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Boy Fun - Update

May 20, 2023

Instant Attraction

Cute Jamie Kelvin is just minding his own business when sexy tourist Ares Reiv stops for a break on a nearby bench, and it soon becomes apparent that the two have an unspoken BoyFun attraction. With a little suggestive groping young Ares is eager to get them out of the public eye and back at his hotel, and of course blond boy Jamie is eager to follow. The moment they arrive there their lips are meeting and clothes are coming off. The smooth boys are perfectly matched and once down to their bulging briefs they're eager to get at the meaty poles swelling up inside. Greedy Jamie gags and gobbles the delicious uncut dick of his new friend the moment the hard staff is revealed, but he's not the only one who loves the taste of hard cock.

Southern Strokes - Update

May 19, 2023

Paul Mason & Cal

It's all fun and games until you're fucked on a stack of cards. My teammate, Cal Johnson, is staying over while his dad is on a work trip for a month. We were bored, so I suggested a card game of strip split. I had no idea that I would get hard watching him lose, but that's what happened. So when I started losing, I couldn't hide it anymore, and Cal noticed. Then he put it in his mouth. I was shocked but happy because I'd wanted to fuck him for so long. I then sucked his cock and licked his hole before getting my meat in his ass. It fitted so nicely that you would have thought it had been there all his life. I held his leg up and fucked his hole until it was time for Cal to ride me. I put him on his back and fucked him until I was ready to cum.

Boy For Sale - Update

May 19, 2023

The Boy Clayton Ch 2

The Auction: He approached the stage to collect his purchase. Master Legrand knew he was going to outbid everyone; he's had his eye on this boy ever since he was first passed onto his lap at the aforementioned party. The Boy Clayton recognized Master Legrand from the same event, and couldn't keep the pleasantness of that memory off his hungry face. The new Master felt up his prize; the leftover oil lubed up his fingers enough to trail his digits downwards and insert them inside of his boy's warm hole. Master Legrand's finger slipped in and out as he leaned in for a taste of The Boy Clayton's perfect mouth. Their tongues twisted around in shapes they would both become accustomed to. The Boy undressed his Master anxiously. He did all that he could to demonstrate his obedience.

TheBroNetwork - Update

May 19, 2023

I Know You 2

Cole Link and Jordan Starr have had an anonymous hookup in the past and like most encounters never really expected to see one another again. That is, until Cole was about to get surgery and lo and behold his doctor ended up being Jordan. With Cole's mother in the room, the awkward tension begins to build and transforms into a sexual one that simply cannot be avoided, even until after surgery.

Men At Play - Update

May 19, 2023

Bad Liar

Detective Donato Reyes is visiting Pol Prince’s home where a valuable art piece has been reported stolen. But in fact, there has been no theft and Pol simply wants to collect money from his insurance. While taking detailed notes at the “larceny” crime scene, Mr. Reyes notices that Pol is agitated and behaving strangely. He decides to be straightforward with Mr. Prince there is no evidence of a burglary. In fact, the detective suggests that Pol may be lying Feeling defeated, Pol realizes that he is a bad liar and can’t continue with the charade. Lucky for him, Detective Donato may choose not to file any criminal charges against Pol for filing a false police report IF he satisfies his sexual pleasures! It is Time to Play.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 18, 2023

Nico Tops Bruno

Bruno TheBeardX first made his Lucas Entertainment debut in the six-man gang bang of Leo Bacchus. This hot and bearded muscle bear showed off his strong and dominant side taking turns with the other guys fucking and breeding man pussy. But Bruno has his own submissive side too, and when a handsome and hung Latin hunk like Nico Zetta whips out his meat, we get to see just how submissive Bruno TheBeardX can be! Bruno gives his jaw a good workout before bending over and opening up his hole for a deep and ass-stretching thrashing from the huge top cock of Nico Zetta!

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 17, 2023

Bruno Tops Shy

Shy Montana is a big hunk of a man, but don't let that deceive you. Even though Shy enjoys fucking guys rough and hard, he likes submitting and giving up his ass, too. Bruno Galvez is more than up to the challenge of making sure Shy Montana is anally pleasured. Bruno first gives Shy a massage before playing with his ass and getting his dick sucked. And, at long last, Shy is ready to enjoy some penetration of his hole. What's extra hot is the height difference; Shy Montana might be taller than Bruno Galvez, but Bruno rises to the challenge and gives Shy one hell of a pounding.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

May 17, 2023

That's My Boy

It's hard to do anything but suck a nice piece of daddy meat when it's so close you can taste it, and it's calling out your name while daddy sits back and enjoys it. And then what do you do as the one who's sitting back, teasing this beautiful piece of twink ass sucking your cock? You get behind him and give his smooth ass a good taste while your boy moans for your cock to fill it and use it for the pleasure hole that it is. Now the boy must prove his worth and not back down from the raw pounding it will take, as long as daddy knows how to treat it right. And it's the primal connection for a parent to take care of and nurture their young that you get when this group of stepdads spend some much needed one-on-one with their stepsons.

DamianXDragon - Update

May 16, 2023

Threesome Three-pack 2

Damian & Kemono Dragon x Serg Shepard - Kemono Dragon and I started out 2023 with three threesomes back to back. Here's the second of the series of three, starring Serg Shepard. Watch Kemono and me do what we do best together, destroy other boy's holes together. Kemono takes him from behind, rolls over onto his back while still fucking him. Serg's tight pink hole is exposed and open to be double penetrated. Serg knows how to take it deep and hard from both of us until we blow our loads on his hole and force it back in with our cocks

Boy Fun - Update

May 16, 2023

Meating Max

Fit teen boy Amon Volkov is a sexy sight to behold, rinsing down in the shower with his big plump cock swelling up. It's entirely understandable why Max Gen would be spying from the doorway and groping his own meat, having caught sight of the boy while passing. Thankfully, when Max is caught observing, Amon is more interested in some BoyFun than chastising the creeper. He doesn't hesitate to invite his lucky friend in and Max doesn't hesitate to take his pal's plump penis between his lips for some slurps and sucks. With his shower surprise led to the couch the oral party continues and soon Max is getting his own big uncut prick worshiped by his equally horny pal.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 16, 2023

Aiden & Nick

Aiden Ward is back to find out the buzz on gorgeous Nick Floyd is true: he's super flexible and can handle a big dick. For his part, Nick discovers Aiden knows how to give big dick and the fact that they have near instant chemistry, resulting in a connection that's passionate from the moment they kiss to their wild multi orgasmic finish. Aiden gets a hint of Nick's "dick handling" talent as he easily takes two fingers in his hole and then sensuously and sucks Aiden's cock. While Nick deep throats him, Aiden eats out his hole and soon it's a smooth transition to Nick riding him and taking Aiden deep upward thrusts. From here, Aiden fucks him in virtually every position, and Nick indeed shows he can take a cock Aiden also shows he's giving top by sucking and stroking Nick while drilling him.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

May 16, 2023

Brute & Jack

Prepare yourselves for a real scorcher, as sensational new hung hottie Brute Club gets an awesome servicing from super cute young Jack Green. Both lads are real stunners, and with his chiselled dark features, ripped body and huge cock, Brute proves himself to be a sensational top in his first sex scene. Starting off with kissing and mutual groping, Jack licks and sucks Brutes nipples as he rubs Brutes hefty swollen bulge. They take their dicks out and Jack drops to his knees, licking the head of Brutes throbbing thick uncut 8.5 inch meat. He then takes his time giving his a deep wet sucking, getting as much dick down his throat as he can manage. On the sofa now, Brute lays back and flexes his hard biceps as Jack gives him another awesome sucking and gets facefucked.

Cutler's Den - Update

May 15, 2023


Jimmy Fit is a full service fuck boy. He will swallow a dick with a smile and asks for more. King Bryce gives Jimmy want he wants and then takes what he needs... and Jimmy is happy to give it back. He devours King Bryce and in return gets the years hottest sweatiest and cummiest fuck.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 15, 2023

Tomas & Jordan Suck & Fuck

Jordan Starr lays on his stomach and arches his back as he gets started with the enviable privilege of servicing Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscle Daddies, with his mouth. Jordan wraps his lips around Tomas' big, fat uncut cock and sucks deep and hard before Tomas spins him around and eats his ass. No encounter is complete unless the King of All Muscle Daddies fucks you in your hole, and Tomas Brand goes balls-deep inside Jordan Starr. But Jordan does not want it to end there, and so Tomas gets on all fours and takes dick himself. And it's no small dick, because Jordan Starr is mega-hung!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 15, 2023

Nik & Kay C.C. 486

Kay Tronx is excited to meet and induct Nik Fros into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. As the guys meet up, they begin to strip, exposing their ripped, muscular bodies. It is all hands on deck as Nik takes Kay into his arms and seduces him with his hot, wet kisses. Nik has his hands full of Kay’s muscular ass and is hungry to get at it. Kay has other plans as he drops to his knees and releases the strong bulge in Nik’s sweats. Once Nik’s impressive uncut cock is released Kay’s mouth is watering to get at it. Nik stuffs his hard cock into Kay’s hungry mouth and begins face fucking him, while exploring his smooth ass with his spit slicked fingers. Climbing on top of Kay, Nik begins tongue fucking and fingering Kay’s magnificent ass. Kay’s pleasure levels are rising fast as Nik continues his command over Kay’s ass.

Southern Strokes - Update

May 14, 2023

Alan & Jamie: Home Game

It had been a long practice, and neither of us could wait to get home and fuck before Jamie Kelvin's parents got home. We'd been flirting all season, but now with his house being empty, we knew it was now or never. As soon as we got to his place, Jamie was all over me, and I liked it. He's more experienced than me, so he took the lead. It didn't take long before I had a warm, wet mouth on my cock. His lips felt good, and in no time, I was hard. Then it was time for me to get my mouth to work on his dick before sliding inside his hole. Jamie's ass felt so good that I came after the first position but stayed hard and kept going. His ass was what I had been craving for a while, and my two loads were the icing on the cake.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

May 13, 2023

Lobo & Thomas Pound Steven

If there’s one man who can take on the rock-hard manhood of Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand, the King of All Muscles Daddies, then it’s the solid and studly Steven Angel. Both Steven and Tomas welcome Lobo Carreira to Lucas Entertainment, who originally had a career in reality television when starring on Bravo’s “Below Deck.” Everyone could tell back then how hot Lobo was on television, but now nothing it left to the imagination. Lobo Carreira is stripped down, erect, and ready for action in front of the camera. Lobo Carreira and Tomas Brand take turns fucking Steven Angel in his mouth and ass!

Boy Fun - Update

May 13, 2023

Juicy Penis Pops

Sweet young Ollie Barn is such an adorable hottie, but the BoyFun star looks even better with a big cock-shaped lollipop in his sucking mouth. His friend Ares Reiv arrives with the sweet treats for the two boys to enjoy, but there could be no other way for this horny and brazen display to go. The delicious sugary dongs are no match for the meaty poles the boys have in their pants, and Ollie is quick to get a savory treat when the warm and delicious big uncut dong between his friend's legs is produced. Watch him gag and gobble on the drooling uncut meat of his friend and see the boys get kinkier when Ollie's tight little rump is up and exposed for his buddy to slide his sweet treat inside. The sugary dick opens him up, but soon Ares is easing the real thing inside.

Falcon Studios - Update

May 13, 2023

Trade Show 2

Andre Donovan and Jkab Ethan Dale are hard at work preparing product for the Adult Toy & Novelty Show, but these two stockroom studs are never too busy for some on-site afternoon delight. Surrounded by boxes packed with the industry's newest sex toys, Jkab drops to his knees to suck Andre's mouthwatering rod as Andre glances down to admire his co-worker's advanced oral techniques. Jkab then hops onto a metal table where Andre lifts his bubble butt and rims it mid-air before using his stiff dick to bareback his smooth ass. With his cheeks covered in excess lube and glistening under the warehouse lights, Jkab moans loudly as his tight hole quickly learns how to accommodate Andre's XL cock.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 13, 2023

Angel & Benjamin

Multi-faceted newcomer Angel Elias gets his turn in the spotlight to introduce himself and to give Benjamin Blue a heavy dose of his boundary pushing sexy ways. But first, Benjamin shows Angel how he pleases his man by sucking his curvy cock and swallowing it into his throat. He puts Angel into a such state of ecstasy, it looks like he's in control. Angel soon puts Benjamin into the same state with some sensual cock sucking, then tongue slathering his hole and thumb-fucking him till Benjamin is begging to be fucked. Angel gives Benjamin what he wants and more so but in Angel's way as a hard driving top. And,he makes Benjamin moan every way he fucks. Using only the sofa, Angel takes Benjamin in countless positions and manhandles him along the way, owning Benjamin who lets him know he loves it.

Jock Breeders - Update

May 13, 2023

Cade & Brett

Cute, athletic twink Brett Warner likes rough sex. It's a good thing, then, that he's stopped by Jock Breeders he gets to spend the evening with tanned, toned jock Cade Maddox! After swapping spit, Cade rips Brett's jockstrap off and force feeds him his big cock, before flipping his twink bottom onto the bed and fucking his brains out!

Peter Fever - Update

May 12, 2023

Tied Up Tuesday 1

Who's the Treat Now, Bitch?: Las Vegas' popular sex club KUMA is the setting for this kinky series, taking place at the club's Tied Up Tuesday nights, a safe space for dabbling in consensual shibari (rope bondage). This fetish can range from mild (rope harnesses) to wild (being tied down or suspended in the shibari ropes). In this first episode, lean, handsome Asian-American Nolan Knox wears the hand-tied harness in his sling play with hairy hunk Ty Roderick. Roderick's always on the booty hunt for the beautiful treats looking for dick at the event, and happens upon Nolan. Kissing him deeply, he reaches a greedy hand around the hot twink's firm butt. As Nolan lies back in the sling with head dangling over, Ty face fucks him, holding a strand of the rope harness. Perching a leg up on the sling, he rubs his ass into the twink's probing tongue.

Sean Cody - Update

May 10, 2023

David & Guido

It's both bearded David and mustached Guido's first scenes, and the guys are hitting it off outside as they pose under the trees and kiss, showing off their athletic physiques in so much detail you can see David's goosebumps! Their chemistry continues as they undress each other in the bedroom, and when David lays his eyes and mouth on Guido's pink hole, all he can say is "Wow!" The bottom sucks him, then David fucks Guido spoon. "Fuck yeah, that feels so fucking good," Guido moans, and David replies, "YOU feel so fucking good!" These guys can't get enough of each other as David fucks Guido doggystyle and the bottom rides him. Guido gives an impressive cumshot as David pounds him in missionary, then milks out every drop of the top's load.

Men - Update

May 10, 2023

The Cum Burglar

All Joey Mills wants is a taste of his tall, muscular top roommate Chuck Conrad's cum, but Chuck won't mix business with pleasure, so Joey has to take things into his own hands. After he spies on Chuck shooting his load into a stroker, Joey slips on a ski mask and sneaks into Chuck's room to steal a taste of that jizz. Chuck catches the horny bottom in the act and teaches him a lesson, fucking his face, then pounding him missionary and doggystyle. Chuck didn't bank on Joey wanting just that, and the bottom rides him, then takes every inch of that thick cock in piledriver till he cums all over his own face! Joey happily takes a second facial and finally gets to taste Chuck's cum.

Venus Lux - Update

May 10, 2023

Will Fuck For Work

Desperate for a job, Venus goes to see Will, who has a position open, but unsure of her qualifications. She says she will do anything, and Will is the kind of guy that will hold a girl to it. He makes her get down on her knees and suck his hard cock, then he slides his hard dick deep in her ass before draining his balls all over her!

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