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Noir Male - Update

March 07, 2020

Always Be Closing

It’s the return of Super Daddy! Nick Capra is back in the game and better than ever! Hairy hot and sweaty, dirty talking Nick takes on Noir newcomer, Taye Scott in a no holes barred, battle of the best. Nick destroys Taye’s hole and he gladly takes every nasty inch of Nick’s hairy cock. I think this house will sell for sure. These two huge cocks go head to head in some of the hottest gay interracial sex in the 21st Century.

Missionary Boys - Update

March 07, 2020

Elder Boon Anointing

Elder Boon’s first sexual thoughts involved his older stepbrother. He worked hard to suppress them, but somehow they kept floating back into his head. When the boy finally left for college, he didn't have an immediate object for his affection, so new figures came into view. He started looking at his teachers, the upperclassmen, anybody who seemed to have more wisdom and experience than he did. Something about being cared for by an older man had always been Boon’s fantasy. He hoped to follow his older stepbrother to college, but his grades were never up to snuff. So, when it came time to leave home, he opted to join the mission rather than go to the local community college. When he arrived at the mission, his senses were flooded by a sense of nostalgia.

Men - Update

March 06, 2020


Employee of the month Thyle Knoxx has had it up to here with his boss Kit Cohen's unprofessional behavior in the office. From unwrapping the delivery guy Markus Kage's package in his office to riding a butt plug in the middle of the conference room table -- and jizzing on Thyle's Employee of the Month award -- this nymphomanager's naughtiness knows no bounds. Intern Alex Mecum thinks Thyle's just jealous, and to prove who's the better employee he helps Kit photocopy his junk before pounding his hole over the copier till he cums on Kit's ass, then takes the boss's load on his face!

CMNM - Update

March 04, 2020

Workman Patrick

Workman Patrick is utterly overwhelmed by the authority of hotel manager Alan and customer Adrian who have taken control of his naked body. He feels like he can't object to anything they want to do to him so dumbly stands there as they lustfully prod into his arse and stroke his big clumsy dick. Adrian mischievously asks Alan to join him punishing this lunkhead and encourages him to do what he's always wanted with this tough stud.

Icon Male - Update

February 27, 2020

Doctor Is In Me 3

Super sexy patient Jaxx Maxim is in need of some TLC as he lies in his hospital bed. Dr. Roman is more than happy to help his patient out and has excellent bedside manner. These 2 hunks soon are taking care of each other’s big cocks and tight holes. It doesn't take long for these to to get hot and heavy. I'm, not sure which insurance is being used but I really need to get on that policy. For either one on these hunks, no discount needed.

Noir Male - Update

February 22, 2020

Down To Business

Colby Tucker is suffering from a broken heart so he’s shirking his responsibilities at the office. When Zario Travezz shows up at his house to get some paper signed, he’s not too happy to find Colby wallowing in his self pity. After some intense back-and-forth, the two men become heated and soon the heat translates into a hot fuck.

Fun Size Boys - Update

February 21, 2020

Logan & Dr Wolf Private Room

Ringing the doorbell of Dr. Wolf's home, Logan's heart raced. He thought that by seeing him open the door that it would give him some kind of calm, but it only made him even more nervous! Greeting his guest, Dr. Wolf could tell Logan was anxious and excited, but knew he'd be happy once he got his special surprise... On the bed, Dr. Wolf had placed a large, soft, fluffy teddy bear. It was a gift for Logan to show his appreciation and affection, but deep down, he wanted to see how the boy's height would be compared to the toy. Sure enough, as Logan picked it up and hugged it, he could see that it was almost as large as the boy. The older man was pleased to see the boy happy, leaning in to give him a kiss.

Falcon Studios - Update

February 18, 2020

Rags To Riches

Upper West Side. Desperate for money, Alam Wernik takes a job catering with his new friend Ian Frost. Much to Alam's joy the small casual affair takes place in a gorgeous Penthouse on the upper West Side. The host, Austin Wolf is obviously enamored by Alam's broken English and stunning good looks. As the evening progresses Austin makes his move on party guest Parker Payne. When Austin calls Ian downstairs Parker makes his move. Pointing to a camera on the wall Parker convinces Alam that if he really wants to get Austin's attention they should put on a show. They strip naked and Alam bends over the counter so Parker can tongue-worship his award-winning ass. They switch places and swap blow jobs until Parker can't wait any longer.

Men At Play - Update

February 15, 2020


Mafiosi Franky Fox has come for the weekly cut (money) which every club owner around the city has to give. Lamentably, JP Dubois tells Franky that he's a bit short for the second week in a row. With consequences looming, Franky tells JP to serve him a whiskey on the rocks and to join him in the VIP area of the club to talk some more. Franky is stressed too as he'll have to explain the situation to his Bosses. JP may not be able to do anything about last week's shortage, but right now he can help release Franky's stress. A deep-throated blow job, raw ass fucking and facial may just do the trick... this time.

Drill My Hole - Update

February 13, 2020

Ass Swap 6

When sex toy engineer Michael Boston sees that today's ass tester, Zane Williams, is a super sexy top with great stroke game, he'd rather get dicked down than get data. Michael quietly strips and swaps out a fake fuckable ass for his own, doing his best not to make a sound as Zane pounds him doggystyle. But when he hears Zane say that the plastic butt was tighter than his, Michael can't keep quiet! Zane isn't just some schmoe off the street; he considers himself an ass expert, so he decides to show Michael just what good ass is all about, bending him over the table to pound that hole and having Michael ride his big dick. Zane knows butts and he makes Michael cum hard, then pulls out to shoot his load all over Michael's hole.

Icon Male - Update

February 12, 2020

Doctor Is In Me 1

Dr. Woods and Dr. Roman are 2 very respected and horny doctors and today they’re giving each other the full examination. Using their tongues, fingers and cocks, they probe every inch of cock and get deep in down the hole and both pass their tests with flying colors. Any time you'd go for a check up or a procedure, you'd be happy to get Dr. Woods or Fr. Roman. Either way you'd get some wood and in Roman style.

Why Not Bi - Update

February 12, 2020

Let's Talk About Ass 2

Daizy Cooper is a long-haired ebony beauty with gifted hands, and today she's going to share her gift by teaching hung stud Kaleb Stryker how to give an unforgettable massage. However, when Daizy leaves the room to track down a missing student, Kaleb can't resist getting hot and heavy with the practice dummy. As Kaleb stuffs his thick cock into the toy's tight ass, the blonde and scruffy hunk Wesley Woods spies on him from the doorway. Wesley, incapable of resisting such a sexy sight, decides to sneakily swap himself into the dummy's position! When Kaleb comes back to resume his pounding of the plastic posterior, he doesn't realize that he's actually drilling Wesley's tight hole.

Men At Play - Update

February 05, 2020

Nymphomaniac Consultation

Dani Robles is working from his home office where he consults as a Psychologist when an unscheduled client shows up. Bruno Max has been seeing Dr. Robles for help with his nymphomania disorder. Today his excessive sexual desires seem uncontrollable. Bruno has jerked off twice in the office bathroom already, and can't stop staring and fantasizing about every work colleague. Dani assures Bruno that with his disorder, these desires are normal and with more sessions, he will be better. But, Bruno takes Dani's professional empathy for sexual feelings, and get's a raging hard-on. Dani attempts to stop the session but Bruno's thick dick clearly showing through his pants is hard to resist, even for a professional.

Why Not Bi - Update

February 05, 2020

Anal Innovation

When Dante Colle comes in for an interview at Argos Santini and Brook Page's innovative technology he's feeling calm, cool and ready to do whatever it takes to lock down his dream job. Dante knows all of the right things to say to impress the two high-powered executives, but they're not willing to give him an offer until he shows that he's exactly as committed to innovation as he claims to be. Argos and Brook tell Dante to put a vibrating butt plug into his tight hole and from their phones they control it as he tries to show off his office administration skills. Before long it becomes clear that these horny head honchos have a lot more on their mind than just testing Dante's secretarial skills as they invite him to take part in a hot and heavy bisexual three-way right there in the interview room.

Drill My Hole - Update

January 31, 2020

Private Listing

Realtor Michael Del Ray seems strangely fixated on the sex lives of his open-house visitors Abella Danger and JJ Knight, and as Abella checks out the house, Michael checks out JJ! He takes every chance to run his hands all over JJ's abs, grab his ass, and caress his cock while the customer's picky fiancee is distracted, then sends her outside to see the nonexistent pool so he can suck JJ's dick. JJ bends Michael over the counter to put his big cock in the horny realtor's ass, just managing to stay out of sight as his girl yells at Michael through the window! The guys test out the countertops with a hot and heavy fuck, then Michael rides JJ till he cums, and the client leaves a deposit on Michael's face!

Men At Play - Update

January 26, 2020

Blue Balls Bailout

Ricky Blue is suited (for the first time on MENatPLAY) and at the office along with big dicked submissive bottom Robbie Rojo. Robbie notices that Ricky’s been quiet today and asks if he’s okay. Apparently, things haven’t been going well with Ricky and his wife for months - including some sexual frustration and a serious case of blue balls! Robbie offers to help his straight workmate Ricky with a quick ‘in-and-out’. Refusing at first, Robbie is able to finally convince his associate to relax and enjoy the moment. And what a bailout Robbie provides. First by sucking and then riding Ricky’s big cock. Ricky’s blue balls blissfully end while getting his ass rimmed. All is better now.

Fun Size Boys - Update

January 24, 2020

Mark & Dr. Wolf's Office

When Mark hurts himself playing soccer one weekend, his friends suggested that he should make an appointment to get it checked out. One friend in particular thought Dr. Wolf would be just the man for him, but didn't say why... When Dr. Wolf came through the door, Mark's eyes went wide with excitement. The tall man stood almost as high as the door frame itself! He had a broad chest and classic, handsome features that made him sprout an erection right there. Mark was grateful for the attention, but every time the doctor's knuckles grazed against his balls or shaft, a rush of pleasure overcame his entire body. He even found himself letting out slight breaths. His exhales were silent at first, but before long, he was gripping the side of the table.

CMNM - Update

January 23, 2020

Father Pedro

Handsome young father Pedro is in crisis as everything he's been led to believe tells him that letting these authoritative men touch his naked body is wrong, immoral and downright perverse! But at the same time he needs this job and the more they fondle his big potent daddymaker the more excited he grows. Whether he wants to or not he's desperate to empty his heavy ball sack.

Men At Play - Update

January 19, 2020

Caught Snooping

It’s just another day at the office crunching numbers. Or is it? When Diego Reyes asks Marco Napoli for the folder with the numbers he needs to review with the boss, he accidentally forgets his cell phone at Marco’s desk. Marco doesn’t think twice about going through Diego’s cell especially his private xxx photos. When Diego returns and calls his cell, he discovers that not only does Marco have it after denying it but that he’s been snooping too! Marco admits he liked what he saw and it’s not long before he gets to suck and ride Diego’s Spanish cock. Marco releases his load on Diego’s face and suit and helps him deliver a geyser of a cum shot while eating his ass. Remember to password protect your cell phones or should you?

Men At Play - Update

January 10, 2020

Cruising at Cine-X

It has been several years since the MENatPLAY cameras visited Cine-X in hopes of catching unsuspecting strangers in pure debauchery. While some time may have passed since our last visit, cruising for sex at the famous xxx cinema has not; especially for sexually frustrated businessmen in between meetings. Horny suited stud, Bruno Max, is at Cine-X, where MENatPLAY’s very own suit sex movies are playing. He unzips his pant fly and jerks off his Spanish sausage. Soon, Lukas Daken joins in on the solo jerk sport. Bruno and Kayden exchange frequent glances as they both play with their cocks. Until that is, Lukas stands and offers his cock to Bruno for sucking; and shortly returns the favor until he is stiff.

CMNM - Update

January 06, 2020

2 Randy Businessmen

It's been a long day at the office and two randy businessmen are looking for some relief and illicit pleasure to relax. Luckily their final interview of the day is an especially fine specimen. He's just the sort of prime beefcake who they might eye up across the office but aren't allowed to touch. Now that everyone else in the building has gone home this is a golden opportunity to flaunt their power over the hot young totty.

Men At Play - Update

January 03, 2020

Property For Sex

Kayden Gray and British award-winning bottom, Drew Dixon, who is making his MENatPLAY debut, are associates at a local real estate agency. Kayden is impatiently waiting for Drew, who is always late, at one of the new properties they are about to put on the market for sale. Seemingly not caring much about being tardy, again, Drew asks Kayden why they never get to enjoy the properties they list... ‘for personal use’. And, while probably improper, the suited studs get to work on each other, even at the risk of getting caught. After sucking Kayden’s thick cock, Drew gets his hole eaten and fingered, along with a sock job and some tie play. When Drew’s round ass is ready to get pounded, Kayden makes sure to give it to him deep and hard.

Noir Male - Update

December 21, 2019

Business Deals

Bar and Konnor are two men who seem know how to get a job done. It doesn’t take very long, however, before their business meeting goes off the rails. Before they know it, Bar starts worshiping Max’s massive cock, while Max takes tender care of Bar’s sweet fat butt. The question is will they ever get anything done? You know what that answer is, especially when you have a real hard true bodybuilding stud right there ready for you.

Boy For Sale - Update

December 20, 2019

Boy River: Auction

Most boys are a little unsure and hesitant at first. That's usually part of the thrill. Bringing a boy to climax and seeing him appreciate his place as property. For Boy River, however, it was clear in his gaze that he wanted to be possessed. This was something he'd thought about for years possibly his whole life! Seeing Master Steele work his nipples into a reddened, swollen state was exciting enough, but the boy's hungry gaze never ceased. Even as Master Steele's rough hands smacked his firm stomach and teased his loins, Boy River stayed focus on the crowd; never stirring more than to moan, as if saying to us all: "take me." As Master Legrand undresses after winning the auction, he hands his clothes to his newly won property; ordering him to fold them neatly and put them away.

Men At Play - Update

December 19, 2019

Wet Plans

This week Marco Napoli makes his MENatPLAY debut. One of their best clients has commissioned Damon Hart and Marco Napoli, a team of architects, to complete some major renovations to a property. They’ve arrived on-site to review plans for their client’s project, meeting up outside by the pool; the client is expected to arrive in about 1 hour. Suddenly, a gust of wind sends some of the documents flying into the pool, and Marco doesn’t hesitate to dive in after them. While the plans may have been salvaged, his suit, unfortunately, wasn’t. Damon points out that the state of his attire is no longer suitable for the client meeting, and the pair enter the home to attempt to dry Marco off.

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