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Bel Ami Online - Update

July 06, 2023

Eluan, Jeroen & Tom

Thank god for boys like Tom. Dick too thick? Never! Cock too long? Never! No matter what you want to throw at Tom he will take it with pleasure. Today we have given him 2 partners instead of just one, so both Eluan and Jeroen get to take their turn on Tom's warm and inviting hole.

Fuckermate - Update

July 06, 2023

Hard Dicked

Our Latin skinny stallion David Dimaggio loves to destroy young holes with his humongous cock so we paired him with the Brazilian sweet naughty boy Leo Rocha and their chemistry is off the scale. David almost goes crazy for the perfect ass he found in front of his eyes and Leo gets impressed for the hard package pulsating inside David's shorts. The heat is too much for both: Leo sinks to his knees and swallows David's oversized dick, licking every inch with his willing tongue and showing once again the skills of a perfect sucker! Dimaggio returns the favor and gives all of himself wetting and fingering the epic hole. Leo can't resist anymore and opens his legs to welcome the raw beefy dick deep inside.

Sean Cody - Update

July 05, 2023

Sumner & Jeramiah

Today is a huge day for two reasons: it's Jeramiah's first time bottoming. and he's taking Sumner's nine inch cock! Jeramiah talks about how he practiced by working up from a smaller to a bigger dildo, and it turns out his practice cock was molded from another Sean Cody star. "Brysen fucked me!" he jokes. "Now I'm gonna fuck you," Sumner replies. "I think I'm a little bigger." Jeramiah is ready to get started, so he eases down on the top's cock, riding him. Sumner tongues Jeramiah's hole, then fucks him doggystyle, showing this first time bottom just how good taking a dick can be. Jeramiah blows a huge load all over his abs as he gets fucked in missionary, and then Sumner adds even more!

Fun Size Boys - Update

July 05, 2023

Marcus Ch 14

Size Comparison: It was awfully chilly outside that early spring afternoon. However, as Dr. Legrand Wolf and adorable little twink Marcus Rivers cuddled together, quietly enjoying one another's company, they were sure to generate more than enough body heat to keep both of them warm. They couldn't help but gaze upon one another with genuine adoration. This is nice, they thought. The gentle giant doctor was overwhelmingly massive in size in comparison to younger, tiny bodied Marcus. But that's exactly what the boy loved about his towering lover. Dr. Wolf wasn't just incredibly sexy and smart the good doctor always made the diminutive doll feel safe and wanted. As Marcus cooed and purred against Legrand's massive, gorgeous body, the gentle giant reveled in the young twink's soft little hand roaming over the daddy's chest and torso.

Jock Breeders - Update

July 05, 2023

Cameron & Brogan

Ass-eaters, rejoice! Sexy slim jock Cameron Taylor is paired up with the naturally beefy Brogan Reed, and they've already found something they both have in common they love to rim. Their appetizer for the evening is a nice thick meaty cock in their mouths. Clearly, both boys love the taste. Pre cum drips from their mouths as they keep coming back for more. But for the main course each other's holes it was no doubt they were going to gorge themselves. These hungry boys feast on each other's smooth holes so much that Cameron can't leave without pounding Brogan's meaty, well consumed ass!

Raging Stallion - Update

July 04, 2023

Tongue In Cheek 2

Some playful splashing in the pool between Danny Starr and Andre Bedford quickly leads to the two tattooed hotties exploring each other's bodies and breaking open an ice-cold soda to cool off from the scorching California sun. Now with the bottle empty, Danny rims Andre poolside and uses his makeshift glass dildo to begin fucking Andre's tight slit. After oiling up Andre's ass and taking a lick of the glass that was just deep inside Andre's tight fuck hole, Danny moves indoors to continue dominating his swim buddy's wet cheeks. First, Andre goes for a ride on Danny's big bareback dick before dropping to his knees to get railed from behind. Now on his back, Andre is covering his own abs in his nut until his muscle-fucker top pulls out to cover Andre's meaty ballsack in his creamy ropes.

Falcon Studios - Update

July 04, 2023

Falcon Live: Get 2 It 4

Falcon Studios fans worldwide have tuned in to watch Falcon | NakedSword Exclusives Cole Connor and Colton Reece fuck each other for the very first time. Before Colton rams his big dick into Cole, though, the two men engage with fans over the live chat, discuss Cole's gay porn debut, and talk about Colton's oral preferences. With viewers aching to see them fuck, Colton begins watching himself on the monitor as he shoves his thick cock into Cole's mouth for some hardcore deepthroating. The sound of virtual tips coming in fuel the cam show as Colton grips the back of the Cole's head, rims his ass, and begins barebacking his hairy hole.

Treasure Island Media - Update

July 04, 2023

Blessed XBoy

15-Man Gangbang: The group sits side by side stroking their cocks when BLESSED XBOY arrives and immediately starts sitting down on dicks. This is quickly followed by a constant non-stop flow of cock in his mouth and cock in his hole. XBoy starts sitting on meat facing front then facing backwards and then is pushed down on all-fours so the men have full access to his cunt and take turns impaling the pussy. “Who’s next to take this ass?”

Guys In Sweatpants - Update

July 03, 2023

Flippin' Beaux

It's been a few years since we've seen Beaux but he's just as fuckable as ever. Benjy was getting fucked good in his last video, but he saw Beaux's ass and told me he wanted a piece. Between their playful personalities and sexual chemistry being off the charts, I knew this was gonna be a hot fuck. Benjy was giving Beaux the fucking of a lifetime, but next thing we knew, the roles were reversed, and Beaux had Benjy face down ass up plowing his ass. 20min later, Beaux is covered in both loads with a big smile on his face!

TheBroNetwork - Update

July 03, 2023

Hard Riding

Mateo Tomas just recently started training for his first Gran Fondo and he's taking the scenic route through agricultural pastures. These roads-less-traveled are an excellent opportunity to eat up some miles. But, when his front tire suddenly goes flat, he quickly faces the reality of spotty rural cell service. Luckily, Only Matt is a mechanically inclined local boy with a good sense of humor, a kind heart, and keen eyesight. And, catching sight of the gorgeous stranded stud as he walked his bike across his property, he does not let the opportunity go to waste. It's not every day a stunning spandex-clad cyclist goes by these parts, and this horny dirt bike aficionado invites him over to his shed for some help fixing his flat. Mateo may have had a hard time riding the country roads but Matt will get an even harder ride if he's lucky.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

July 02, 2023

Bruno Pounds Bruno

Talk about two handsome and masculine hunks appearing together in the same encounter. Bruno Galvez is among the newly appointed power tops in the elite ranks of the Lucas Men. It was lust at first sight when he caught one look at the handsome hunk that is Bruno TheBeardX. Bruno is a sexy as fuck muscle bear who loves taking a good pounding in the ass. That's perfect for Bruno Galvez, and he gives Bruno TheBeardX exactly the fucking he is looking for!

Bring Me A Boy - Update

July 01, 2023

Curtis Cameron & Dave

It's not every day that my stepdad compliments me, but he was sure to show his appreciation when I finally fixed the oven fan I broke. Dave London walked in and gave me a few pointers as I screwed in the last few motors. As I worked on the fan, my stepdad had other holes for me to fill. Dave reached into my overalls and started playing with my cock before he pulled it out, dropped to his knees, and took it in his mouth. Mom wasn't home for a few hours, and I've wanted to fuck my stepdad for years. After sucking my cock in the kitchen, we moved to the living room, where I gave Dave a blowjob before we fucked on the couch. His hole felt better than I could have ever imagined. I finally fed Daddy my load while he finished on his stomach.

BareBack That Hole - Update

July 01, 2023

Alam Herrera & Kryz XXX

You already know how much we love bringing you some of the hottest sex on the planet, but none love to prove their worth as badly as Kryz. We knew Alam would be a nice guy to join him in his endeavor. We walked in on them, getting acquainted, and it was on from there. Within seconds, Kryz had his lips on Alam's nips as he traveled toward his pits. The smell drove Kryz wild as he and Alam kissed. But they both knew a better way to use Kryz's mouth. Alam sits back and relaxed as his boy did all the work and work he did. But Alam isn't going to be outdone, as he went to town on his boy's fuck hole with his tongue while slapping Kryz's ass when needed. That was the warm-up for the pounding Alam gave his whore's hole.

Southern Strokes - Update

July 01, 2023

Stress Free

I can admit that I'm a huge tease. Like, huge. Part of the thrill is when I know guys want to fuck, and I play it off while their hard dicks are standing at attention, just waiting for me to do something with it. That's just how it happened when Alpan came over to my house after wrestling practice. We landed on my bed and began to talk. That's when his dick became hard in his singlet. I tried to cover it with the pillow, but I gave in and pulled his big dick out. It barely fit in my hand. I sucked it down and gave him my throat to fuck as my head hung over the edge. He sucked me too, but then in a turn of events, Alpan gave me his ass to fuck first before we flipped.

Bareback Me, Daddy! - Update

July 01, 2023

Mitch, Ferdinan & Cedric

We look in on daddies Mitch and Ferdinan, who've bound young Cedric in a chair and are having their way with the young Latino. Ferdinan shoves his big uncut dick in the naked boy's mouth, while Mitch goes down on Cedric's stiff meat. Then Cedric is fed both daddy cocks, before he's released from his restraints to ride Mitch raw, while Ferdinan sucks his cock. The trio ends up in a bareback daisy chain fuck, with Cedric in the middle pounding Ferdinan from behind. Finally, Cedric is spit roasted by his horny daddies, before taking a mouth full of cum.

Boy Fun - Update

June 30, 2023

Robbed & Riden

Fit young twink boy Andy Reyes is coming to the rescue of poor little Junior Jones after he gets mugged of his phone in the street. You or I might consider calling the cops or perhaps chasing down the perpetrator of his daylight robbery, but it seems Junior is just eager to follow his new friend home for some BoyFun. It might seem like an elaborate scenario but the heightened emotion seems to draw the boys together and soon enough young Junior is making out with his new friend and enjoying the consolation of a delicious cock to suck. The cops are probably hours away, if they ever bother to respond to such a call, so it seems reasonable for these smooth young guys to get to know each other their uncut penises leaking precum in their mouths.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 30, 2023

Nano & Luciano C.C. 490

Latino fever has hit this Casting Couch as Nano Maso is inducted into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men by the oh so handsome Luciano Heart. Nano strips away his clothes revealing his sexy, almond colored, smooth, muscular body. Luciano enters the room already stripped and ready for action. The kissing is passionate as the seduction begins. As their tongues explore so do their wandering hands and the underwear are quickly discarded and Nano’s monster cock is exposed. Nano cups Luciano’s smooth balls in his hands as his lips part and he works his hungry mouth up and down Luciano’s rock solid cock. Nano flips Luciano around and begins tongue fucking his hot pucker hole. Nano’s tongue darts in and out, exploring, pleasuring, and tasting all the delights in front of him.

Gaycest - Update

June 29, 2023

The Professor: Tape 4

No Holding Back: What's that sound? I must have been dreaming, I'm slowly coming to. There's that sound again. Was that my name? Why is my dick so hard? "Noah." My daddy touches me on my shoulder and shakes me a little, gently. He massages my skin after, that It feels so good when he touches me all over. Is Dad trying to get me to wake up? He's feeling me up everywhere. Please daddy, don't stop! I'll wake up, I promise. Oh god, he just put my entire dick into his mouth. It was so hard! But my daddy took my pole all the way down. I could feel the tingle before I start to need to cum, but somehow my dad must have known because he quickly pulled off and pointed his dick at me. He wants to power fuck me. How do I know? He moaned it in his sleep last night when he'd fallen asleep on the couch. I got so freaking hard.

Peter Fever - Update

June 28, 2023

Fuji's Gym Lesson

Here's something fresh and HOT from our buddies at Peter Fever East in Japan. You've enjoyed veteran Asian model Fuji and muscle stud Hiroya in the past. Well now you can get off on watching these two hotties getting down and dirty during a gym workout that exercises more than their biceps! Few things are more erotic for a gay guy than a steamy workout with a horned up buddy. With all that testosterone swirling around your system, it's not only your muscles that get pumped up. Fuji asked hot Asian muscleman Hiroya for some workout tips in the gym. During their steamy hookup the first tips are Fuji's tight little nips, then the tip of his stiff dick. They take turns sucking each other, then Hiroya explores Fuji's throbbing hole with a slick finger or two. They finally get down to the hot filthy bareback stuff right on the bench press.

Freshmen - Update

June 28, 2023

Dan & Elio

Elio Chalamet meets up with sexy Dan Hilfiger and takes him to the shower right away. Elio's rock-hard dick is more than enough to turn on Dan and they start making out. After a steamy shower, the couple jump to the sofa where a blowjob exchange leads to rimming. Even though both boys are fully versatile, it is Elio who offers up his ass to be fucked. Dan slides his cock inside his friend, rides him and then cums all over his ass. After the perfect fucking session, Elio brings himself off.

TheBroNetwork - Update

June 26, 2023

Cum On In

The warm water runs down Bastian Karim's smooth hard body, and his hands explore his muscular frame. His hot fuck buddy Scott Carter spies him in the shower, getting turned on and stroking his stiff cock. It's hard not to want some, and the hairy, big dicked muscular top joins him underneath the streaming water raining down, their lips locked. Bastian sucks on Scott's hefty cock and his tongue fucks Bastian's perfect ass. Hot and ready, they head out to the living room for a deep satisfying fuck.

Lucas Entertainment - Update

June 26, 2023

Sextstache Tops Steve

Sexystache is a handsome and masculine daddy who loves a younger guy who knows how to submit to his needs and service his cock. Steven Angel is exactly the kind of guy Sexystache is looking for. Steven starts out by giving the feet of Sexystache some much needed erotic attention. The bottom also gets his throat fucked by Sexystache, and that's just the warm up before Steven Angel's little hole gets stretched wide open!

Southern Strokes - Update

June 25, 2023

Vincent Castle & Nico

I was preparing for another slow weekend, but that all changed when my neighbor and teammate, Nico Vegas, walked up the stairs. He stopped, grabbed his dick, and motioned for me to follow him. How could I say no? I was horny and had nothing to do. We started kissing, then Nico pulled my dick out and started sucking. I wasn't sure how well he would handle my big dick, but he didn't have any issues. I'm not nearly as experienced as him, but I did ok with his cock. Fucking a hot piece of ass is where I do my best work, and Nico got what he was asking for earlier in the lobby. He took position with his ass up in the air, waiting for me to fill it. Sliding into his ass sent my hard dick into overdrive. I can't wait to play again.

Kristen Bjorn - Update

June 24, 2023

Paull & Lucio C.C. 489

Always the consummate professional, Lucio Saints awaits Paull Bradd to induct him into the Kristen Bjorn Society of Select Men. Lucio is poised on the bed in his stretched underwear looking devilishly handsome as ever then flashes that sensual grin of his as Paull enters the room. Paull strips down and joins Lucio on the bed, where Lucio greets him with his seductive kisses. Paull reaches out and Lucio guides him to his massive cock. Paul is blown away to actually be touching the legendary massive cock of Lucio Saints. The underwear are stripped away and Paull begins sucking on Lucio's monster cock. Lucio was born for this job as he expertly encourages and guides Paull on the finer points of sucking such a huge cock.

Boy Fun - Update

June 24, 2023

Sizzling Seduction

Everyone loves the smell of bacon in the morning, but Archi Gold is hungry for something else when he comes into the kitchen and finds sexy Luis Angel cooking up breakfast in this new BoyFun update. With some sensual smooches Luis is persuaded away from the frying pan and in no time at all Archi is enjoying the taste of some meaty young sausage. Those sucks and slurps of his gorgeous uncut cock soon have the boys abandoning their breakfast plans and heading to the couch, where Archi continues his greedy feast of his pal's long and curved penis, wanking and sucking his hard and damp inches. Of course Luis is just as eager to get his fill. With Archi's equally tasty meat freed from his straining underwear the gorgeous boy goes to town on his length, moving to his buddy's perfectly smooth ass when Archi offers it up for some rimming.

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