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Jun 07, 2024

Martin Lorez, Luis Carlos & David

by Treasure Island Media

After a minute or two of warming up Luis can’t wait to join Martin in sucking David’s cock. And once David gets into fucking Martin’s fine ass, Luis insists on having David go back and forth between fucking Martin’s ass and fucking Luis’s mouth. The scene ends with both Luis and David fucking their heavy loads of jizz into David’s sweaty funky punk ass.

By Treasure Island Media

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Jun 07, 2024

Cumdumps Need Love Too

by House Of Angell

Just because a boy has an insatiable hole that needs constant loads in it doesn’t mean that boy can go without being loved and nurtured. Will Angell loves those boys and Harry the Caged Boy is the perfect example. Harry uses men’s cocks to feed his obsession and then brings those gifts home to Daddy, who churns them up and plants them deep in the boy’s ass and brain.

By House Of Angell

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Jun 07, 2024

Eddie & Dex

by Bareback +

Hot and handsome Eddie Patrick is back again with another bottom eager to take on the challenge of his massive dick. Dex Devall is a cute twink stud whose tight ass is deep enough to take Eddie’s cock to the root. He climbs on the hung stud and rides the cum out of Eddie’s balls.

By Bareback +

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Jun 07, 2024

Mare Market: Part 7

by Private Playground XXX

One of our biggest events of the year comes to a close, and it sure left the bigget mess! The studio is a dank landscape of cum puddles and sweat stains, illmuniated only by glowing red handprints imprinted on the most celebrated bottoms. Time to saddle up and head home, boys...until next time!

By Private Playground XXX

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Jun 06, 2024

Sunny & Pete

by Jalif Studios

They’re at Le Trou, a dark, sweaty, cruising club in Lyon. It’s the middle of the afternoon, so the place isn’t busy, but what it’s lacking in numbers is made up for in the quality of the guys inside. Two handsome young men sit in the bar area, touching themselves up. Sunny Blue’s pretty much fully clothed, and Pete Bull is naked but for a jock strap. The more they stare, the more they want each other. The music is thumping, the place stinks of sweat and poppers, it’s not gonna be long until they’re banging each other’s brains out. The two men wander off into the darkened network of corridors behind the bar and find themselves a private cubicle where they’re gonna take things to the next level. Pete's lips are full and he takes Sunny’s dick so far into his throat that he repeatedly chokes.

By Jalif Studios

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Jun 06, 2024

Shawn's First Audition: Raw

by Maskurbate

Here's for the first time, Shawn's exclusive complete & unedited audition, more than double the length! Maskurbate was the first porn site Shawn watched at a younger age and a few years of working out at the gym he called me to audition. I made his dream come true for our greatest pleasure! Enjoy Shawn!

By Maskurbate

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Jun 06, 2024

Marcus & Max

by Jock Breeders

It's no wonder that fuck buddy Marcus Ryan can't keep his hands off Max Bradley's gorgeous body. Silky smooth pecs and abs get both jock bros plenty excited and hard for one another. Right after giving some hot, juicy head, Marcus kisses the delectable, tender taint of Max before jamming his tongue deep inside the cock-hungry ass!

By Jock Breeders

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Jun 06, 2024

Sgt. Ryker

by Straight Off Base

Sgt. Ryker, is a super ripped and muscular 21 year old Marine stud from Indiana who stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 185 lbs. Ryker swings by the Major's quarters to stroke his hard devildog cock for the Major's ever-ready camera and pick up some extra spending money for a weekend of partying with his battle buddies and a few girls. Sgt. Ryker was a state multi-championship wrestler during his high school years and packs an impressive 7 inches of Marine meat. He strips from his gym workout shorts, reclines on the Major's couch and slowly strokes his cock until he blasts a massive cum load across his ripped abs to land on his face.

By Straight Off Base

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Jun 06, 2024

Apprentice Tate Ch 7

by Masonic Boys

The Ordination: I could tell that Apprentice Tate was similarly taken aback when he entered. He was probably also a bit freaked out to find me sitting there. I’m aware that I have a reputation for being a little aloof, maybe even bordering on uncaring. I make no apologies for this, of course; it gives me an edge and I believe it’s vital to maintain an air of suspicion at all times. But when a boy’s come as far as he has come, it’s impossible to suppress the warmer version of myself. If truth be told, I felt incredibly proud of him and knew this was going to have a profound effect on the way that I carried out my duties. As I sat next to him on the couch and looked into those big blue eyes, I felt genuine desire stirring in my loins. I instructed him to remove his shirt and tie.

By Masonic Boys

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Jun 06, 2024

In Dreams


Dominic Jacobs (Tony Genius) and Ross Strong (Cole Connor) are roommates who don't have much in common, which makes it even more confusing when they realize that they're both plagued with similar nightmares, and then when they realize that those similar nightmares, are actually the exact same. Why are they caught in the same dream? What is it trying to tell them? And most importantly, how do they make it stop?


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Jun 06, 2024

Team Play Ch 4

by Twink Top

Double Play: Once the Coaches have the boys alone, Coach Saint can’t keep his eyes off of Dylan. Both Coach Banner and Coach Saint move in to begin kissing the athletes’ compact little jocks. The boys' tiny shorts do nothing to hide their growing erections as their Coaches' hands explore their young toned bodies. The Coaches move to their knees in tandem, taking the boys’ shorts with them as they go. Grant’s and Dylan’s jockstraps are bulging beautifully, driving both of the Coaches wild as they use their DILF lips to massage the throbbing pieces of cloth. The young athletes moan and groan as their mentors lap at their young erections. The boys give the go ahead to peel back the white jockstrap and begin sucking their cocks directly, worshiping the young jocks’ large members.

By Twink Top

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Jun 06, 2024

My Asian Stepsister 1: Brownie

by Sex Japan TV

Having a lot of free time, young cute Asian Brownie begins to caress herself. Caressing her small tits and hairy pussy, she invites the guy and after that, begins to give him a deep blowjob. She sucks and swallows then steps into the bathroom for a sensuous shower.

By Sex Japan TV

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