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Masonic Boys - Update

August 28, 2023

Apprentice Shepard Ch 3

The Anointing: Master Weston instructed me to enter the room and I walked in to find him sitting on a bench, dressed in a beautifully fitted, pure white suit. He looked up at me and smiled. I felt a million butterflies fluttering in my stomach. He rolled up his sleeves and gathered a series of metal containers from the corner of the room which were filled with warm oils. Master Weston dipped a finger into one of them then drew a line of oil across my forehead. Before long, he'd meticulously rubbed oil into most parts of my body. The more he touched me, the more I melted. Strings of precum were pouring uncontrollably from my penis tip. I dropped to my knees to serve him and he pushed his underwear down to reveal his stiffening cock which I immediately began to suck.

Masonic Boys - Update

August 02, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 2

The Calling: It felt a little humiliating to be undressing in front of Master Snow in his office, but I became very aroused when he started to run his hands over my body. He told me to climb onto the desk and slowly pulled my garments down. Seconds later, I felt his face pressing against my butt and I was engulfed by a rush of intense sexual energy. I was ordered to lean over the desk with my feet on the floor. I could hear him removing his clothes, then I felt the tip of his penis running over my crack. I knew that he was going to penetrate me. I felt the head of his dick pressing hard against my hole, and then, slowly, it started to creep into me. The sensation made my eyes water. As he started to thrust in and out of me, I felt my body relaxing a little, and the waves of rapture started to roll through my body.

Masonic Boys - Update

July 20, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 4

The Covenant: Apprentice White was suitably submissive as he crawled into the room, his white ceremonial gown clinging perilously to his body. I instructed him to wash my feet; an erotic ritual which the boy took gratifyingly seriously. I instructed him to stand, and slowly ran my hands over the flesh which the flimsy fabric left exposed before untying the ribbons allowing the white robe to billow to the floor, leaving the boy entirely naked. I could feel my dick throbbing so I instructed Apprentice White to drop to his knees, unbuttoning my shirt and looking into his ice-blue eyes as I seductively pulled my pants down. I had forgotten quite how good that boy's mouth feels as it explored my forbidden fruit. He is a remarkably adept deep throater.

Jalif Studios - Update

June 17, 2023

Sunny & Kevin

It's amazing to discover what goes on in the attic of semi derelict Bordeaux farmhouses! Kevin Sportwear is kneeling in front of a handsome Catholic priest, who's wearing his religious robes and holding an ornate crucifix. The priest's name is Sunny Blue. He has smooth, olive skin, blue eyes and dark hair. Kevin's a pretty hot-looking guy as well chiseled and handsome. Heaven only knows what kind of quasi-religious, sado erotic ceremony is taking place between these two studs. Kevin lifts the skirts of the priest's robes and discovers a semi erect penis underneath, which he instantly gets to work on. Within seconds, Sunny's thick dick is rock hard and ready for any sin Kevin's willing to commit.

Masonic Boys - Update

June 10, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 3

Anointment: Apprentice White had generated quite a lot of excitement within the upper echelons of The Brotherhood. We've been watching him closely and we were unanimous in the belief that the boy showed real promise. He nevertheless seemed nervous as he entered the chamber. The anointing ceremony is intensely sensual, and profoundly erotic. It can be overwhelming for some. Apprentice Noah seemed particularly immersed in the procedure and I was impressed by his focus. His penis began to grow and throb as I knelt down to anoint his loins, and before long I found myself slowly and seductively running my lips up and down his shaft. I deep-throated him. I got every last inch of his beautiful dick deep into my mouth. He responded almost violently, such was the profundity of the pleasure he was experiencing.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 12, 2023

Apprentice Foster Ch 3

Atonement: Apprentice Foster's face flushed scarlet when he saw the stretcher in front of him. This ultimate form of punishment is a long, low, wooden bench upon which penis-shaped pegs of increasing sizes have been mounted. Apprentices are expected to ride the pegs, starting with the smallest and working their way up. Failure is inevitable. I was accompanied by Master St. Michael, who instructed me to prepare the boy. I anointed Foster with oil and ushered him to the first peg. The handsome apprentice worked his way through the initial pegs without too much effort, plainly enjoying the process of grinding them into his tight, muscular ass. The penultimate peg on the stretcher, however, is noticeably larger than the ones before. As I rubbed oil onto it, I could see the expression on Foster's face changing to one of nervousness.

Masonic Boys - Update

May 01, 2023

Apprentice Land Ch 1

The Interview: My first observation about Apprentice Land, as he sat down opposite me, was that he was nervous. My second observation was that he looked damned hot in a shirt and tie, with his tight, little thighs crammed into well-tailored suit pants. The boy didn't know whether he was coming or going by the time I'd finished questioning him. I asked him repeatedly if he was attracted to men and he repeatedly told me that he wasn't, but when I placed my hand on his thigh, his body gave a different answer. I told him to stand, then ordered him to pull his pants down and remove his tie. He did so, but started to shake uncontrollably when I began to undo the buttons on his shirt. I ran my fingers gently and seductively over his body and his dick swelled. Touching his soft, smooth skin felt like a genuine privilege.

Yes Father - Update

April 29, 2023

In on the Secret

Andy is no stranger to father Rob’s way of addressing confessions, but when Andy’s friend Myott learns about it, he wants in on the secret. Andy and Myott visit Rob in his office, and Andy tells father Rob that Myott knows about their last encounter. Andy must pay penance for his sins, and father Rob needs Myott’s help to lead Andy to forgiveness.

Missionary Boys - Update

April 28, 2023

Elder Ledger's Penance

After Dakota reports Sam for wrongdoings, leader Brody must take immediate action. Sam is blindfolded and laid on a table, where Dakota and Brody will spank his ass and have their way with his hole. Sam loves the sensation and is happy to repent and pay his penance for his sins.

Masonic Boys - Update

April 17, 2023

Apprentice White Ch 2

The Calling: I was shaking uncontrollably by the time I knocked on my father, Master Snow's office door. I entered and he immediately demanded that I get undressed. He then instructed me to climb up onto his desk. He pulled me around, repositioning and manipulating my body into contortions which I didn't know were possible. I have never allowed a man to take me before, but I instantly knew that I was ready to offer myself to him. He told me to bend over the desk and, seconds later, I felt the tip of his huge penis lining itself up with my hole. Then he started pushing himself into me. My body immediately went into a cold sweat. It was agonizing and yet, at the same time, it felt right. I felt like it was my duty perhaps even my purpose to pleasure Master Snow.

Masonic Boys - Update

April 03, 2023

Apprentice Shepard Ch 1

The Interview: I entered the interview room and Master Figata told me to sit down next to him. I couldn't take my eyes off him; up close, he was even more attractive. All sorts of crazy and inappropriate thoughts were bouncing through my head. Yet, there was something about the way he was looking at me which told me that my thoughts were okay. He sat me down, then took my arms and tied them behind the chair. Moments later, he was touching me so softly and gently that my entire body became covered in gooseflesh. He smelt so good and looked so handsome in his white suit. I would have done anything he asked of me. He pulled down my underpants and exposed my dick to the room. My instinct was to reach out and touch him, but since my hands were firmly tied behind my back, there would be no such reprieve.

DamianXDragon - Update

March 28, 2023

Powers of Man

Deepstroke One - Here's the first in a series of bates and bate coaching. Learn the 12 strokes in the Deepstroke series. Joel of Powers Of Man demonstrates the techniques while edging my uncut cock. These strokes prolong your solo bates and when you're bating another bro. I definitely can't wait to practice these strokes when I bate solo, lend a bate hand to my bros or to my clients when they are on my table.

Masonic Boys - Update

March 12, 2023

Apprentice White, Ch 1

The Interview: The interview room was dazzling white. A man was sitting on one of the chairs and I was staggered by how handsome he looked with his shaved head and neatly-cropped beard. Master Snow was exactly the sort of guy I found dangerously intriguing. From the moment I sat down next to him, I was blushing and giggling. He asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions, then rested his large hand on my thigh, asking if what he was doing was turning me on. I lied and said it wasn't, so he asked if I was willing to prove it and for some ungodly reason I said that I was… He told me to stand and take my pants off and undo the buttons on my shirt. My dick instantly tented in my garments. He grabbed it and rubbed it. I was a bit freaked out when he sat me on the chair again and tied my hands behind my back.

Masonic Boys - Update

February 19, 2023

Apprentice Tyler Ch 3

Anointing: I nervously entered the room and found Master St. Michael sitting, statuesque, on a chair, wearing a beautifully-fitted white suit, shirt and tie. I'd been handed a robe to wear which was almost see-through and did nothing to disguise my hard-on. The Master asked if I was ready before covering his hand in warm oil and gently running his thumb across my forehead, then over my eyes, my lips and then other parts of my body. His soft touch made my penis stiffen and bounce. He sat me on the chair and started to push his fingers into my hole before wrapping his soft, warm lips around my dick. Then he pulled me into him and we started to kiss. He kissed so passionately. I spread my legs wide inviting him in. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and revealed a garment which clung to his pecs like a second layer of skin.

Masonic Boys - Update

February 02, 2023

Apprentice Monroe Ch. 4

Ordination: With one firm stroke, Master Figata was buried to the root inside Apprentice Monroe's tight ass. Master began thrusting slowly, the feeling of his thick tool pounding in and out of the boy's hole making them both moan in unison. His balls slapped against the boy's ass cheeks each time the Master fully slammed himself inside. The pace quickened, orchestrated as much by their own passions as by the will of The Order watching over them.

Scout Boys - Update

January 26, 2023

Scout Maxwell Ch 1

Pitching A Tent: It's really difficult to watch one of your scouts going through a hard time on his first trip away from home, so when I see a boy in trouble, I invariably take him under my wing. I don't think I've ever come across a young man as nervous or homesick as Max. Of course, I tried to spend as much time with him as possible, bolstering his confidence. In the process, I discovered that he was an incredibly intelligent boy, but that he also happened to look as cute as a button in his uniform! I don't know how it happened. One moment, we were sitting in a tent, chatting about something fairly innocuous, and the next, we were all over each other, groping, kissing, sucking, undressing. I tried to take things slowly; I knew it was his first time and I didn't want to intimidate him, but my dick was twitching like crazy, desperate for a piece of his ass.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 22, 2023

Apprentice Tyler, Ch 2

The Calling Master Figata asked me to stand. He had me remove my pants, then suit, tie, and finally my collared shirt, leaving me down to nothing but my undergarments. An inner submission guided me through the motions, led by Figata's voice. My erection, exposing how much I was turned on by being ordered by older men, pressed out against my garments and stained the front with precum. Master Figata brushed his hands briefly across the tip of my member, and just that slight motion sent a spark coursing through the nerves of my body. It made me whimper with need. It was so exciting — being manipulated like an object, like a toy. My legs were weak, and my knees trembled. Master Figata looked at me with that warm, welcoming smile and said nothing.

Masonic Boys - Update

January 10, 2023

Apprentice Foster Ch 2

Anointing: Hard-working and dedicated young initiates to the Order like Apprentice Foster are always identified and anointed by Grandmaster Legrand Wolf. The sacred, erotic ritual is the doorway to the alluring secrets that will be shared during the apprentice's anointing. The Grandmaster will take command of all of the young man's wildest fantasies. And because the eager apprentice wants to be led through the carnal rites of passage by Legrand, he vows to always comply with the ultra-masculine Grandmaster's desires!

Masonic Boys - Update

December 25, 2022

Apprentice Tyler Ch 1

The Interview: I walked nervously into the temple. Master Kamp was sitting on a chair dressed in white. He told me to sit next to him. I was thrown by the questions he was asking. Had I ever watched pornography? No. Had I looked at men lustfully? Definitely not. He needed me to prove that what I was saying was true, but all the questions about sex had made me hard! I was mortified when he told me to take my clothes off. I undressed slowly, hoping my erection would go down. It didn't. I sat down again, mortified. Master Kamp then walked behind me and tied my hands behind the chair before starting to run his hands all over my body. To say that I wasn't enjoying the experience would be the lie of the century! He pulled my dick out of my undergarment. The dirtiest thoughts flooded into my mind. He was a magician.

Missionary Boys - Update

December 22, 2022

Worshiping The President

The elders rejoice over the president’s cock, blowing him willingly. It’s now time for Quin and Dakota to take the lead. As president Parker lies on the altar, elder Quin starts fucking him while Dakota jacks off on his face. The three men climax together in a hot finale, completing the lusty ritual with the joy of giving in to pleasure.

Boy For Sale - Update

December 02, 2022

The Boy Colton Ch 2

The Auction: The idea of being auctioned off was intimidating to begin with. I was ushered into a dimly-lit room in front of a dark sea of suited men. The handsome auctioneer's name was Master Barrett. He told me that his job was to help me sell myself. He removed his suit jacket and stood behind me, slowly running his masculine hands over my body until I was shivering with excitement. I suddenly felt the sensation of oil rolling down my chest and then Master Barrett's large hands gently massaging it into me. He placed me on all fours. I felt his tongue caressing my hole, then heard the clinking of his belt and the unzipping of his fly. I held my breath expectantly as his large penis slowly crept into my body. I looked back at him. He was staring, almost smugly, at the crowd while his dick ruthlessly and repeatedly pounded in and out.

DamianXDragon - Update

November 27, 2022

Demon Seed

This is a story of a young mage, Damian Dragon, taking a risk and building a bond with the Demon, Kemono Dragon. Watch the mage take the Demon's Seed and thick cock to gain the Demon's love and protection. Going out into the woods and doing Satanic rituals will sometimes get you more than you bargain for. Good thing this Demon is hot, built and ready to get down and dirty.

Masonic Boys - Update

September 26, 2022

Apprentice Tanner Ch 1

The Interview: Apprentice Tanner didn't consider himself to be a shy individual. He normally was out-going and playful with other people. But as he sat in the steel chair facing Master Barrett, he could not help but feel nervous and tight-lipped. And when the older man spoke, Tanner was uncharacteristically unsure of exactly how to answer. The initial interview questions were simple and easy enough to speak about, but the young man found himself mumbling his answers. Suddenly, Master Barrett stopped speaking. He sat very still in his immaculate white suit and tie and gazed at the young man for a quiet moment. Barrett had some more serious questions to ask the apprentice. And he wanted to know if Tanner could be completely honest with him. Seemingly out of nowhere, the older man asked Tanner if he were sexually attracted to men.

Wu Boyz - Update

September 19, 2022

Sex Cult

Sex Cult - being initiated into the fraternity isn't so bad... you just have to be a good boy and serve your Asian daddies in a hot threesome. I gave them my mouth and ass, worshipping them as they deserve to be worshipped. Who's next? The three sexy Asian guys just keep going and going with cock sucking and spit roasting.

Masonic Boys - Update

September 12, 2022

Apprentice Rivers Ch 3

Ordination: It took Apprentice Rivers a moment to get his eyes used to the bright, white room. Master Figata smiled warmly and told the boy to sit down on the couch before explaining that he was due to be ordained. Figata immediately ordered Rivers to strip naked before surprising the boy by dropping to his knees. He carefully removed Rivers' shoes and socks. The boy's body began to tingle with anticipation. Master Figata stood and instructed Rivers to kneel down. The young boy instantly set to work on his master's bulge, pulling down the older man's underpants and wrapping his soft, innocent lips around Figata's highly experienced dick. Rivers gave remarkably good head. Figata carefully positioned the boy on the couch, caressing his peachy ass in awe, before getting his big, daddy tongue diving deep into its crevice.

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