a straight guy out looking for some hard corporal and little bondage. Jordan comes to the dungeon of Sebastian Keys in order to seek out his pleasures, but on one condition: no sex. Mr. Keys could care less about Jordan's desires and ties him to a rack where he can do whatever he wants to the muscular sex toy.

GayWargames - Update

June 21, 2016

Boy with Knife (Pt. 1)

It was cloudy day and I found some guy with knife. Immediately I caught him and let him know, that this is the biggest mistake in his life...

Bound Gods - Update

June 08, 2016

Sebastian and Chris

Sebastian Keys holds nothing back on his newest fuck slave, Chris Burke. Sebastian begins by savagely beating Chris with a crop while making him suck and swallow his hard cock. Chris takes everything from the Cat of Nine Tails to a brutal double zipper before Sebastian throws him down and fucks his tight ass.

Men On Edge - Update

June 08, 2016

JJ Knight

JJ Knight is edged on a bed with Sebastian stroking his huge cock, and Van pushing a dildo up his tight hole. JJ waits patiently for his edging session, while Van and Sebastian are eager to get there hands around JJ's giant cock . The two immediately tie JJ to a bed, and pull out his 10 inch dick. Sebastian quickly gets that massive cock in his mouth unitl JJ begs to cum.

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