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Trans Angels - Update

August 14, 2020

Spring Cleaning 2

After her hot and heavy encounter with Kylie Le Beau, Casey Kisses is ready for a nice long bath to calm herself down. The blonde babe teases herself with the bubbles and bathwater, still turned on from her tryst with Kylie, she strokes her hard cock on the edge of the bath as she feels herself and fantasizes about exploring her friend even further. In the tub, Casey pinches her perky nipples as she soaks in the foaming water. Casey shows off all of her softest and hardest parts, teasing the camera with her hard cock and tight hole, fingering and rubbing herself into a frenzy until she's ready to shoot her pearly cum all over her hands in a glorious self-love session that will have you drooling.

Transsensual - Update

August 07, 2020

More Than Roommates

Natalie and Reagan are roommates but when Natalie comes home and announces that her boyfriend finally proposed to her, she was not expecting Reagan to be so rude. She was expecting joy and hugs, but she received the opposite. When she confronts Reagan, she realizes that she underestimated their relationship. Reagan considers her more than a roommate, she’s in love with her, a feeling that Natalie has shared for way too long.

Trans Angels - Update

August 06, 2020

Cupcake Delight

Sandy blonde beauty Angelina Please is the hostess with the most. She's planning a big party for her mother's birthday, but when her boyfriend Luke Hudson makes a mess of her cupcakes she decides that she deserves to be catered to just as much as anyone else. Angeline hops up on the counter and tells Luke to clean up the mess he made, starting with her feet and working his way up. Luke licks and worships Angelina's stockings, tonguing them and savoring the beautiful woman's body as she strokes herself and guides him up to her cock. Angelina tells Luke what a good cock sucker he is and invites him to pleasure her hole, letting him tongue fuck her on the kitchen counter.

Transsensual - Update

July 31, 2020

TS Taboo 4.4

When Khloe (Khloe Kay) comes back from the GYM, Dillon (Dillon Diaz) is in the shower. She drops her bag on the floor and pick up Dillon’s dirty clothes. Everything is fine until she finds a pair of underwear in his pocket. She didn’t have time to have a good look at it, before her husband came in the room. He confesses that Aubrey was here earlier to find her hearing. Khloe smiles at him and know exactly what happens during her absence. The next day she will call Lance (Lance Hart) and invite him over. Her plan is simple, seducing her husband’s best friend.

Trans Angels - Update

July 29, 2020

Heaven-Sent Hottie

Black haired beauty Monica Conti is an angel in white lacy lingerie and an opulent fur stole. She flirts and shows off her stunning curves, touching and teasing herself for your pleasure in a sunny penthouse suite. She strips down to show off her gorgeous tits, tickling her nipples before she heads to a luxurious shower to drive you wild with desire. She's joined by Emilio the Machine who hungrily cuddles and caresses her as he gets ready to slide his big curved cock inside of her. Monica strokes the big cock, letting the stud show her just how bad he wants her body. Monica licks and sucks him, working his cock with her pouting lips as she takes it down her throat. Emilio smacks Monica's round ass, tonguing her tight hole before he slides himself inside of her.

Transsensual - Update

July 22, 2020

TS Taboo 4.3

Khloe (Khloe Kay) leaves for the gym, Aubrey (Aubrey Kate) notices her and smiles. It’s her turn to pay a visit, alone, to her sexy neighbor Dillon (Dillon Diaz). She knocks on the door and tells Dillon that she lost her hearing last night when they brought the cookies. He lets her in and they go look for it in the living room, but Aubrey doesn’t really care about her hearing. She wants to taste her new neighbor’s cock. She will use her charm to seduce him and get what she’s really here for. A great fuck!

Trans Angels - Update

July 20, 2020

Casey & Kylie

Blonde and beautiful Casey Kisses is helping her sexy girlfriend Kylie Le Beau organize her closet, but when she finds a big pink vibrator, she can't resist teasing the petite brunette cutie by slipping it under her dress. Kylie loves the feeling and is immediately ready to make the most of all of her new storage space with a steamy hookup in the closet. Casey verbally instructs Kylie as she sucks on her long hard cock, telling her how sexy she is as she drools and deepthroats it. Casey licks and sucks Kylie's tits before the girls move to the bedroom so Casey can lay back and watch as Kylie takes her cock all the way down her eager throat. Casey strips off Kylie's panties and kisses and licks Kylie's wet pussy, getting it ready for the hardcore pounding she's about to give it.

Trans Angels - Update

July 14, 2020

Bring your Pajam'Ass

What's better than a pajama party to reunite a couple of horny girls who just want to have fun? Lusty angel Daisy Taylor invites black beauty Kira Noir for a little get together with a few friends at her place. Her plan? Between a pillow fight and a cute dance off, she hopes to lure Kira into twisted and nasty mischief. The besties spin a bottle, striptease, start playing with sex toys. The other guests are startled by how perverted Daisy and Kira are. Miss Taylor just wants to be fucked in the ass by Kira. She finds a way to be alone with her. Kira puts on a strap-on and there she goes! Daisy's holes pounded like never before. Later, they switch. Noir moans while riding Daisy in reverse Cowgirl, impressed by her friends' topping skills.

Transsensual - Update

July 12, 2020

TS Taboo 4.2

Khloe (Khloe Kay) and Dillon (Dillon Diaz) are new in the neighborhood and they just caught the attention of their new neighbors Aubrey and Wesley. They welcome them in their home and socialize with them, but now they are finally alone together. It’s time for some personal moments and Dillon know exactly how to make is wife happy.

Axel Abysse - Update

July 01, 2020

Between Us

Curtains open for the the thrill of indecent exposure... Billy and Axel are ready for a wet and tender hole wrecking. They are one hot couple with a real sweet and sex trans man pussy. Everything is in play with these two and it gets really interesting fast. With some male pussy water sports as holes are prepared to be stretched. There's anal play with fingers then it goes to the next level and with deep hard fisting. Alex just can't get enough and gets into a new depth.

Transsensual - Update

July 01, 2020

TS Love Stories 5.4

When you imagine the type of guy who hires an escort, you probably don’t think of someone like Dillon (Dillon Diaz). He never had a problem getting girlfriends. If anything, he’s probably had too many options sometimes. But no matter who he dates, he always feels like something is missing. Tonight, when he meets Kayleigh (Kayleigh Coxx) things are different. Maybe she holds the missing piece in his love life.

Trans Angels - Update

June 29, 2020

Very Hot Frost Glass

Damn, Daisy! When the brunette beauty feels let down by smooth talker boyfriend Josh Cannon, she doesn't hesitate to hit on another girl. Looking for the hottest chick in the restaurant, she finally makes asian goddess Elle Voneva her target. It takes no time for Daisy to convince Elle to follow her in the bathroom. The two perverted women both have a twisted mind. When Josh decides to check in on them in the bathroom, they push him in a stall. What a show they prepared for him. Daisy undresses Elle and puts her mouth everywhere she can. Stuck in the stall, Josh can't help it. He tries to sneak his dick under the frosted glass. Unable to participate in the action, he gets the consolation prize : the ladies' lingerie, thrown at him from under the stall.

Transsensual - Update

June 24, 2020

TS Love Stories 5.3

Ella (Ella Hollywood) is tired of her adultery life with Johnny (Johnny Hill). She wants more than just a quick fuck in a hotel room. She wants more, but Johnny is not ready to expose their infidelity now, leaving no other choice to Ella but to leave him. Lying on the bed naked Ella and Johnny come to a crossroad and one of them will have to make a decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Trans Angels - Update

June 23, 2020

Morning Call

Don't be surprised if you see trans porn star James Darling jogging early in the morning. He's probably off to something naughtier, like sneaking in Alexa Scout's bedroom. The sleeping beauty expected James to come and slowly wake her up from her deep slumber. James' caring hands travel across Alexa's body, caress her precious ass and tits, carry the girl back from the dream world. They both undress. James gets a taste of Alexa's cock. Her dicks slips deep inside Darling's eager throat. Alexa licks James' hole before pounding it gracefully. By now, she is truly awake and thriving, enjoying every inches of James' loins. The thirsty woman takes breaks only to spit at James' crotch.

Transsensual - Update

June 18, 2020

TS Love Stories 5.2

The last couple of weeks Chanel (Chanel Preston) has noticed there is distance between her and her best friend Lena (Lena Kelly). The separation between them has gotten worse at Alice’s party when Lena completely ignores Chanel. So, she decides to confront her friend and clear the air once and for all. What Lena will reveal to Chanel will change their friendship forever.

Trans Angels - Update

June 14, 2020

A Hole For A Hole

Trans diva Aspen Brook has had her eye on blonde beauty Charlotte Sins – his roommate’s girlfriend – for a while, and she’s finally come up with a plan to get close to her. After noticing that Charlotte and her roommate are constantly arguing about their tame sex life, Aspen realizes that if Charlotte catches a glimpse of her hard cock, she won’t be able to resist her. In order to surprise Charlotte, Aspen has cut a series of glory holes in a shower curtain, and when a frustrated Charlotte enters the shower, the sudden appearance of Aspen's cock through multiple holes makes her realize exactly what she’s been missing.

Transsensual - Update

June 13, 2020

TS Love Stories 5.1

Sometimes you get cold feet at the altar. Occasionally, these important moments bring back a lot of memories or questions. That’s exactly what happened to Natalie (Natalie Mars). On the day of her wedding, she left her future husband Stefan and ran to her ex, Dillon (Dillon Diaz). This unexpected situation caught Dillon off guard and brought him back to one of the most painful breakups in is life. Even, if Natalie admits that she made a mistake by letting him go, this doesn’t mean he is ready to take her back.

Trans Angels - Update

June 11, 2020


Steve chases the other yoga students out of the room before showing is wholesome cock to the two horny trans cuties. Yes, "yoga" does rhyme with "foot play". Supported by Jane's helping hands, Jessy performs the wildest bridge pose that has ever been done. She sucks Rickz while he takes Jane's mouth down his throat. One thing is certain : this guy can't get enough of asses. Jessy hops on Jane for a steamy double rim moment. The voracious women then take turns on Steve's dick. Eyes are rolling back as the guy gives them the D like a master should. The three perverted souls reach orgasm. Pranic energy flows everywhere (and by "pranic energy" we mean "cum"). The yoga mats and the girl's blushing faces get sticky with it.

Muscle Bear Porn - Update

June 05, 2020

Lick It Stick It

There is something so sexy about a boy who self-lubricates! Just give him a few licks and he’s all wet and ready to go. Daddy Will gets more than a few licks, he gets a whole mouthful and eats it all like he is starving. All 3 of Trip’s holes get explored and stretched, but you’ll have to watch and see which one gets the prize of Will’s genetic material.

Transsensual - Update

June 03, 2020

My BF's TS GF 4

Jane Marie‘s Boyfriend is coming back from war tomorrow and she asks his best friend Pierce Paris to help her decorate the apartment. Pierce’s promised to take care of her and he did for the past few months, but Jane is nervous that he’s coming back. She scared that his experience over their will change him. Pierce comforts her, and she remembers something her boyfriend told her before her left. If you have to cheat on me please do it with Pierce, at least I know it will be with a nice guy. She never follows his advice and tonight it’s her last chance to put her hands all over Pierce.

Transsensual - Update

May 26, 2020

My BF's TS GF 3

When her lover is out of town, Andrea Zhay doesn't like to be alone. So, Ricky Larkin agrees to go with his best friend's girlfriend to an art exhibition. When he knocks at the door, Andrea is not ready for a night out. She asks him to come in, she needs a talk to him. She wants to break up with her boyfriend. Ricky tries to convince her to stay with him, maybe they can fix the issues, but the problem is that she's in love with another man and that guy is Ricky.

Trans Angels - Update

May 24, 2020

Con Fucks Pro

Daisy Taylor's recently come into a lot of money, and there are a few officers of the law asking some tough questions about where it came from. She shows up at the door of her partner in crime (H3ll4Slootz), telling him that their crime spree is finally coming to an end and begging him for one more fuck before the law men take them down. Daisy's partner roughly grabs her, the two passionately kissing as she's pressed up against a mirror in the corner of a seedy motel room. The pair tear each other's clothes off, leaving Daisy in only her thigh high white stockings as she's lifted up by her thighs and her muscular tattooed man tosses her onto the bed. The two robbers have the rough, wild, apocalyptic sex of two people who know their time is up.

Trans Angels - Update

May 18, 2020

Who Needs Manners?

Natalie Mars is a bored and beautiful brunette socialite dreading her debut at the stuffy gala she's expected to attend, so when tattooed bleached blonde bad boy Mickey Taylor shows up and suggests something a little less prim and proper, Natalie takes him up on it immediately. Mickey beckons Natalie, letting her worship his cock through his pants, wrapping her silk fingered gloves around it as she takes it into her mouth. Natalie begs Mickey to use her, her mouth drooling as he starts plowing her tight ass. Mickey takes Natalie from perfectly put-together princess to cum crazed fisting fiend, smearing her make-up and putting her in nose hooks before blasting his cum all over her face in this hot and hardcore fetish scene.

Trans Angels - Update

May 08, 2020

Poolside Ride

Bianca Meirelles is a sexy Latina queen whose incredible curves and thick booty will have your mouth wetter than the pool she teases you by. Don't be fooled by her sweet looks though, when Bianca wants something, she's not afraid to take it, as Ivan Bueno finds out when she guides his mouth down to her bikini bottoms to suck on her nice hard dick. Ivan and Bianca take turns tasting each other's bodies before Ivan spreads Bianca's ass and shoves his massive cock inside of her. Bianca rides Ivan's cock by the pool, letting him suck on her big tits as the sound of birdsong, moaning and wet flesh colliding rings through the morning air. Soon, Ivan is pounding Bianca so hard that she can't help shooting a massive load all over herself, followed soon by Ivan blasting his all over her face.

Gender X - Update

May 07, 2020

Group Trans-Action

Chad Diamond, Gabriel D'Alessandro, Chanel Santini, Aubrey Kate, Jaxton Wheeler all get into a steamy all hands on orgy. If you love hot Transsexual action you'll get it here. There's nothing but cock fucking ass, going down throats and erupting with loads of hot creamy thick cum. You'll see these sexy girls with dicks take them deep and love every inch of it as their own cock flip and flop with every deep pounding thrust. This is such a unique type of orgy, you'll remember it for the rest of your life.

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