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Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 24, 2023

Harold Fucks Viking

Harold Lopez was strong with his flirtations directed at Kosta Viking when he first met him. Harold has seen Kosta in action before, and he knows that the guy can fuck. He loves watching the stud pump ass with his beautiful blond curls pulled back in a tight man bun. But Kosta Viking also has a submissive side he has a lot of fun with, and that’s what Harold Lopez wants to tap into. Harold Lopez is strong and sensual with Kosta Viking when they start making out together. Kosta worships Harold’s muscles (especially his pecs and nipples), sucks on his feet, and gives his huge uncut cock some much needed attention. When Kosta Viking is ready, Harold Lopez pumps him in the ass bareback! was strong with his flirtations directed at Kosta Viking when he first met him.

Men At Play - Update

June 23, 2023

Take It All 2

Sitting on the corner of the bed, fully suited, horned up Charlie Cherry is jerking off his monster cock through the fly of his pants. He wipes the precum off his cock with his striped tie and keeps jerking ever so gently. In walks power bottom, Drew Dixon, and asks Charlie if he wants it. But “it” he’s referring to his mouth and ass! And, without hesitation, Charlie replies “Yea, I want it.” Drew kneels and starts deep throating Charlie’s cock, gasping for air occasionally. Then, Charlie stands Drew up, pulls his suit pants down, rims, and stuffs his ass with a pocket square. Before Charlie squeezes his cock inside Drew’s hungry hole, he fucks him deep with a huge dildo. Drew takes it like a man and once his hole is gaping, Charlie fucks him raw with his own 9” XXL cock.

Private Playground XXX - Update

June 23, 2023

Peep Show Part 7

In Part 7, it's time to start tallying the cumshots. As things continue to get sweaty on the floor, action behind the curtains begins heating up too. A couple accidental curtain-falls is just the thing to get these peepers going!

Jock Breeders - Update

June 22, 2023

Kyle & Cash

While taking a leisurely hike through the beautiful forests of the Pacific Northwest, Cash Lockhart and fuck buddy Kyle Steele take a small detour so they can fuck each other! After some cocksucking and ass pounding action, the outdoor adventures eventually continued indoors. Kyle's most definitely hard as steel as he rides his beefcake macho lover getting the creamy finish he's been craving all day!

Masonic Boys - Update

June 22, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 5

The Covenant: A chamber servant handed me a white, ceremonial robe. I was instructed to crawl into a gleaming white room. Master Snow was sitting there on a bed, and I was surprised to see Master Weston standing behind him. Both men were immaculately dressed. Master Snow instructed me to wash his feet, which I did, with utmost care. He pulled me to my feet and stood behind me, running his hands across my trembling body. He undid the ties on my gown, which dropped to the floor. He threw me to my knees, then pushed down his pants to expose his enormous penis. I took it real slow at first, repeatedly running my tongue up and down his shaft. I slid my soft wet lips towards his balls. Within minutes I was on the bed, legs spread wide, with Master Weston holding onto my feet while Snow pushed himself into me.

Boy Fun - Update

June 21, 2023

Finding My Fuckboy

It's a cloudy spring day in the old city and blond young hottie Jamie Kelvin is getting caught in the rain. Not to worry, he has a very accommodating friend in Justin Holt and the moment he gets back to the apartment he's being warmed up and dried off with some BoyFun. It's quite the romantic scene and I'm sure more than a few of you would love to have a friend like this to snuggle up to when you get home, but more than that we would all love to have his delicious dick to enjoy. Sweet Jamie is soon being warmed up in the best way as their lips meet and the two start exploring, groping for cock and finding big bulging boners to play with. There's very little delay with these two smooth boys. Once young Justin's cock is free from his briefs Jamie is sucking on the juicy dong and preparing to enjoy a good fucking from his friend.

Trans Angels - Update

June 21, 2023

Nailed At The Nail Salon

When hot bombshell Emma Rose drops by the beauty salon for a manicure, she captures the attention of nail technician Demi Sutr, who cant take her eyes off the tgirls sexy curves and pretty face. As Emma gets her nails done, Demi sneakily approaches the gorgeous brunette from behind and eats out her delectable butthole before grabbing a mouthful of her she-cock and hungrily swallowing it whole! Afterwards, the raunchy pair lock lips in a passionate kiss, and then big-boobed Demi sticks out her ass and gets her tight pussy pounded in standing doggystyle. Next, the pierced nymph sucks some more on Emma's thick shenis, and then she hops on top to bounce on it in cowgirl and reverse.

Cocky Boys - Update

June 20, 2023

Theo & Nick

Theo Brady & Nick Floyd have a riveting match up that goes from a game of flirting to an unforgettably intense, edgy erotic encounter with a subtle Dom sub dynamic. Sitting across from each other, Theo and Nick sexually tease each other before Theo signals Nick over to him. They achingly extend their foreplay with kissing and wandering hands until Theo takes out his cock and Nick swallows it to the base. Nick's full on cock appreciation triggers Theo's dominant side and he goes for what he wants. He gets his first taste of Nick's hole and after feeding him more of his big dick, Theo starts fucking him. As Theo pounds Nick from behind and has him ride his cock, he thrives on owning him as much a Nick thrives on being owned. This is even clearer when Theo drills Nick on his back while using his extraordinary flexibility.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 20, 2023

Michael & Nico Spit Roast Jerry

There's nearly 20 inches of uncut cock between Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta, and they are bringing all of that throbbing manhood to Jerry Toriz to take care of. Jerry Toriz is a handsome and beefy hunk of a man, and when you see him killing it at the gym you'd never suspect just how submissive and needy a bottom this guy can be in the bedroom. But he is, so much so that he wants to take it from both ends and get relentlessly spit roasted. Michael Lucas and Nico Zetta take turns fucking Jerry Toriz in his mouth and up his ass!

Sean Cody - Update

June 19, 2023

Robbie & Grayson

"It's good to be back," Robbie says. "I gotta show the new guns I still got it!" Today, he's showing blond cutie Grayson his nine-and-a-half incher, and Grayson's excited. "I have not taken anything nine inch before," he says in surprise, but he's ready for the challenge! After the guys get to know each other on the trail and catch some sun, they kiss in the studio, and Grayson gets Robbie's big dick in his mouth. Robbie bends Grayson over and pounds his hole, then gets it nice and wet with his tongue. He fucks the bottom in missionary, then Grayson shoots a big load as he rides the top before getting on his hands and knees for Robbie to cum on his hole.

Hard Brit Lads - Update

June 19, 2023

Liam & Ross

We have an interesting one here: tall, dark and handsome young straight lad Liam Burlington, getting a very hot servicing from eager, ripped young footballer, Ross Drake! Starting off in their sports kit, they indulge in a bit of mutual bulge groping for a bit, then take off their tops and shorts, revealing their smooth, ripped athletic bodies. Ross licks and sucks Liam's nipples as he massages the growing bulge in his white boxers. Getting down onto his knees, Ross pulls out Liam's cock, big and uncut, with nice foreskin, and thick, too! It hangs heavy, not quite semi but when Ross starts to suck gently on the head, it quickly swells in his mouth, getting bigger and thicker till its rock solid, veins bulging. Ross slurps on the big bulging head, then sucks deep and steady. Liam fucks his mouth and throat, cramming it down as deep as he can.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

June 19, 2023

Better Than Phone Porn

I hate when I forget to charge my phone, but I knew my stepson Nico's phone would be. I went to his room and asked if I could use it, which was fine. For some reason, I don't expect him to use his phone to scroll through porn sites, but there I was, shocked and turned on. Nico reached over and grabbed my dick. And now that it was hard, it was his job to make it happy. He took my cock into his mouth and down his throat, but my boy's meat needed some love from Daddy, and so did his hole. After doing that, I slid my cock in my boy's ass and fucked him like the little whore he looks at in porn. Watching him shoot his load only made me want to join him, and his mouth seemed like a great place to finish.

Southern Strokes - Update

June 19, 2023

Amon & Angel Abell

My biggest crush is the captain of the most hated soccer club in town. I'm the captain of the most beloved club, so being friends is forbidden, which turned us on even more. After a scrimmage, I invited Amon Volkov over to hang out and relax. He knew what that meant, and as soon as we started chatting, he put his hand on my knee and moved it up towards my cock. I reached over and grabbed his dick. After stroking each other, Amon went down and swallowed me up. I was happy to feed him my meat, but his cock was calling me. I sucked on his head just like my stepdad taught me, and he loved it, but then he licked my cock and ate my hole, which sent me into another galaxy. Then Amon stuffed his cock in my ass. I was on cloud-nine, and didn't want to come down, so I came instead, and so did he.

Fuckermate - Update

June 18, 2023

Beefy Morning

What's better for our Argentinian boy Thiago Da Silva than wake up in the bed beside a beefy muscled man like our newcomer Jacob Lord? Coming from Panama, Jacob is a hot Latin fucker that can use his big juicy dick as he pleases to satisfy the most demanding bottoms. This time the lucky prey Thiago lets go completely to Jacob's will and takes care of the amazing dick, swallowing every inch down his mouth and then riding the bare boner while asking for harder and harder action. The Panamanian is more than happy to satisfy Thiago's craving for cock and hammers the hole till the end, when he erupts spilling the fresh seed all over his face and mouth!

BadPuppy - Update

June 18, 2023

Ander & Jacob

Jacob Bucella joins Ander Marin who is currently reading on the bed. Jacob is not interested in the book; he has hotter things on his mind. He starts rubbing Ander's crotch and when Ander does not show interest, Jacob takes the book out of his hands and throws it on the floor. Jacob climbs on top of Ander and lays a deep sloppy kiss on him as the two begin to roll around the bed. They kneel on the bed, pausing for some long, passionate kissing as they slowly strip down to their Andrew Christians. Jacob leans back and starts rubbing the huge bulge in his underwear. Ander can't resist and frees Jacob's thick uncut Latin dick from its confines and immediately swallows its entire length down his throat. Jacob spreads his legs and as Ander pleasures Jacob's cock his hand starts teasing Jacob's tight hole.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 18, 2023

Jacob & Andre C.C. 488

Andre Cruise is extremely excited to get his hands, mouth, and ass on Jacob Lord as he inducts him into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Jacob strips down to his taught underwear before Andre enters the room and gives his eyes something amazing to gaze upon when he does enter. Andre is rubbing the magic bulge growing in Jacob’s underwear and is finding that he is hornier and hungrier than he has ever felt before. The passionate kissing between the two shows the level of chemistry that is building between them. Jacob strips both of their underwear away and leans in and devours Andre’s raging hard on. Jacob seamlessly positions and repositions himself so that not one second of pleasure is missed as he allows Andre to open wide and begin sucking on his impressively meaty cock.

Bel Ami Online - Update

June 17, 2023

Mikael & Oscar

Oscar was supposed to be filming a scene with Yannis today, but thanks to a bad kebab, we had to call in a last-minute replacement and the lucky guy happens to be Mikael Nyomen. Although this is the first scene Mikael had filmed for us, we were fairly confident that his work for other studios had prepared him pretty well and that Oscar would be able to take the lead in the scene with no problems. Once Jerome manages to confiscate Osacr's beer we are straight in with the action with Mikael proving to us all what a great bottom he can be.

Gaycest - Update

June 17, 2023

Daddy's Pride & Joy Tape 7

Come In: Like any grown man, when I find myself with a little free time, I often quickly discover that I'm awfully horny and in need of some release. But unlike most men of my age, I am able to frequently turn to my very handsome son Maxx for that! Luckily for me, he's always game, but every so often I like to sneak away to my room to enjoy some alone time with myself if you know what I mean! Although, ironically, I must confess while I'm alone in my room, touching myself, I'm almost always fantasizing about Maxx. I love thinking about and savoring the memories of the insanely hot sexual experiences my son and I have had together. While I've got my eyes closed and gently, methodically stroking my cock, I can't help but sometimes find myself moaning my son's name.

Men At Play - Update

June 15, 2023

Express Delivery 2

Let's be honest we have all fantasized about seducing and playing with the delivery man! Delivery boy, Zac Johnson, drops off a package with Manuel Reyes at the front desk and asks to use the restroom. Manuel's eyes are unavoidably drawn to another big package with the blue collar stud. After a few minutes, Manuel goes to check on the stud, who he finds jerking off his big piece of uncut meat in the restroom! Stunned at first, but horny, Zac invites him in for a taste, and who would resist? Inside the restroom, suited Manuel sucks on Zac's cock, before bending over the toilet seat and getting his ass rimmed and then fucked raw. They eventually move out of the tight space and into a conference room, where Manuel flips over Zac for a turn at fucking. Express Delivery what is the fastest way to have this stud make a house call?

Raging Stallion - Update

June 15, 2023

Well Bred 5

Devin Franco is in desperate need of having a stranger's cock deep inside his pink asshole. He stands in the doorway overlooking the hotel pool, presenting his stiff dick and fuckable peach to muscular sunbather Alex Ink, who is quick to stand up and follow the horny vacationer inside. Getting right to it, Alex spreads Devin's cheeks apart to rim his delicious hole before sliding in his fingers and then pumping him full of meat. He next drills Devin's ass in multiple directions until Devin is ready to ride Alex's bareback cock and give the stranger a taste of his load. Alex immediately returns the favor as he nuts on Devin's bare ass and scoops up his cum for Devin to eat as an after-fuck treat.

Falcon Studios - Update

June 15, 2023

Falcon Live: Get 2 It 2

A record number of fans have tuned in to watch Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Cade Maddox and Beau Butler fuck bareback for the first time in this sizzling cam show. Before Beau gets dominated by every girthy inch of Cade's award-winning cock, the guys answer fan questions and discuss their nipples, that time Dr. Cade became an internet meme, and where both most like to cum. When it's finally time to fuck, Beau wraps his lips around Cade's big dick as Cade uses his fingers to toy with the furry bottom's hole. The sounds of virtual tips fill the room as Cade rims Beau's thick muscle ass and slides his XXL rod in to fill and satisfy the hunk's manhole. Cade's dick goes from Beau's ass to his mouth before the two end this long-anticipated fuck by beating their cocks and unleashing their healthy loads.

Raw Hole - Update

June 14, 2023

Rio 4-Way

What is it about spring? Every gay man seems to turn to thoughts of hot group sex. And his deeds as well, as our sizzling return to Brazil lands us in Rio with testosterone-dripping muscle studs Daniel Toro, Arthur Mondelo and their mocha-skinned bottom buds Lucas and Ramon in a scorching foursome. Starting out, Ramon and Lucas are on their knees getting Danny and Arthur stiff as steel and fuck-ready with their talented mouths and thirsty throats. They climb up onto a bench for Arthur and Danny to return the favor with a pair of wet, juicy rim jobs that get the bottoms' hole hungry and lubed up for those huge Latin raw cocks. The blond Brazilian top guys pound their dripping uncut tools in from behind, then sit sprawled out on the bench for Ramon and Lucas to ride those big throbbing dicks to their hearts' content.

TheBroNetwork - Update

June 14, 2023

Hard Training

There's nothing like a little bit of playful competition, and platoon mates Drew Dixon and Tony D'Angelo are constantly out-doing one another. Their toned muscular bodies ripple in the sunlight as they race through the woods on the base, do burpees, and show each other up. Their next tour of duty is just around the corner and they have to keep fit. For Tony, another tour means another round of celibacy, but Drew knows there are plenty of other options. Once back in the barracks and Tony has had a chance to think about what his buddy said, he propositions Drew, who clarifies his intentions. The tension between them comes to a head, and Tony kisses the stunning beefcake in front of him before giving his hole a run for his money. Tony is feeling a little pent-up aggression and takes out his frustration on Drew's hard muscular ass.

Bring Me A Boy - Update

June 13, 2023

Tasting Daddy

I woke up from a nap and heard the water running in the shower. Mom was already at work, so I knew it had to be my stepdad, Alan. I've been secretly in love with him and always wondered what he looked like naked. I got up and peeked into the bathroom. Watching him rinse the soap off his body was hot, but he caught me looking, and I ran to my room. My stepdad came, sat on my dresser with his towel open, and asked if I wanted his cock. How could I say no? This was the moment I had been jerking off to, and it was finally happening. I took as much of it as I could. Then it was his turn to suck on my cock. It felt amazing, but not as good as when he fucked me. It hurt, but the pleasure overtook me, and I came with my stepdad over top of me and his load on my chest.

Men - Update

June 13, 2023

Nut On The Doughnut

After all their hard work, Papi Kocic and Pol Prince are ready for a break, but Pol forgot the coffees. Papi takes the opportunity to make a hole in the doughnut box and slide his thick cock through one of the delicious pastries, then talks Pol into touching it! Pol's been waiting for a chance to play with Papi's big éclair, and he hungrily sucks it, then Papi devours Pol's hole. The tattooed top fucks Pol doggystyle, then rams him in the back of the work van before the bottom rides him. Pol cums, and Papi adds a little extra glaze to a doughnut for him.

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