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Island Studs - Update

October 11, 2017

Football Nude #7

Hung Surfer Twinks Open Holes & Jerk in Rock Hard Hot Duo Action in Hawaii! Horse-Hung Hawaiian American Musician, 9" Killer Cock Kurt is Back with sexy newcomer Surfer Boy twink, Beer Can Cock Jeffrey, in Hot Duo Action - the newest episode of the Island Studs' popular Football Nude Series: flexing, posing and hugging both in and out of their beach shorts, before they both strip fully nude and get huge boners for a totally hot nude football game, then relax side by side for a rock hard cock stroke session together in the grass, skinny-dip, play in the pool together and open their pink boy holes for the camera in this Exclusive new video from Island Studs!

Hard Brit Lads - Update

October 11, 2017

Adam Hurst

Big beefy rugby daddy Adam Herst strips, from sportswear to jock, oiling up his hairy chest and powerful legs before showing off his thick dick. He starts off standing in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you'll notice is Adam's powerful muscular build: broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs. If you're a fan of big legs, you're gonna go nuts over Adam!

Extra Big Dicks - Update

October 07, 2017

Big Cock Stretch

Pheonix is stretching on a mat in the locker room getting ready for his workout when Chris walks in. Chris immediately takes notice of Pheonix and as he is stretching his big cock falls out of the side of his shorts. Of course this entices Chris even more and soon he is offering to help Pheonix stretch. As he hands wander up his leg, Chris grabs hold of Pheonix's massive cock and starts stroking it as it grows in his hand. He is soon sucking the big cock and doing his best to take as much as possible. Pheonix stands up and face fucks Chris and with each thrust we hear Chris gagging and chocking a little bit.

Gay Erotic Stories by Circumnavigate9 - Update

October 07, 2017

Matthew 1. King Henry

...“Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk!” went the room. “Fuck yeah!” cried Matthew, feeling his dick beginning to tense. “Ooooh, fuck, I think I’m close.” “He’s gonna blow!” someone shouted and the room went quiet. Only sound was the slapping of Matthew’s fist against the base of his balls. "Ah. Oh yeah. Fuck.” Matthew loved the feeling: there was nothing as good as being naked and getting cheered by a room of guys while he jacked off with their eyes glued to him. “Ah, yeah, fuck. I’m cumming!” Matthew called, his knees buckling and streams of hot white cum flying onto the towel in front of him. “Oooooooh yeah. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” His head fell backwards as he milked his dick for the last

Fraternity X - Update

October 02, 2017

Tag That Ass

Time to make some money! Rent don’t pay itself? We gotta update the site. College ain’t cheap. This week Junior is getting fucked. Im tagging that ass good. Cause he fucked me hard last week! What’s up now bitch?!

English Lads - Update

October 02, 2017

Albie & Joe

Straight Hunk Albie's 1st Man Wank & Plays with Joe's Rock Hard Uncut Cock! It seems on my bed there's lots of muscle today! Joe is a handsome, tattooed muscular lad with a very naughty and adventurous streak and a cheeky grin. Albie is a solidly built muscle guy - handsome, blond and happy to experiment! We've paired these together and they start testing who is the strongest - press ups, arm wrestling and a bit of body on body rough and tumble - it's hot to watch these two men show off together!

Island Studs - Update

October 01, 2017


Football Nude - 9" Jock Austin & 8" Israeli Military Eyal in Hot Duo Action on a Public Beach! If you have ever wanted to see two straight muscle jocks playing sports naked outside on a popular nudist Hawaiian beach, Naked Football with Hung 9" Jock Austin and 8" Israeli Military Beef, Eyal challenge each other to a sweaty, masculine Football session on a Public Nude Beach in Hawaii in this Exclusive video from Island Studs!

Southern Strokes - Update

September 27, 2017

Cole Markum and His Hungry Hole

Cole gives us all a close look at that amazing ass of his. Cole stripped naked before he jumped on on the massage table and laid on his back. As soon as Cole felt the cold wet lube touch his taint, he immediately grabbed the back of both of his knees and raised his legs up revealing his wet eager ass hole. Cole loves having his ass worked so we gave him a good two hours of teasing which included fingers and toys. Cole was bucking his hips and moaning with every movement in his hole just begging for release. Just a couple of strokes of Cole's throbbing fat cock and he squirted a load out like a geyser spraying his hairy stomach.

Gay Erotic Stories by DickDude - Update

September 25, 2017

Loosing Bet 2

It had been nearly 3 week's since I had my brother's drippin dick down my throat, I had been thinking about it and couldn't get it off my mind. My mom knocked on my door it was 1:00 p.m. to tell me she was leaving to go spend the night at her friend's house and she would be back late the next day. She had no sooner pulled out of the driveway when my brother barged in from basketball practice. Interrupting my thought, he looked at me with that same evil grin and said "Wanna hit the court man". I hesitated and then said "Sure, there in 10" I gathered myself up as he left the room, wondering what the stakes wore this time would I be his peon "Ass" or something else?

English Lads - Update

September 24, 2017

Aiden and Casey

Young Straight Hunk Aiden Treats Casey to His 8 Inch Uncut Erect Cock! Aiden did a photo shoot with Ricky earlier, but for the video shoot we paired him with Casey - Aiden is a hung young lad with a great muscular body, Casey is incredibly ripped and fine with giving his hands and mouth on Aiden's uncut cock! The lads get in a bit of a tussle, testing each other's strength, then strip off and weank each other's big cocks, Casey then goes down on Aiden, sucking his big cock, before they both show off their asses to the camera and then lay back and jerk each other until they cum, Casey shoots a massive load with Case's spunk still on his hands Aiden finishes himself on, shooting far!

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