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CMNM - Update

June 06, 2020

Mr Swallows Power

Mr Swallows takes advantage of his power as the top boss to examine his married worker's penis and balls in the locker room. Painfully aware that his job is on the line Ryan nervously complies as his arse is fondled and his sphincter is steadily rubbed. All the while this worker can only think about keeping his family and home even if it means letting the boss have his perverted way with him.

Men At Play - Update

June 05, 2020

The Good Neighbor

Alexander Muller and Logan Moore are neighbors and good friends. After a long day at the office, Logan visits Alexander and shares that he is having issues in his relationship. Logan explains that after their affair last summer, things have not been the same and blames himself. Alexander does not give this much importance, insisting that Logan is an amazing guy but that it was nothing. Except it’s more than that to Logan… he has genuine feelings for Alexander and he is ready to react on them.

Masqulin - Update

May 20, 2020

Motel Exhibition 3

JJ Knight brings his fiancé Nic Sahara to Motel Exhibition for a joint “bachelor party”. Nic is ready to experience what goes on live behind doors.. including getting a taste of the fucking hot motel manager Pierce Paris before tying the knot. Watch these three hunks get their wild oats taken care of before the big day. The action is so hot it just might melt your monitor or at least fill your cum rag with load after load of thick creamy cum.

Men At Play - Update

May 19, 2020

Wet & Code

Dani Rivera, in his Men at Play debut, prepares his briefcase with important documents and a stack of cash. When he’s almost ready to leave, a stranger surprises him from behind and renders him unconscious. Dani is awoken; blindfolded and tied to a chair. Someone is tapping him on the head, asking him for the code to open his briefcase. Since Dani refuses to share the code, the stranger takes a high-pressure power water gun and starts spraying him with cold water. Drenched and cold, Dani finally shouts the code. The stranger opens the briefcase and finds what he was looking for: the money and documents. But wait, there is more; several anal toys which he soon uses to torture his victim with. He makes Dani suck a massive black dildo, then impels him to suck his cock.

Fun Size Boys - Update

May 17, 2020

Dr's Little Budd

Tom's feet practically lift off the ground when he tries to reach up and kiss Dr. Wolf. The handsome man is well over a foot taller than himself, forcing him to stand on his toes to feel Dr. Wolf's lips press against his own! Dr. Wolf smiles, amused by the little guy's enthusiasm and dedication to make their connection. He loves how the tiny boy makes him feel and would do anything to return the favor... Taking off their clothes, the two men toss around, feeling their cocks swell up in their pants. Dr. Wolf removes Tom's underwear, freeing his shaft to achieve its full strength. Tom is well hung in his own right, but his manhood is proportionally no match for the handsome doctor's!

Kristen Bjorn - Update

May 16, 2020

A Private Pilot

Juanjo Rodriguez is a private pilot for hire and agrees to meet up with one of his clients, Mario Roma. During their recent flight Mario couldn’t help but notice how sexy and muscular Juanjo is. Juanjo arrives and quickly finds out that this is not a usual business meeting as Mario begins stripping down. It has been a long day and Juanjo could use a good release and agrees to indulge his client. Mario drops to his knees and begins to consume and suck on Juanjo’s hard, uncut cock. After sucking Juanjo’s cock to its full strength he swaps with Mario and shows him he is just as talented at sucking cock as the big, muscle bear. Mario is flipped onto his back and Juanjo begins feasting on his hairy ass.

Men At Play - Update

May 15, 2020

Work Hard(er)

In his MENatPLAY debut, Spanish muscular stud David Cork is the boss of the mafia organization that controls several bars and clubs around the city. While playing pool in one of his bars, Lukas Daken arrives; late and with bad news. Lukas explains that the clubs under his responsibility are not doing well, hence the shortage of payment. David is not pleased and reminds Lukas that Franky Fox knows how to deal with situations like these (watch ‘Mafiosi’). Lukas seems fearful, apologizes and reminds him that he is new in the organization and asks for help. David grabs Lukas and tells him to relax; he will explain everything about the business. He tells Lukas that in order to be successful he will have to work harder!

Men At Play - Update

May 10, 2020

Butler Service

Miguel Angel is Pierce Paris’ personal butler - with white gloves and winged collar shirt. Every morning they follow the same routine: coffee and newspaper in bed, dressing up and a complimentary blowjob. Pierce doesn't pay much attention to Miguel Angel - at the end of the day, he is there to serve and service him. While dressing Pierce, he has to regularly suck his big cock until Pierce decides he’s had enough and it’s time to fuck. After a long and intense fuck session, full of feet worship and pleasure, Miguel Angel waits on his knees with begging hands for his reward - Pierce’s big load.

Trans Angels - Update

May 04, 2020

Peep On Daisy

Daisy Taylor is the star performer of the hottest little peep show, steaming up the glass as the men drool over her perfect curves and long brown hair. In a sexy latex bra and boots, Daisy teases all of the patrons, but pays special attention to businessman Draven Navarro who can barely keep his hands to himself as he watches her from the other side of the peep booth. After the last show, Draven begs Daisy for an audience, pleading with her to let him talk to the girl on the other side of the glass, just once. Draven tells the long dark haired seductress his dreams, and lucky for him: she's in the business of making dreams come true. Daisy straddles Draven, riding his lap under the glittering neon lights of the peep show, grinding against him as she works herself up to take him inside of her.

Fun Size Boys - Update

April 29, 2020

Jay & Dr. Wolf's Office

When Dr. Wolf walks in, he sees the cute boy sitting on his exam table. Immediately, the good doctor has his sights on him for more than just medical purposes. Dr. Wolf can't resist Jay's handsome face and lean, athletic body with his legs dangling off the edge, unable to reach the floor. Nothing triggers Dr. Wolf's erotic imagination more than a little guy, and here was a perfect specimen! The doctor is curious to see what is beneath the layers, prompting him to move right to the hernia check. He pulls down the boy's shorts and underwear and gazes upon his manhood. His cock was large and hard, with two heavy nuts pulling it down. He could hardly contain his amazement, noting to Jay that he has quite a large member for such a little guy!

Men At Play - Update

April 23, 2020


Franky Fox is an ambitious cocky weatherman, with an upcoming interview to become the lead news anchor. After giving the daily weather update, his assistant Vadim Romanov meets him in his dressing room. Subsequently, Vadim informs Franky that the anchor position has been filled. He’s berated and called useless. Apparently, Franky’s assistant Vadim is only good for one thing. Franky and Vadim are two of the hottest men on this site and you can tell they love what they do.

Men At Play - Update

April 20, 2020

Jeja Vu: Editor's Cut

MENatPLAY has released over 750 movies/videos in the past 15-Years! And, among our many award-winning Titles, one stands above the rest as the #1 most favorited and popular movie - Deja Vu! So, we asked our Editor to dig up the raw footage from 2013 and edit a new remastered Editor’s Cut of Déjà Vu as a special bonus to our loyal supporters! This is classic Men At Play action and the great thing about it is it aged very well. So sit back and enjoy some hot gay!

Fun Size Boys - Update

April 13, 2020

Mark & Dr. Wolf Sleepover

Mark is thrilled, eager to share a bed with his giant physician. As soon as Mark feels better, he can't get enough of the big man's cock! All through the night they kiss and cuddle, eventually falling asleep together with Mark spooning a giant teddy bear. In the morning, Dr. Wolf's cock stands at attention, shooting up tall between his long legs as Mark sleeps. Not wanting to wake him right away, Dr. Wolf pulls down the covers slightly to expose his cute little butt. Mark's soft skin is a welcome delight to Dr. Wolf's fingers, caressing him ever so gently and feeling his supple flesh. It isn't until Dr. Wolf pulls out his meat that the young boy feels his body come alive! He grips the massive shaft in his tiny hand, bringing it to his mouth to worship it.

Men At Play - Update

April 12, 2020


Alex Mecum is home getting ready to go to work at Parliament when his doorbell rings. When he opens the door, Andre Bugatti is there - looking quite arrogant and suspicious. Not pleased with the unexpected visit, Alex tells him he has no time for him. Until that is, Andre tells him he has something that may interest him (flashing an envelope). Blackmail has never looked, tasted or felt so good and I bet you'd love to be blackmailed just like this too.

William Higgins - Update

April 10, 2020

Czech Up

Dr Jeremy Robbins is in the office when Mirek Dujak arrives for a Czech UP. Jeremy tells Mirek to remove his tee shirts and then he checks the chest with his stethoscope. The Jeremy uses his hands to check Mirek's neck and he does a eye test too. He tell Mirek that he has to check the groin, so off come the jeans and Mirek stands naked. Jeremy uses his hands to check the thighs and then he lifts the cock and checks Mirke's balls. Jeremy professes some concern and gets on his knees to check more. As he holds the balls he leans forward and takes Mirek's cock in his mouth. He sucks on the cock and wanks it. Mirek stands straight and looks skywards ase he feels the mouth working on his cock.

Men At Play - Update

April 04, 2020

Soaking Wet

Miguel Angel is successful and handsome but with a few flaws - he is arrogant and a despot. While working on the broken pool, Miguel is unhappy with Diego Reyes and his work and calls him incompetent. Tired of the verbal abuse, Diego pushes suited Miguel into the pool. Wet and upset, Miguel Angel demands to be compensated. And, 1 months’ free labor won’t due. Diego pulls out his cock and offers it instead. Inside Diego takes his frustration out some more… including ripping Miguel’s expensive trousers and giving him the rough, aggressive raw fuck and facial he deserves.

CMNM - Update

March 29, 2020

Dave Smacks Pete

Once Dave gets a feel of Pete's round meaty arse as he smacks it he gets horny and emboldened to take things further! He slides down Pete's trousers and pants to reveal his fat dick and hairy arse cheeks. All that spanking has caused his bum to turn pink under all that dark hair! Now he's going to properly use this cocky bastard and if Pete wants to keep his job he better do as he's told.

Fun Size Boys - Update

March 27, 2020

Logan & Dr. Wolf Office 2

Dr. Wolf is pleased when he sees Logan come into his office, but naturally concerned for the boy's wellbeing. Logan explains how he hurt his knee and needs it checked out, prompting the friendly doctor to give a thorough exam. Dr. Wolf checks the boy's knee, testing it for swelling and pain before moving on to the surrounding areas. As he pokes, prods, and tests, the answer becomes clear; there's absolutely nothing wrong with Logan! Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, stripping down to reveal his large, swollen cock. Dr. Wolf bends him over the exam table, sliding it between his cheeks and feeling the boy's soft, smooth hole submit to his massive manhood! With a smooth, steady push, he slides himself inside the boy, making him moan with satisfied pleasure.

Men At Play - Update

March 24, 2020

Record Deal & The Ex

Music mogul Damon Heart is working in the studio on what will surely be a hit song from one of his new artists. Ex-boyfriend Drew Dixon is really upset with Damon; as the new artist was supposed to sign with him instead. To make things worse, Drew is still not over Damon. And despite the insults and attacks, he kind of enjoys it. He may have lost the artist, but Drew gets what he was really looking for. With man-cream blasted all over this is going to be one good business deal.

Trans Angels - Update

March 19, 2020

Around The Cock

Racy redhead Aspen Brooks is a boss, a sexy busty boss. Kirk Cumming, his handsome and submissive husband, pays her a visit at her workplace. While Aspen rocks her meeting, dirty Kirk sneaks under the table and sucks her nice dick. Kirk's ass is hungry for a good pounding. Aspen fiercely aborts the meeting and rims her man until he asks for more. Dominant Aspen handles the dirty talking even better than she speaks business. Kirk moans and sighs as she bangs him and gives him orders. She demands a good reverse cowgirl and Kirk is quick to obey. Aspen lazes and watches as her boy does all the hard work, like all CEO perverts like to do.

Men At Play - Update

March 16, 2020

Suited Hustler

Daddies Manuel Skye and Jonas Jackson like to keep things exciting in their marriage. And, after a dreadful day at work, Jonas has a surprise waiting for Manuel in the bath - Russian hustler Austin Sugar. When the men are ready to play, Austin gets suited and things get really hot, rough and dirty. A raw threesome that combines trouser ripping, ass eating, flip flop fucking and a facial worth every dollar for the suited hustler.

Transsensual - Update

March 16, 2020

TS Like It Hot 2

Casey (Casey Kisses) follows Louis (Draven Navarro) to the VIP room, in this room Paulie (Small Hands) turns off the camera and let their friends do pretty much everything they want. Louis likes to bring girls in that room. A glass of the bubbly in one hand and is some sweet words to the beautiful Casey. Under the pink lighting of the VIP room, they let their deepest desires go wild.

CMNM - Update

March 12, 2020

Shameless Perversion

Is there no end to Patrick's shameless perversion?! Not only has he posted filthy pictures of himself online but this investigation has caused him to grow a great big stiffy! Adrian has teamed up with the hotel manager to completely take advantage of this burly masculine stud and they are massively turned on seeing the effect their pervy prodding and stroking has on him. They just can't get enough of of that uncut cock.

Peter Fever - Update

March 11, 2020

Extra Credit

Max Blairwood is in professor Damian Dragon's office to find out how to get some extra credit to get his grades up. In this world of sexy Asian gay bareback porn, the extra credit you need is always just a fuck or blowjob away. Damian sits manspreading behind his desk, hand on his swelling crotch, and before you know it, this hot little bottom is paying a lot more attention than he ever does in class. He licks Professor's love pole good and stiff then perches ass up on a chair to get his hole juicy and eaten out. A wet finger goes into his tight little hairy ass to make sure it's ready for the next phase of "extra credit". Damian's prick slides in easy, looks like Max is learning fast. Next skill test is how well he can sit and grind on the stiff meat.

Men At Play - Update

March 09, 2020

Additional Services

Andy Star has just inherited a mansion and comes to the house with his notary, Pierre Alexander, to look around and sign the official paperwork. After signing, Andy asks if Pierre offers any additional services .. like accounting and perhaps some extra work. While Pierre may seem reserved at first, Andy knows that he'll be up for it. And, the raw fucking and cum facial that ensues proves it.

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