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Missionary Boys - Update

Monday September 16, 2019

Elder Herring Interview

Over the years President Oaks has seen hundreds of missionaries and conducted countless life-changing interviews with them.In these interviews, young missionaries who have been specially selected by the priesthood are informed of their candidacy to join the Order. Up to this point, missionaries usually have never heard talk of The Order in such direct terms. Of course, they have heard stories and rumors about the high priesthood and their mysterious ways, but they have no details or further information. Only whispers passed around by boys in the mission, phantoms of sexuality and secrecy. Today, Elder Herring is informed that he has been chosen for candidacy and he is shocked.

Missionary Boys - Update

September 08, 2019

Elder Awbride Calling

Elder Awbride is one of the more innocent boys at the mission. His only ambition is to toe the line and make it through without being noticed. He comes from a long line of rule followers. His father, his grandfather – they instilled values of discipline and obedience in the boy. That is why it was so difficult for Awbride when he found out that he was different from the other kids at school. He thought liking boys was against the rules, so he didn’t tell anyone about it for years. He never even allowed himself to develop a crush on another boy, even though he found himself interested in many. When he finally decided to start his mission, Awbride hoped that he would find meaning in structure.

Missionary Boys - Update

September 04, 2019

Elder Dail Covenant

President Oaks has been highly selective about which missionary boys he takes on these days. It seems that theman has become so popular among the boys that they have lost sight of what his role is. He is not some celebrity there to make them gush with excitement. He is a priest who has a lofty responsibility: to instill the values that make a good missionary boy. Those values include discipline, servitude, and a reverence for the men of The Order. There is no room for vanity on the path to the high priesthood, which is why he has retreated – at least temporarily. But when Oaks catches wind of one of the candidates, Elder Dial, his curiosity is piqued. The boy is said to be tall, incredibly fit, and extremely well hung.

Missionary Boys - Update

August 25, 2019

New Recruit

President Lewis has earned a reputation as one of the most serious and intimidating priests at the mission. The myth surrounding him has grown so much that many of the boys are afraid of the man. And though he revels in the power that he has over the boys, Lewis is not a mean person. His firm demeanor is simply a tool to make sure the missionaries know how important their journeys are. Serving The Order is no laughing matter, and if he is not stern with them, they could get the wrong impression about the task at hand. But as the boys become increasingly wary around him, Lewis can’t help but wonder if his coldness has turned into cruelty? Is it truly better to be feared than loved?

Missionary Boys - Update

August 19, 2019

Elder Argos Interview

Elder Argos is one of the rougher candidates The Order has seen in a while. He has a loose way of speaking that falls outside ofthe norm for most young missionaries. Usually, the boys who come face to face with the priests tighten up and seem nervous and shy. But as Elder Argos is probed by President Lewis for his Interview, he speaks in an informal tone that suggests he may not fully understand just how serious this rendezvous is. President Lewis doesn’t blame the boy either. There is no way he could know that The Order is watching his every move, judging him and analyzing whether he is fit to become a servant to the priesthood.

Missionary Boys - Update

August 14, 2019

Elder Awbride

President Lewis always takes a special interest in new missionaries. Maybe it has something to do with the influence the priests had onhim when he first started his mission so long ago. It was a confusing point in his life, one filled with questions about his sexuality and his identity. But the strong men who guided him towards The Order seemed to answer all those questions for him. No longer did he feel lost or confused. Instead, he suddenly had purpose – to serve the priesthood with every bit of his being. To this day, those same priests who welcomed him at the start of his mission are some of the most influential people in his life. Getting the chance to have that kind of impact on a young boy like Elder Awbride is too much power for President Lewis to pass up.

Missionary Boys - Update

August 05, 2019

Disciplinary Action

“Kneel down,” Bishop Angus commands Elder Brier. The boy has been caught disobeying the rules of The Order one too many times to escape punishment. The priests have convened and ruled that Brier must brave the stretcher, one of the most challenging tasks they can throw at a missionary. It is a long wooden plank studded with pegs meant to stretch out a boy’s asshole as he makes his way from one end to the other. The pegs get larger as he progresses, and many boys do not have the grit to make it all the way through. However, Brier has no idea what to expect. All he knows is that he is in for some intense discipline.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 20, 2019

Temple Worship

President Lee, however, is not so easily impressed. He has seen many incredible young boys come and go in his days at the mission, and has developed high standards as a result. For a boy to shine, he must be impeccable in every way. Good looks, fat cock, and a willingness to serve. This combination is rare, but when it finds its way into a single missionary, magic happens. There is nothing quite like running into a boy who has it all, and as President Lee looks over Elder Rim, he thinks he may have stumbled upon one. Rim certainly has the looks, and President Lee remarks on it. “Beautiful boy,” he calls the young missionary before coming onto him. Immediately, he finds his eyes fixated on Rim’s package.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 13, 2019

Elder Packer Covenant

As President Oaks watches Packer crawl on the floor towards him, he remembers his own struggles with his emotions as a teenager. He was just discovering his attraction for men, and he was scared that he would be discovered by his friends. He thought that if anyone knew, he would be shunned and cast off. So, he kept everything a secret, trying to hide his internal emotions anyway he could. However, because of the constant suppression, Oaks started to have outbursts. Sometimes he’d even get physically aggressive, all because he was hiding his identity from himself and everyone else.

Missionary Boys - Update

July 04, 2019

3-Way Ordination

Elder Hult and Elder Call have a history of exploring each other’s bodies, and today that chemistry is going to serve them well asthey are tasked with pleasing the insatiable President Skye. Skye looks at Hult with cool, judgmental eyes. He presents a challenge to the boy, saying “Show me what you’ve got.” Call joins the pale boy and is determined to make a good impression on the handsome man. He and Hult know every inch of each other’s bodies, and make sure to use that familiarity to turn President Skye on. Just watching the two young men exchange glances has Skye’s blood running hot.

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