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C1R - Channel 1 Releasing - Update

November 28, 2018

Loaded Holes 1

A host of beautiful guys come together. Libor Bores, Danek Gyor, Vladimir Kruty, Peter Van Don and Milan Beran. This first part we find Libor as he waits, by the river, for his friends. Danek, Vladimir and Peter join Libor and he invites them back with him, as he has something to show them. When the get back they find Milan, blindfolded and shacked and they quickly get him naked, with his big, hard cock on show. Peter is quickly sucking on one of Milan's nipples as Libor works on that stiff cock. Vladimir and Danek start to get to grips with each other at the same time. Vladimir sucks on Danek's massive cock as Peter takes a turn on Milan's.

UK Naked Men - Update

November 28, 2018

Ryan & Gerasim

Description:Hot damn another steaming hot newbie, Gerasim Spartak, the gloves are off and so are the condoms as these two studs get down for some masculine wrestling an tussling . Ryan is our big dirty blonde, gym fit, bulked up and full of testosterone he couldn't wait to get on his knees and suckle on that juicy joint. Its a blur of tattoos as Ryan chomps down on Gerasin's uncut cock, a real heavy duty suck 'n' slurp. Then those big, beef thighs are in the air and this totally masculine guy is begging for a raw dick up his fuck-hole. Of course Gerasin is in like Flynn sliding all the way in and all the way out, its pleasure to the max as he plunders that spunk-chute.

Corbin Fisher - Update

November 28, 2018

Fall Fuck

What starts out as some harmless, innocent fun carving their Halloween pumpkins, hanging out together, and each just being as endearing as possible ends up with an all out raw and wild fuck session, with Max’s big dick drilling Beau deep and blasting Beau’s hole with cum. Beyond their remarkable good looks, Beau and Max have each won over legions of fans on account of their sexy, fun, adorable personalities - these studs are both as charismatic as can be, and it really shows through the first few minutes of this episode as we get to see them getting along and enjoying each other’s company.

Sean Cody - Update

November 27, 2018

Kieran & Cole

Tall, brown-haired Cole and blond-haired Keiran are out playing a game of catch under the hot sun. “I think he’s the whole package. He has an amazing ass, and I can’t wait to get into it later. It’s going to be a blast!” says Kieran enthusiastically. “He’s a big guy! Great chest, huge dick which I’m super nervous, and excited about. Might have to work at it a little bit, but we’ll get it in,” says Cole coyly. “I want him to be a little dominant and take charge. I want huge cumshots! I think we’ll get along just fine though,” says Cole. “Yeah, I think we will,” replies Kieran. Now that they’re both hot, horny and sweaty, it’s time to take the action inside.

Corbin Fisher - Update

November 24, 2018

Beau Drains Sawyer

In a match-up between an amazing bubble butt and a huge cock, sparks are bound to fly! Beau is ripped and eager to please, and Sawyer knows just how to work that massive member of his to leave another guy weak in the knees. Beau had the pleasure of welcoming Sawyer to CF back in April, and both of these studs have only gotten better with time, so we thought it was time for a rematch! Sawyer starts by worshiping Beau’s cock, balls, and hot hole, before mounting him and fucking him for everything he’s worth, until Beau blasts his load all over the bed and then sinks to his knees to take Sawyer’s cum in his mouth!

Str8 to Gay - Update

November 24, 2018

Taboo 1

Ripped hunk Marcus Tresor is having some issues with his crazy soon-to-be ex-girlfriend! He has decided he’s had enough, and heads into the bedroom to pack his belongings. While packing, he discovers a male blow up doll hiding in the closet which peaks his sexual curiosity. He strips down, and mounts the doll only to be discovered mid-ride by his girlfriend, and beefy hunk Damien Stone. His girlfriend runs off, and Damien takes this opportunity to give Marcus a taste of the real thing!

Sean Cody - Update

November 24, 2018

Josh & Blake

Muscular cutie Josh is battling his nerves as he mentally prepares to get it on with chiseled hottie Blake. It will be the first time he’s slept with another man without his current boyfriend being present. “I think he thinks it’s hot so I think he’s excited about it. I’m nervous! It’s going to be weird without him,” says brown-haired Josh. “I’m all for new experiences! I like the aspect of playing with a couple even though it’s just one of them. It’s kinda hot!” says slender Blake. “Ready to get your feet wet?” asks Blake, as he leans in closer for a kiss. “Yeah, I think so,” replies Josh. Josh combats all those nerves as he sits atop Blake’s hard-on, and passionately kisses him.

CMNM - Update

November 23, 2018


Austin came into this rugby club full of confidence that he can demonstrate Utmost Fitness' superior workout techniques. But his little video demonstration has gone very wrong and only proven what a filthy perv he is. Now the riled up mass of sportsmen want a live presentation of working out that fit muscular body of his. All the while competitive Leo is still stark naked and watching on with pleasure as smug fucker Austin gets his own wicked hazing!

Corbin Fisher - Update

November 22, 2018

Conrad & Elian

Elian’s always has had a thing for wallflowers, so it wasn’t a huge surprise that he noticed Conrad around the house, who tends to generally be pretty shy. For his part, it was hard for Conrad not to developed a crush on our muscular, hung freshman, especially since he really just doesn’t like to wear clothes indoors! Despite being on opposite ends of the extrovert-introvert scale, they did find something in common to bond over: their thick, uncut cocks! These two go at it like crazy, and Elian literally has Conrad biting the sheets when he gets him bent over on the bed!

Straight Fraternity - Update

November 21, 2018

Utah, Trent & Austin

These three guys are laid back and comfortable with each other because they're all friends. Utah brought them over, and they were ready to play together. They start out by stroking together and playing with the toy. All three of these guys have awesome cocks and great bodies. I suggest that they tag-team with the toy and Trent jumps up. He rubs his cock in the sleeve with Austin first, and then he rubs cocks with Utah. Utah is rock hard, and he is the first to shoot. I blow him and he cums in my mouth with a huge explosion. Trent is next. He strokes himself to a HUGE cum shot that covers him in jizz. Austin is a bit shyer, but after blowing him and some stroking.

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