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All Australian Boys - Update

October 03, 2021

Skateboarder Ben

Skater Ben with his smooth milky skin youthful body is from Mackay. He has the most unusual cock – it doesn’t stick out when he is standing it sticks straight up against his body, it’s so stiff. With a lollypop head that our sucker loved sucking on. Ben was so unstoppable passionate. He kept having to pulling his rock-hard cock out of the gloryhole to stop blowing to soon, until he couldn’t stop himself any longer. Blowing his load. One of the most passionate boys we have shot in the last 12 months. Don’t miss Skater Ben.

Active Duty - Update

September 19, 2021

Ryan & JV Pounding Holes

JV Marx is super sexual malleable which is great for the horny Ryan Jordan. These sexy soldiers bang in the tent before blowing their big loads. Both have nice long big fat hard cocks and you can tell they can't wait to get them deep down their throats. It's so sexy watching Military hunks having gay sex when they have the time. When they finally get into the anal part of the scene, you'll need a couple of extra cum rags because it's some of the hottest anal pile driving sex ever recoded.

William Higgins - Update

September 03, 2021

Igor & Denis

Igor Tarda visits the doctor's office, reporting stomach pain to Dr Denis Pletak. He is told to sit on the table and remove his tee shirt. Then Denis starts to listen to Igor's chest. He tells Igor to indicate where he feels the pain and then begins to examine the area. Next Denis checks Igor's blood pressure. Then Igor is told to remove his trousers and to lay on his back on the examination table. He does that and Denis starts to feel around the area causing the pain. He gently feels the stomach, letting his fingers slip into the underwear. He feels around Igor's groin, suggesting that may be the problem. The underwear is lowered as Denis continues to feel the suspect area. Igor's cock is shown as it lays against his left thigh as Denis continues his checks.

Cum Pig Men - Update

August 15, 2021

Matthew Guzzles Tommy's Tool

Matthew Grande loves cock, especially stuffed down his hungry throat. And who better to feed him what he loves than hung black stud Tommy Bluezz? Tommy just has to sprawl out across the sofa and let cock starved Matthew do all the sucking. Nice work if you can get it, eh? The blissed-out look spread across Tommy's face shows just how good Matthew is at his favorite pastime. Matthew has no problem sliding his mouth all the way down that big thick shaft to the fuzzy root. Tommy gets into the spirit of things and joins the fun, fucking his heavy tool as deep as Matthew can take it. And believe it, that's pretty damn deep. With a quick kiss of appreciation, Tommy goes back to fucking Matthew's mouth. Matthew is getting thirsty now, for a taste of Tommy's sweet cum.

Jalif Studios - Update

July 22, 2021

Valentin & Jimy

Jimy Fix is a pervy, edgy-looking fucker with a big, uncut dick and dark, spiky hair. He's highly-sexed and if he hasn't fucked by about 4pm, he gets in a bad mood. Fortunately, he knows that his work pal, Valentin Solis, is into him. So into him, in fact, he's willing to risk his job and his relationship to regularly satisfy Jimy in the yard behind the shop. They have to be quick and totally silent. Anyone could be watching. Jimy likes the way Valentin sucks. He goes at it real fast and hard and has learned all the tricks that get Jimy super hard and ready to shoot. Valentin usually gets his dick out of his pants while sucking. He can't afford to get any more naked than that. They don't have long to cover up once they hear their boss' car pulling up on the street outside.

Island Studs - Update

July 15, 2021

Big Dick Daddy Eli

Big Dick Daddy Eli is a straight former Army National Guardsman, father of 3 kids, who likes showing off his thick 8" cock while fingering his massive mushroom dick head, surrounded by a big bush of crotch and ball hair, his rock hard 8 - pack of abs and perfect Apollo's Shield, moons the camera, flops his hot throbber out of his tight undies and manhandles his hairy balls, flexes and poses as he pumps iron fully naked in the garden, bends over pushing his happy face between his open legs to spread his ass cheeks wide open - revealing his perky daddy manhole, takes 2 power pisses in the garden, parades around the pool deck with his fat 8" flopper dangling while power washing the deck barefoot, sits down on a sofa outside for a lengthy jerk off and ball tugging session.

All Australian Boys - Update

July 12, 2021


A Grade Rugby forward, Surfboat Rower and All Australian Boy Mark is a knock about Sydney Boy. Who works in the security industry, Shhh. Mark has one of the hottest arses we have ever photographed. It's perfect. Check it out. Loved watching it at the gloryhole as he tightened and loosened it as he was getting relentlessly sucked - check it out. In the studio he soon took his footy shorts down, began puling and then pushed it through the gloryhole where the sucker was waiting to service him. He also pulled it for a while before shoving it through the hole again

All Australian Boys - Update

July 04, 2021


Our latest model Blake is a hot boy from Sweden. Now making Australia home. He is a personal trainer and also loves to do kite surfing. He is a very exuberant go for it type guy but was a bit more subdued when he took his pants off Quite shy at first but soon got into pulling himself, till he blew a big load. Enjoy Blake.

Island Studs - Update

June 29, 2021

Red Russ

Red Russ, a tall, tanky, ripped college soccer goalie with a belly slapping fat beer can cock and super hairy balls surrounded by a big bush of bright red hot strawberry cock and belly hair, furry chest and armpits, a 6 - pack of abs, who flops is red hot throbber out of his tight undies and slaps it against his furry belly, breathes fire fully nude on his knees, bends over pushing his happy scruffy face between open legs revealing his hairy ginger hole, spreads his ass cheeks wide open 5 times wearing only red rubber gloves as he cleans out the dirty garage, takes a power piss in the garden and milks his beautiful ginger cock for the first time on camera in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs!

All Australian Boys - Update

June 27, 2021


Jack is an All Australian Surf-Lifesaver and Rugby plying young male from country NSW. He is into health and fitness and works out constantly. His all Aussie, jock looks are complemented with a meaty cock that sprung to attention as soon as he took it out of his pants. When he started pulling he had to stop constantly as we didn't want him to cum too soon. When he did. It was like a fountain, he spurted all over himself. Jack is one of those naturally, hot young males, that is always hard and horny.

Bentley Race - Update

June 03, 2021

Nate Anderson

Over summer I got plenty of opportunities to get my mates naked outside. A few weeks ago I got my mate Nate Anderson out on the roof for a hot nude shoot. Nate strips out of his shorts and jockstrap to show off his meaty uncut cock on my inner city roof. He doesn't mind showing off naked outside. Before we headed back inside Nate pours water down his naked body and thickening cock. I like the shots from this shoot a lot. But not as much as I liked getting my hung mate off afterwards as he wanks while sitting on my face. Nate of one of my favourite mates to shoot with this summer. There's no shortage of guys volunteering to shoot the next video with him.

Cocky Boys - Update

May 27, 2021

Dante & Tannor

Tannor Reed likes a variety of hotel sex fantasies and the self-admitted voyeur/exhibitionist has Dante Colle on hand to act one out! After leaving a door unlocked Tannor slips into a bath sexy stranger Dante enters, totally turned on at the sight of Tannor in the bath. It's not long before Dante is shirtless and standing at the edge of the tub with Tannor is sucking him to hardness. After getting into the tub & sitting on the edge to get blown, he wants even more intimacy. He straddles the tub to teabag his balls on Tannor's waiting mouth before using this unique stance to face fuck him.

Fuckermate - Update

May 26, 2021

Hardcore Painting

Painting walls sometimes can get kind of tiresome but our horny boys Abel Sanztin and Louis Ricaute have found a way to enjoy their work break. The hunk Venezuelan knows very well how big and hard is the tool that his buddy hides between his legs. So before going back to work, Louis doesn't miss the chance to taste every single inch of that young monster cock and take a bareback ride on it! Abel enjoys the special treatment that Ricaute reserves for that huge juicy brush and ends out painting his face and mouth with nice load of white splashes!

All Australian Boys - Update

May 21, 2021


Spencor loves nothing more than hitting the surf. His boyish, smooth and hairless, subtle body has been forged from his numerous encounters with the surf. Spencor was quite nervous. In the studio we had to coax him to take off his board shorts and undies. As soon as he did - his cock began to grow. Then we directed him to stand up and put it through the gloryhole. As soon as the sucker locked onto his cock, he spurted. The sucker continued to work on him, till he spurted again. Spencer is one hot surfer boy with a juicy cock - not to be missed.

Island Studs - Update

May 12, 2021

Cute Surfer Aaron

Super Cute Blond Surfer Boy Aaron is BACK in this his 3rd horny cum filled video from Island Studs. Watch as he enjoys showing off his young tight lightly hairy boy body and rigid belly slapper, surrounded by a thick bush of untrimmed College Boy dick hair covering his crotch and hairy blond balls as he moons the camera wearing a colorful Aloha Shirt with bright pink flowers, poses balls out hugging his favorite surfboard, gets down on the floor for a Naked Yoga Session, showing off and opening his very hairy BOY HOLE with a smile on his face as he performs the infamous "Blissful Baby" pose, takes a powerful piss in the garden, climbs up on a ladder, fully naked, to trim tree branches, bends over repeatedly to pick up fallen leaves with his bright white ass in the camera.

Fraternity X - Update

May 10, 2021

Trashed Ass

This skater boy has been hanging around the frat for days, begging to become a pledge even though it isn't pledge week. So, we cut the little bitch a deal. If he can handle all the brothers, we'll let him in. Well, he did take us all though he was whining the whole time. Guess we'll have to trash his ass a few times to make sure he is man enough to become a bro.

Helix Studios - Update

April 30, 2021

Patagonia Funny Adventure 5

In the last episode of this series, the hot Latino boys want to say goodbye to their vacation in a big way with a super gangbang. By the lake, they fantasize about the best way to celebrate… They do what they do best and five of them go to the cabin, start kissing, groping and take off their clothes. Two look shy from the outside and of course they invite them. They kneel down and start to suck his cocks with great enthusiasm. The boys are on fire with fever. This is how an incredible orgy is set up, where everyone enjoys at the same time in the armchairs of the cabin, or standing up, two by two, by three, of everyone they want. The big, hard cocks and the tails that are preparing to be penetrated. One of them dares to be the first and ride one of those huge penises on the couch, these guys are insatiable!

Straight Naked Thugs - Update

April 27, 2021

Dudes Enjoying Dicks

Blinx, Hunter, Lil Wyte, Nolan, Devin Reynolds, Drift, Daniel Delong, Wolfe Gunmetal, Cayden Priar, Dean Inja, Apollo Delion, Chad Turner, Dakotah Perrie, Mickey Waters, Rion Rivers & Asher Hayden - Horny guys love to play with their cocks all the time, and our guys love to show off and have fun for the cameras too. That's not all, a lot of our guys are real easygoing when it comes to grabbing another buddy's cock and giving it some strokes, or even helping a buddy out with some head. Check out this new compilation, including everything from Fleshlight fucking to piss splashing, buddy sucking to hand jobs from friends.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 21, 2021


We shot Braxton's shoot in the late afternoon as he was playing VFL football, full forward, in the morning for an inner city Melbourne, team. If you look closely he had a couple of scratches and small injuries from the game. This boy exudes sexuality. He's one of the hunkiest sports studs here in Australia and we're very happy to have him. Grabbing his big fat hard uncut cock and stoking it for us is so hot we van barely contain ourselves. We can just imagine what get does for you.

Spritzz - Update

April 18, 2021

Rick Takes His Chance

Skater Rick Palmer Takes His Chance - Blond skater boy Rick is hanging out on the old rail tracks when he nearly bumps into his friend Collin with this pants down while giving his stiffy a massage. Obviously the muscular dude enjoys the great outdoors not just for sunbathing and Rick gets offered Collin's raw fuck hole for some spontaneous boy-on-boy bareback entertainment.

Bentley Race - Update

April 10, 2021

Aussie Reece Anderson

Oh man I was so impressed with Reece Anderson at his recent shoot with Byron that I invited him back for a shoot by himself. He's looking super fit and I love that he's letting his body hair grow. Oh... and he's just fun to shoot with. While we are having such warm days we headed out into the city lanes with a skateboard to get some shots of our beautiful mate outside. But it's back in the studio where Reece reveals his cute jockstrap and full perky bottom. Later in the video scene Reece sits on my face and I tongue fuck him until he cums. This shoot with Reece is going to be one of my favourite scenes of summer.

All Australian Boys - Update

April 02, 2021

Canadaian Downhill Skier

Sean is a snow skier from Canada now living in Adelaide . Sean had a BIG surprise when he pulled out his huge cock fully erect after watching straight porn. Then to the glory hole where our expert cock worshiper/sucker went to work on him.. As we didn't want him to shoot too soon the sucker had to keep stopping sucking As his erection subsided, he kept flinching his big cock demanding more sucking immediately. Seething and groning with ecstasy. Then he went into overdrive face fucking the cock worshipers/suckers mouth - more and more. It was almost like a punishment of violent thrusts.. Then one more big thrust and his cock let go, spurted everywhere, mutable times.. This guy is suuuu-per hot and has to be seen to be believed. See him now Live and Exclusive only on - AAB.

All Australian Boys - Update

March 24, 2021

Surfer Levi

Hot starlight boy Levi comes from the Canadian Prairies, off a farm in the middle of nowhere. He is now travelling around Australian in his campervan, surfing all the breaks up and down the East coast. He is based in Byron Bay, for now. Living a dream life. Surfing with his mates and being surrounded by lots of Aussie girls. Who want his attention. We got him out of the Surf, away his Mates and the Girls to do this sizzling passionate shoot. Jacob, founder.

Fraternity X - Update

March 14, 2021

Shut Up & Suck

One of our dirty brothas came in looking for his fuckin jacket. Piece of shit needs to know ain’t nothin being given for free in the frat. So we gave him his jacket, but first we taught him a lesson on what not to do when the bro’s are watching the game. You mess with us we make you shut up and suck.

Slam Rush - Update

March 14, 2021

Bottom Break

It gets on my nerves when the slam pigs bring StreetSide trash back without a heads-up. This time though, did they pick one cute little whore. Apparently, he was so messed up he could barely stay awake. So they just put him in the car and went to town on him. Didn't wake up till he got another hit after they shot a few loads in his holes. Think he'll go back to college after a night in the cloudy house?

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